Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 681: The Adventurers' Light Exercise 3

The brave man is still just a masterpiece he deserves to call a monster. Olivier, who returned beside Kitra, sees the battle in front of him, I think so.

"No flying technique, I said... this is..."

"The great hero of the war and the founding mother-in-law... the battle of the world's greatest power of war... that's ridiculous..."

Even Kitra, who has seen numerous adventurers, accidentally pulls her cheeks. It's faster to count each other from above in the world. Moreover, it is not the division of Enefia, but those who are faster to count from above, including all the worlds. Therefore, it was a battle that, if seen closely, could only be fought.


"Hmm! Are you going to have mercy on the rest!?

If you want to hit it, stop it with an inch in front of you just like every once in a while, and raise your voice as Glaia sets up a pursuit by the sword trident against Kite, who took a distance in < >.

When were they going to do it and move the battlefield into the air? I was able to react to the spear, but at one point Kite, who had eaten Glaia's cheek, blew it up, and moved on to what seemed like a prank of aerial warfare without flying.

Tina and Yuri's hands of cover were also shifting in the direction of smashing their cover against Graia, and it was a dance just for the two authentic people.

"Huh? You know, hurting my wife in the face... you're not stupid!


Glaia dyes her cheeks to Zhu in the words of Kate, who himself dealt with the slaughter by waving a knife slash. I'm glad you treat yourself as a woman, but it seems that it was less experience to be clearly declared a daughter-in-law. To such a glaia, Kate unintentionally visions a certain woman.

"Ugh. I remember Tina back in the day."

"I'm glad to hear it."

Speaking of sister-in-law, she is still the girl who actively helped raise herself. Similar, he's still glad to hear it. Makes me smile. and, as a voice of protest against it, a uniluminescent sphere is punched in. Naturally, it's Kite. So Kate lightly releases one slash to deal with it.

"Oops. Light Hidden Light Hidden"

"That's right... heh!

Glaia unleashes a slaughter, and the momentum rises further up. Besides, when Kite trumps the slaughter with the slash, she runs over it with < > to chase it. That's how they push through the cloud sea and land on a scaffold of clouds.

"Well... you danced higher than the clouds"

"I came all the way here to follow you. Will you dance for my husband?

"You dance for the rest."

The two smile invincibly at each other and change their appearance. Kite is to the original pale-eyed pale-haired youth. Glaia turns into a giant dragon several hundred meters long. That's all the fun you've had. Well, if you two fight for real, Maxwell nearby will blow up, so we'll keep playing.

"Hiu... you're brave."

"Wouldn't you say beautiful?"

"Brave, you prefer that, don't you?

"She's a woman."

"If I told you, I would go suspicious of its aesthetic taste, to habit."

"Don't say it."

The two take the breath of battle, while they tear it up. So, for a little while. They tell each other what only they know about what no one else has seen.

"... yet, are you all right?

"Not yet. If I'm unscrupulous, Risha will piss me off, but..."

"Are Even Brave Doctors Afraid?"

"Scary. Doctor Stops is my biggest attack."

Kite laughs bitterly. Only a doctor can theoretically stop Kite. Even in that sense, Riesha was a natural enemy. She knows more about Kate's body than Meath. This is the difference between a psychiatrist and an internist. I have no choice.

That would be the closest thing to the right answer to what happened to Kate besides the one who knows the truth. If you do poorly, you may be closer to the truth than Yuri, who is closest to the truth.

"In the same way as Justitia, you were helpful. but therefore you... '

"Same... hmm? You're mistaken, aren't you? You know who I am in the first place... no, you know the root of existence.

"Mm...? Oh, well. You did. Excuse me. I forgot there. People don't mean rainbow at all times. The rest accidentally thought so."

Who Kate is. Remember that and remember your own mistake, and Graia laughs. By the way, Kate said who she is, but this is a kind of rhetoric.

