Only a little from when Sola and the others close their eyes, time goes back. When it came to why cherry blossoms and kiriers were no longer understood by anyone, it was extremely easy.

"< >... are you all ready?

A person wearing a deep, pitch-black robe calls out to his companions. The number of associates is roughly 10. The outfits are all the same, so it's indistinguishable whether everyone is a man or a woman or, on the contrary, a face.

That said, if there's only one thing I can tell, it's that this is such an odd group, but they're not noticed by anyone.

"Okay, let's go..."

Phew, and if a person wearing a pitch-black robe steps out without footsteps, then, following that, other faces start walking. The goal is Kirier and Cherry Blossom.

By order of the High Priest, it was decided that Kirier, who interrupted the ritual, and Cherry Blossom, a beautiful girl from different worlds - quite known about cherry blossoms in the fold of a former meeting - were ideal for the sacrifice of the Goddess of the Moon, who is also a Goddess of Beauty.

"... shoot."


The group, secretly approaching Cherry Blossom and Kirier, takes the words of a person who appears to be the Commander and uses a brawl with a sleeping magic stone in it to put them both to sleep.

Later, if a bunch of hoods recovered it and tied it up, it was over. This robe is a dead copy of Kite's < >. Strength is weak, but enough power not to enlighten the faces of this place existed.

"Good... then, it's withdrawn"

Put the cherry blossoms and kiliers sleeping in peace in the same engraved engraved bag, without standing one footstep, after the spot. No one has noticed. Complete kidnapping. That should have been it.

"What's going on?

Ise asks about the direction of the tilted neck. The two of them were now relaxing in one of the rooms of the inn, when the sun suddenly frowned.

"... cherry blossoms are being kidnapped"

"Huh? Where?

A group of pitch-black robes was visible in the direction of the sun against Ise, who could not be found by concentrating his consciousness. This was unexpected for everyone - even Kate and Yuri - but the power of the Moon Goddess did not work in the days.

She had friendship with Charles as well as Yuri, and was therefore loved as a pet by her, but was therefore excluded from its effects.

"Sakura... cherry blossoms are being kidnapped."

'Oh, notice... wait. You, are you seeing this?


"Become... no, well... you, you missed Shall... can you follow him secretly?


Understanding exactly what Kate wants, the sun will begin to follow behind the group in secret. When she turned to look like a dragon, she asked Ise because she would find out what a beautiful girl looked like as it was on a boulder.

"Ise... are you coming with me?

"Your orders?



Kite's orders. If so, Ise has no objection. From her point of view, Kate is the head of the herd. It was absolute for her to be a wolf and at the same time a loyal dog.

Whether she is frightened to be called the Beast King or not, she is not going to be proud of herd leader. He was entrusted with the guardianship of the herd, only to a certain extent. In so doing, the two begin to follow Kate's orders, secretly following a group of pitch-black robes. But after tailing for a while, only Ise crashed into the invisible wall.


"... what are you doing?

The sun tilts its neck at Ise, who suddenly starts to rub his nose head against it. She was through.

"... an invisible wall..."

"Nothing, huh?

Against Ise, who is slapping him, the sun passes through it as if there is nothing.

'... can't you get in?


"Mm-hmm. Then Ise wait there for me. I'll keep going and make sure the cherry blossoms are safe '


Apparently, if Ise decides not to go in, she decides to go from here on her own. Thus, the sunshine follows the group that kidnapped the cherry blossoms, alone, with no problems whatsoever.

And they didn't realize they were being tailed - apparently they were alarmed that they would never be noticed - and the group in pitch-black robes arrived in a room like a barn. So, from one of his robes, his voice sounded. She must be a woman from her voice.

"Wake up."


"This is..."

Kirier and Cherry Blossom wake up to match the woman's voice. And look around and see what's going on. That said, I guess it's just the right thing to say that we both didn't show fright when we grasped the situation.

"Shit... who are you guys?"

"No need to answer... get dressed in that one"

What the woman pointed at was a black robe, just like them. That said, it didn't mean anything here, it was just a black robe. If you look closely, the odd crest isn't even sewn on. Looking at it, Hitachi sends a call to Kate.

"Bashi-jun. The cherry blossoms woke up. They say," Get dressed. "

"Is that a man?


