Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 630: Minad Village Defense Front 1

Not long before the kites started fighting. By then, Sola and the others had arrived in the village of Minado.


"Oh, Corathon! What happened! And Nanami!?

As soon as they arrive, Corason and Sola and the others rush into the village chief's house. The village chief's house had a basement that served as a shelter, where everyone in the village was gathered. Naturally, there was also a collection of adventure clusters where the charms lingered.

"What kind of thing?

"Not about half of it."

To Sora's inquiry, the charm shakes her head. If Sola also looked behind her in the words, nearly 10 students were snagged. Most of them are second-grade students.

Speaking of which, I have no choice. This time, Goblin and Trent were considered the main enemies in the first place. We haven't even taken it into account in the first place. The result of coming to kill each other just because of the momentum there, was now. Fortunately, my people are in danger, so I managed during the battle, but it was inevitable that when it was over I would be in this situation.

"For the first time, it's hard."

"Everybody goes the way, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

The first and newly recruited boys and girls send some pitiful gaze to the students in the second inundation of whimpering and to the adventurers who have also experienced killing for the first time. This is the only path anyone can take, no matter how crazy it is. Mockery becomes a mockery of itself. It was the adventurer's rule not to disparage.

"So, captain. What do you want me to do?

"Oh, yeah. Uh..."

Asked by one of the newly hired adventurers, he opens up the measures that Sola had in mind. It was simply an operation to build a line of defense in the village to endure. That said, I was adding a hassle to it.

"Me Style Three-step Shooting"

"Didn't you just not get enough guns?

"Say yes"

Sora laughs at Yuri's inquiry. The hassle he added is the application of a strategy called 'three-stage shooting', supposedly used by warlord Nobunaga Oda during the Warring States.

It was a basic strategy to give another adventurer a demon gun at a time when his magic was about to run out and heal himself. By doing so, the barrage was never stopped with a limited number of demon guns.

And after walking for a while like that, I saw a fully equipped Al. but all I've been waiting for is him and a few sides. All the other soldiers had already flown to the villages to build defensive lines or moved to surround the entire forest. They waited here until the village's defensive line was built.

Sola, you're here.

"Ooh. How's it going?

"Almost there, I guess. This is..."

Al stares into the woods and hears the various sounds of demons coming from a little distance. Apparently, he's scattered quite a bit of destruction. Fire hands were up, too.

"Don't be alarmed. Maybe your enemies are stronger than you think."

Al tells Sola as he sets fire to the flying plane on the rear of the magic armor with the flying plane. Feelings that can only be described as harmful to the body were those that anticipated powerful enemies.

At least one rank has gone up. It would be troublesome for Sola and the others today if the demons of Ranks D to B were to become a flock and challenge them.

"I'll crush the big fat ass over here as much as I can, but... be careful. In case Trent comes out."

"I think Trent can handle it"

"Don't be alarmed."

"If it's < >, it's compatible. If you don't, you won't be able to stop."

"If you know what I mean, fine."

Don't think about knocking it down, the main focus is stopping. Al nods to what Sora understands. My eyes were serious and I was not alert.

If Sola and the others can get together and fight, maybe we can win. But if you win, you're one or two. If we stay any longer, the front will fall apart. We should have just thought about letting him pull, not knocking him out.

And, almost at the same time that we ended up having a conversation and including the last precautions, Yuri, who was looking in another direction with the goblins showing up from among the trees, raises his voice.

"Aru! 6 o'clock direction -!

"... I'm coming."

"Ooh, I asked for it"

Al gets in the mood after a report Yuri told him. If you look at it, there was quite an old Tenryu coming in the 6 o'clock direction. Apparently, he was drawn to the fluctuations emanating from the altar.

The rank of Tenryu as a demon, inferred from appearance, movement, size, etc., ranges from the top of B to the bottom of Rank A. It would be the middle of Rank A even if it was high. This is all I couldn't have let go to the altar.

"Each crew member has a demon in the woods!

"Copy that!"

Al flies for Tenryu alone at the same time as decree is issued. The soldiers must crusade the enemies in the woods. But we can't let Tenryu move on either. If this is strengthened, even Al will be out of control.

It will undoubtedly be a battle with casualties, and surely the village of Minad will be in danger. Al, it was a situation that one person had to deal with.

"< < Ice Armor (Ice Armor) > > Expand... Whoa, whoa!

When Al manipulates the ice to create armor and a great sword, he accelerates at once and clashes to Tenryu. If you recognize me as an enemy, that's fine. but even if the waves from the altar make it straight to you, the impact of the collision blows it away and causes it to get a distance.


The impact of the clash blows heavenly dragons away. Contrary to that, Al was smiling at his face with shock and stopping. That said, it's only for a moment, too. When he regained me immediately, Al reassembled his sword.

"Phew... not yet. Aah!

Restored Al tempers and storms in a straight line toward a heavenly dragon crashing into the ground. Speaking of Al now as the rank of Adventurer, it was the middle of Rank A. Compatibility issues are also involved, but we can't beat a rank A Tianlong with alarm, but we weren't the kind of enemies that would surely lose if we weren't even alarmed.


Along with the roar, Al waves an ice sword against a heavenly dragon lying on the ground. Happy or unhappy, Tenryu is distracted by the altar and is not oriented toward Al. So this all-powerful blow smashed the Tenryu barrier and struck its brain.