He's actually dead and someone else is impersonating him, I wouldn't say. He is an authentic, hermes picked him up and started his journey with Yuri, a kite that Charles and I loved. It is not someone else's impersonation, etc.

"Ha... well, I don't have a choice, I don't have a choice."

"Don't tell me."

Glaia turns to Soppo looking a little smelly. Again, she is ashamed to fail, too. That way, the lights are hidden or Glaia breathes in.

'... then let's go!

"Oh, the lights are hidden"

May! May! May!

Don, and let your feet plunge into the cloud sea, and Glaia goes to beat up Kite. That was so much a physique difference that it would be the right expression to smash rather than beat him.

"< < God of War of Homura > >! < < Extreme Flame > >! < < Hao Flame Fist > >!"

When Kite uses a style change to take Ballantine's appearance, she uses < > < > to focus < > on the power of < >.

It was still a giant fist of flames that he creates with the flames he thus collected. Thus, dozens of meters at the end of the sky a fist bumps into each other, and the cloud sea vanishes with shock.


"Oh, boy. You're not gonna keep a blow."

The two blow back to the stage, which ended with just one shot. Just got a little serious. This is it right away. I couldn't do much. By the way, we both went back to what we were like at hours when the Cloud Sea disappeared.

"Well... let's go back downstairs and play."

"Let's do that."

As they fall, they decide to return to light exercise again. So now the two of them, who landed brilliantly on the proper ground, decided to do a sword dance there.

Meanwhile, the moment I fell into Fujido's ruse to fight the calendar, I felt something difficult to do. That was due to the fact that I had no choice but to praise Fujido for his brilliant strategy.

"The slaughter of < > is so troublesome!

"Huh! Ha! Damn!"

The next step cannot be attacked by the slaughter in < >, which intersects as if it were an occasional reminder in successive spears. In relation to his descendants of the ghost tribe, his instincts were only frightened and frightened by < >, the most powerful ghost killer in Japan.

And unlike Sola, he's not used to the power of ghost killing. That's all I saw in the calendar. Even then, he can't escape his instincts as a race. I can't go into the middle of nowhere.

And to bad, < > is a knife that snatched his ancestors' necks. It was the best thing I could do to keep myself from shrinking because I had poorly seen my past memories.

"The director didn't think that far."

"Naturally. I'm the ancestor of a drunken boy, that's the first time I've ever said that. I'll talk to Kate and Mr. Meath later."

Eventually after the excursion I was busy preparing for this and the next expedition - the intercontinental conference - and had not yet been inspected. That's why it's natural for no one to know.

That said, he was drawing the blood of a ghost, which made him pee on someone quite close to him. Fujido knows that too. That was the reason it was a candidate, but I wouldn't even have thought that would fit so brilliantly so far in Fujido.

"Shit... what are we gonna do..."

The moment I take the kendo and sensibly understand that it is the slaughter of < >, I look up and think about my next hand.

It is impossible to grasp compatibility problems with boulders, and the land-based students brought here are reduced by Fujido. Bent over, he is one of the best swordsmen in the school. Except for Kite, he is also a swordsman who contends for first and second place in the calendar and dantoz. There was no chance of beating the average student.

"Should we at least have brought this to the shrine... hmm?

It was the moment I had a bitter taste on my face, but then I realized something was stuck behind my calendar. At first I thought it was a piece of clothing in battle, but something was suspicious. It felt like it was stretching somewhere. And the discomfort manifested itself as a phenomenon at once at the next moment. The calendar suddenly stopped trying to unleash the spear.

"Huh!? Don't move!?

"Meet me! I'll take it here!

"Heavenly Way!

How did you do it, I think, but for now, cherry blossom support - apparently the Chinese army has arrived - is ungrateful. It's too incompatible with the calendar itself. I could have made it complete as it was.

By the way, how did the cherry blossoms secretly restrain themselves from behind with demonic yarn? Even as a calendar, you can't afford to pay attention around them instantly, and you can't help but notice behind them has been neglected.

