Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 623: The Messenger of the Gods

Seems to have been manipulated. Stunning Priest Sasha, Kate was taking Yuri to fight against the common denominationalists who were garrisoning outside the room. Needless to say, the results had been wiped out a minute later.

"Sa... answer. I'm in a terrible mood right now, unfortunately... but don't complain.


Kite, who lifted each person with one left hand, asks the great guy who grabbed it appropriately for now. To such a kite, Yuri told.

"Kite. Because maybe I can't say anything about that"

"Ah?... oops, this is rude"

As she lifted, Kate was grabbing her neck and lifting it. If I wanted to fight back, I would have broken my neck with a poke, but I couldn't breathe satisfactorily because of it, and I couldn't talk just by opening and closing my mouth.

That's why Kate creates her hands with < >. The principle goes hand in hand with the former < >. That said, the temperature is about human skin because it is a problem when baked.

"Well... let me get some answers"

"Who's kidding, yaaah!

To the faithful who tried to strengthen you, Kite fevers her hands and tells her unquestioned intentions. Unfortunately, there's no consideration for just adding palm to the kite right now. Thus, along with the roasting sound of meat called juice, there is a slight, unpleasant smell of meat roasting.

"Ah... but..."

"Next time I'll burn your throat. Next thing you know... right. Do you want to try until you faint? At the end of the day... well, you know what I mean?

"Wow, okay! So stop it!

Now, my skin just barely burned. And even with that burn, it is healed by Kate's sorcery. In other words, over and over again, Kite said plainly, let's not just taste the pain now, but let's step by step reinforce that pain.

If you're trying to get information, it's not the flesh that hurts you. Break the spirit. A man fears such a kite and decides to answer the question in a panic.

"Well... then answer me again. Where are we supposed to do the original ritual? What are you, apart from the former followers of the < > church and the ones who brainwashed and brought you here?


I can't tell. The man's gaze was telling the story. His eyes had fear, so apparently the nature of the Shaggi Archpriest and the Yakuza is a terrible manhood for a long time. but still, it would be better than a kite in a broken butch state. So Kate slowly tells him to count down to encourage him to make a decision.

"5... 4..."

"Oh, no, no, no! Wow, okay! Answer! So stop it!


A man confesses in a great panic in the hands of a flame that slowly begins to fever, he makes clear. Besides, kite dropped the temperature of the flaming hand.

"... between the back left of the third floor, there is another place where the hostages are being captured... there is a secret passage from which we can reach the secret altar in the basement of this ruin... where the ritual takes place"


To the man's words, Kite ceases. As it stands, Shoda was under unknown strangulation. Kate doesn't panic and sends a call to Glaia. I didn't panic because, as Yuri told me, it was something you were considering in the first place.

"Glaia, can you hear me?

"What? I'd like to strike out the rest... but not in my spare time. '

"They're coming, have fun."

"Mm-hmm?... oh, something's ringing."

"I asked. Yeah, you can kill him if you want."

"Finally, the rest of it."

Glaia's pleasant voice sounds. One hair at a time, he cautioned in time. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with this. By the time they get there, they'll be slaughtered coming out of the hidden corridor.

"Good... now there's another one later. What about this one?

"... none. I looked for it, but I didn't find it. I couldn't have been noticed by all the other believers, so I couldn't even make it..."

In response to Kite's inquiry, a man makes a clear statement. Apparently, what Yuri feared was off. Apparently, they didn't build it, but rather the emergency passage originally provided for the ruins. That's how a man offers most of what he can talk about.

"Please... I already told you that, didn't I? Put me down..."

"Hmm? Oh, information, thank you... hey, speaking of which. Answer me one more thing."

"Do you still have... what..."

This opens up, I thought, an arrow-tipped further inquiry. Besides, a man looks sincerely disgusted. but fortunately, this was a question I didn't have to answer or not answer. It was just a matter of getting more information about the enemy.

"Who are you calling? That shit or that family member?

"... I have not been informed. It's true! Trust me!

"Hmm... good then. Sleep after me."

Kate won't be able to tell a lie in this situation, and when she decides, she throws away the man because she's not interested as it is. And besides putting his hand on his right hand, he flew a fist made of magic and stunned him.

"Oh, I forgot to say < >"

"Oh, you're so loud."

"Now Tina's loud, too... come on... then, punish me, will you come"


To Kate's words, Yuri sits on its shoulder in a miniaturized fashion. That way, the two advance as they knock down their enemies on the way, almost just lightly poking them. On that road, I met a unit led by Tina.


"What is it, kite? Long time no see... and hehe... that's a fierce magic that hasn't been around in a long time..."

Tina is fierce and smiles lusciously, including intoxicated, at the smell of an overwhelming male and the raging magic on her back of her cheerful appearance.

Tina was a champion of her own choosing for signs that she was still quiet but about to go beyond the boiling point, so she felt remarkable.

"If your lord doesn't tell you what's going on, I won't ask you... but that's it, furious."

"Oh... one thing, don't interrupt me. Crush without question. I'm not going to condone it. I can't even afford to."

"Out of the way?"

