Fireflies started working in orphanages, a few days. Tina said she had received a report from Yuhara about fireflies beside making the final adjustments to the Magic Conductor, which welcomed her last big stuffing.

"I mean, half of it."

"Bye. I can't read all that."

Tina also acknowledges Yuhara's predictions. The anticipation is whether the firefly that speaks instantly in a little while will run out of bees or acknowledge emotions as emotions first.

"Even so... I doubt Master Tina... why did you bother putting your soul in the body of the machine?

"Doesn't that seem excessive?


Yuhara lightly admits Tina's inquiry. Rather than that, it is obviously suspicious. This was only questionable if I found out about her. That said, Tina also recognized this.

"Well, there's no choice."

"Yes. Normally, Tina doesn't give the body of a machine."

"Bye... well, naturally"

On second thought, the discomfort was easily understood. Anyway, Aigis is the same body as the Homunculus and the others, while keeping the Demon Stone as his soul. If she had put it in a bowl of meat the same way, she wouldn't have had this question. Even so, I dared to put it in the body of the machine. I didn't think there was any intention.

"Heh heh... well, actually everyone there is mistaken. Including the firefly guy, bye. Aigis doesn't seem to realize it because he's the same."

"? Misunderstood, is it?

"Bye. It's a mistake."

Tina laughs all the time, as if that mistake is what makes it fun. That said, if you said so Yuhara, you couldn't understand what it meant.

"Oh, well. Why is the firefly guy so obsessed with being a machine in the first place?"

"Well, that kid's a golem in the first place, isn't he?

"Mm-hmm. That's why you're so focused on being a golem. I'm the golem, so... no, isn't that weird at this point? Why are you so obsessed with being a golem?"


The starting point in the first place is suspicious. Upon Tina's pointing, Yuhara tilts her nipple. Nothing suspicious. Anyway, she's a golem, she doesn't have a soul. That's why Tina attached a demonic stone that could be a soul to it. Her distress begins there. Tina laughs that it's suspicious.

"In the first place, the Golem has no soul. Why are you so obsessed with Golem? Isn't it the Demon Stone who's obsessed? And the rest was just a trigger (...)"

"... uh, wait... trigger (...)?"

"Yes, trigger (...) then"

Tina laughs at Yuhara when she finally realizes it. She triggered it, she said. I mean, it represented just one answer.

"Originally, the firefly body was inhabited by objects close to the soul. That's why we're so focused on being machines."

"Is it possible? That's not true."

"Mm-hmm. That bothered me the rest. Troubled... but let's get one thought."

Tina opens her presumption to Yuhara's question, presumably from here on out.

"You mustn't put your soul in a doll... do you hear me often?

"Yeah. I don't know who started saying that."

"A soul is close to a mass of magic. And that's a stunning doll. So here's what I thought about the rest. I wonder if it served as a pseudocore and had a soul bud by putting in a magic furnace that created enormous magic, a machine that looked too similar to a person's. Well, guess what, I don't know as much as I missed it."

I don't know, Tina affirmed, but I was confident in the words. And she continued.

"But when I look at the mourners, the outgoing one comes the firmest. I can still see that that was taken care of. From the rest, it's only bad to be able to do it, and if there's vengeance on the Empire at the beginning of the passion, at least there's no falsehood in the hung passion, no wonder the soul dwells"

Tina sends an unmistakable praise to the person who became the biological parent of the firefly. Because his skill was also compared to himself and her mother and her sister, and he was never a bad thing. I was able to admire the magic furnace as surpassing itself without a multiplier.

"That said, it was still Kite who inspired it. That was the result of a forceful, forceful surgery. Well, it's plain to say, there was a crack in the egg shell, and I pushed my finger into the place where the chick was about to hatch, and I peeled off the egg shell."

"Wow. Thanks for the super straightforward commentary"

If you blame me, kite is bad, Yuhara giggles to thank you for the story that ended with a word of. Actually, I didn't understand half of the story. Tina also told a blasted story because she knew it.

"I mean, Firefly had a will from the beginning, right?

"Right. That doesn't mean... but it wouldn't have grown like a chick. Even if I could, about a chick. It was just something that lived in the body of the machine that was virtually close to the soul."

Tina talks as she looks at the test results. To the extent that magic subtly resided in the vessel. It was Tina's expectation that the core upon which the will would be based would never be born. No one's will, just a doll with mighty power. That must have been the end of the firefly.

"That said... well, it's too unfair not to know to fly in the big sky while you're a chick. There are still so many things hidden in this world that are fun, joyful, and heartwarming. It's too bad not to know that. That said, I can't transfer my soul. It's impossible... but I thought back about the leaves and came up with one way."

"Yes, Doctor. I haven't been informed yet.

"Mm-hmm? Oh, you did... and I didn't even understand it where I said it. Well, good. The soul plays to make up for it, even if it is slightly scratched. You know that, don't you?

"Yeah, well... I'm still alive."

If you live long enough, you don't have to study for something else. You can acquire knowledge from rules of thumb, etc. If that is their position, it would be even more unfortunate. By the way, this doesn't mean she's not studying.