"Turn around!

Make yourself an enemy, not an altar. Al shouts out from the thought of saying so. Was it attracted to it, or was it because he was angry at two heavy blows, that Tenryu apparently identified Al as the enemy, not the altar? I inhaled heavily.


At the next moment, < > is emitted from the mouth of the dragon. Al is surprised by the dragon's breath > >, but thanks to his unwary shield, he can't prevent it. That said, it didn't go without difficulty, a slightly blown phrase, numbness had come to his left hand.

"Tsu... this is probably the strongest Tenryu ever..."

I'm sure it would be a Rank A Tenryu. Al laughs so bitterly inside, but thinks of his next hand. That said, in order to think about it, it was the enemy that should be identified first.

"Fire Tenryu, or..."

After taking several < > breaths of dragons, Al looks up. There are also several types of Tenryu. One of them was "Fire Tenryu", which uses the super-high temperature < > of the fire attribute.

Think of it as one of the dragon's subspecies. This Fire Tenryu was characterized by basically diverse attacks of fire attributes. but that meant that it was not compatible with Al's specialty ice attributes. That's why I flaunted my face.

"I don't know what to do..."

It's not like you can't win. but if you don't think about something, you can't win either. Considering compatibility, etc., Al determines so. Heavenly dragons were now rising from anger or body to super high temperatures, and the ice sword had melted halfway through them and reduced their effectiveness.

A magically knitted ice sword would never completely dissolve at a mere temperature, but at least its sharpness had been lost and the slaughter had turned into a blow. It was one of the hallmarks of Fire Tenryu that made the body super hot.

"You should break the ice on your sword, or..."

Al blows ice out of his sword as he prevents Tenryu's burning nails with his sword. The power would fall, but still it was better than being halved.


Suddenly the impact of bouncing flying ice raises heavenly dragon arms that were crossing nails wide up. So he pokes at the gap for a moment, Al sets up a shield and pokes it in, knocking Tenryu to the ground. Tenryu's haunting heat wave was completely shut out with the ice armor he wore all over himself, and he didn't feel the heat.


Al, who tried to set up a further chase, but the next moment, he moves away from the spot at once. And as if I had anticipated it, a glimmer of light descended towards the Tenryu.

"... Was it Fire Tenryu? You failed."


To the sounding voice, who does Al do? What emerged was an armed group of about 20 people. It was the red-haired woman who was at the forefront among them who spoke out.

"Guild < >. He belongs to the Temple City Branch. Upon communication from another branch nearby, I learned of the emergency"

"The redhead in the Temple Branch... is he the Branch Manager?

Al opens his eyes to the spoken word. Apparently, the Union moved after hearing about altar-related incidents rolling around. It looks like reinforcements are on their way to altars everywhere. And the red-haired woman nodded at Al's inquiry.

"Oh. Bernstadt, main house... no, I'm from the west main house"

"The top daughter of the eight largest guilds. I'm asking. Thank you for your help."

Al salutes the man in the western main house and the woman who named him in a meaningful way. Pretty famous feminine. Thus, such a red-haired woman indicated the eastern sky with her jaw against Al.

"I'll take care of this. You and that guy aren't compatible. I'm not good either, but I'm better than you."


Al doesn't mean we can't win, but we're running out of time now. And if it's maneuverability, this red-haired woman is also faster Al who can use the flying plane than any other adventurer in the corner. The division of roles should have been considered.

"You guys go first! I'll crusade this guy before I head out! Don't let one in the village! Bashir! Command the rest!


At the behest of a red-haired woman, the other guild adventurers start running again, leaving her alone. Thus, the red-haired woman left stares at the heavenly dragon, who manages to escape by plunging into the ground alone.

"... that's a waste of time. It's not really a mon to use against these miscellaneous fish, but..."

The red-haired woman stares far away as she holds the rampant Tenryu forcefully to the ground with one leg. This is not the only thing being called to the altar. It just so happens that this is the one Tenryu was close to.

So from the distant sky, there were many Tenryu approaching. It was for that reason that I showed Al the eastern sky. There were also several dragons coming from the east. And now, again, Tenryu was approaching from another direction.

"3 from the west, 2 from the south... another guys are on their way west... north... hope another guys are on their way..."

They weren't the only ones who heard about the altar. Other guilds were listening. So there was already support on the west side by a group of adventurers, and the battle had begun. but the south side was a handkerchief.

"Well... let's just get this over with. Rank S is sufficient. < >... it's just a blow to the grubby fish like you... well, good. This is where we < > begin. When I was rampaged there, my father made the main house weak, because it was so loud... do you want to clean it up before it gets in your ear? Take it!

A red-haired woman emits a fist wrapped in red light. Fire Attribute attacks are ineffective on Fire Tenrylon rising to a scorching ultra-high temperature. That was supposed to happen.

But the fist unleashed by the red-haired woman ignored any such object and turned the Fire Dragon into dust with one blow. This is the difference between Rank S and Rank A. Regardless of compatibility or incompatibility, an enemy is overwhelming. It was the strength of those who stood in the presumed ranks of admiration of all adventurers.

"Well... next"

Tam, and kick the ground, one red-haired woman marches south. As such, every time the red brilliance shined, every dragon would return to ashes.