It was the kites who were supposed to have cleaned up a case with the cult denomination, but in fact the Patriarch Shaggi was an unafraid man. What he was trying to summon was the natural enemies of Shall and Shamrock, who are spoken of as evil gods.

For that matter, it was supposed to exist only in destruction. If that were the case, he had taken into account that he would be obstructed for the first time ritual and for the second time.

'What are you going to do?

"Hmm... let's set up another magic formation. Even if something happens to us, we can carry out God's mission unquestionably."

Shaggi tells him with a few thoughts in response to an inquiry by an ancient ginseng executive under his command to find out the real plan. For about five years and a little while, nothing. They didn't just keep diving underground to accumulate power. I was looking for the best way to do it, but also in case I was destroyed.

Only that he was a fanatic and at the same time a man of thick faith in the original God was the admission of all, including Kite, who had scrutinized all the paperwork after the fact. I'm not thankful to anyone.

"Where shall I install it?

"A little above the ground vein. If we set up a magic team there, we wouldn't be able to tell how to be any good."

If Tina or Kate hears this, it's obvious, they'll yell and scatter. Ground pulse is the flow of a huge, stupid mass of magic, if you think about it. It was not a sanity shack to deploy a magic formation near it. But I'm a fanatic because I'm crazy with fanatics.

"Recruiting applicants. It's one way home alive... dive deep underground and carve a magic formation there '

'Let me, let's go. If anything is accomplished, we will reunite ourselves and ourselves in a slippery and permanent darkness. It's just a matter of where it will come from... and I'm afraid that once I screw up, I'll give you my congratulations and worship before my God. "

In response to Shagi's inquiry, a man of such a high standing that he can be described as a top executive bows his head. At the same time, he was also the lead in the case five years ago. It would be useless to die if things happened. Still, knowing it, he bought himself the role of snowflake the second blame he could not afford.

'... I'll take care of it. And if God be merciful, let him lay in darkness with the power of our God.

"That's enough."

To Shaggy's words, a man bows his head gladly. Then for a while. Finally, when the time came, he, along with several of his squires, was going to penetrate deep underground.

Then, a few months. By the time Kate and the others stopped me, diving underground, they were already in a good situation calling it a corpse. But still, only the ceremony they left on the spot served them well. Thus, in the wake of the collapse of the surgical ceremony above, one of their inherited surgical ceremonies was activated. That was an easy procedure.

"Our God, who sits far away... if you pity your followers, send your family for us who cannot."

This is not a word to deliver to God. It's like an activation key to activate an inactivated magic formation. Thus, with the activation of the activation key, the magic formation begins to activate.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The barking voice of the beast echoes inside the cellar beneath. It was emanating from the body of an executive lying and mummified in the heart of the magic formation. Using the body as a medium, something was about to appear.

Thus, the magic that Kate should have scattered converges forcefully. That said, it was still scattered. Only far less magic than we had gathered, converged.

But still, there was no problem. I thought about when the ray line was destroyed, so that it could be absorbed directly from the ground vein.

"Oh, God of the chaos to which we are subjected. Bring an end to the world."

Apart from the startup key. The mere oath continues to be summoned. Nothing makes sense about this. but I guess this is also a part of the ritual. Then the demons that scatter doom will be unleashed on the world.

Almost, simultaneously, when demons bark. The ground, along with a major earthquake, causes a breakdown. By the power of God, the way of the Divine Angel was cut open. Thus, 'it' appeared to the earth, barking, as if producing a voice.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"This... is... what...?

Seeing them show up, they all accidentally freeze their spines. It was a human form wrapped in a pitch-black moya. but that was a far tougher figure than the pitch-black beast Shamrock once created.

Huge eyes floated and blinked all over its body covered in pitch-black moya. The mouth was torn to a crimson color as if blood was dripping. Besides, what's floating is a smile. It wasn't just a smile, it was a smile that could only be described as crazy.

"Is this... the incarnation of 'Immortal Malice (Shaggia Kurl)'! The end of it has come down!

Tina, who was observing a tough figure, raises her voice. There is no such thing as incarnation or God Himself appeared because the ritual ended in an imperfect way, but it still seems that the end of the incarnation has descended.

"'Immortal Malice (Shaggia Kurl)'...? It... mythical god, is it...?

Against Tina, a soldier from the army who blued her face asks. I didn't want to believe it on my face, my desire seeped in. It's not like he knows anything. This name became recent and was the name in the newspaper.

As a result of a review of Kite's notes, this name was discovered. Of course, this is an historic discovery. So much so that we can say that history books have been rewritten. So it was small, but it was on one side. I read the newspaper, but I knew about the enemy.

"... Class I combat attitude! Plus, we're retreating now!


"I said, develop a Class I combat posture! What if it's frightening!" Immortal Malice (Shaggia Kurl) "is no different than the catastrophic species! A second delay is life-threatening! EMERGENCY SEALED 30 km AREA! Contact the main residence immediately! The other day, the sea snake is no match for a child's toy!

Tina flies an anger at the frightening soldiers. The enemy hasn't moved yet. Because I just woke up and I don't know what to do.

But it will soon be over, and we will begin to act to serve God's purpose of empowering Him. Before that, this one had to be ready. Thus, Tina, with her anger, waves down her wand.

"< >"

Use of strategic-class magic without question. What manifests itself is a point concentration of extreme cold hell. A blow special that saved me any chanting and everything. It's one of her trump cards. but still there was a rush on Tina's face. This was the best I could do with the status quo not knowing what was around me.

I mean, even this is just a stoppage. I had to get away from here now. That's how, on behalf of Tina, who stops, Kite flies an anger.