"Um... so I decided to use that for the rest of it. Actually, I used a relatively new demon stone for a reason... it's old enough to have a soul, but if it's a new demon stone so that the soul doesn't dwell, I didn't think it would be something like a vegetable of a soul. It was a bet, but he won anyway. Apparently, the budding of the soul that dwelt on the side of the golem decided that the side of the demon stone was the best way to live, and slowly though, it's moving over there. Later, we'll be in perfect shape... no, I just did the rest of this out of pity. A little reflection on God's fearless behavior. Don't ever do it again. I don't even think I can. It's a miracle."

If Yuhara peeked over Tina's shoulder at the monitor, that was a firefly analysis result. He was probably confirming the fixation and doings of his soul. On the left side, the results from the collection were displayed, and on the right side, the results of the previous inspection were displayed.

"Well, if you look at this, fireflies should be more of a soul-dwelling doll than a golem. I didn't give the body of the machine, I just left it in the body of the machine."

"I see... so you think I'll replace it with a bowl of meat later?

"Well, that depends on who you are. You can do whatever you want. Well, even so, not so much body. If it breaks down due to some factor, restoration is not easy even by witchcraft. I can do it, but I can't do it. Still, if you wish, transplant it into the body of Homunculus, just like Aigis."

Apparently, as Tina, she's going to pierce the timeless stance of doing what she wants. No matter how many hands you just put on it, fireflies now hit her daughter. So I guess that means respecting that autonomy. That's how Tina decided to get back to business.

"Well, that's the thing, then. If you find out there, it'll be too soon. I haven't had a soul since I started."

"I don't know, sarcasm. A doll who does not recognize his soul, he says that his real soul was from the beginning."

"That's good. Life is full of sarcasm. Knowing that would also be a first step towards living as a 'person'"

"Hehe... I get it -. Well, I'll leave it at that."


Tina nods contentedly to Yuhara's answer. I'm not even talking to Kate about this right now. All of that, she was going to let the fireflies know. That's why he kept his mouth shut with Kite, too.

Well, I'll be back.

"Mm-hmm. I'll take care of the rest. If we finish this, we'll hand over the Magic Conductor and the Carrier Aircraft to greet the Emperor for some rehearsal, and we'll finish. I'm gonna need some more help in a lot of different places."

"Yes, sir."

In the wake of Tina's words, Yuhara follows the scene. As such, she decided to head straight to the orphanage.

In one orphanage, fireflies were flirting the same way. Naturally, violence against children is strictly forbidden. That is given by Kite in the form of harsh life.

That said, the kids are sensitive. Therefore, even a slight emotional relaxation that the fireflies did not acknowledge was well sniffed apart. That's how the kids spotted that fireflies get so angry when they get in the way of their work. That's why the kids waited quietly next to the fireflies who were still drying their laundry today.

All of the children remain silent and observe the drying of firefly futon sheets. No matter how many fireflies you say you've never done, you can't be perfect until you're not registered. I am not entrusted with wrinkling.

That's why she had been entrusted with the easiest sheet drying. Even so, there are futon sheets for the number of children. It was an amazing number and it was just a job to dry.

"... it's over"

"Alright! Sister Robo! Fly!

"Shoulder car!"

"Fly on your shoulders!

"I reject all suggestions. We don't have permission from the master."

Fireflies cut and throw away all the pleadings sent like flow work at once. I can't finish my job at any time when I'm dealing with them one by one. She understood that, too. That said, she's still not proficient enough. So it was this flow again today.



A boy who snapped his next luggage from a firefly, but was moved with a metastasis in front of him and he shouts an unexpected surprise. That way the fireflies are silent - even though there was an atmosphere close to anger - and retrieve them.

but once the disturbance starts, it's very soft later. The kids were desperate to get the fireflies to play, and the fireflies caught and scolded them, and the kids played tricks again without snagging at each other. Two leaves inquired about the fireflies where such disturbances were repeated several times.

"... frustrated?

"I deny it. The machine is a golem. We don't have that kind of emotion."

"Yes. So, fun?

"... I deny it"

Fireflies look at the children's faces, feel the moya they cannot understand in person, and say it. Indeed, there is frustration and indescribable fatigue. but it was also true that I was feeling full at the same time.

Thus, such a young denial, to the two leaves, who are the first to say only a few months, was well understood. but with an order from kite, i dont point that out.

"Really? But well, you were laughing, weren't you? Fireflies."

"I deny it. That's not possible."

"I'm still laughing."

"Oh... yes... is it..."

Put your hands on your own cheeks and perceive the cheeks that were indeed loose. This was the reason why the decision was dichotomous as to whether to cut the bee first or admit the emotions first. She thins out, too. Of course. I've had it since the beginning. Then you can't be unaware. Emotions are sprouting themselves. That said, I just don't have the courage yet.

"Come on? What you think is right about you. That's why the master told me to come here. Like we did, too."

"... Roger that."

Fireflies nod in response to smiling two-leaf words. The smile of two leaves is no different from the smile of a normal human from anywhere else. No one will ever think of her as a homunculus. Thus, with the support of those two leaves, the fireflies would carry out further activities in the orphanage.