Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 674: Stories of the Far Past

As Aigis affirmed, moments actually often dream of one. His movement was influenced by it. And this is the dream I had this morning.

Inside Sukino, a man in a kimono stood instantly on his back. Back in my day and my physique is the same as an instant. What makes the difference now is the color of the hair. Unlike the moment, it was dull gold. There is nothing else to see. Such a man has a voice.

"Brother, we're ready!


Coming is a big man over 2 meters with brown skin like red and black. This one is also blonde, but in far more disappointing shape than the man who was instantly turning his back.

That said, something strange happened here. The voice of the man who answered was similar to the moment, no, it was the voice of the moment. That's how the man who answered turns around. It still had an instant face. but the colors of the eyes were different and crimson like blood.

"Then we're out."

"Shh! You can do it all you want today!

"Oh... but leave the rest of him his share."

"I can't guarantee that. My brother brought you the best part in the first place."

"I'm the head... do you have any complaints?

Pressure emanates from a man with the same face as an instant. Besides, the big man, with the fat sweat, shivers the samurai. It was a conflicting sentiment that I was in love with my heart at the same time as I was scared.

"... Y-ya. There can't be any complaints. You're the Admiral, my drunken brother."

"Yes... then give way to the light, Ibaraki."

'Wow... tell around the golden bear, would you give it up for me today, Kitaro? It's time to settle with him. "

'Do as you please. My purpose is to rely on the light. I'm just one person... not interested in other miscellaneous fish. He who laid down his ugly face, and laid down his earthspider... and obeyed the Golden Hour that drew the blood of the Thunder God, and even demonized and surrendered his younger sister, who had the power of the Thunder God, is the one who deserves my prey'

A blonde with an instant face (a drunken boy) grins furiously. Yuanqiguang (Mitsuzu from all sources) was the head of the samurai guarding the capital of Kyoto, led by Kiyoshi Sakada, a fairy tale told by everyone. He was the most powerful man of his time, and the drunken boy saw him as his greatest enemy.

That way, dreams last awhile. Then the drunken boy fights, one great man. He was one samurai, graceful as a nobleman, but with a fuzzy and rough atmosphere on the heads of the samurai.


Brother of Reliance, no!

'Don't worry, Golden Hour! You concentrate on fighting Ibaraki!

"What's up? Reliance. Have you traveled for a while and blunted your arms?

'Unplug it. I'm just playing a little bit. At this level, you don't have to let < > use all your power. "

Enemies said they were in the middle of killing each other, but Reliance and the drunken boy were laughing at each other. Each other's faces seemed to think that it was only for a moment now that we should continue forever. That's how we use each other to breathe, and the drunken boy talks.

After all, you and I are the same... you and I, the warriors who go mad together... can we deny it?

"I will not deny it... but at the same time I will defend the capital < >. Forever incompatible?

"No denial."

To the inquiry of the light, now the drunken boy laughs. A drunken boy pursues only strength, just like an instant. In contrast, Reliance Light valued protecting the capital of Kyo above all else. It was an extremely natural story to not even hesitate to ravage the capital of Kyo if necessary, to be incompatible with a drunken boy and relying on light.

Both were similar to the present moment. In this moment, we seek strength, but as much as that, we also cherished preserving the place of return: the Adventure Department.

In that way, the reward of both sword triumphs begins again. I watched it from a distance for a moment. The only thing I know is that I'm paying for the spear. Anyway, the skill is too different. It was not something that could be seen out at the rate of reaction of the moment.

Speaking of dreams, it didn't seem to reward me for the attack at a conveniently understandable rate. And, at times, it was supposed to end here. Apparently, only a little more today, he'll show us the way ahead.

"Eat! < >!"

"Explode, < >!"

A knife like a swinging right hand sword of a drunken boy collides with a knife with a reliable light. What happened was a clash of bright red light and purple blue electricity.

That said, we don't think each other will decide this. We're not the ones who can decide on each other with such a blow. Thus, once again, the two have a conversation to prepare their breathing.

"That's it, is that important? If it weren't for you, you'd be more free."

