Kite and the others accidentally accompanied a group of adventurers based in the Temple City. We were supposed to take a break by the river with them that day.

"Speaking of which... are you guys good with medicinal herbs?

"Ah, yes. Uh... do you know 'Aquatic Grass in Morning Dew'?

Frel asks Princess Asahi, nervously. The opponent is a great hero, master of the brave. I can't help being nervous. Even the brothers, mourned by Barsi for their unknown, were completely up to this.

"Oh... oh, do I have to reveal the night here to take that one? It's hard in the summer. Because it's early in the morning."


Frell agrees with Princess Asahi, who laughed. "Morning Dew Aquatic Grass", as its name suggests, is an aquatic grass related to morning dew. It could not be recovered unless it had been received after the morning dew, and was therefore named "Aquatic Grass of Morning Dew".

Moreover, the conditions under which it can be recovered have been determined, and only a very limited amount of time after the rising morning sun could be recovered. It was their job to reveal the night here.

"What do you use it for?

"Oh, yeah... uh... according to the priests of the temple, a offering to offer to the temple of the Great Spirit of the Water,"

"'Morning Dew Aquatic Grass' is usually used in water. That has the effect of cleansing the magic contained in water, and that itself contains quite a bit of the magic of the water attribute. It would be perfect for offerings."

Taking over Frell's words, Kite with a few birds pinches his mouth. He's finished draining blood, etc. Nishra is with me on the side.

"That's all. That's enough for Bashir's husband, isn't it?

"Oh! This is massive! I knew if you were a bowman, you'd get your prey!

Bashir opened his eyes to Nishra, who had returned with as many as he could fill his belly with. With this, you will be able to feed your English well enough.

"Well... then let's take this and make it dinner. Isn't that okay with you, Mr. Kojiro?

"Oh. Well, it's time for the sun to go down. There's a lot of people, and I think it's time to get ready. The cook over here... Kite and Tsubaki, but what about you?

"This one's young. I'll do it."

Bashir sticks Mario and Clio's brothers forward in Asahi Princess's inquiry. Apparently there are rules in the guild. I was not dissatisfied.

"In our youth, we have to do these things, and we have to be independent at any time, so that it's okay to be in a situation," said the master at our headquarters.

"That's a good policy... well, this one's good at cooking, I guess. The years are not far apart."

"That being said, the four of us on the boulder can't cook this number of people, so... uh... who can cook?

When Kate tells him so, he peeks into the face of the Kendo Department. Especially the female students, not to say, but most of all the male students, including Fujido, missed their gaze.

And so, Kate decides to observe the girls students. but apparently this one has no pulse either. In order from the top, the gaze moves.

"... calendar. Nomination of Master"


It was the youngest calendar that eventually arrived. Besides, kite sighed.

"Ha... let them all also train in cooking during this training... I can't help it. Calendar, your nomination."

"You've never held a knife before!? I'll chemically cook!

"I'll figure it out... ha... was it Mario and Clio? I'm sorry, but I need backup... Tsubaki, you follow him softly too..."

"Yes, sir."


To Kite's sigh, Musashi's disciples and Barsi laugh. That's how the kites went about preparing meals for the four of us.

This time, most of the food that Kite brought in is rice and dried bread. These two naturally become the main meal. That said, dried bread is just in case. So the regular food was rice.

but here's one problem. These two brothers never cooked rice. In the first place, rice cultivation is mainly in Nakatsu country, so there is no choice. Therefore, inevitably grinding rice was combined with the work of the calendar. It's not Tsubaki because she has to do more advanced work with chicken.

"Calendar... for once, let me tell you something, don't you ever grind rice with detergent?

"No, seniors. I won't do that. The boulder says you can grind rice. Is that it? Speaking of which... no water supply..."

Calendar I put in the ball to sharpen the white rice quickly, but I remember that there was no water supply there. And I saw Kite in tears. He didn't think I was going to start again.

"... senpai..."


"Water... water..."

"What are you..."

Kate drops her shoulders disappointingly on the calendar she tried to rely on the instruments of civilization. but the said calendar, on the contrary, tilted its neck.

"To? Calendar"

"What's your occupation?

"I'm an adventurer and a swordsman... or what? Is this a weird interview? I'm not gonna tell you the three sizes, am I?

"It's not a porn video or anything, it's getting older in the ear... what kind of magic can you use?

"Uh... oh, well. You just have to apply it..."

I also finally figure out what to do with the calendar to Kate's repeated inquiries. If not, you can use magic to get it out.

"Er... in the lowest degree of witchcraft... er..."

"Improve, remember"

"Oh, yes!

The calendar nods to the improved form of < > magic at the lowest level of the water attribute given horizontally by Kite. The part of the improvement was that as long as the magic was injected, the water could be released permanently, and the momentum could be adjusted.

It was a large book of objects engraved in the demonic stone part of the water supply used in the city. Kite used this mostly when washing things, etc. And that's how I saw the two of them doing the washing with magic, and Mario talked to me a little intrigued.

"Didn't you let me hold the magic prop?

"I have it... but it's a hassle to break, isn't it? Remember, there's no harm in it."

"Uh... no, that's what Bashir's husband said..."

"That's a good guild"

To Olima's words, Kate sends praise. Looks like the seniors take good care of the juniors. I understand that very well in this scene.

