After rescuing the abductees, Kite and the others decide to board a moored airship outside. So for a while, waiting for the magic that Kate had unleashed to scatter properly, Nanami woke up in the infirmary bed tucked away in the airship.


"Hey... are you okay?

"Yeah... I'm sorry I bothered you"

"It's good... ah, it's the infirmary of the airship here at the McDawell family. He said he picked me up."

Sora smiles and shakes her head, pointing further to the ceiling, to Nanami's words, which seem rather illuminating when she is seen crying. It would be more comfortable to let you know where it is now.

"All the people kidnapped, for now, are in the infirmary. There's still some people out there, but they're waiting for an inspection to see if I can get them on the boat. I don't know what they're doing. So, Mr. Nanami finished the test, so..."

"Ah... you carried me?


"Thanks... ah... is Sakura there?

She thanked Sola and Nanami remembered her encouragement and thought she would thank her. Asking Sola, he nods and looks around a little. Kite asked me to take a test because cherry blossoms and Kirier can also be simple in the infirmary, which always confirms that the sunshine is together and there are no problems.

"Cherry Blossom, hey"


"Ah... you know, thank you there"

"No, that's fine. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you that we were actually safe at that point."

I bowed my head to Nanami, whom I thanked, as the cherry blossoms seemed sorry. There are enemies. The watch was the only one out there, but it's likely they'll find out. I guess I had no choice but to be told.

"Yeah. I can't help it, because it would..."

"That's what you'll say..."

"Yeah... ah. Speaking of which, didn't you see the girl in white? That kid inspired me, too..."


Cherry blossoms open their eyes to Nanami's words. For once, she sees all the abducted women. But I don't know a girl in white. Rather than that, there should only be black clothes on that spot. It's a little different there, but it's the prisoners' clothes that the cherry blossoms were wearing. There should have been no more white than the guards outside (believers) wore matching black or red robes.

I was surprised that the two of them were not phantoms or something, but I went further and asked, and I decided that this did not seem to be the case. That's what I thought, two assumptions. One is an undercover adventurer. The other, so to speak, was a kind of ghost.

"... tell kite, or"

"That sounds better."

"Ah... well, I'll be there too. I know the details, so..."

Among the girls who were abducted - or who came to help them - are those who are still unknown to the two of them. It was decided that it would be better to tell them before they could suspect anything unnecessary.

So the three of them - Nanami said as she was asleep, but didn't give in - decided to leave the infirmary once and head to Kate's place waiting on the deck of the airship to explain the situation.

"Girl in white gosloli clothes?... That's suspicious... I haven't seen that... but you should ask... this is Kite. Didn't you see that girl in white?... oh... oh... okay. Those who stay, search as carefully as you can. Maybe he's an adventurer who's been investigating the matter independently."

Kate asked the Coffles, who are still on the comms and handling the aftermath, but apparently none of the faithful in the denomination have white clothes.

Kate decided to order a search, just in case, because it was possible that she had escaped somewhere due to disturbances. What floats like that is a laugh. I thought it was the white Gothic Lolita, the Moon Goddess (Charlotte). So, he turns to Nanami and laughs and nods a little lightly.

"For once, I asked for a search. If you're still here, I'd like to take you to your family and friends as soon as possible."


"No, because it's not me..."

"Hey, kite... that..."

"What?... Huh!?

Nanami lowered his head and I laughed bitterly, Kite, but there, Yuri calls me to notice. On the ruins, there was a single figure.

Naturally, everyone who was on the deck - not only the Solas, but also the faces of Tina and the Dukes of Strata, who were out just in case, and the faces of the Shoda Adventure Department - noticed. And that was with Nanami. That's how her eyes open.

"Ah... it's that girl"


What emerged was certainly a girl in white goth lollies. That was exactly the girl Nanami was looking at, except it was translucent. Besides, convinced of a certain assumption, Sola accidentally asked with a bright blue face.

"Hey, hey... Tina... I can't believe this..."

"The ghost of a girl who was taken from the back of the third floor and killed on an altar underground? That's... let's deny it. Just a phantom, then... who, then, is this...?

"Oh well, good..."

To the answer from Tina, Sola's other faces, which had come to the same idea, leaked a relieving sigh of relief. If it was possible in this situation, that was about it.

But if the experts can deny it, see who the ghost is or the dead tail flower. There is no fear. That said, the question remained as to who this was. So, when Sola looked at the kite beside him, he still looked at the girl with a crying face with tears in his eyes.

"... Huh!

Noticing the right hand he was trying to stretch, Kate shook her head and held her right hand. Tina accounted for the girl's identity in the actions of such a kite and in the appearance of Yuri weeping over her shoulders. The kites were hiding it, but she couldn't have missed the girl that kite was hiding.

