To rescue the kidnapped cherry blossoms, the kites who came to the occupied Karcha ruins broke up and proceeded a short time after entering through the entrance with a team headed by Kite for "Between the Cleansing" and a team headed by Sho and Glaia for "Between the Left and Back of the Third Floor".

"Hey, kite. Is there some kind of landmark that you can guess at?

"Mmm... ah"

Sora asked me and I twisted my head a little, Kite, but the verse immediately came to mind.

"Hitachi. Are you sure Cherry Blossom is here?"


"Good. So, where are we?

"... the central rooftop. The ceiling is glazed '

'I see. Are you letting the moon shine? Sure, it makes sense... that means the top floor of this ruin...'

By the way, there are candlesticks with the same potency as the magic props used by Sola in the Minado Village Forest, and there are magic props installed for using water. There is a slight feeling that the ruins that make up the big book remain the ruins that were found in Kite's territory. Therefore, the relevant location was immediately understood.

By the way, although the Karcha ruins are ruins, they were originally ancient castles of the country from the fall of ancient civilization to the rise of the Mars Empire.

Well, since it's a castle, there are occasional burglars for treasure, but that's the last time I heard about it, before Kate left. Originally it was merely a castle, so if treasures, etc. are carried away, all that remains later is merely a large building that rainstorms. Even if I did, the structure was worn out, and the connections that would have existed in the past have already disappeared.

It had no value as a ruin or as a refuge for adventurers to flee, equally little. Unfortunately, Kite and the others don't have enough room to manage worthless ruins.

Naturally, when that happens, the majority of visitors get lost by chance. So even if I did this far, I guess no one would have understood me.

"If so... two rooms on the 5th floor of the top floor, or..."

"Which one do you think?

Sora asks as she looks at the demonic props that photograph the map. Fortunately, the map was politely affixed to the entrance. Because it's quite large inside, it would be a consideration not to lose sight of your allies.

There was also an alarm that the enemy was safe inside this base. Well, it would be a force move if it wasn't actually Kite or Yuri, so I'd say the idea is pretty much the right one.

"... right, right. The roof on the left should have collapsed slightly. If we're going to use it, we need major renovation work. I don't think we're gonna get that far, and I don't think we can afford that far."

"Well, shall we go right?"

"Oh, that would be the best,"

Kate starts walking when she snorts one at Sola's words. And in the meantime, Sola asked Kite what she had always cared about.

"Ah... no... did someone else get kidnapped?


"No, you, two of my ladies..."

With a little anxiety, Sola asks Kite. Killier and the cherry blossoms are the only ones who hear that they've been kidnapped. And Killier is not Kite's lover. Everyone knew this.

Yet Kate made it clear that they were two. I was naturally curious. And then Kite rounds her eyes. Apparently, he didn't realize.

"I... did I say that?

"Yeah... you know?


"Well, that's what you said..."

I also agree with Sora's inquiry that Yuri and Sunset - armor will stand out on boulders, which I dismissed by saying - will be clear. Besides, Kate looked up just a little. It bothered me whether I should talk or not.

"... never mind. Nanami and the cherry blossoms, Kirier and the adventure club are the only ones kidnapped inside of us."

"... right"

"Uh, no... is that okay? Obviously you didn't hide anything?

Sora convinces Kate that she decided not to talk in the end. What you're hiding is obvious, but everyone understood it.

But still, the sunset asks good Sola, but Sola ignores it. I didn't want to hear this, because I knew it. That's how, in awkward silence, we get in touch under Kite.

"Kite, we're done waiting outside. I'm bringing in all the idiots. After that, we don't just attack."

"Oh, thank you... this is where we broke up second-hand and started rescuing hostages."

"Do you have an eye for it? We can't send backup inside the junction from here. No stone can pass through this junction. Looks like you're gonna be ready for quite a while."

"One, yes. But the other one also has eye-catchers due to communication from the sun direction. As soon as we protect the rescuers, attack them."

As long as we secure the hostages, all we have to do is stand up. According to Kate's predictions, there must be some adventurers among the hostages and sacrifices. I was supposed to manage.

'Um. Do we need to get Stella and Stra to cover for us?

"... no, you don't have to."

"Kite. Excuse me."


"Your father gave you an order. If possible, capture masterminds and executives. '

To hear from Shea, the place freezes only for a moment. Kite's fury this time is immense. I was anxious to see if there was any butigiri. And to Sola and the others, it was unclear if it could be stopped. Rather than, obviously, it won't be possible.

"... what are you going to do?

"The connections used in this one case clearly exceed the technical standards of the Empire. If you can get it, it will be possible to develop a stronger bond into the city. If we can capture them, we'll give them to Heavenly Cherry Blossoms. '

To Shea's words, Kate breathes deeply. And Yuri put her hand down. And Kate smiles. I knew exactly what to do.

"Copy that. capturing masterminds, or executives close to them"


"Oh. Wait for me to go home."

Kate smiles and finishes her contact. Swirling anger is constant. But neither Shea nor even Emperor Leonhardt are the ones to hit it. Yuri strokes Kate's head like that.

"Well done."

