Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 632: The Demon of Discipline

After Shea left, 20 minutes later. It's about 50 minutes since Kate and Yuri made the stop on Fovidun Tamer, the Devil of Discipline. Finally, we're ready.

"Ahhh. I need you to get together now and then."

"Ugh. I'm on a demon crusade tomorrow at my place, but I don't know if I can get rid of demons in someone else's territory... drink and go home on my way home... and get paid tomorrow."

The faces of 'Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)' sigh at the army of demons that have swelled further in front of them. Initially it was a herd of about 300 demons, but now it had about two more digits.

A bunch of Demons of Rank B average in 10,000 units. Normally it was a matter of calling the adventurers to deal with it after all the troops had been dispatched to the surrounding aristocratic armies.

To that was an army no different from the total number of armies of only about 300 small aristocrats. The relative power ratio is about 1 to 100. In this world, where demons are overwhelmingly stronger than people, defeat, if you normally think about it. Just a throwaway pawn to buy time for the main team to come. That was supposed to happen.

But there was no such thing as grandeur for anyone. On the contrary, there was even room. I've gotten over it so many times. However, they mourn because Rank B is 10,000 units, and they laugh at the scattered ones.

"None of you have contributed to our economy... and don't look at me like that. I'll leave an application for His Majesty later."

"General Sasasu! Bring it to Your Majesty or whatever it takes to skip it!

"Oh man..."

"Looks like you won't have to process demon-related documents for the time being from tomorrow, brother"

"Ooh... do you think I could make about dinner time?

"Bathing together at night, maybe."

Before the army of 300 men. Kite and the others discuss it at ease. There is no clutter in the army behind us. Race, gender, age, and waiting methods vary. There's only one thing in common. The one who saw the phantom Tina once saw equally. but against the swallowing togetherness, Tina was serious. That said, I smelled like a mother.

"As soon as the junction is ready, we'll start the operation, right? It's strictly forbidden to start."

"That's stupid. Don't worry."

"If you leave me alone, I won't come out on my own, so tell me."

Mentioned is one of my buddies who had a full Tenshou quite a while back. He was the most proud idiot in most cases. I guess it's okay to ignore it because it's dead, but it has the power of kite. If I wanted to come out, I could come out.

But this time, I didn't think anyone was going to intervene just to see how they were doing. and the video of Shea is shown in front of the kites, who were thus suppressing feelings of deviation in each way.

"I'm Laicia Frandor Entesia. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet me first. '

Shea bows her head as she changes from maid clothes to military uniforms for the royal family on boulders. Led by Kate are all heroes to whom the Empire pays the greatest respect. It wasn't weird for her to bow her head.

'We just finished placing the airship. With one decree, < > will deploy. "

Make it clear that Shea is ready for Uncrowned Troops. A < > is a type of junction. It was also located in one of the top tiers.

What we use to expand this junction is a total of 100 spacecraft of small and large escorts on 10 large spacecraft dedicated to it in the 200-metre class called junction ships. Furthermore, there is one division of the Duke Army and one division of the Kingsguard Corps in the escort of the Order. So what we were doing was a super advanced technique of shifting the dimension inside the junction.

Of course, if the faces of Kite, Tina, and Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) are ravaged, the surroundings will easily become scorched earth. If you do poorly, you won't even leave scorched earth. So by isolating the surrounding space and shifting the phase, we avoid destroying the surrounding environment. It was fundamental when strong men dealt with powerful enemies with all their might. By doing so, we can finally fight satisfactorily.

'I'll leave the timing of the activation there. Please, protect our country'

Shea bows her head again and the command is deposited with Kite. What emerged was a technique to approve the development of the junction. That's how Kite issued the decree.

"Say it! It's been a long time since we've had a reunion! I'm sorry about the old man! I'm sorry about the kids! The bachelors can't!

"I'm still young!

"bachelor discrimination soldered - Yikes!

In the meantime, the face of the courageous army complains about the beginning of the kite. Besides, kite yells back. I simply played witch mountain games. As such, what followed was the words he could have had enough of.

"Shut up! Well, for now... everyone, it's been a long time since we've been able to rave... remember? If it's violent, follow me! I'm gonna make you go wild! After he dies, I'll take him! We're not dead. We're not stopping! Remember that, scratch your feet till the end! Scratch the algae! You got it! Let's go, motherfucker! If you fall to this extent, you'll be laughed at by all of them who passed away later!