"Mmm... well, it's not a bad guild, we"

"Well, a lot of people talk about it."

To the honest praise from Kite, the two of them blush their cheeks just a little. Apparently there is guild love.

"Big Book is one of the eight guilds, so we were orphans, and we were picked up. So, you've been taking care of me a lot."

"Heh... let it go, seniors, what are the 8 big guilds...?

A calendar that snorted at Olima's words, but asks Kite with a hissohisso voice. Apparently, he snorted for what he was told was good, but he didn't understand. And while Yuri laughed bitterly, I decided to tell you.

"It's a union top guild. They also have decision-making power throughout the Union. In addition to these eight, several leading guilds determine the direction of the Union."

"Heh... that's amazing"

"I mean, it's amazing... well, yeah... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Amazing is amazing. That is also acceptable to Yuri. but at the same time they were not decent with all sorts of things.

"I mean... < > The guild of pedigree."

"Ooh, othibi. You know us?

"Well. At first, when it comes to the top 8 guilds in the Temple City, < >... it's the two biggest forces in the Union Master's place. So, the orphan, when it comes to it, it's the only way."

Yuri seeps some nostalgia into Clio's words. Both Kate and Yuri were guilds who took care of them a long time ago. Rather than that, the man everyone on this scene would know was its first guild master.

"Bring the kids you don't want to go to as soon as you find them, right?

"Big win. Bad kids who can't even be raised in orphanages grow up there. There are a lot of other things going on."

To Yuri's words, Clio admits with a laugh. There's only one of Kate's people who says that.

"The Interested Alliance of Hero Ballantine Bernstadt. its Temple City Branch. I still don't know if it's a good guild with orphans on it, but... after all, it's a good guild, here."

Don't tell Bashir's husband, Mario tells him, laughing a little lightly. Even though there seems to be a problem, minus that, you love the guild, there was just so much emotion seeping in. And I was surprised to think that it was totally history.

"Is that still there?

"Oh, come on..."

"No, well, it's not a mistake. Well, it's not a mistake. It's crushed once."


My brothers laughed bitterly at the words of the calendar, but they would also lean their necks at the words of Kate, which went on.

"My current name is < >. Before that, you all know it, right?

"< >."

Don't bother asking, Mario answers in a tone he just says. You couldn't have known.

"Name, why are you changing?


"Look even if you remember. Hero Ballantine was the Legion Leader at Maxwell, wasn't he? At that time, all of its alliance members were under the command of Kite the Brave. Everyone's in the Duke's house."

That's why Lil is here, and there are countless branches. In other words, it was interrupted here once. That said, it is also true that it inherits its its veins. So Yuri took over the word.

"But after about five years, one of my sons is regrouping his guild. I changed the name to < > because I'm not a pioneer anymore. The slavery he wanted was abolished by law. Dawn is a slave... yeah. A pioneer for those in misadventure to get out into a bright spot. So we got ahead of ourselves."

"Heh... you know our guild better than we do, Otis..."


To the praise of his brothers, Yuri stretches her thin breasts. Well, I was watching that on the side at the time, so I know and deserve it. By the way, it was actually Kate's idea to get out of the way. You can't possibly not know.

"So you're right to inherit, but you're right to be interrupted once at the same time"

"Ha... wow! It's blowing. It's blowing! Take the lid off!"

"Oh, this is fine. When cooking rice, it's a bit full in the beginning. Don't take the lid off if the baby cries."

It's the first time I've cooked rice. My brothers panic, but apparently the calendar doesn't panic. Grab an old word and draw fire. If you ask, she looks like a grandmother, and she was listening. That's how we were able to have dinner.

Early the next morning. The kites cooperated with Bashir and the others and were in the river. The reason, of course, is to recover the 'Morning Dew Aquatic Grass'.


Take a good look at the grass the calendar grows on the waterfront with one hand in the picture. They say the aquatic plants they're looking for are similar in appearance to blue lights. It seems that the water coloured light is what you are looking for.

"Ah... is this white..."

"Hmm? Whoa, stop! Hit it!"


Nishra rushes to stop the calendar from trying to dump the aquatic plants. The colours are slightly different, so I didn't think it was meant for me, but apparently it was different.

"Wait a while longer... right. About five minutes, huh? Was it a little early?"


I don't know what you're talking about for now, but they're gonna wait five minutes. Therefore, the Kendo Department, drawn to the calendar and earlier voices, will wait on the spot for a while. Then, a few minutes later. Changes were made to the aquatic plants that the calendar had previously held.

"The light... dwelt...?

Slightly, the part of the aquatic plants lantern filled with blue light can be seen in the same eyes. Apparently, she received morning dew and the color changed. Thus, what was born at the end of the change was a single room flower that emitted a slight blue and white light.

"Now you know why 'Aquatic Grass in Morning Dew' is only available at this hour, right?

"Ah... yes... clean..."

It was a calendar that raised her face to Nishra's words, but the reason and the way she did it was more clearly understood when she raised her face. There was a little, but I saw the presence of aquatic plants that emitted blue and white light.

"Come on, we're gonna collect it. Time is limited."


To Nishra's words, Kendo and his team speed up the work. Time is only an hour. I don't have time to play. Thus, over the course of about an hour, we were to collect "Aquatic Grass of Morning Dew".