"Don't... I'm not that old anymore. No fool can forgive me like I used to, no fool to give me back in honesty. I'm in that position."

Kite snaps really small. Plus, Yuri strokes her head, happy again, as if to look at her godson.

"Hey, hey."

"Looks like you're watching a kid grow up."

"Fuck... am I a kid!

No, you're not.

As long as it calmed down, it was the usual way to tear it up. In the past, I used to leave it to my emotions to get furious. It was also difficult to draw tails and tear each other up like this. No, the swirling emotions are still the same. And if only one person, no, Yuri, would attack dignified from the surface without question.

But now. He's not alone, and he's in a position to lead. That's why I can't hit eight with emotion. I have to show you.

What should be with the commander? Instead of being flushed by emotions, you must think about what needs to be done and show what needs to be done. It was suppressing to say that you had to behave the same way your friends once showed you.

"Something good. Oh, yeah."

"Skilled, I don't know... buddy, I feel like..."

Seeing such an exchange between Kate and Yuri, Sora and Yuri look a little envious. There were probably countless journeys to that end. I went through it, but it was a dead end, an absolute trust.

"But... those two are dating, right?

"Oh... right?


"I don't know... I also feel a little suspicious..."

'So, so. We're a rival. Beginning with the two of you, complete bravery... this, don't tell Yuri?

Secretly tells the three questioned in a reading as Kate laughs a little lightly. Instead of the exchange of cuts, the wingspan. That's why Yuri knows the direction Kate's looking. That was the way they were.

"... here, how do you get it? That kind of trust."

You know what?

"Ah, Solar? You don't trust me?

"Oh, no, that's not what..."

Sora's words make Yuri seem small and angry. Well, I'm just showing you. I don't have to wonder if this is good for undercover work, but it was far better than being poorly overnervous.

If you get nervous badly, that's uncomfortable for the enemy. Anyway, the home of the enemy is a place where there is no need to be anxious for the enemy. On the contrary, I feel less uncomfortable if I was reassured. Because it's easy to mistake that the enemy is also inside. That said, tightening is also important. I have trouble being played too much witch mountain.

This is also uncomfortable if we do not exude seriousness because the ritual that is important to our enemies is near.

"Hey. Time to keep quiet."

"You say..."


Kite laughs under her hood at Sora like a crook. Thus, when they shut up again, together, they hear from those they meet by the way the whereabouts of the bishop who will be 'Sasha' heard at the entrance.

"Oh, I'm seeing you back there earlier. It was in the ritual of cleansing, so I guess I misplaced it. The gatekeeper thing, can I ask you to keep it up? Shad was listening, tell him. I also asked for a message to the gatekeeper. I'm busy prepping for the ritual."

"Yeah, I get it... oh, good. For a moment I thought I'd made a mistake between cleansing."

"Haha, good luck. It's the top right tower while it's clean."

One of the faithful gave me a place to laugh at how relieved Kate was. I asked a believer who was walking down the aisle in a bit of a hurry, and apparently he was quite a high-ranking believer.

While she seemed busy preparing for the ritual, she remembered that she had missed contacting the entrance watchmen by inquiry from Kate, and even asked Kate to give her a message. And while Kate grins inside, she bows her head in a polite tone.

Moreover, it seems that the bishop in question was politely not always waiting for me where I was waiting. The excuse that I couldn't find it after searching for it worked.

"... bingo"

"I love you more than any of you."

After a seemingly high-ranking believer named Shad leaves, Kate and Yuri nod at each other laughing at it off to the end. Now the place between the cleansing has been confirmed. After that, we'll just head there.

"Okay... well, let's go"


Sora nods at Kate's words. but that's how I walked out, and, uh, Sora asked.

"No... the bishop... what are you going to do? You're on guard, aren't you?

"Hmm? Yeah, I'll keep it down. You cherry blossoms help. Cherry blossoms know I'm here because of the sound of battle, and you better show your face to Nanami, right?


Sora nods at Kate's words. Kite, there are no enemies that can't be contained alone. I don't care if you stay. And Kate went on even further.

"Yuri. You'd be shackled anyway, so I'll leave the rest to you. Break it. Break it."

"Yes, yes."

The hostages will be safe if left to Yuri. So, as the kites started walking, Sho contacted me. Apparently, we arrived between the back left and third floors.

"Kite. Over here, between the back of the third floor... that way, how about that?

"This one listened to the place between cleansing. I'm on my way. Wait till then."

"Seriously... Roger that."

I never thought I'd really hear the place out of my enemies anymore. Sho, but I guess it's possible because it's well kite, I decide to convince him.

"Good... then hurry this way too"


Shoda has arrived, and Kite and the others start moving at higher speeds. So, five minutes later. The kites reached the passage leading before the purification. Through here, in front of the waiting door on the lookout, there will be Bishop Sasha and the Cherry Blossoms behind it.


"Oh... sunset. When to use armor, missed?

"It's okay. I'm already working on it."

"No, don't do it because it could push the switch poorly... then we're on the songway"

When they all nodded at each other, they all left the last bend and went into the passage in front of them between cleansing.