"" "Whoa, whoa!

In keeping with Kite's decree, the voice rises. We're gathered here just to hear this. It's been 300 years, so everyone was very motivated. That's how the battle began when Kate waved the sword down and the junction unfolded at the same time.

Concurrent with the start of the battle. First, instead of just saying hello, Orr issued the decree.

"Oops! Well, first, let it go!

"Bye, Magic Bugger! It's been a long time since we've been together! Let's celebrate in a flashy way!

"Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)" that seems to storm at the same time as the voice, but that did not happen. All of them are geniuses when it comes to combat. It was as if we were breathing, and we knew what we were doing best. And the best I could do right now was wait. That's how the fire instantly entered the demon cannon.

"The fireworks are going up! At the same time, prepare to storm!

"Don't get caught up in the rest of the shelling! Enough charge! If you hit it, you'll be doomed!

Kate and Tina hang the order as the Orrs begin to prepare. We were both going to unleash a powerful blow as the battle began.

Reduce the number at a distance, then simultaneously enter the enemy formation and cleave the enemy to the Zutazuta. That was the operation. Enemies can eat all they want to pick up. You'll be fine if you get mad enough.

"Ah! This is Oa! This is Orr! Ready, ready!

"Rusu, bean-grained chick! My voice, oh, wait a minute! That big hammer. Seriously, bubba, whoa, whoa!

"Three! Two! One! Fire! '

With his right hand, he manipulates the giant hammer and scolds the crew, while Orr tells them that the demon cannon is ready to fire and makes a countdown.

Thus, at the same time that it reached zero, the magic cannon, created with a hobby or "Uncrowned Troops" technical squad, blew the fire. There are about 50 magic cannons brought here. That's not enough on the battlefield.

but if the maker is different, the power is different. One shot at a time was comparable to the main cannon of a airship that dealt with demons looming from the outside over the sky. And when it was released 50 shots at the same time, everyone in The Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) deployed their own ranged attacks.

"Stretch, stretch, stretch! < >! From... < >!"

"It's been a while since I've been to de flashy! < >!"

Kate supermassages the great sword she has erected to unleash a blow of thunder and flaming bullets of swinging down, and Tina summons countless meteorites. You can do it without restraint for a long time. d He thought it would cost him if he didn't do it flashy, but he did.

"Hi-ha-ha! Move on, move on!"

"Yay! Get the most!

"I'm coming, Falcion!

The Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) warriors cut into the path cut by shelling and ranged attacks. The relative power ratio is 1 to 80. Ranged attacks alone were the calculation of destroying about 20%. Besides, kite rattles her hands and neck.

"Come on, let's go"

"Hi-ha-ha! Disinfect the filth!

"Yeah. No problem"

"All the time"

Look at Tina on the side, and Kate and Yuri nod. Apparently, it's been a long time since I've been able to release anything without hesitation, and I'm getting high tension.

He was performing an artistic service that could put all the magicians of modern times out of business: releasing strategic-class magic without chant and silence. If it's a doomsday, she's far better at it than Kate. At this rate, she alone would shred 40% of our enemies.

"Okay, brother. And this one."

"Sister, I'm coming upstairs"

"Aye... don't bite your tongue"


Tina decides to ram as much as she wants, and Kate decides to ram. It is much more thankful to be enjoyed than to be given a sense of sadness. As such, Kite uses < > and cuts into the enemy formation at once.

"Tocha, huh?

"Kite, up!

"Do it!

To the shadow that suddenly descended overhead, Kite panicked and moved again in < >.

"General! Don't go down there badly!

"Wow, wow! I didn't expect you to come all of a sudden!

Kate apologizes with a laugh to Orr's anger that bucks the ground and the roar. The bad thing about < > is that it can fall within the scope of an ally's attack because it moves in an instant. So it went right under the sledgehammer that Orr had made huge.

"So, why are you crossing behind me?!?

It's heavy! I don't have a hobby for men!

"No, because Ira was nearby. Fall's the same."

It was behind a female crew member who was nearby carrying out shelling by bow and arrow across a creature like a horse that fled Orr's attack. We were shooting together with a bazooka-shaped demon gun across the back of it. By the way, a creature like a horse, is just a creature like a horse. Not a horse.

