When the cherry blossoms were recommending preparation. It was confirmed that Kuzha's head had blue muscles standing.

"... so that's unacceptable"

"Hmm. But if you shake your head vertically, I won't be able to go home either."

The cause of such Kuzha's blues was the youth in front of him. I was in my late teens when I looked like one. You'd be twenty years old even if you quoted higher.

Hair color is as golden as kuzha. And the color of the eyes is blue as well. And this again, my ears were pointy. He is the messenger Erdovich of High Elves. It was commonly known as Eldo.

"Ha... so it was impossible for you to take me home, just to tell you,"

"I came with the orders of the house. There's no way you can do that, is there?

Eldo tells Kuzha, as he tells him to smile and somewhere. This repetition, was. Rather than that, an aura had been issued from Kuzha saying, "Go home in the dark - not even change the day - but he has no way of realizing it.

Actually, Eldo was the type of high elf who couldn't read the air. If you're going to push me intentionally hard, I was still the nastiest opponent as a kuzha because I can do that naturally. As such, the scumbag was irritated for a while, but there Fine hears it.

"Princess. Your husband has contacted you. Apparently, your husband has grasped the matter."

"... that helped..."

Kuzha sighed at the words from Fine. If Kate will respond to both the raven and the corner, there will be no need to repeat this grand exchange. Besides, it seems Eldo is quite natural, and can be repeated all the time. It was when I was getting a headache remembering that.

Actually, here was why he was chosen as a messenger. I push my opinions regardless of their thoughts, so I just have to break them on favourable terms. If only we had chosen the other person, there would never have been a stronger negociator. As such, Kuzha decides to convey the words given by Fine as they are.

"... okay. If that's what you're saying, you can negotiate for yourself. I will not be involved. If you take any more time, you can get to work."

"Well... if it's true, as you said, but... well, I'm sure you're busy. Don't be so desperate."

Apparently, without any doubt, Eldo accepted Kuzha's proposal. Actually, it was a negotiation about what you've been doing, telling me where Ellis is. It was only for that reason that they had been negotiating for nearly an hour.

That said, there was a reason I had to. Eldo doesn't care about the convenience of the opponent first. This depends on his character. And the bad news is that he is a noble lineage in circles among the high elves that are said to be just noble.

So Ellis is not quite a noble lineage either, but he could have been pushed by an unmalicious fortitude and had to pass his opinion on. And because he knew about the present Ellis, Kuzha had stopped here so that it would not be so.

"Ha... so now she seems to be at work going to people from Japan. Your brother once made a request, and he's been kind to you ever since."

"Oh, there or... but High Elf mixes it up with others. Hey... you like it, so does she"

That's what Eldo says, laughing. There was no humiliation or contempt there, just a little interest in the fact that I liked it.

"I get it. Thank you. I'll be on my way."

"Yes... but don't do anything unscrupulous in this city. It is an insult to me, and therefore to your brother, and to the Great Spirit of the Wind"

"I know."

Smiling and nodding at Kuzha's words, Eldo rises. This lowered my permission from Kuzha for now. So I had no business.

That's how Eldo is guided back to the room where they are staying by Fine. Waiting there was also one girl with blonde blue eyes. Early teens when I was old. After all, she is also a pretty girl. She was drinking the samurai's brewed tea she brought in.

"Are we done talking?

"Hi, Eleanor. Have you been a good boy?

"Yes... so, where's your sister?

Sister. In combination with this one, I guess she's Ellis' sister. If you look closely, there was something similar to her on her face.

"I get it. I hear you're working where Lord Kite lives."


I put the teacup down and Eleanor flaunts her face. Even if it's her, I'm not going to say bad things about labor. But I thought there was a place for people to stand, like the right material. That was why it was uncomfortable.

"Haha. Your sister is a stranger. [M] Come on, let's just go."

"Please wait while we prepare the carriage"

"Mmm, thank you."

Eldo smiles softly at Fine's words. So, then about 30 minutes later. The carriage was ready, so they moved to the Adventure Guild Home with the soldiers and squire of the escort.