'I don't hate anywhere... that's an arrogant, stupid man. But at the same time, he is a fine man, and a sitting masterpiece of liver. "

Asked by a drunken boy, he laughs bitterly as the light seems to shine a little. The grin was dazzling from a drunken boy. He didn't have someone to fall in love with.

"Even before you, I couldn't kill you... maybe it's my sexuality to hate heresy"

"Well... even though it is the life of my father, did you take the light of a servant with you, my poor sister, who has become for the good of men?"

"For some reason, your mouth slips. Tsubaki... forget about your ugliness. I just had to seal it... '

"Have you been there to see if the purpose of the journey is that or... footprint mountain?


Looking at the unexpected look on the face of a drunken boy, the reliance smiles bitterly. Reliance light is arguably the strongest exorcist of our time. Later, according to what Kate heard, he was demonizing and surrendering most of the monsters (heretics) who inflict evil harm on people, along with Abe Sunshine and his tribe, the Abe family and the Tumen. It seemed surprising from the drunken boy who lived at the time that he missed the monster.

"I guess they're alike, we are."

"You want to deny it."

It's an odd relationship, and we talk about it all around us. We didn't hate each other, we just looked like each other. So the battle was simply a means for two people in positions that were incompatible with each other to exchange hearts and words.

The heresy in the weak man, the light depends. The heresy in some crude, enjoyable ghost is the drunken boy. It was a slightly different relationship between my best friend and my favorite enemy. If you say so, similarities. I guess I had that sentiment. There was an odd relationship of trust, even though they said they were enemies.

'Well, the guy on the street is such a man... he doesn't even scare me into his young habits, he has a love affair somewhere. There are men who appreciate each other so badly... that in future generations it will be written badly, but at least I don't feel bad. "

"Well... choose the king you know over the heavenly man covered in a book."

"Well... then."


Somewhere intimately spoken, the light transforms the face into that of a fierce warrior, and the reward of the gladiator begins again. And today, there, the dream was over.

But as always, only two last words were confused. It was one of the relieved objects of a voice containing a mourning, the other a voice that resonated from the inside of an instant.

'I'm sorry. Drinking... would be really... thoughtless... resenting me... sorry...'

"... unforgettable... this memory carved into the blood... is something to be forgotten..."

And finally, the dream is over. This was a dream that came to the other world and saw that battle, then grew longer and longer day by day.

"... I..."

The moment I wake up, I rise to wash my face. Thus, I go to the sink and turn to the mirror to visualize the alcoholic boy in my dreams only for a moment. But when I blinked, it was still his usual appearance.

"It's me... it's a funny story. A drunken boy in a house, huh? It's supposed to be the cause..."

Perhaps I am an ancestral return with a drunken boy as my ancestor. Yes, I thought for a moment. On the way home, blood sometimes engraves memories. The appearance, I thought. That's why I'm unexpectedly afraid of the drunken boy on the far side. Anyway, I engraved my old unforgettable memories into my blood.

And I thought it was an encouragement from my ancestors to get closer here and longer day by day. That's how the moment inspired practice today and in the morning to enter the work of supporting the orphans on their excursions.

Again, time returns to the present. It was about noon and the kids were supposed to ask me to have lunch with them for a moment. A slightly naughty boy asks the moment he cheeks the rice balls as lunch.

"Nah, nah. Why, honey, you got nothing on me?

Yeah, I can create my own weapon.


A nasty boy raises his voice like a surprise. Apparently, he doesn't know there's someone who can create a weapon.

"Do it!

"Mm... well, it's dangerous to create a place like this on a boulder, so it's small, huh?


Apparently, it was more important for me to be able to show it to you than it was for its size and accuracy. So a messy boy in instant words makes his eyes shine and his expectations soak.

By the way, if the moment looked sideways, the orphanage teachers were bowing their heads a little sorry. I guess it's because I know this is the seed of rice. That said, there's no way we can do anything about it by revealing it to this extent.

So let the moment try to create a spear-shaped claw twig. I don't need to be able to kill my enemies, so it's a complete job. It was neither heavy nor reproducible. If it can be used as a weapon or not, then no, that's the level.