"Recall all all those who remain inside the ruins! We need rescuers and soldiers. Hurry up! I don't mind a later inspection! Launch the airship now! Contact Shea and have her declare a state of emergency!


The soldiers rush back aboard to begin their work on the decree that will be handed down as soon as the arrows of Kate succeed. I know them and what the enemy is like.

The enemy is the end of a mythical existence. Even if I wasn't alarmed, I was the kind of person that would kill me. Thus, at the same time as that instruction, a crack entered the ice that had sealed 'it'. Besides, Tina looked up.

"Shit! You won't last five minutes with this!

"I ate the magic of the earth's veins! The output alone would be comparable to the catastrophic species!

"I don't care about that! Kite!"


Seeing the cracking spreading ice, Yuri and Kate nod at each other. I can't do it with all my might. I can't help Tina pushing down. She's a cannon. Her blow is a bombing. Here's her full power. It blows the hell out of me. Therefore, we have no choice but to make amends.


Forced to break the ice, Tina flaunts her face. Looks like the backload came after losing in a state of antagonism. And that's the default route. That's why in that next moment, Kate and Yuri swung the Great Sickle.

"" < < Lunar Eclipse > >! "

Next on ice, take the Dark Prison. The two simultaneously manifest the darkness that envelops everything, creating a prison where gravity and everything disappear. but this and it still only stops me.

Not enough firepower. We need as many battlefields (battlefields) as we can run to wipe out this enemy. That said, now I've managed to buy enough time for the airship to escape.

'I'm leaving the battlefield at full speed!

"Shoot the Code Red signal!

Copy that!

At the behest of Kite, from one of the spacecraft's magic cannons, three red beads are fired. For one thing, 10 kilometers away from this bead is a common military instruction throughout Enefia. I couldn't see it because it kept floating until it was released from the launched airship.

Now that three are launched, it means 30 kilometers away. It was an emergency measure in the event that the boundary could not be developed. Now, by the time you're ready, you won't be alone from around you.

"It's a communication from the Imperial Castle! How about a reprieve?!

"An hour! That's the limit! but it could be sooner than that!

'Eh! Copy that!

Even the seal between Kate and Yuri, just for an hour. That was the prep time left for them. After that, the enemy moves out again. At that time, as the myth tells us, they will be enemies who will do all they can to destroy them.

That said, it's more than fortunate to have an hour to spare. Because that's all we can do to reduce the number of victims. And you can buy time to build a battlefield.

"Let's go... we'll summon the guys scattered around the country"

"There's only one way..." Uncrowned Troops (No Orders), "but you can break through that formation."

Kate and Tina make the decision when they see the dark lumps that keep them away and the army of demons that gather around them. Time doesn't just work in their favor. Works in favor of the enemy as well. That's why I needed to collect it. Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) are still the strongest in the world.

Thus, for the time being, when the airship was evacuated to a position that could be described as a safety zone, Kite entered the communications room. As it stands, it's no longer an issue that can already be cleaned up by Kate alone. It was a matter for the Emperor Leonhardt to have to move.

Let's hear it.

"Ha... they seem to have summoned the end of 'Immortal Malice (Shaggia Kurl)'. I don't know how, but it looks like they were deploying a magic formation just above the ground vein."

"Just above the ground vein, or... be impotent. Exactly, fanatics, huh? '

Emperor Leonhardt shakes his head with a bitter face for a brief report from Kite. He also knew the impotence. A ground pulse or dragon pulse may be considered a so-called powder depot. Magic formations and magic are acts that can set fire to gunpowder. And no wonder there's gunpowder on the side of the arsenal. It was hard to notice.

They were, so to speak, like they were playing with fire on the side of a gunpowder bank. If I did badly, I would have set fire to the gunpowder depot and set off a huge explosion. There's no reason you can't go home. Beyond going and being magic, going home is magic. No fool would return aware of the danger of ignition.

"Your Majesty. Perhaps everything on the altar of an example other than our home will have a surgical reflux"

'Oh. It's already happened. Ten altars are now discovered throughout the Empire, but most of them have undergone the same reflux. There will still be more. The Kingsguard Corps also left the 1st to 3rd divisions already. I have to get ready for my speech. "

Emperor Leonhardt responds to Kite's words as he deals with the incoming case. The terrain is connected to all of Enefia. That creature was sending its own power - the power to randomly summon and strengthen the demons around it - through the earth vein to an altar dedicated to itself.

"Your Majesty, I call Uncrowned Troops."

"There's only one... get the comms ready. Emergency broadcast."

Only allowed by the brave kite, the biggest hand tag. Emperor Leonhardt acknowledges the suggestion to cut one of them. Some of the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) have returned to their respective homelands or held executive roles in various locations. Not that I can be collected by Darkless Arrow Cod on the one side of the kite. but as long as the life of Emperor Leonhardt, the story changes. And that order gives me.

"Issue a state of emergency declaration and the third two of the Emergency Related Laws throughout the Empire! In the name of Leonhardt, Emperor of the Emperor of Entesia, the entire force of" Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) "will untie anything! Follow the instructions of the McDawell family!

"A declaration of emergency has been made! I repeat! There's a declaration of emergency... '

Originally, the nobles were ordered to investigate this case and to dispatch troops. Therefore, even if a new instruction is received, the worst situation is assumed to have occurred, and an immediate response can be made.

"... well... it's been a while since we've had a reunion."

Kate rolls her blood as she senses signs all over the empire that she will be in a rush at once. It's not just the Orr and the rest of the technical squad that's coming together this time. All the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) left in the Empire.

In other words, there will be more of them who flew through all those flying oars. There was no way the blood wouldn't roll. As such, Kite promptly instructed him to set up the camp.