Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 684: The Adventurers' Light Exercise 6

In the meantime, the battles between adventurers, who appeared to be rampaging on their own accord and were surprisingly collaborative, were natural but supervised. And the supervisor is inevitably an official of the Union branch. And very rarely this time, there was a request to see HQ as well, and communication from HQ was also connected.

'Well, that's good. I don't care. "

One man sitting in a heavy chair laughs at each other with the top faction of the Adventurers Union Association laughing the same way on the side. Together, race, age and gender, everything falls apart. There's only one thing in common. He is an overwhelming strong man.

They were all the top adventurers in Rank S. Rather than that, there is also one Rank EX. Once stated, the top is Rank EX.

With the exception of Kate and Tina and Graia, he had the strength to destroy everything on this occasion by himself. A monster that can only destroy a country on a single horseback. Only then did the Adventurers Union Association have the power to intervene in large countries.

By the way, it doesn't matter. It's about the content of the consultation that was brought in during this supervision. Later, according to what Kate heard, another new kind of demon was discovered on some continent. but watching the rambling man in front of them. They cut and threw away a word, not interested, with

"For now, let's worry about whether or not you'll bring us booze at the next meeting, rather than worrying about what's fine."

"Sassy. Brother, you said you'd bring home some juice to make you feel better, so you'll bring it back."

You won't be joining us this time. If I had all eight major continental conferences, it would be rough the other way around. '

"More than that, let's eat... we can do it. He said it doesn't matter if we smash it where we saw the race. If I fucked a woman, I'd be eating."

"You haven't eaten about two days ago. 'Cause she likes women more than three meals.'

"Whether to bring alcohol or not, it's important."

'That's important... but I'm free on the airship. I only have about time to fuck a woman. Oh, when I talked about booze, my stomach...'

"Hey, someone bring rice to this lily woman!

slurred. There was not a decent argument either. Well, I can't help it. They are the culmination of the flying adventurers. I'm glad to say that I'm also flying a lot as a character.

The weak one dies. What I can't adapt to is that it's bad. It was their general idea that it would be a new species, but let them handle it. If the new breed of information wasn't such a fun guy, they would never have responded.

Still, I don't sleep well enough to die of mischief, and neatly the information they got was shared, and they also did their job properly as the top of the list.

Speaking of which... what about my brother's no seat? You did clean it up, didn't you?

"Uh... on the street all the time. How's it going around there?

"Don't you get mad, brother?

"Good is good." 'Cause if you do, somebody's gonna have it.'

With the Union Master at the head, the only thing I actually wanted to make sure of was that Kite was in good shape. It's also the gathering, so not all of the top eight guilds or anything, but just some of the executives who saw Kate.

We used Kite from the cross spear as an escort to the queen of the kingdom for a thousand years, but now we were going to go in for cover if Kite was different.

"Nah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean, it's good that I'm here to make sure, but I'm still in debt, me. '

"Uh... when I blame you, I don't care. For now, throw a round at him. '

"Ha, ha..."

The Union Master carelessly tells one of the officials present. For once, they are good men. Therefore, it will cause me to worry properly. They will, but that criterion is theirs. Round throwing was also common.

"Hey, the guys from Union Branch Maxwell. Well, then, we're already pulling in. Say hello later."

"Ha ha..."

Officials at Maxwell's Union Branch respond raw to the top union officials who try to cut communications by simply talking like a storm. There is no other way. I want to see it, they're the ones who said it, and they haven't told me why in the first place.

And in the meantime. A hooded mysterious figure was reflected. but it was not a suspicious person, etc., but a person that everyone in the Union knew.

'I'm sorry. Fools. "

"Ah, the prophet."

"In the meantime, I just wanted to know if the adventurer in the previous case deserved merit. If there's a problem, we have to do something about it. '

"Yes, I understand"

To the words of the prophet, the officials of the Union branch bow their heads. I was surprised what the hell the top guys were thinking, but I could understand it if you asked me.

By the way, I don't know if the Prophet's voice is processed with special sorcery, man or woman. It's a mystery because it's covered in hood, even in physique. Except for a few, the area looks pretty clean, so it would be beautifully shaped.

But the eye area was completely covered, and what you can see is about the mouth from the nose beam. Even at height, it was completely unknown. Well, this happens all the time, and no one knows the face. I didn't even know the Union Master.

'Well, if you have all that strength, you won't even have to assist me from behind something. That said, the success or failure of his escort also involves the Union's trust. I'll do it here, but you guys can help him. If you have any problems before you arrive, you will be held accountable for this appointment.'

"Yes, I know"

Union officials smile and bow their heads. The prophets had a great deal of confidence from the staff in the top momentum of trust from the adventurers. As you can see from the current scene, he - I don't know the gender - assists me in what is missing. Thanks to that, it's going around, you could have thought.

'Hmm... say something to him, though. Don't be too impotent. He said,' This is the place to eat the incitement by being impotent. '

"haha... ok"

Union officials nod a little bitterly at the prophets who saw and told the raging kite. Because the majority of Union employees don't know who Kate is, they don't expect anything to go wrong, but the Union is supposed to repair the land later. I received the statement thinking about the cost.

'Bye. Ask for post-processing as well. Let your branch manager handle the expenses at all times by conducting paperwork reviews, etc. "

"I know, sir"

Nodding at the Union officials' response, the prophet disappears. As such, Union officials decided to return to overseeing the battle, which was their job.

Now, back in the fight, the calendar started fighting cherry blossoms, but here they were on the defensive side. Because cherry swords and calendar swords were incompatible with reach issues, and cherry battles were specialized in keeping their own time. On the contrary, it became a feather that made it difficult for me to fight.