"I see... did Al's woman finally show up?"

"Al woman...? So, what if she...?

I see a translucent girl whose cherry blossoms floated like a surprise in Tina's words, who was convinced that she was there and seeped a little jealousy. Once, only once from Yuri, make it a girl you've heard of, Goddess of the Moon. That was the identity of the girl who emerged, no, that illusion.

That's how Tina asks Kite. It was an inquiry that I had never asked before, because I would touch his wounds, in the course of more than a decade of their relationship.

"... that's your Lord's first lover, isn't it?

"I know there's a lot to talk about... but if you mean what it looks like, then yes... perhaps my artifact and the magic that was accumulating on this occasion reacted, and even more the magic formations carved on the roof brought up the phantom..."

Kate answers Tina's query with speculation as she wept and stared at her lover's unchanged appearance. This is not a sign of resurrection or anything. For Kate and Yuri, it was just a phantom that made the pain of lost things hurt. That's how they slowly, slowly begin to talk about the past.

"He hated black. Red, too. He liked to wear white... sounds like a lie, right? Doctrine, then, that believers wear black or red robes, even though... that's why I wear white long coats. I mean, I know the truth, and I'm immersed in a slight sense of superiority."

"I hate black because it's the color of dark darkness. I hate red because it's the color of blood that flows... that was Schal's cliché. She got Kite back on her feet... in those worst days..."

The two are farther away, telling them to remember even more of the past than they did for half their own lives. She is the worst and worst of the worst, the girl I've ever met in a time when I could say two people traveled through hell. So he affirmed it, too, and took over the word. It was like telling cherry blossoms and other families nearby.

"In those days... I thought I could really die, and I fought... no, I wanted to die, I thought. I repeated all the really stupid fights... and now I think I've often had five satisfied bodies. He was the one who snapped it..."

"I wonder where... it was... a branch of some slightly larger city Adventurer Union. So, she was alone. We put together a combination of things. Kind of a strong demon, all she wanted to do was chase the power. Kite was trying to try it, like she wanted to die... so I asked... now I think it was because she smelled the same as Kite. I hid the loneliness, the feeling of crying in solitude, I guess..."

You're scared to death, but you want to die. Lick each other. The adventurers of that branch, who knew the two of them, said something about Kite and Charlotte. And that's the right answer. As if licking each other's flowing blood, the three of them will then begin their journey together.

"We were asking each other for a place to die... just to think that one person had survived... without the skill of exchanging the people we cared about in front of us... and all we had to do was live in resentment... and he was desperate for a world where that happened... and we were, in those days. equal, had no intention of living"

Kite smiles thinly and bitterly. There's never been a time like that when Kate was more involved in death. And that girl makes herself a goddess of the moon, a reaper. The encounter must have been.

Exactly, I was fascinated by death. He wanted to die more than anyone else, so Kite didn't know, and even the girl didn't know, and he was fascinated by death. So, Kite, who smiled bitterly, asks Tina, who looked spicy if she noticed.

"... why are you looking at me like that?"

"... you hear me?

"It's not your fault... that much despair was common in those days. I just survived, that's your word. The kid who couldn't take it was just weak."

It was only if Tina became her brother-in-law that made that despair a common thing. And the self-blame for not being able to stop such an outrage on my brother-in-law still persists.

It was only natural that a kind girlfriend would be hard if she were allowed to look directly at that victim again. When Kate gently strokes Tina like that, she starts walking slowly as she is. On our way, we're at the edge of the airship. I don't want to be seen crying. It also seemed that such emotions seeped in.

"... it was him who noticed that first. It's obvious. Me and Yuri at the time, just a dozen years old kid and little girl. The time I've lived is different. It's not what I've been through... and it was only after Shall went to sleep that I noticed."

Turning his back on everyone, Kite sits on the edge of the deck of the airship. Nevertheless, she is merely a phantom. There's no point in hanging words. And if you wish for another encounter, you weren't going to speak to the phantom.

"... when we realized we were attracted to each other, it was over... of course. Oh, it's natural. His job as a god is to mow his dying soul. That's what I mean when I say I want death. Well, it was too compatible... and he was desperate for the world... and that's why the unwiped despair deep in his heart wished for the world to perish. That first target... was me... for a reason... he doesn't know. Because I love you, you said you wanted to keep it at hand the most."

Because I loved you, I had to kill you. Kate laughs bitterly. If this were now, I would have deactivated it flatly and loved it. It wouldn't have killed him before.

But not at the time. Kite was only somewhat stronger than Sola and the others today. It would be about Al right now if I were to compare. But to that extent, there was no way I could beat the death-directing God.

