Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 679: The Adventurers' Light Exercise 1

Once you're ready, 30 minutes. All the faces of the adventure club were dazzling.

"... this... mock fight...?

"I guess so"

Kite nods at the blinking student. In the meantime, we all moved because the break was over, or so it was a scene on the road.

There are numerous non-human races there, and they were there from the beginning until they were either going to go with all their might, or they were asked by fellow guilders to carry their luggage, to beast and dragonize and move.

"Well... it's been a long time since we've had fun. Are the kids all right?

"Yeah, anytime."

"No, not at any time..."

I nodded flatly against Puri - on the contrary, it's even fun somewhere - and against Kate, the students don't either. Pull your cheeks together. This is the first time the Adventure Department has divided itself into enemy allies. I could see a little tension. And those students sideways, Puri asked Kite even more.

"Well, I'll ask before it starts. Do you have any enemies to watch out for in your guild?

"Right... for now, a Rank B spear lady named Moment and a Rank A dragon woman named Glia. Especially the latter."

Answer Puri's question as Kite laughs thinly. Well, no one would think that Kolong (Elder Dragon) was mixed up in this place.

"Woman of the Dragon of Rank A, you know... one to hold on to intensively"

It's not all about annihilation. And it doesn't mean Tyman. So it can be crushed in numbers.

"Rank S is 3, including me... 20 in Rank A, 30 in Rank B... 450 in Rank C or less"

"Normally, you can take down the country."

Puri's twinkle makes Kite shudder. This time, only adventurers from around Maxwell gathered. Still, all this super powerful adventurer was gathering.

"All right. I've got a belly... ready for circulation."

Copy that, sister.

I heard what Kate said. Puri apparently decided to calculate with it. Command the men of your guild to begin full preparation. Seeing that, Kite also gets to full command. That's how Kite rides her voice toward the headset.

"The Adventure Department personnel follow each commander as initially instructed. Then, until the end of the operation, follow its instructions."

Copy that.

In the words of Kate, everyone begins to move to their own premises as directed. Kite's first seat is on Puri's side. The guerrillas were close to the commander's direct command on this occasion.

"Well... the formation is in order. Hmm... fish scales over there."

"Pretending to be pushed from the fish scale and retreating and flushing it with crane wings, or car hangings, on the side, is that expected?

"That's possible. Hold it right behind you, it could be... Hey, Kirk. You should be able to retreat at any time."

Copy that.

I nod at the words of the guerrilla adventurer that Puri made me refrain from on his side and skip further instructions. When I was in my mid-40s. He was a man with a big scratch on his face. Weapons are spears. Protective equipment is light and easy to move, not heavy equipment. He was also one of the Rank A adventurers.

This time, the guerrillas were supposed to be named adventurers among Rank A and Rank B. The total number is about 10, but everyone and he were a thousand.

"Well, boy. You've never been in a guerrilla, have you?


"In the meantime, follow my instructions and fight. Go back when you've done your job."

Copy that.

Kate is the best young man in all of this. Therefore, Puri will say it again. As such, this is where the fish scale formation was made, raising the signal wolf smoke that it was made.

"Once the wolf smoke rises over there, signals will be launched from Union officials. So here we go."


Kite nods at Puri for explaining to the first person to join us. So this one waited for the battle to begin.

On the other hand, the Red Army side, this one included the bulk of the Adventure Department's main force. In addition to moments, most of the upper levels of the adventure were on this side, such as Cherry Blossom and Rinda in Rui Tree. The only upper layers on Kite's side were Sola and Yuri, the charm clothes. Still, Tina is here, so she is cheat in the first place.

"Senior... I'm an Assault Soldier, are you okay?

"Oh, no problem. Use Coverage to cut down the enemy formation. That seems to be my role."

The front line is also the front line. Before the sharp arrows, I was there for a moment. In addition to the instant, there were many students from the shore. It's been a long time since I was a force as a shore, not a coalition of athletic clubs.

Among them, moments were the most prosperous genuine spears. Acknowledging that he was rank B and that he was one of the winners of the previous match, he was ordered to play this most dangerous and important role.

"Everybody, we're gonna rush through at the same time as the signal."


In the words of an instant, the students of the shore nod. They stormed uninhibited at the same time as the battle began, serving as a cut-in to cut through the enemy formation.

"Leave it to Heaven's Way or the Shrine Temple later. We just have to run forward."

The moment sends an encouragement as he sets up his spear and sinks the blood of his daughters. I just turned forward and ran. Moments are what I'm best at. So, after breathing for a while, at one moment, the artillery rang.

"... let's go! Assault!"


Everyone rushes through at once to coincide with the decree of the moment. That's how the battle began.

Seeing the moment he had stormed like that, Puri realized that his assumptions were a mistake.

"They did it! A sharp arrow, not a fish scale! Pioneer! Don't let them break through! Left and right, send soldiers to the front line immediately! All guerrillas out! Until we can send soldiers from left to right, don't make them hold up! Boy, don't you leave yet!


In the wake of Puri's rush to reconstitute the formation, Kite decides to stay put and wait. That's the order. and, at the same time, the moment jumps up. I was going to sharpen this vanguard all at once.


The moment you jump up, suddenly you turn your body wide back in front of the front-line adventurers who are still right and left in the event.

"< < Divine Thunder Spear (Shakti) > >!"

The moment I lean back heavily, I use a spring all over my body to throw a spear wrapped in thunder. The target is a little behind the enemy's front line. Behind the adventurers who set up shields on the front lines. The explosion was going to break down the wall and make a path for the adventurers behind it. but against that spear, a spear can be thrown.

"Phew. Dangerous. I didn't expect you to storm me, it was unexpected... Hmm?

