Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 685: The Adventurers' Light Exercise 7

Spectacular simulation by the adventurers, but it was also coming to an end in the next five minutes. As for the situation, both armies had been eaten by enemies near the main unit, so we already had the last endurance battle to draw each other. And the last battle took place at the moment when he painfully escaped the attack of Charming, Nishra, and some other beasts of the extreme.

"Shit!... what!?

The moment. The moment opens thoughtful eyes. Suddenly there were several explosions. By the way, his tongue strike was due to the avoidance of the attack on Canaan. He threw < > in agony. However, there is still very little support, so if there is any obstruction of charm, it is not necessary to set a target.

"Yo, seniors. Try to adore people's women and cute new recruits... isn't that my role?

"Become... kite, you, how did you get here! Didn't you just go to the Chinese army here to cut it off!?

The moment reveals a great surprise to the voice hung from above. Until a little while ago, I was near the center of my own army. It is directly above itself if it finds out. I couldn't help but be surprised.

"I just ran through it in < >. Big fat ass is in the middle of a beating on that street. I let them pass me by."

Kite laughs, referring to 10 dragon adventurers battling each other over the sky with a hard jaw. The battle we fought in the Ogata is now. It was ongoing. Well, it was unfortunate that I couldn't go too aggressively to make a decision because if the trend in that battle were to be determined, the trend would then be determined.

If you can decide, you can win, but if you fail in a hurry, that's all you lose. Apparently it was a similar or stopover idea that I couldn't get out of the detour. Later Kate and Glaia were blurred that they were not thoughtful enough.

"Well... well done, Canaan, charm"

"Yes, Master!


Canaan bows his head with a little joy for the hard work from the landed kite. It feels like Meizu is on the street at all times. And then Kate nods and speaks up to Tina and Yuri, who have been covering for the two of us so far.

"Both of you, from now on, I'm going into battle! Cover me!

"Okay... so when are we going to start cleaning up the beasts that are in the way?"


Kate laughs and nods at the suggestion from Tina. Besides, Nishra hastily hung the order.

"I'm going to do something! Hurry up and stop that adventurer!

Nishra doesn't know about boulders until she knows what to do. But I have had the experience of traveling with you only once on a late date. I felt the pain on my skin. As such, Nishra moves into action at the same time as she hangs a decree around her.

"Shit! Long time no see, kite! And all sorrows!

"Oh, it's been a long time... I'm not gonna give you a break"

"I know, but that's this way too! Don't think you can keep up with the speed of the Beast Man!

Nishra works with the adventurers around her to get into kite restraint as she tows kite with her beastly suppleness. But if Bashir were here, it would happen.

That was when an adventurer launched an attack watching Kate stop moving. It should also be noted that sadness was the consolation of the loss, although I heard all kinds of things that were planted on Kite through Puri.

"I got it!

An adventurer who made a blow from behind Kate, but the mutilated kite disappears scattered with pale butterflies as if it were an illusion. That's how I saw it in front of me, and the slashed adventurer slowly bowed to his knees.

"Ah... let...?

The adventurer disappears as he is attacked by a sudden sleeper. Looks like he's been judged incapable of combat.

"Haha. If this is the" Dream of a Walnut "... would it make sense to fall asleep if you slaughtered the present (depression)?

"What?" The Dream of a Walnut "?


Elsewhere the confusion of Nishra and adventurers from Enefia, Kite, who dresses and fans his kimono, puzzles his enemies no matter how many and countless butterflies he becomes.

That said, because I don't know, I can't be holding my hand without being able to do anything about it. So I try to get my mind back on it and the adventurers surround Kite and get into the attack.

"Huh! For now, that doesn't matter! Attack!"

"Ah, whoa!

"Oh, hey! Don't attack!

From an earlier incident, the moment had stopped the attack. Knowing "The Dream of a Walterfly," I thought it was a counter to a scattered butterfly. And that was right. His attention The adventurers who launched the vain attack touched the pale butterfly. No, they fainted and vanished.

"Well... this is not the end of 'The Dream of a Walnut'. If this is the food that produces the unseen... the beautiful princess dances and dances in the garden. This is exactly where the peaches come from. There is no frontier for dreams. Fall asleep wrapped in unseen flowers"


As Kate says, the fog can get in. It is a mist created by sorcery, but it is not something toxic. It's just fog. But to make my feet invisible, that was enough.