'Well, miss him... cherry blossoms. Can you hear me? I don't need to answer. Keep it up.'

I noticed a tale from Kate, and the cherry blossoms just for a moment, I open my eyes. but instantly, observing that Kate had already turned her hand, she instantly put her face back together.

By the way, the reason I missed it because Kate is a woman is simple, because I wasn't going to show a guy how to change his cherry blossoms. If it was even made of desire, that could have been the only outburst of kite.

'Now follow the instructions. There are a few cases going on at the same time. It's been awhile, I need you to wait for the rescue. Don't worry. The sun is there. If it's a mausoleum... well, don't let the ruins blow up.'

Cherry blossoms eliminate anxiety to Kite, who tells him to serve and tear it to reassurance. Anyway, we know it's perfectly safe. I didn't have to get anxious.

And because such immobile cherry blossoms and kiriers - this one is worried about what to do - now a woman pokes a big sickle and tells her.

"Get dressed now. Otherwise..."

"... okay"

"... oh."

Seeing that the cherry blossoms drank their demands, Kirier nodded abominably, but agreed to it. He decided that it was not a good idea to break out in a situation where he could not grasp the current situation.

"Put your undressed clothes in there. All the underwear, too. Just be earrings."

Once they were naked as instructed by the woman, they wore the pure white underwear they had prepared and wore an even more pitch-black robe. And when I saw it, I made sure they didn't hide any weapons, and the woman nodded.




The woman, who nodded when she saw the two of them dressed, handcuffed them. And at that moment, a strange feeling struck the two of them. Besides, Killier spotted the handcuff material.

"'The Stone of the Sucker' or..."

"That's right, Killier Blanchett. You just interrupted the ritual. Know all about it."

"Did you interrupt the ritual? What are you talking about?

"About five years ago. < > A Viscount crushed with Rackham... we were with that customer. Because of that, the ritual was completely crushed once."

I tell Kirier's words that I don't understand, while the woman seeps some joy into them. Sometimes I was reassured that there was no need to hide it or that their rescue would not come. Then it was decided that it would be better for them to grasp their guilt as best they could.

"5 years ago... is that the remnant of that time!?

"I'm a little different, but... well, all right. I never thought I'd meet you so far away from home in the Blanchettes. This is exactly what God wants. God's revelation to sacrifice you, snow our blame..."

As intoxicated, a woman tells Killier. The face is hidden in the hood and invisible, but the look is probably blissful and loose. It could also be attributed to this one, which is answering Killier's question.

"Come on, walk. You feel safe? You are the main dish of the ritual. Our last sacrifice to God. I'm angry, but unfortunately I can't harm you. You have to be polite without a scratch."

Without showing a little frustration against the word, the woman rises. She is a follower of God. It is also an ardent believer who tries to call the god. Yet he could not work disrespectfully towards God with his own emotions.

And it was all the fanatics in this place, together. That's why their safety is guaranteed. Sacrifice must be treated with care. Sacrifice is a sacred offering to God. It can't be scratched.

"Well, take your time here, good night"


Killier with an abominable face and a cherry blossom that is extremely flat because she can't talk to Killier like that yet, can be put inside the barn with guidance from the woman. It was not a bad environment to say that there was a decently simple but good quality bed and a toilet. A kind of house arrest room, but it was a place to say.

"Hey. You guys been kidnapped, too? It sounds like a pretty important sacrifice when you look where she leads you on purpose."

"Are you...?

He was kidnapped by them, just like you.

It was one of the women apparently in the same room who spoke to the two of them nearby. From his physical appearance, he's probably an adventurer. Her outfit was a pitch-black robe, just like the cherry blossoms, and on both hands, she was still fitted with handcuffs with crooked sucker stones. Thus, Killier asks against such a woman.

"What is this place?

"Well... actually, we were put to sleep, and they brought us here... and luckily they didn't do anything terrible, and now we're asking for a chance,"

Apparently, Killier decides from the woman's condition that what the woman said was correct. The woman, at least, seemed pretty long to be here. If she's safe, I'm sure she's safe.

"Well... what are we gonna do..."

"Oh, no problem then."

