Kate, Kanan, and Musashi came to the shrine called "Tsuginja", set in the heart of the floating city of Raingard, to serve the weapons of Kasim and his former companions. Thus, under the guidance of the witch, we all dive into the birdhouse and have the shrine door open.

"It is a theory to Buddha to Musashi and others... but from here on in, you will enter the divine realm and go to the altar. Are you sure you want to serve?

The witch in the guide opens the door and asks Canaan. From here on forward is the area known as the Divine Domain, etc. You can take your weapon to a boulder, and even Musashi now had his armor unlocked and his weapon opened in a dedicated storage area. All I can take is an artifact I plan to serve.


"Once dedicated to your divine body, you will never be able to take it out again... are you ready?

The witch asks Canaan overlapping. This was something I couldn't do in the way of service. That is why the witches stand here and ask at the end. Thus, although Canaan showed a little patrol, he raised his eyes and snorted firmly.

"... yes"

"Okay. Well, I'm not saying anything anymore... come here."

With Canaan's reply, the witch starts walking again. By the way, her name is Nea. Then, under Nia's guidance, we walk further back together. Together, we head to the back building where the divine body is placed.

"This will be the back of your divine body."

Nea tells them together again when she stands in front of a building called Between the Backs. It was a large temple comparable to a two-story house. In this was the divine body that Canaan sought. That's how Nea opens the temple door.


"Thank you"

At Nea's urging, Canaan steps out. And with it, they shall pass through the door of the temple. Then I saw what was going on inside. That looked so fantastic.

"On the central pedestal is the body of the Sword Shrine. It's the < >... you said it was the < >."

What was there was a fantastic Japanese-style space. Whether it was in some forest or not. There were trees flourishing around, only there to open and create a fantastic sight.

At the center of the space, a great sword pierced a mossy pedestal about 5 meters with a rope wrapped around it to be led by a birdhouse, and I don't know how powerful it was, but it relieved me of tremendous divinity.

"That's... < >... the sacred relic left by the brave Kate..."


"Let's finish washing your hands first."

You will not be able to come to the divine body without cleansing before worship on the rabbit or on the corner. Therefore, Nia turns her foot to the hand-washing facility, which was securely provided at the end, and cleanses it for worship. She was preoccupied because this one is unique, so that she could demonstrate for adventurers and soldiers who don't know.

It's the influence of Musashi, Asahi Himei, and Kite that makes it Japanese. Sure, similar facilities are in Nakatsu country, but the only place we've been together so far was in the floating city of Raingard. There are pure witches here in the first place, because it was the three influences.

It was Musashi who once played an active role in the battle in this floating city that raised the installation, but it seems that the general outline was decided by Princess Asahi. Speaking of former, she is a Maori princess. Therefore, I have visited the Shinto Shrine many times, and based on the original proposal, I have provided an overview here.

For < >, it was installed by Kite. This was actually a demonic prop that Tina once mentioned, a dead-copy of just a fraction of Kate's power.

"Firstly, take the reindeer in your right hand, and your left hand. Next, wash your right hand, hold it again and mouth it at the end... oh, you mustn't put your mouth on Akiko. Store water in your left hand so that you don't put it on, mouth it... and when you're done, stand up the reindeer at the end, wash the pattern at the end, as it was."

Nea teaches Canaan how to wash her hands as she sends her unfamiliar instructions. It was a pretty giddy move, but this kind of feeling is what counts. So it was what I was trying to do that mattered, and a little impotence was being meditated on my eyes. Thus, when the cleansing of all those below Canaan is complete, he begins walking again.

"Same as ahead, center doesn't walk. The center is where God passes... then proceed to that pedestal and offer your weapons."

"... yes"

Canaan has a magical face and snorts at Nea's words. Thus, with the weapons of her former companions, she walks to the sword known as < >.

"On the pedestal there, put your weapon on. So later, the other side will do it. Oh, you can keep the sheath."

Following Nia's instructions, Kanan received the weapons he had brought from Charm and Tina and placed them on a service platform set up in front of < >.

