Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 645: Remy's Trouble Consultation - Opening -

One day at noon when training began. The calendar wept hard over the trees of the woods. It's not that I'm not crying or crying. Really hard, that was the right way to cry. but this was more heartbreaking.


"Uh... sorry, huh?

Remy apologizes to the calendar for overdoing this to the boulder. Incidentally, the fairies were all seated at the front by order of Kate with eight people - five in charge of the calendar, in addition to Remy Yuri Joshua.

"So don't, I followed you... you're a girl of your age, so take care of him there"

Oh, man, Kite complains in the face. By the way, that's what Kate says, but some of the poles of the cause - even though it's force majeure on boulders - are on him as well.

On the boulder. That would be embarrassing, Kate was stopping along the way, but that shouldn't have been a bit. The shame exploded all at once when Kate noticed that he was watching.

"Huh... calendar, just stop crying"

After finishing his sermon moderately, Kite offers to the calendar with a little apology. It was a coincidence with the boulder and eye blessing for him, but this made me feel guilty. And there were those who spat an inexcusable word against such a kite.

"Nothing. You're wearing a skirt like that, don't you mean you can be seen?

"... ah?

To Joshua's unleashed word, below Kite, Remy and Yuri stare at him at the same time. This was inexorably too much for boulders. but this was not a word I let go without any thought. Certainly, it was also the right answer.

"No. 'Cause he's an adventurer and he wears a skirt. Premise to be seen in the pants in the first place, right?

"Ugh... well, that's..."

The boulder kites, but I can't unintentionally return anything to a word right now. Rather than that, it's a jump. What are you wearing a skirt even though you're a moving adventurer? I can't help being seen. Rather than that, it presupposes that he is right to be seen. And even more Joshua folds up.

"Because in the first place, the reason an adventurer wears a skirt is because of a dark vessel, right? I was a little impressed that even when I was seen in my pants, I took the one to protect myself. I didn't have it, so I clapped it out."

"... Huh?

The calendar stops crying unexpectedly and blinks at a word that contains a little bit of Joshua's shudderness. I dare say, the design is adorable, so I didn't mean to do anything like that to her because I could do with a word of it, but Joshua just didn't say it was natural. So with tears in her eyes, she has asked Kite for a commentary.

"Wow, okay. I'll explain. Just wipe my tears..."

"Ah... thank you"

The calendar apparently accidentally gave me a slight mood change in one act right now. Stop crying and wipe your tears with the handkerchief you received from Kite.

"Ha... so, well, what Joshua said is true. Actually, these guys overdid it a little bit, and that's where it happened..."

Wipe my tears. For now, Kate starts her commentary with a little sigh mixed up against the calendar that calmed me down. It's obvious, but with the fairies, you don't usually make mischief or tease until you cry.

I've decided that it's all right, and I'm going to give it a little bit. At all times we had identified that subtle line, but this time we had failed to identify that subtle line.

"Uh... you know what Stella is?

"Ah... yes. I've seen you a few times... what you were like... that beautiful dark elf guy, right?

"Uh... look at that, don't you remember the outfit or something?

"Ah... I'm sorry..."

I can't help but say that the calendar is full of inquiries from Kite. She is an assassin and an escort. It would be best to take her as an example if I were to explain, but it seems disastrous here that the position rarely shows up. Even though his face was remembered, he wasn't even remembered for his outfit.

"It's easy for him to understand with clothes with deep slits... but Yuhara doesn't..."

Kite thinks just a little bit about how he explained it. Unfortunately, both Yuhara and Stella are in the lead of the next investigation team, so I was making them do a bit of the workout that has been one hassle. That's why I'm not here.

Actually, Princess Asahi wasn't here because she was secretly at the mercy of their rendezvous later. As such, Kite had no choice, so she decided to make it look easy on herself.

"Can't you help it? I don't want to... in this case, I'll take responsibility..."

"... ho?

After the twinkling of the determined kite. A missing voice between the calendars echoed the scene. For a while, she could only blink her eyes.

"Got it?

"... hey"

"Kaito... he said it would harden up."

Kite waved in front of a totally rigid calendar, but Yuri tells such a kite to laugh bitterly. and soon afterwards, the calendar restarts and screams.

"Shh, seniors... I'm a woman. Ahhh!? And back. Ahhh!?

The loud sound of an oversized thunder caused the surrounding wild birds to fly in unison. By the way, Kite was back on track when she asked if she understood.

Apparently, there was such a shock that the processing of information was delayed. Thus, for a while, Kate will now forgive the mayhem of the calendars that stopped crying.

From the screaming of the calendar, for a while. Apparently, that momentary event healed the depression of mood due to shame from inside her perfectly. I guess it was all over my hands to handle the phenomenon in front of me. Sometimes people who don't understand magic react like this. She didn't seem to leak into that example either.

"Oh, you can be a girl, seniors..."

"You didn't build it or anything, did you? Some sorcery can change gender. I didn't want to use it..."

"We need to get into the backyard of a country a long time ago, right? Maid clothes, women's clothes, but it was good. By then, he was still, like, adorable..."

Bitter-faced kite and fun Yuri. Those two were roughly telling us what had happened. Well, the rear palace is simply the out-of-house where the kings' wives live. If so, men are usually not allowed in. It's a big problem to get in.

So normally, I can't go in using the magic that I said, but by way of exception, the king of time asked me to come in. I can't even turn down kite at the king's request. So I used it to get in without stopping. It was then that I remembered. It's about the adventurous age.

"It's really a red disgrace... luckily the red disgrace was with us over there, so it's good because it's also erased from history books..."