That's how Nishra and Moment, who felt strange discomfort at their feet, jump big, knowing what the word meant. And this was the right thing to do again.

The next moment, when suddenly the garden was ready and tangled in the feet of the adventurers, Canaan and the charm ran through it - Tina taught me in a reading story -. That's it, butterflies and adventurers fall asleep.

Charm conferred the magic of causing sleep on herself and Canaan's blade and just cut it off lightly. It would have been a trick if I had become a charmer who specializes in these kinds of tricks. but the coma gets worse, it makes me feel like my enemies are dreaming.

"Oh, there's not enough peach gardens to say Peach Origin. This is a failure... well, create a peach garden and start over again Peach Source"

The fog is scratched out all at once when the kite looks a little loose. That's how the peach garden appears this time. It was a huge peach garden covering half of the Chinese army. That's how Kate's solo goes on.

"Peaches say they have the power of demons. Peaches in Peach Township, let's be strong."

At that next moment, all sorcery activated on the Red Army's side in Kate's created peach garden is cancelled. Attacks and aids are everything. As such, Kate sings one more solo before the bewildered adventurers.

"Taoyuan Township is home to lakes and celestial women. This is the ultimate princess who floats on the lake."

As Kate dances and speaks, a lake can be created where the enemy tunnels. And normally you can't walk on water. So many adventurers crash there.

But there were those who remained. Those are women adventurers. I said "beautiful princess," but the beauty of boulders cannot be discerned by magic. men and women, had to be dropped with the general distinction of and that is how he tried to continue his soloing even more, but there sounded the signaling artillery.

"The only time a heavenly woman can dance is if she wears a feather. A heavenly woman without a feather just falls... what, is it over"

Now I was thinking of expanding some magic that could float on my side and knock the enemy woman adventurer off to the lake, Kite, but I can't help it if it's over. So at the moment or in front of Nishra, when I had to watch with dismay at Kate's actions, Kate punches a fan, and closes.

At the same time as closing the fan, the adventurers who were aboard the lake were thrown on the ground as if nothing had happened.

"What the hell...?

"No way, alienation, or...?

"It's not that big a deal. It's just illusion. I just used the ritual to enhance it."

Kate shakes her head in a bitter laugh and reveals the story against Nishra, who showed a little awe. I grasp the difficulty of alienation with kites on boulders. So what I used here was the system of illusion correctly. It was reinforced using special techniques to cover the entire battlefield.

"Hey! Tina and your sister! Cover Thanx!"

Kate waves, thanking Tina and Angelica. Actually, this wasn't done by one kite. Tina and Angelica were covering for us.

This was what Tina said every now and then. He used to faint his enemies with martial arts imitating these kinds of arts in order to put the manipulated ally to sleep.

"What did you two do?

"Tina was doing rituals and building altars with my help... and that Angelica, my sister, was baffled by it and asked me to crusade the veterinary beasts who stopped moving. I don't know if it's high-powered magic or not, but if you don't hit it, it doesn't matter. On the contrary, if we hit it, we'll figure it out, right?

"I see... so, you used illusion... you, you really thought about it"

When I heard from Kate, Nishra nodded convincingly. That said, I didn't seem to know instantly. So Nishra started explaining.

"Oh, it's easy. Normally, the magic of a beastly man with a psychotic system is ineffective. Anyway, it's a phantom beast... but magic can also be combined to increase its effectiveness so that there is a mix of rice. That's the combination with illusion right now. Earlier illusions were illusions that blurred the boundary between dreams and reality from what I saw. If so, it will be easier than ever."


Kite gets the right answer and applauds for Nishra's commentary. By the way, I could have put him to sleep with the mist of his first hand, and I could have shown him the illusion and argued with each other.

but on the boulder this is just a mock fight. I stopped in the right place because there was a fundamental question about whether I really needed to do it that far.

"If you put it on top of your consciousness a little bit, even if it was taken in by daydreams, that's decisive. That's not the only deciding factor for a boulder... but I can buy you enough time. Buying time is a strategy in twelve minutes."

Laughing, Kate instantly explains her thoughts. Troubling is also fundamental to combat. Stupid. It's not just a fight to get into honesty.

"But... is it that easy?

"Hmm? So it's cover."

Kite is hard to ask in the blink of an eye, indicating the direction of Tina and the others.