"It's ironic. The more attracted he is to me, the more attracted he is to me, the more he tries to kill me in the realm of instinct. That's the end of those fascinated by death... so from that time on, I stopped dying. I said I'd see you again... then I won't die anymore. I want to die, don't think. I thought I'd never see you again."

Kate smiles bitterly and tells her why she got back on her feet. I pray again with him whom I loved, therefore I have been unable to die because of my spiritual commandments. After that, being unscrupulous - by his standards - is almost gone.

And that's why I have to apologize. Forget about it. At the end of the day, I even got to the end of my revenge. I had to confess to God that I was a fool who forgot to die. So, after speaking all the way through, Kite asked the cherry blossoms.

"Now, where?

"... you don't know. He disappeared before us when he realized his instincts were trying to kill us."

"In the meantime, we just had to move in the direction she was headed... because that was a mess, too"

To Yuri's words, Kate laughs bitterly. Normally I don't travel in a straight line. Avoid the danger zone and pass. But the kites couldn't do that. He could have been there anyway. From there, it was one of the most unscrupulous streaks of their journey.

"Well, you're impotent. I've been dying a few times."

"Here, that's a funny story. I tried to kill him, but he came from the other side trying to help me."

"Because they loved me."

Kite and Yuri laugh joyfully in the light of bitter memories. Yes, no matter how much instinct tried to kill her, it's not like she was trying to kill herself again. That's why I had to show up when I saw my beloved was dying.

"From then on, I don't know. Worn out, Ole and Yuri woke up in some temple with a scratch allowance. So it was goodbye. When I got out of the temple, it was near what is now the temple city..."

I don't have the power to figure out where Kate transferred me from at the time, and where that temple was. Now that we have lost any clue even after gaining strength, there is no hint of unraveling it. It still remained a mystery.

"So... I have this"

Kate puts her hand on her own chest and hears her own heartbeat. There, the artifact is asleep. It was a landmark for those who did not know where they were and where the temple was to find themselves, and for themselves to find her. As such, the girl's appearance gradually faded when we talked about it, and at the end of the day she was completely invisible.

"... the magic is scattered... as soon as we check the shelter and meter of the rescuers we need, let the ship go."

'Copy that... right now, the magic power is high, but the diffusion has been confirmed. I was wondering if it would be okay to set off in a while.'


Following Kite's orders, the airship slowly begins to be ready for launch. Along with that, Kite got up, too.

"I'm done with old stories. We're going back."


At last, those who had never been told were told, and this matter should be solved. Suddenly there, the alert rang.

They didn't know. This failure was the second, and there was no way the enemy could have been unprepared for it more than the second time. And while the enemy was a fanatic, he did things that were not normally conceivable in ordinary people and could not be conceivable. So at the end, the situation was covered.


'I don't know! Rapid perforation in the ground pulse! Something will appear just 10 meters above the ground pulse!

"Stupid!? The altars and magic formations that cause it are completely destroyed! You can't call me God now. You can't do this! And just 10 meters above the ground pulse!? I can't believe that evil god heard their wishes! Why could that happen!

Tina opens her eyes with great surprise to words from the aircrafts operator. The technique was completely destroyed, and even the surgeon completely killed it. Besides, they are all destroyed with the power of kite, and hence with the artifact of the goddess of the moon, the enemy. There's no way I could have let this god down.

'This... the magic that was spreading began to converge! At the same time demons gather from all around you!

"Shit! The power of that evil god! Size!

"Impossible! That's not the kind of guy who hears the wishes of a believer like that!? Why can this happen! It's just 10 meters above the pulse, and the magic team can carve it remotely! You can always go by yourself, but you'll never make it home!

"After that! Now look only at reality! Operator! Hurry up and report the information!

"Ri, Roger!

'Results! Convergence rate... very high density and speculation! It is estimated that it will be in the present world in approximately 2 meters!

At the behest of Kite, who reprimanded Tina for being unsuitable and perplexing, the operator immediately begins reporting. And with that in mind, Tina, who regained her composure, began giving instructions.

"Humanoid! Prepare for battle! Probably some kind of evil god! Cherry Blossoms! Your Lord returns to the infirmary for a time! If it's a trick, it's important! Sola, hurry back to the infirmary with Nanami and the cherry blossoms!

"Sunshine! If it's around you, you're probably fine! The power of Shall should work!

"Ah, whoa!


Following instructions from Tina and Kate, Sora and Hitachi begin to return Sakura and Nanami to the infirmary. They were being held captive. I don't think there's anything, but there could still be some sort of a precaution. You should deal with it.

"There will be ghosts or snakes..."

"Convergence is over! I'll materialize!

It's a demon that uses all its magic to unload God. It's unclear what form it's going to take, or at least it's sure to be a very powerful enemy. That's how this one true last battle began.