Kite shook her head, saying she wasn't going to use it again. Only some of the poles of Kite and her friends know this can be used. It had also been erased from the history books.

Of course, it would be a red disgrace for the royal marquis if it became a problem in the rear palace. It was a request from the other side for a stopping fee, and it was completely erased from the history books. Not even the descendants will know. I kept it confidential that I could use it as a kite.

It should be noted that the pause is statute of limitations as it has been 300 years on boulders, which was the idea of both of us. We're all dead, so that would be good.

"Well, say... you know what I mean? Normally, they let a small knife or poison lurk as a dark vessel on the inside thigh of a skirt. Even if it's a complete weapon loss or something, you won't miss a bandit or anything. Better to keep your chastity than to be seen in your pants, right? The worst kind of self-determination, but there was."

"Oh, yes..."

I was wondering if it was a stylish skirt for adventurers, but unexpectedly I was taught that I was well thought out for practicality, and I nodded like I was just a little lit up.

By the way, her skirt is about a pleated skirt on her knees. It's not suitable for jumping, but the original knife users don't jump that far. The main thing is to avoid it so lightly as to slip down the ground. Therefore, it was not surprising to choose a skirt over Long's trousers rather than inhibited movement.

It should be noted that some swordsmen are dressed like western lookers and have hot pants, but the calendar was embarrassed by boulders. As for the exposure, it was that way. Even the adventurers are women and girls. It must have been natural to care about stylishness.

"Um... if you're still embarrassed, what about Ansko? Or do you have bread to show?

"The underscores... uh..."

The calendar dyed Lemmy's face to Zhu's words and turned to her like a little light. Apparently, there's a reason.

"Oh, um... hey, Mr. Yuri..."

The calendar was apparently embarrassed to say in front of the man, inviting Yuri.


"Actually, um..."

A bright red calendar explains the situation in a whisper to Yuri. Fortunately, Yuri has a very stiff mouth if you want to talk to her about her child's problems. Because I have a reputation as a teacher. That's how, after hearing everything, Yuri laughs bitterly.

"Uh... you know..."


A calendar that dyed his face bright red again to his ears drips over the trees. It was an unstoppable confession, but it was actually a secret I had never told before.


"Uh... yeah. Look, it was a calendar bread, wasn't it?


For once, Yuri could not speak from herself, so she was asked by the calendar to explain. So Yuri starts explaining with a bitter smile.

By the way, it's true that the calendar is a string bread. Besides, it is a colorful black string bread like that worn by an adult woman. It was also natural to be regarded as colourful. Well, still string, I guess it's not because I'm still a girl.

"Uh... he's not comfortable without string bread. Not to seduce a man or anything..."


A nagging calendar nods small while still bright red. By the way, she's also a girl, so naturally she has matching pants with her. The battle pants seemed to be much more colorful than this, and she was right that this was simply a temperamental object.

"Somehow... he said he was sensitive around his waist and itchy."

"Uh... sometimes you have a daughter like that... and if you're not a man, you have to..."

Explained the circumstances, Remy nods. I guess I'm not in the mood or something. In the end, underwear is best suited to the skin. If so, you shouldn't talk to that hobby and feeling. And the sensation itself is the sensation of the person. It's not like someone else is right for their skin.

"Hmm... well, come with me for a second. Apologies, I'll give you a present."


It was Remy who humiliated him in the first place after hearing about his troubles at the bend. So when she stood up, she apologized and fluttered.

"Kite, Yuri. Can you show me the calendar?

"Make way for me."


In the words of Kate, the fairies that were floating around show the way. Just as when he came to the camp, he broke the line and made his way.

"Oops. Joshua. I left it to you later."

"Yes, I'll take care of it. Well, I'll go that way if I leave it to you, too. I'm just here to see Kate."

"Yes. Let's go, then."


"I'll bite your tongue."

Hearing a reply from Joshua, Kate jumps straight down as she hugs the calendar in the princess's cuddle instructions. And on the way, kick the trees, and start moving. On our way, among the fairies we are familiar with.

I didn't intend to go in, but there are circumstances, and I can't turn it down as an invitation from Remy, the chief of the clan. It would also be a problem to let them make their way on their own. Kicking the trees for about 5 minutes. Kite, Calendar, and Yuri reached among the fairies ruled by Remy.



The calendar was bright red while the princess was being held, but that was also until she arrived. There was a crowd of tiny houses, glowing grasshoppers and strange mushrooms made of trees, which were fantastic sights combined with a slightly dim atmosphere due to the deep trees.

And more importantly, all the fairies live there. The calendar unexpectedly opens its eyes to the fantastic sight to be described as the village of the fairies, which is exactly what is told in the story. It was a cash thing.

"Wow... cute..."

"There you are. This is my fairy garden."

It was Remy, who was back inside one foot away, who greeted such a calendar. She was dressed properly to welcome herself as a queen.

"Well, this way. Welcome."

Remy greets the calendar and walks straight to the big house. This was the only seemingly western-style building, but it looked as if it had made the Dollhouse a reality as it was, and some people lived in it and it looked pretty fantastic.

"Yes... that? Aren't the seniors going?

"Isn't that a problem?


Lemmy also admits to Kite's inquiry. I was able to understand what an apology meant.

"Well, it's in the middle of nowhere, and I'll play with the little ones."

"Chibi, I'm over 100 years old."

"? Huh..."

The calendar enters the hall, looking a little envious of Kate and Yuri, who can play with the fairies who have begun to gather. It's not Remy's private room we're headed to, it's her workplace. So the calendar was to see apologies and things done.