"< >"


The calendar stops at the countless mountains of swords that appear in front of you. From earlier on, this repeat. < > has not been used. The moment you give in to use it, the cherry blossom creates a mountain of swords like the one before you and stops it.

A genius of protection, separate from Sola's. That was the cherry blossom. Instead of preventing attacks like Sola did, she was specialized in protecting her opponents by keeping them at bay.

Interesting things were actually happening in this regard. Though Sola and Moment specialize in offensive reverse with the school's two most handsome men, Cherry Blossom and Mizuki are also famous as beautiful princesses of the school. And in the same way, they were divided and specialized in offense. That's how the cherry blossoms sneak the magic thread where they stopped.



Cherry blossoms now wave a sword and slash at the unleashed left and right of a calendar that was stopped from moving, and was nearly stopped from moving. It was a bad way to say it, but an unpleasant way to fight for the enemy. Always disrupt my pace.


Yeah, and the calendar jumps back and dodges it. I can see it in my skirt, but it wasn't if I cared. Pull it that way, and now the cherry blossoms push. Always, for a certain amount of time. That was the way to fight cherry blossoms.

"< > I should have learned!

I mourn the lack of batter of the status quo as the calendar flaunts its face. A < > is a backward < >. Close to the backdash.

but this was difficult because it still didn't run positively. If I could have done this, I could have taken it out of the present situation. but I can't help it more than I can. I just have to give up. and the two of us fighting like that, but I noticed a pale shadow crossing over the fudge.

""... Huh?

What the hell. To a strange shadow with no idea, the two pause for a moment. But cherry blossoms seem to have felt something.

"Now if you'll excuse me."

Pepper, and bow your head, and the cherry blossom creates the Devil's Thread. Seeing it, the calendar hastily sets up a knife. I thought it was a restraint. but as for cherry blossoms, that was the aim. That's how the flash runs. They created flashes of magic with magic in their threads. Cherry blossoms were still on top in many ways.

"Yah!... that?

Notice the cherry blossoms that disappeared from front of you, the calendar tilts its neck. When was the last time I was gone? Cherry blossoms watched such a calendar a little further from the front line. I pulled it off to recover my health.

"Phew... it was dangerous..."

It was actually Kite who crossed my head. Having managed to restrain the rest of the Chinese army, Kite returned to the mutilated militia using < >.

If you stay there, it could be the worst Kate can do. Unsurprisingly, Kate won't let me out of her hands. Come for it properly, cherry blossoms or not. Because we're in love, you're going to miss it. That didn't work.

It should also be noted that Hector did not come because he himself wished that the speed of < > was higher than that of Kite. And that's where I get word from Kitra.

"Let Hector's crusade go to Lord Glaia and join the main guard! An enemy veterinary unit has stormed!

"... five minutes later. How far do you have to go?"

Either way, from the position of the cherry blossoms, we won't be able to cover the main unit in time. It will be difficult physically and from now on to cut into enemy factions. Cherry Blossom's goal for this operation is not to disturb the calendar in an instant.

That had been accomplished twelve times. This is a mock fight, a light exercise. I'm not used to driving and being impotent. That's how the cherry blossom movement ended here.

On the other hand, the calendar normally decided to head for Fujido's support, but it was one of the fierce war zones. It was, so it's a past form. The battle had already reached a separation.

"Phew... I didn't know Tenjo-kun was so strong."

"No, Senior Fujido rocks too. I'm finding out. Why, I let you use this, but... no, I'm not serious. You look pretty tired."

It was Sola who was pulling from the front line that Fujido was fighting with. They made us both manage to keep the front. but then naturally, a fierce battle is imperative. Looks like we both had to spare no effort to get the trump card out.

There were several windy splits fighting around Sola, and Fujido was showing an advanced hit-and-away to tow and attack with high-speed travel while continuously moving < >.

"Senior! Cover's here!

"Oh, Tengase? Sorry, the others are wiped out. Come along the way, Rank A adventurer. I managed to crusade... but they did the rest."

"Eh... if I'd waved Senior Heavenly Door a little earlier..."

Apparently, he survived in the Kendo ministry - even though he's just being thrown out of the juncture - only on the sub-Fujido calendar. The calendar seemed a little careless.

According to what I heard after the battle, Sora, who learned of her predicament, rushed to cover with several other adventurers. At the end of the day, it will be against Kirk, so be it.

"No, it wouldn't be in vain. Even so... somehow, reinforcements don't seem like any more"

"Yeah... it looks like Senior Heavenly Door is resting quite a bit over there too..."

I found a cherry blossom resting sneakily between the two army headquarters a little further away - I was just wary of pursuing it - and the calendar decides that there is no more enemy reinforcement in the grin.

By the way, we cut the boulder five minutes later. If you can rest, you should rest. On the battlefield, in some cases, there are a series of wars. Since it was an iron rule to rest when you could rest if you decided not to join the battle, this cherry blossom judgment was natural, and there were other adventurers who decided that you couldn't take any more breaks.

"... That said, this one has a fight going on in the Chinese army. Tenjo-kun. You're... that heavy gear. So it's no use going"

"Sort of. I don't think we can use boulders to cover the front lines."

After comprehensively determining its own travel speed, residual magic power, etc., Sola determines that she cannot do any more. Though he didn't mean it by the boulder, he enjoyed the use of trump cards, and he would be able to arrive, but there was something a little harsh about fighting there.

As a result, Fujido and the calendar, which are able to travel at high speeds in < >, decided to return to the support of the Chinese army again, and Sola decided to end the battle here and go to rest.