Cherry blossoms tell Killier, who begins to worry about what to do, that there is nothing suspicious around her.

"What?... Speaking of which, cherry blossoms aren't even a little frightened..."

"Yeah. Yeah."

Cherry blossoms laugh and nod at Killier's inquiry. There was absolute trust there, no anxiety, no fine dust existed.

"But... is he aware?

"Oh, on the contrary, already..."


At the same time as receiving the words of cherry blossoms, the trend that has always been hidden by witchcraft represents itself.

"Hitachi? Why are you here?

"Kite's orders, apparently."

In the words of cherry blossoms, the sun creeps and nods. And the cherry blossoms disclosed a little information to such a flashing Kirier.

"Just wait a little longer, I'll get it all covered."

"Oh, haha... you can't outlaw in McDawell's territory..."

Killier had no fear and no longer felt nothing but pity for the enemy, who was only dancing entirely in his palm. On the contrary, the person who sold the fight was bad, so much so that I wanted to hang the words of comfort. And if I knew, all I had to do was ask for a moment later.

"Well, let me take my time."

"Let's do that. You can't just move so badly and get in the way."

"Hitachi, come here."

Killier, who is no longer worried, is going to play with the sunshine all the time. Cherry blossoms and Kirier were waiting for Kate's rescue, who was probably furious, without knowing what was going on with the ladies in the room.

From the arrival of such cherry blossoms, for a while. A man called the High Priest arrived at the ruins of Khacha.

"Welcome back, High Priest"

"What about Killier?

We've captured him.

"Well done. Now the lapse of five years ago makes me look good"

To the words of one of my men, the High Priest nods with a full grin. The one I resent the most is Rackham, but the next thing I can say is Killier. This was the satisfaction that comes from it. Thus, the High Priest satisfactorily deposits with his men those abducted in the village of Minad.

"Let these women change and keep them in the same room. The ritual begins at midnight today. I was consigned to the Empire. You can't be disturbed here. As for sacrifice, let us forgive you by including girls from other worlds. Fortunately, we were able to capture more girls from different worlds at the northern festival. It must also be a reminder that we can't satisfy ourselves with the blame."

"Oh... what a lucky thing... for other preparations, everything is connected"

In the words of the High Priest, the men who welcomed him nod. As such, when the men receive Nanami and the girls from the Adventure Department, they are led to the cherry blossoms, dressed in the same way as they did earlier.

And when the nanomies were allowed into the room, they noticed the nanomi as the cherry blossoms cried and opened their eyes to reveal their surprises.

"Mr. Nanami!? Were you captured too!?

"Cherry blossoms...? You were captured, too...?

Without power, Nanami asks the cherry blossoms. It seems that the fact that there was a familiar face here has become a little vigorous for her. She looked up and inquired about the cherry blossoms.

"Hey... what happens to us from now on...?

In response to anxious nanami inquiries, cherry blossoms smile. I had a feeling that the man I love was approaching.

"It's okay. Help is coming."


This was received by Nanami as a mere connection. And cherry blossoms don't have a choice, I thought. But cherry blossoms speak up to their own people because they can't go into more far-fetched action than they are sure of rescue. So after the cherry blossoms away, there was a girl who spoke to Nanami.

"... it's okay"


It was the girl in pure white Gothic lolita clothes who spoke up. The appearance was just a beautiful girl who made a frivolous impression somewhere that could only be described as the beauty of God, and what a fantastic atmosphere it created, even though it just suited unrealistic pure white gosloli clothes.

The most distinctive thing about wearing such a pure white garment on her is its bright, pitch-black long hair, whether it is to the waist or not. All in all, if this were to be wrapped in black clothing, it would just be conflicting with the goddess of the moon.

"Are you...?

"... in the covenant of blood, who was made with him. In the covenant of the soul, he who was made with him. His guardian. Who wants to meet with him..."

Answer Nanami's words and some sad girl disappears. But only the voice, it still went on.

"My contractor is already here. With your thinkers."

With the girl's words, a vibration runs into the room.


The sudden vibration makes me scream. And Nanami realized that the girl's words were true.

"Well... Sora..."

Despite this situation, Nanami did not think, and a grin spilled. And at about the same time, the door opened, not before, and there was the figure of her thinker.