Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 625: The Beginning of Trouble

After his crusade on the altar, Kite, who came out to the upper levels, was a sunny face,. Well, it must be natural, because you've pummeled some anger.

"Ha... it's over. It's over."

"Well, I guess so."

Glaia tells me when she sees a cloudy slaughter that was overflowing from Kate's body. Now I feel safe as a glaia.

The person Kite is willing to kill and gain - if there were such a person - would be the person who would use him as a pawn in that state. If the enemy disappears, you'll want it to fit in immediately. Anyway, just in case they point it at us, it could suffocate. That's how Stra welcomed such a kite.

"My lord, welcome back. The magic eruption will await the results of the measurements of the spacecraft that have been put on standby... can you hear me?

"Oh, do that. We'll see about that, and then we'll go home. I'm trying to keep nothing from happening, but in case you haven't wiped your ass... oh, let's take Maxwell back with us to those who were found on this scene once they were abducted. Call the city hospital and tell them there's an emergency coming. I don't think I have enough capacity, but I can also think of a possibility in case. Put the same in the military hospital."

"Yes, sir."

Following instructions from Kite, he puts instructions into the airship using the communications magic props that Stra was bringing. From there, I was going to have Maxwell's hospital put in contact.

We don't know the exact number of people who were abducted, but we can't stop looking at 50 people. As soon as we arrived in the city with this number on the boulder, we transported it to the hospital, and a satisfactory examination would not be possible without the situation in place to receive it. It was only natural to skip the instructions in advance for that reason. As such, Kite continues with the instructions.

"What about the Imperial Army?

"We are currently on a rapid journey here. I was wondering if the advance party would arrive in an hour. All units were required, so Master Shea was ordered to stand by and make the transition. After that, the advance team contacted us, and in turn, all the reserves are going back to normal."

"Okay... I don't think this juncture will keep it till hours. Let us deploy new things and help our troops secure them. Otherwise, there 'll be demons everywhere."

"Yes, I did. What about the underground altar?

"You are the domain of researchers and investigators. The captives are taking consciousness and securing it. We should wake up by noon the day after tomorrow... but wait for that wake-up call and have the investigation conducted in parallel with the interrogation... oh, find out about the signs of brainwashing. As you know, the only thing that's tight about interrogation is that it can be taken back."

So Kate nodded, "Are you sure about the instructions?" And she went back to Shoda, and she realized one thing. That is the treatment of Sasha and those who were brainwashed or deceived.

"Um... I can't believe I'm in front of you during the top floor cleansing. Um... what sasha... oh, I secured the warrant for the Familia family where the search was filed. The brainwashing is confirmed, so call Shea and bring her back with the escorts. Please treat them as protected."

"Oh, is that Mirisha Sasha Familia... why don't we go to the Temple City?

"Get in touch with him right away. More than brainwashed, she can't be punished harshly by imperial law. The escorts I followed were similarly thin but showed signs of brainwashing. This one won't be guilty, either."

Kate decides to have Sasha and her distributors immediately communicate with their original affiliations. Of course, Sasha and the others were brainwashed. No matter how many executives I said, I couldn't be guilty.

Anyway, it's not my will. Someone else was manipulating me. It is against morality to punish them, no matter how serious the harm they cause, as well as being victims.

"What about the Familia? Do you want to call?

"Do that... oh, this is a bit of a wagamama... but put me in touch with El Road, put me in touch with the village chief of Minad and its neighborhoods, and let the leading villagers bring me in by airship. The kidnappers were rescued safely."

"Hehe, I did. We will also proceed with the accommodation arrangements."

To Kate's consideration, Stra smiled and broke his hip. I don't have the capacity to call the whole family to the boulder, but I can handle the village chief and other leading local positions. They wanted to make sure that those who were abducted by them were safe and that the village could not fail to reassure them. Here, he was a good, mind-blowing man, as always.

"Excuse me... shall we return then?"


Stra nods at Kate's words. As such, when Kate tells him to go to Sho's place and take those who were abducted with Stra and the others out, he decides to go to Sola and the others once.

Then there was Nanami, who lay asleep, and Sola, who held her back in the princess's arms. To Sora like that, Kate asks in a whisper.

"... you slept?


Apparently, anxiety and reassurance became a good mix and I finally fell asleep tired of the relief I got. Besides, Kite nodded.

"I don't know what happened, but... well, I'm glad they helped. I'm sorry, stop everything."

"No... he said he knew. I knew you had your way of thinking, and you were gonna be okay, so I stopped you, right?

"Oh... that said, it could have been dangerous. Sorry about that."

Once again, Kate apologizes to Sola. At that point, there was no danger, so I had to decide, but it turned out to be a mistake.

Therefore, the apology was natural for Kate. Having said that, in fact, at that point, Sasha and the others still can't think that their rituals are fake, so it's still true that it was safe for the abducted women.

If you mausoleum at that point, the Sashas you took away notice the discomfort. Even when I was brainwashing, my brainwashing worked perfectly because ostensibly I was supposed to call the Moon Goddess.

No matter how much magic it is, it is not the perfect convenience. If magic is diverting the power of will, it can be broken by the power of will, and surprisingly, it is strong with the spirit of man. Sometimes it is surprisingly lightly broken if it is not stacked on a regular basis, no matter how powerful it is. Because of internal circumstances, it was impossible.