"... claw twigs."

"Whoa... try turning this up in your head"


The nasty boy, in instant words, stops his eating hand - which has stopped since before in the first place - haunts his head. In such a way, the moment pierced the winner with a spear-shaped claw yang branch, cheeky.

"My hands are stopped."

"Ah..." said Claw Yang Zhi.

"Haha. Did you find out?"

"Me too!

"No, it's a lie. Lie. Turn it up. It would be a spear, wouldn't it?


After all, you're a child, and the moment gives me a heartily pleasant grin. No, it is true if you turn it up and set the weight properly, etc., but it was still flirting with it so that it was instantly good.

Thus, for a moment, I would eat lunch while taking care of the child, but where the children had finished their meal, the orphanage teacher spoke to the children.

"Sa! If everyone eats, it's time for a nap! Go back to the carriage and take a nap for once -!



Two voices go up, but they still basically obey what the teacher says. The children, though shabby, go into the carriage. He took a nap in the carriage across lunch, played outside just a little bit, and went back to the city. The idea was that if I could play after I woke up, I would sleep well on my way home.

"Then I'll ask you later. We need to put the kids to bed, so... at 14: 30, we'll have a snack and let them play outside again for a little while..."

"Okay. In the meantime, we'll see if there's any flavor in the junction, etc."


An instant converses with an orphanage teacher who walks into a carriage and only shows his face. We both understood that it would be troublesome if asked. As a result, I noticed that there were no fireflies where the moments were about to re-engage in the rearrangement of sight and junction.

"? What happened to the fireflies?

"Oh, if that kid, I've decided to let the kids sleep with him. Miba took a nap, too, so she said she would need someone to read the picture book,"

Aigis tells him with a laugh. Mitsuha basically has a childish place. As a result, it was also popular with the children, but on the contrary, they were too childish to take a nap with them and so on. He's tired of playing this time, and he seems to have fallen asleep. In that regard, fireflies don't get tired, so I let them read the picture books.


"Besides, she had a mental load. I also decided to make him look back at himself once in sleep mode."

"Oh well."

You really think a lot, and the instant pulls your cheeks together. Around here, fireflies might not be able to make it if they can still get there. People don't look like it, but she would be the perfect example of it.

"As, well. I'm going to go in and readjust the junction, but what's Aigis going to do?

"I will relax appropriately. I'm a reserve."

"Well... bye."


When you finish your conversation with Aigis, the moment starts walking again. That's how he thought it was still a dream from the course of Aigis' conversation a while ago.

"A drunken boy, or..."

Causal, I think for a moment. In my dreams, I was watching stories, focusing on drunken children. But I am.

"The name of a house is derived from a mansion of source light... the ancestors are that source light, but it was the cliché of the grandfathers... I thought there was a mix of ghosts somewhere, but I didn't think it was a drinking boy and a cause-and-effect..."

Perhaps the blood mixed with the parents won't come to mind as a drunken boy. Anyway, it's a drunken boy, a clan that has its ancestors in the source light. I thought I was the only one who noticed. I didn't even tell my sister Rin.

Well, that's what I said. In fact, moments were influenced by alcohol swallowing children. The drunken boy in the dream was a double-swordsman. His two-spear stream tried to mimic it.

"You want to go see him, do it with the Ibaraki boy."

Among the activities in Japan that Kate tells us about, the name of the Ibaraki boy was included. He's the only one still alive. I do not know whether you will welcome me as someone who knows about the former Lord, or whether I will be harmed as a descendant of a vengeance that has harmed the Lord.

That said, I wanted to see you, which was my honest feeling at this moment. Anyway, it's my ancestor. That's the kind of person you get excited about when you say it's a dream too. There's no way I don't think so.

"... well. If Aigis had noticed, would it have been better? Why don't you talk to Kite and ask her for an introduction when you get home?"

Until now, I was sure, but Aigis had already found out. Maybe Eigis is talking, so I thought it would be useless to hide it.

Kate was also close to returning to her ancestors, so she thought she might be able to get some advice. So, thinking about it, the moment suddenly walked down the quieter meadow.