Now Kate is so close to a hungry wolf in a hungry state. You are more right to see it as a kind of natural disaster. There's no way I can resist it on my own. I didn't know if even Tina could stop it.

"Well... well, let's go"

"I'm just going to see the rest, I don't know if I'm going to... Coffle. Don't you have any chibi?

"Oh, oh... it's strange that the chibi..."

Coffle nods, shaking his legs. As a matter of fact, Tina was in a flat conversation, but the magic and killing sprinkled on this occasion is a hell of a concentration. The Coffles were at a level where they could finally stand in the face of ancient ginseng.

In response to Kate's wild magic, Tina herself developed an overwhelming style as a strong man, but it was the late status quo.

"Well, let's go before the kid needs a toast"

"Yes, I am."

Coffle is powerless and waves out to the kites who start walking again. And I remembered something I'd forgotten for a long time.

"It was... no, here's the fight face, it was..."

"This is unreliable..."

Next to the coffle. Yuhara crushes into a bitter mix of laughter. This is normal. Kuzha and Aura. The style as an overwhelming warrior that cannot be traced in battle face. Different digits of magic and killing from the beatings a few months ago. This was the original kite killer 300 years ago.

And the reason why this is happening is the anger of the family, including myself. I can see that, but I can say it's reliable, but the aftermath alone is this.

"also, just rest a little longer and then we'll go..."


"Oh, oh..."

Coffles snorted at each other. Thus, while creating a similar situation ahead of us, Kate and the others went to Xiang Da's place for backup.

Between the back of the third floor where we arrived, the corpses were cumulative. No, there's no body but the guy who hurt himself. At this level of opponents, it was only to the extent that they were together, with or without a handful, in the face of the Duke's house. It's easy to capture.

Stra and Stella's brothers and sisters welcomed the three kites who arrived that way. They were on their way to reinforcements this way.

"This, my lord."

"Hmm? What, Lord... what's the matter, such a killer"

"Ooh. Are you done with the rescue?

"Yes. All those who were about to be sacrificed were rescued safely."

To Kite's inquiry, Stra breaks his hips. The battle was already over, and I was now discussing whether to move on from the newly found path. That's why Kate tells it.

"Oh, then I'll go. I just want to complain about this one."

"Yes, I did. Then we'll get ready to retreat."

"Ooh, I asked for it"

When Kite nods at Stra's answer, he starts walking straight. I wasn't questioning Kite's victory where he was summoned to say he would be ready to withdraw before he fought.

"Will the lords come and see?

"Haha... Sincerely, I will refrain"

"There's not enough escorts to get in the way. Let's not."

Asked by Tina as she left, Stra smiles and shakes her head. They both knew from experience that it was as bad as it was when Kate was laughing in these situations.

The number of times I got out of buying a kite escort with a bad sense of duty, etc. and passed out was not enough with my fingers on both hands. When we came to the boulder, we clearly understood that it would only make it more difficult for us to go home where we had already been. As such, Kite and the others decided to ask Shang and the others who had finished rescuing the hostages if they were safe.

"Tired... sometimes I say this, so be careful"

"Oh... seriously, I was in a hurry... if Mr. Glaia wasn't here, you'd be wiped out..."

Apparently Sho was also very anxious to attack from behind. Including him, he was coming in and taking a break. Meanwhile, the glaia was looking into the new hidden passageway because it was what was expected.

"Are you going?

"Oh. I have to complain."

"I don't think I can complain about anything else if I look at your killings right now."

Glaia tells plainly bitter laughter. Shoda and the hostages here are the ones who don't realize it. But there's no way to do that either. Anyway, it's too intense. Murder blocks it as a human body's defensive reaction, as a person's psyche.

In other words, Xiang and the others were left flat because they were too weak. His defensive instincts judged it dangerous if he realized it.

"Well, if you can complain, I'd like to... unfortunately, because you're not welcome. I'll let you do it."

"I'm sure you haven't heard anything."

"Come on? When you find out there's a god angel in the first place, you don't say anything."

To Glaia's words, Kate laughs. In the first place, an angel of God is equal to a person who has been recognized by God, or a proxy of God who is less involved in the world of men.

To say turn it against the enemy is tantamount to disobeying God's will. At the point of not pulling it forward, it was an enemy that Kate could not shy away from.

"So, you coming?

"No? You go, but you don't have to. Come on, come on, come on, come on."

"Then don't hesitate"

Kate asks Glaia to step aside a little and go down the stairs at the end of the hidden passage. Thus, we reached the basement, which had never been discovered before.

"I can't believe this happened."

"Unbroken realm, hey... how did you find out"

"< > It's not a church. They report every year on a proper roster of members, their structures, their property, and they pay their taxes."

"I thought they were in the middle of a ritual here."


Dozen, and Kate kick the door forcefully, while Yuri greets them on the street at all times. Incidentally, the door had a pretty powerful defense unfolding using the magic sent from the ground vein, but from a pretty crisp state of kite, the paper was the same. That's why I broke all the connections as well.

"Yikes. Get out of my way."

To the sudden roar, they were performing some sort of ritual. Below the High Priest of Shaggi, their men turn this way together. That's how Kate opened her mouth in the wake of the enemy's attention.