Then, 10 minutes later. Several carriages traverse the Adventure club's guild home. Needless to say, it's the Elds on board.

"Heh... that's a pretty good place. Lord Kite, or boulder..."

"Well, I take it for granted"

Suddenly two people nod at the surprised adventurers around them riding a bunch of carriages without any contact whatsoever. We both know about Kate. If so, I can see the beauty of its visibility. So I was convinced. and as soon as that happens, Millet comes out of the front door and hits a response.

"I'll show you."

"Mm, good luck. Then show me around."

They have a pretty great vibe, but they don't despise or flatter officials when they come out in response for no reason with them. That's why High Elf and I are led by Millet to start moving to the office.

"Heh... low budget," he said, "but that's pretty good stuff."

"Right... there's no clustering..."

Kate and I have a slight sense of surprise that Eleanor, who is actually little familiar with her Eldo. Kate's figure was only to be told, so he seemed to think he was a very crude and crude figure.

That said, I changed that rating by looking at the interior, which clearly seemed to be the guild master's hobby. In fact, the interior was also decorated with conditioning items obtained by Kite in his hands-on digging city and auction, and, like his room, the interior was questioned by the viewer's perception that the discerner could tell. Apparently, Eleanor doesn't even fit into her appearance and has quite a few aesthetic eyes.

This will be the office.

"Right. Thanks... it's a chip."

"Oh, no... Maxwell has a land pattern, chips..."

"Oops. Yes, he was. He was. I'm sorry about this."

Eldo tried to give Millet a chip against Millet, who was a guide in a cliché, but that's how he was gently rejected by Millet, and he also remembers the McDawell land pattern.

It was Kate's policy that there was no culture of chips throughout McDawell territory. As such, Eldo knocked on the door as he missed the chip.

"Welcome. I'll see you first. Cherry blossoms and heavenly ways. After that, I want you to know me."

It was the cherry blossoms that greeted us. And beside them are Mizuki and Meizuki. It was also dressed in kimonos that were tailored in Nakatsu as a courtesy. Kimono was dressed in great haste at the behest of Kate. It should also be noted that Mizuki wore a dress as well.

In the meantime, guided by the cherry blossoms, Eldo and Eleanor decided to move to the reception space and wait for the tea to be served from the siloe to get down to business.

"Oh, thank you. I'm" The New Green Son ". Call me that. She said," You in the Fountain "... Ellis is here, can you get it out?

"I'd be here."

Listening to Eldo, Ellis raises her voice from the back of the partition. Not that I was hiding in the shadows, but that I was behind the partition because I was talking about work for once.

By the way, neither Eldo nor Eleanor were trying to get me to call them by a weird nickname on top of not naming them, but this is a high elf custom so I can't help but let the cherry blossoms tell me their names.

"Oh, good. Hey, Ellis. Long time no see."

"Eldo is the one who hasn't... Eleanor?

"Sister. Long time no see."

Ellis had heard Eldo was coming, but apparently she hadn't heard Eleanor was coming. Blink your eyes and reveal your surprises.

"Oh, yeah... so, what can I do for you? This one's at work..."

"Oh well. Then don't do that. Your father ordered me to come home."

"I'm not going home. Besides, the job is done to the end. I can't bend there any more than I am an artisan too"

In response to Eldo's words, Ellis instantly cuts and throws away. In the first place, she came to talk to Kate because she's happy with her current life - she designs it and her partner makes it real. You can't go home when you tell me to.

"Hmm... about my job, I'm telling you to do something about what I have right now. So don't worry about it."

"That's not what this is about. I like my job now. I'm not gonna stop."

Ellis waves her head and shows her rejection of Eldo for making an out-of-target point. That's how sometimes it becomes a push question, but it didn't happen today.

Because there was Kite on Ellis' side, and Eleanor on Eldo's side. So Eleanor opens her mouth.

"Sister. May I ask you one thing?


Do you know the phrase "the right material,"

Understanding Eleanor's intention to lurk behind her words, Ellis smiles slightly. This was also to be said about the overall high elf trend.