"I can't do this alone. I didn't even make the altar in the first place. Then I need someone to replace the altar. Rather than that, I'm either a ritual performer... terminal actor, or what? To be honest, I'm a show to deceive the eyes of my enemies. The truth is, Tina manipulated more illusions."

"That said, it's broken, isn't it? So I guess that's why it's called illusion."

"Haha... that's right. That's an act for the ritual, as well as a hand tag to keep the ritual out of the way. I can't move anything during the ritual."

It was with any ritual that we could not move in a detour during the ritual. Rituals have a series of streams. You can't let that interrupt you. That's why it was "The Walnut Dream" and "Peach Garden" that nullifies witchcraft.

"What happened to the deal?

"Mm-hmm... well, the quickest thing to do is not to be drunk and hold on, and bust all the altars of the ritual. If a boulder destroys everything in the field, it's not a ritual or anything. Well, that's why I suppressed magic in the Peach Garden."

In an instant inquiry, Kite tells her as she thinks. What I did this time was that if the enemy had an adventurer, it could come naturally. Nothing can only be done by Kate. It was also important for this massive simulation to learn what method the opponent was going to play and how to deal with it.

"Fighting is different between one-on-one and group-to-group. People and demons, people and people alike. Still fights differently. Learn away, boy. If it's the hooked side, I don't appreciate it, but for the hooked side, remember, there's nothing to lose."


To Nishra's words, moments nod and bow their heads. Greed for power was the same, an ancestral concession.

"... but, well... you're not going to be able to do that to me. Embarrassed by boulders."


Kite blushes just a little unexpectedly the moment she turns that way in a slightly lit manner. You certainly don't know what you're going to say. If you do that, you will inevitably draw all the attention around you. They dance and dance like stage actors. There will be no shame in it.

"Get used to doing it again and again. War is usually called a name or something dramatic."

"War, are we going to get up?

"Ha-ha-ha... I don't have any plans at the moment."

Put a denial in the instant inquiry as Kite looks far away. Even with him, for the time being, there was no prospect that the Cold War would turn into a hot war with the Church. In other words, it seemed unnecessary to do so. And that's where Tina came in.

"In the first place, it was made from the Lord."

"... if anyone remembers, it'll be easy."

In the light, Kate turns to Soppo. Not to mention someone, Charlotte, the goddess of the moon. By the way, it's a lie. That has nothing to do with it. That's why Yuri's got a couple of poems.

"Well, that's good. That's not a top skill. It's something you have to remember."


To Tina's words, now the moment drops its shoulders. I didn't think it was essential.

"Patience. That said, from attracting attention, bye-bye. Whatever it is, it doesn't make sense to be unnoticed. This kind of thing."

"... or if that's the case, isn't it Sora's role?

"Mm-hmm. That's right. That's one of the tactics of letting you do that with a surgeon. All you have to do is hide in his shadow and defeat his enemies. Nothing, fool. Honestly, defeating enemies from the front isn't a battle."

"I see..."

This time, it was originally Kite, who was accustomed and proper as a performer, but if it meant flashy, the moment isn't actually flashy. Well, there is no choice but to stick it in a straight line and wave the spear. Instead, it is not flashy, but there is certainty.

But that's why the only way to stop at a large number of eyes was to use trump cards, which were not meant for this kind of ritual. Hiding in the shadow of the ritual, he defeated his mighty enemies, and at the end of the day he was better at hustling victories with a loud voice.

"That said... it's still easier for me to knock you out of the front"

"Bye. I'm just talking about strategy and tactics. It's another story to remember as a commander and prefer to use it. It's out of the question that you don't remember, but you don't have to use it."

"Well, that helps."

With Tina's advice, the moment bows its head again. And in such a story, the fuzzy moment obtains doubts about one thing.

"Speaking of which... what happens after this? I left the retreat to Heavenly Way, so I didn't hear anything..."

"Oh, then... well, you're just leaving. This time it's any mock fight. At the end of the break, we'll move with our own breaks. Either way, the base of activity is different. Well, it's customary to gather around the city and go home."

"I see... is that it? The beast man from earlier..."

"Oh, I'm home. He's the center of the temple city. If we don't hurry, we'll be late for the squad. I went first. Seniors were getting commentary, so I went home undisturbed."

"Really? Well, let's go too."

I wanted to say about one thank you, but I think it's a moment of deep down, but if that's the case, I can't help it. And in some cases, I'll see you in Raingard. It would still be good, I think. So the three of them started walking, and the light exercise by the adventurers ended.