The moment then uses this gap to escape the scene. The destination is Fujido. Unfortunately, about half of them got hit, but still not all of them. I still managed to get it back. and at the same time the calendar shines a knife again.

"Boom, < >!"

To a mouth-to-mouth call I heard from behind, the instant I almost stopped by accident. That was the original name of the < > that my ancestors once used and fought for.

Because the < > child cut stems from the slaughter of a drunken child, it was only natural to have a previous name. That's how the violet blue thunder strikes.

"While I'm at it... let it, seniors. It's rigorous..."

"Ka, imitating Kite... um, you're impotent"

The sound of "no." It was against the cherry blossoms, who saw the stopped calendar of motion as an opportunity and went straight to point to the todome, that the calendars, which had been helpless, thundered against themselves, forcefully untying the restraint of the demonic thread and responding.

That's not bold enough to cut into a place with cherry blossoms and intense thunder. I just had to stop the attack hand. Given the damage, etc., it was not the best hand to take the calendar, but it was never a bad hand.

"But now!

"I won't let you go"

Fluffy, and cherry kimono flick, creating a demonic thread of restraint again against the calendar that tried to move into instant pursuit. As for strength, I don't mind, but I can only stop it if it's about < >.

It's a combination of physical surgery, and it's not aggressive. When an obstacle inhibits it, the trunk has to stop madly.

"Eh... erm... Senior Heavenly Tao... won't let me go...?

"No, sir."

Couscous and cherry blossoms laugh deliciously. Naturally, it's an enemy army here. You can't possibly ask me. And the bad news is, the calendar doesn't go well with cherry blossoms. Because the difference between the reach and the way you fight will now make the calendar flirt.

"Ugh... Tengase calendar. I'll go!"


In the name of the calendar, cherry blossoms also set up swords. The only way for a calendar to follow an instant on this occasion is to defeat a cherry blossom if someone's cover comes in. but unfortunately the Blue Army front line is in a state of turmoil. Enemy reinforcements, as they are now, were not in a position to receive backup even when they came. That's how they started the fight.

Meanwhile, earlier moments had been obstructed even beyond that. Apparently, he's going to thoroughly obstruct the instant.

"Now you're Ayan!

At the request of Fujido.

"It's a time-limited battle anyway! Get your hands off me a little!

The moment shows frustration with the interference that never stops with a bit of a bitter smile. This battle has a time limit due to stage problems, etc. More than that, the strength of the junction is not foolish for so many ridiculous adventurers to play mock battles with Goman. Naturally, then, money doesn't make a fool of itself either. I couldn't have done it without a time limit.

"I mean, I'm here, too!

"I know!

With his back fist against his fist waved from the sunset, the instant looks even more like a face. The enemy was now two Ayans and a Sunset Karate Strength. They are both top performers in karate. To the boulder. How this is not compatible in an instant. It is hard to win purely as a force of war.

"Chi! Trouble with the trouble!

"Well, if you spear your fist, you won't stand up!

Together, to an attack carried out from four fists and four legs, the moment can only be fought off. The opponent has too much trouble to attack. Besides the emphasis on defense, at this point it was the feather of being forced to show off a two-spear flow.

"Shit! What to do..."

'I'll give you a hand! Kid, move on! The front line is good as it is! You've done your part! Serve your next purpose!

For the moment I was thinking about what to do, my voice could hang up. It was the beastly beasts. When one of them adds a moment with his mouth, he lets himself sit cleverly on top of it.

Besides, the moment makes me dissatisfied with my face. Of course. The battle was put in the middle, and the shore cover that was originally intended was cut off.

"Huh! Hey!

'Don't complain! This is not a personal battle! And remember you believe in your people! We still have your people behind us! The Alliance guys aren't the only ones! Think of all the adventurers as companions!

"! Oh, okay!

The moment looks forward, told the adventurer, who beastified himself by the figure of a lion. Again, it's not enough. I realize that here for a moment. And so, mingled with the bestialized beasts, moments went by alone.