It was a more superior species called phantom beasts. Think of it as a kind of unicorn or tenma (pegasus). It's actually those two halves. His name is Falcion, apparently. Moving a little on such a phantom beast, Kate jumps off the back of that phantom beast.

"Move Thanx! Let's go!"

"Yes, sir..." Wait a minute! Falcion, fly!

"Still no sight!

"What the...? Whoa! Everybody out! Get away from the General!

"Run, run!

At the same time as landing, the crew shouts out when they see Kate with her big sword and her big sword. So, at the same time, lightning struck.

"Yes, ready!

"Kite, come on! < >"

Thunder-torn kite with Yuri's cover wields both swords intact. That's how it appeared was a thunderous swallow flying at super high speeds. When it flies at the speed of thunder, it cleaves the surrounding enemies without sight and burns them even further.

"It's abuzz!

"I'm going to kill you!

"You did the proper proclamation! Next! < >!"

It's a battlefield, but it's noisy. Even though it is so far a battle against an overwhelming enemy, it is also rare to have a battlefield without a sense of sadness. And it's also unusual for troops to say they're dealing with a bunch of Rank B demons, but they don't need kites.

"So... that way! Uh, well, you're in the way, so get ahead of yourself!

"Yes, yes! < >"

When Kate puts the big sword of lid swing on the upper stage, she swings it all over her head and makes her way with a massive slash of flames.

"Yuri! Cover me!


Through the path that can be made, Kate goes for the rearmost of the enemy forces. His enemies are not rank B or A miscellaneous fish that flock around like this in the first place. This is Fovidun Tamer, the Demon of Discipline, who will be at the heart of the enemy army.


"Ho! Yes! No!

"You're not interrupting our general!

"5th Squadron, cover fire!

"I will go into covering for the master. The leaves are sniping from above."

"" Copy that. ""

Kate and Yuri go on walking, both of them. Enemies swarming along the way sometimes cut themselves off, sometimes leaving them to their peers, to move on. Essentially, 'Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)' is a unit to move Kite forward to the enemy general. There is no fool who appreciates his strength as a miscellaneous fish.

"The operation of Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) is based on assault by a super powerful minority force... well... now we're ready for the rest."

Tina slaps the ground with her cane as she just watches Kite push forward. With all that high, she wasn't losing her chill. After the crew scattered all over the place, she decided to change the system of magic. That's how it floated was a slightly larger magic formation of about 500 pieces.

"A turret of about 500... well, enough for all these mutts. < >!"

Along with Tina's decree, 500 magic formations deploy simultaneously over the battlefield. That's how it glowed.


Tina's decree echoes again. And from all 500 magic formations, light strips of magic are emitted over and over again. That's just the rain of destruction. There was no great difference between the rain of calamity pouring down from heaven.

One blow without misfiring at an ally doesn't have enough firepower to defeat the demon, but if it releases 500 rounds per second, it's a different story. The number of enemies decreases as you look at them. Inspired by such a family, Aura and Kuzha were even more motivated.

"Ranged shelling, add"

"Wind! < >"

Aura doubles the shelling on the flying demons she's been doing since before, and Kuzha knits a giant dragon with the wind to storm the enemy line. It's not like it used to be just protected. Now they, too, had gained as much power as a hero deserved.

"Oh! Little ones are willing today!

"My little one's grown up! You two stay small, though!

"Old man, I'm not telling you! It makes me sad!"

"It's this old man!

"I'm still young!

The crew laughs when they see the two attacks. It was only about the average here in Kuzha and Aura, trying to be that strong in the Duke's house. There was no need to be surprised.

I wonder if the Emperor Leonhardt has permission to collect them. If this place is genuinely angry, it can destroy as easily as the nations of this continent. And although Kate and Yuri kept going backwards with such laughter, a time limit seemed to have arrived at the place a little later until Fovidun Tamer, the Devil of Discipline.

"It's a little late."

"I played too much, so maybe it took me a while to give up my powers to the others"

In front of both of us, the darkness breaks. The seal that had sealed "Phobidun Tamer," the demon of the breaking, had been broken. It was considerably slower than planned, but with the battle happening, he might have had more power to accommodate the demons and less power to use to escape. I don't know where it is.


"Come on, will you fuck me!

"Oh, they took the line"

There is a roar of "Bam," and at the same time "Fovidun Tamer," the Devil of Discipline, "descends to the ground. That's how the battle for Kite began.