"People have things to do, they have positions to do it... high elf policy. I know, but for me, what I want to do is do my job now."

"No, you don't. Your sister should inherit the seat of the witch."

Hearing my sister's words, Eleanor shakes her head and denies it. Ellis' words, above all, revealed a difference in policy within her and High Elf.

The policy inside the High Elves is basically that everything needs to be exchanged, and you have to live by it. This is their way of thinking, so Kite won't deny it either, and I'm not trying to make her change it. but whether to follow it or not, it was different again.

"I'm not going to inherit"

"No. My sister inherits it from the right material. My sister, who was given more protection than the Great Spirit of the Wind when she was born, is just perfect for witches. No one has more talent than your sister."

Looking around his chest, Eleanor tells him. The sign of Ellis' protection was there. And that's how I tried to get into the push again, and I made a comms machine and Kite cracks it in.

"Hey, do you mind if I take a minute?

"What about you?

"Oh, it's been a while, Lord Kite"

"Well, you're..."

To Eldo's words, Eleanor observes Kite shivering. Of course, even the High Elves tell us about Kite. So I couldn't have been uninterested in those who were told.

"Oh, Kate McDawell. He's a duke at first... all the time. I don't care about that. What can I call you?

"Eleanor. That's okay. If you have been blessed by the Great Spirit of the Wind, I think you deserve to call my name enough"

After listening to Kate introduce herself, Eleanor finally introduces herself. The opponent is Kite, whom Sylphi admits is reciprocal. If he was such an opponent, he deserved to be called by name with her.

"Oh, Eleanor... well, did you just say that? Suitable materials, '

"Yes, as you deserve to sit on the seat of that leader, there are seats for all sorts of people to sit on. Suitable materials, not electorate ideas. It is for our High Elves to determine its adequacy. You don't know who you are, but your sister's best bet is to be a witch."

In the wake of Kate's words, Eleanor explains the situation. This was the reason I laughed bitterly that Eldo was working earlier. High Elves are basically taking advantage of the fact that they are super long lives and imposing on themselves to assist and guide people. This was certainly the best thing for them, both super long lives and the end of the Spirit.

There are a few exclusive and high-flying places of a racial nature, but they are basically fair and selfless. With this combination, few had the talent of a king. In some countries today, it also acted as a wisdom bag over statehood.

By the way, I'll tell you just in case. They're right about Eleanor, they don't have voter ideas with them. It was simply the best reasonable policy to allocate.

'I know that. I also do a lot with the High Elves... which is why I ask. Have you decided that Ellis' talent in art is inferior to her talent as a witch?

"... no, not like that..."

Speaking of which, we haven't seen you either.

Eleanor says it unexpectedly. Here, it seems my feelings as a flesh parent worked. He wasn't as frigid as I can assure you that his sister had no art talent on the boulder. Besides, Eldo had demonstrated his innate naturalness, exposing that he had not identified its appropriateness.

'If so, yes. It would be best to have it tested once'


Ellis tilts her neck at the arbitration proposal put out by Kate. As a matter of fact, Ellis had not been able to hear the details.

'Yes, testing. What, easy. From now on, Ellis will be asked to get on with one job. You just have to look at it and decide what to do. High Elf's gonna figure out what's right, right? In the unlikely event that there is exceptional propriety there, you will crush that talent. That's a huge loss for High Elf and for the world. You don't want this as a high elf, do you?

"That's right. Sure, that's something to do."

"Hey, uh...?

Eleanor opens her eyes unexpectedly and hesitates greatly to Eldo, who admits Kate's words. I never thought Eldo would agree with Kate's words.

'Wouldn't you? Then I'll think about the request, and Eldo will play it inside for once.'

"Oh, let's do that. Eleanor, shall we go to Christopher once?"

"Ha, yes..."

Encouraged by Erdo, who rose in a good mood, Eleanor also rises. I contacted Ellis' father once. Then, once, they went back to the luxury hotel where they stayed.