What I threw was a man who had an exchange of views with Puri earlier. He is also a spear man. Besides, strength is above the moment. You couldn't have thrown a spear. His spear, which should have been able to be pushed back in equilibrium for a moment like that, is, however, pushed back and blown away at the next moment.

"Heh. Did you push extra magic into it? Damn, faulty."

"You should just go to the next place. Lead a left-wing regiment to attack the enemy's side. You're the one who holds it down. I'll leave the cut in to the others. '

"Heck... then, Kirk's husband. I'll take care of the rest."

It was just an event, but he moves on to the next move without moving. Again, this one would be the difference in experience. By the way, the spear I threw was manipulated by magic, so it was bounced and recovered immediately. Not everyone can create spears with magic like an instant. Normally, they even think about retrieval after throwing.

That's how the spear is the instant he bounces back the spear of the spear, but he keeps going straight for the front line. That said, it was significant to have been able to create a state of equilibrium even for a moment. The shielded adventurers were able to make as much time as they could handle.

"Just a little bit better! Slow down! I'll do it this way later!

"Ugh! < >!"

In response to the words of an elderly heavily equipped big man, Sola unfolds wind protection and turns her power around her hands. Let's use < >.

"Well, some guys could do interesting things. Where is it?

"Come on. He's the newbie I've been called from this one."


Kirk and his side roar when he sees Sola, who created the wind hand to create a state of equilibrium again. And while I was doing that, apparently, I was ready. As he moved to the spear landing point and thought place, he stabbed a large shield on the ground that was also his length.

"< >... < >!"

To match Kirk's words, you can have a giant translucent shield that covers all the fronts. This was the trump card for his protection. It was one of the top moves (skills) in the shield system.

"All right, kid! You can hang up! After that, prepare for a forward assault!


When Kirk shouts out and orders Sola to deal with the forward, he tempers himself again. It can only be expanded in one direction, but for that matter, the strength comes with origami. That's how Kirk's shield collides with an instant spear.



A temper shot. The spear of an instant < > can be prevented. I saw the moment I landed that, but I don't care. Because it's also woven. So at the same time, when the moment started running again, Kitra skipped the instructions.

"Dragon Team! The invasion has begun! The target is the enemy's front line! Destroy the wall with assault!

At the behest of Kitra, the dragon adventurers who refrained from surrounding them change their appearance. I was going to break the front line by launching an attack from above. Plus, Puri skips the same instructions.

"The dragons are coming! Get the dragon out of here, too!

"You've got a rare hand. The famous Karat attacked you to protect you."

"You've been read. I knew you were in command. Then you're good at one."

Your power as an adventurer is above you, but it's still different from your skill as a conductor. That's why Puri sends praise for his bitter smile. Now we've used super firepower bills on each other.

However, there is a difference between what was used and what was used. As it stands, the Blue Army side, which misread the opponent's hand tag, was being pushed slightly.

Lord Glaia, please.

"It would be good. Let me show you the rest."

In response to the plea of Kitra, Glaia wraps her up. It's nothing to protect. As a matter of course, Graia used < > to dance in front of the front line of the Blue Army just before the enemy was picked up.

"!? Do it! Everybody stop defending! Avoid it!"

Understand that Sola, who is aware of the danger of Glia, cannot stand it and decide to abandon the front line. And this decision was correct. In the next moment, the crimson aurora is brilliant, and most of the shieldmen who were in front of Glaia are blown away in a grand way. He swept away with a two-handed sword.

Just a blow. So Kirk gets stunned when he sees the blown adventurers. The fact that it was a strange crimson beauty was even more influential.

"... what? Whoa! Those surviving shield holders, fill the hole!

"Push it all at once before it's buried! Don't worry about the back! Our target is the Rear Army! We're gonna rattle the formation!

There is no time for the Blue Army to be stunned by the exact event, and it goes into the hole where the moment was made. If you can destroy the front line with an instant spear, that's fine. It was Kitra's calculation that if he couldn't do it, he would blow it with Glaia. As a result, instantaneous troops burst into the holes that were made, and the main force of the Red Army burst into the further widened holes.

"Chinese Army, slash it in! Fast forward! Tear the formation apart at once while the enemy can't deal with it!

"Ahhh... this, the front line is lame or... I can't help it. Boy, you get out, too. Stay back and do it from the side. If I don't, I'll kill him before he kills me."

"Copy that. And that's our red one. They'll eat in pretty deep, but they could come this way. You shouldn't go too far."


Puri was also surprised by the fast-track, but even if it was moving to that extent, no adventurer could do it for years. It's another dream of a massive guild leader. So when I let it flow with one bitter laugh, Puri moves to command of all the armies again. With that sidelined, Kite also finally begins to act. The target is the enemy side, as instructed.


Kite lands a little further on the left side of the enemy army as he literally rushes through the air. There is no one to block. The same is true of the allies who provide support. but it was on the side, just far away.

"Cover me."

"I don't have a choice."

A little fun, Tina responds. It's been a long time since I've tagged you. It couldn't have been fun. That's how the shielded adventurers lined up in front of the kite that jumped out in front of the side. Apparently, the attack on the side has been assumed, and he's going to build a wall to prevent an attack on the inside.

"Whoa, kid."

"Whoa. This is Mr. Bashir in the meantime. I don't think we're going to see each other."

"Apparently you do... dude! Here comes the Rank A Adventurer! Feel free!"

I was going to use my young appearance to ambush him, but apparently the commander on the left was the Dwarf warrior I met in the late days. I knew that Kite was a cautious person, so I was wary the other way around. That said, kite's side is no different than what he does. That's how Kite went in and the battle began.