"Discipline as always. Well, that's discipline, you."

"Maybe it's your nature, this is what it was originally... I can't believe it, I'll let you have a stretcher when you get outside. Until then please."


At the behest of Kite, Sola only brings back a little nanomi. I have no problem walking like this, but I will let you sleep as peacefully as possible. Tina asked Yuri, looking at it with a slightly more complicated look, against two such men.

"Complicated, isn't it?

"... well..."

Yuri's face was a really complicated look. Some of my friends were helpful and relieved, and I decided to revisit the matter of my lover, and various emotions such as anxiety were swirling from there.

She had a hunch. This one case is for Sola and Yuri, and it's not over yet. Correct. It looks like Nanami's case is cleared up and hasn't been cleared up yet. It's about her love story. She was kidnapped before she could give an answer. Nanami's answer was, it wasn't out yet.

He understood that the time was near to give the answer to it. Then there will be another change. Her hunch was that. It was a woman, so to speak, who held it together.

"The Lord chooses the Lord. I'm not going to let you choose the rest. There's no way I can give you orders."

"I wonder if the charm was like this, too..."

To Tina's words, Yuri tells her troubles. If Sola shakes Nanami here, that would look like the right decision. Anyway, that's normal on Earth. But the problem here was her lover's best friend, her best friend's lover.

"... I'm sorry. I have no choice but to say this."

"It's sad to know that..."

Because it's serious, I guess. Yuri doesn't say it in a relaxed way anywhere at all, he crushes it in a clear way. Yes, my best friends admitted to polygamy. Again, that's one answer.

And in Enefia (different worlds), which is made up of common sense different from this earth, it is also normal. I mean, you can do two strands if you don't even rub it in the world, and it is. Quite a few people wonder what is suspicious about it.

"When I go back to Earth like this, I don't know if I can believe it."

"... I knew better."

"I'm thinking a lot, too."

To Tina's surprise, Yuri looks a little dissapointed. What she can't believe. That's easy. After returning to Earth, Sola went to Enefia to see Nanami or not.

Nanami didn't realize it, but she wasn't scared to confess, but it was a misunderstanding that she had to break up after all because it was different worlds.

The ultimate goal of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is to develop, or discover, cross-world metastases in a universal way. In other words, Enefia becomes a very close world. It was impossible to say that we would never see each other again if we returned to Earth.

"Well, it's up to your lords to decide what to do. There's no reason why I should be able to say anything else... but I don't want to give advice... but I ordered Kite to do it anyway. There's no way I can do that. Ideal to ask for a charm coat. Bye."

Tina tells you how sorry she is. In her, I can't take Yuri's position. Anyway, as the king, she has two strands, but three strands, four strands, superior. And it's also the side that made Kate do it. That way, I couldn't have been able to give you any advice.

"Well, I guess it depends on Sola's decision..."

"Well... on top of that, think about what your Lord wants to do. Well, I don't ask the rest, and I don't have to answer the rest. Besides, you need time to think."

"... thanks"

To Tina's consideration, Yuri smiles pale. She can't answer where she's told to give me an answer now. That would be Sora with me.

"Well, I can't believe it. Not yet, not then. I thought I'd go back."


To Tina's words, Yuri nods. Nanami hasn't woken up yet in the first place. I still don't know what to do. It's just that this was a story according to the two women.

So, that's the way home. Sola was consulting with Kite. Naturally, it was about what was to come. Naturally, he also cared that Nanami saw him kissing Yuri.

"... they saw me. I'm kissing you."

"... well, again..."

Kite also knows what Nanami thinks of Sola. I mean, I knew the whole thing from everyone. This is it in that situation. It was only natural to worry about what to do. And Kite's inquiry that was put out, oddly enough, was with Tina.

"What do you want?

"... you don't know. I don't know..."

But Sola's answer was different. Naturally. It is he who is favored who has to make the decision. It weighs differently than Yuri, who waits for that decision. Don't be bad. But it can shape the lives of two women.

It was too heavy for him. It seems indecisive, but that's all the left evidence that I'm serious about the two of you, so you shouldn't be blamed.

"Right. Well, I'm not in a position to give you advice, but... just one thing, I'll tell you. If you're ready, I'll back you on any decision you make. Don't forget that."

"Uh... oh, whoa..."

Told by Kite with a sincere look, Sola is taken aback by surprise. I didn't think they'd say I'd support you so seriously.

But now Sora feels a little more comfortable. Whatever decision you make, it was truthful and gratifying to say that someone could be granted asylum. That being said, that's a serious word so far. Even if I want to suspect a little, I have no choice.

"No... seriously?

"Oh... so make a decision you won't regret. Even in consultation with Yuri. You can talk to me. I don't need to draw any conclusions right now... but for Nanami's sake, give him a serious answer."

"... oh. Thank you."

Though Sora seems to lighten up a little on Kite's advice with a mixed smile - it was just her neck in relation to holding a nanami - but she bows her head. So, the two of us walked back, but Kate snapped small.

"Fine... thank you once. I'll do it."

The smaller words than Sora sounded were Kate's thanks. That was the fold of a school raid once, and their appreciation for accepting themselves.

I don't have much to show, but for Kate, Sola is one of our best friends. Like the Lux and the others, I place absolute trust in them. And I was going to do everything I could for Sola, just like them. Sora never noticed Kite's secret gratitude, and they returned to the ship.