By the way, at this time, I stood in the center - ordinary worship is polite to do at the edge - but all this was allowed only at the time of the service, in relation to the service here. There is no one who dedicates his offerings to the end of anything, and he throws them because he can't stand. That's how I see it, and Nea gives instructions again.

"Well, take a step back and thank you..."

In keeping with Nea's words, Canaan takes a step back and gives two compliments and a round of applause. There are no bells because this is not a shrine. There were no bells provided because there would be scratches on either of them if you put a bell on the boulder. Thus, according to that ritual, the anomaly occurs. < > glowed.


When < > shines, so do the weapons of Qasims brought in by Kanan. So, slowly, but the weapon rises.

"Thanks for everything... see you guys..."

Tsu, and tears spill out of Canaan's eyes. Now there's nothing I can ever see again. Really authentic, it was the last goodbye.

As such, the weapons that rose to the height in front of Canaan turned into countless particles of light when they glowed strongly for a moment, disappearing to be sucked into < >. And every time one of the lights sucked in, the bell rang.

"May the deceased travel without hesitation..."

Quiet, the sound of the bell and the voice of Nea. Besides, once again, we pray silently, meditate and pray. Thus, when all weapons were turned into glowing particles and inhaled, < > emitted a strong, pale light.

"... Now the Spirit has been consecrated and guided far beyond..."

"... yes"

To Nea's words, Canaan nods with a slightly sad but somewhere sunny look. In the end, dedication is also meant to put a foothold on you. Once again, by offering his own service, Kanan must have been properly accepted by Kasim and the others as dead. There was sadness, but there was finally a separation between everything.

"Thank you all."

Once again, Canaan bows his head to the four people who came with him. And he snorted, and he was going to follow the scene.

And, as I said, it's good, but in fact, only Kate needed to clean up the place, which remained on this occasion with Nea who told her. The reason was to help clean up the place. Canaan also offered, but ordered Tina and the others to go outside, who would want to separate things. So Nea, who sent us out together, bowed his head to Kite.

"... Dear Kite, In 300 years again, many have been dedicated... thank you with the Spirit"

"Oh, I know... I'm not going down there."

In response to Nea's words, Kate puts her hand on < >. Then, like earlier, < > glowed. And that's with kite. When he glowed in rainbow, he began to absorb the light of < >.


For a moment, Kite looks up, and for 300 years, Kite receives instant memories of tens of thousands of weapons. No matter how far away he is, he can't handle it. It was only natural to flatter my face by accident. Thus, the ritual lasted for about five minutes, with Kate lowering her hand.

"Phew... now I can handle it,"

"Thank you... we will now take you to the example location"

Seeing Kite wipe the sweat flowing from her forehead, Nea bows her head again. That's how Nea starts walking with Kite again.

That's even deeper than your body. It was a place known only to a few of those living in this floating city. It was the graveyard of some. Thus, when Nea guided Kite to the spot, she bowed her head and left the spot behind.

"Well, I'll... I'll call you back when you get home"

"Oh, thank you... you've done a lot of things and a lot of things."

There were countless weapons piercing there. The number is gracefully hundred. Kite knew all of that. No, as far as I know, I never forgot the handles. As such, Kate, who dropped Nia off, sat down on the spot and opened the liquor bottle seal.

"Right now, you idiots... coming here means there's still a lot of ridiculous noise. I thought you were an idiot, but you're an idiot."

Kate speaks to one, countless weapons all over the tears. The expression came close to a bitter smile and somewhere to joy. Once upon a time, there was not much so far. That slowly increased over the course of 300 years. I was more than happy with Kite for that.

"300 years, or... full of life, what a joke to think about for a long time... it's finally over, and you still want to rave?

Hearing Kate speak, countless weapons float. It was as if the owners had risen and taken it. That way, countless weapons turn into light. The colors are not uniform. Everything was the color of their former owners.

"... promise, I'll do it. If you're dead, it's not violent enough, you can't give up to the point of death... come on. I'll take you. Beyond death, you broke even the circle of reincarnation... and you even knew the rules of the world. We're the World's Breakers (No Orders). What do you know about the rules of the world? We can't give up anywhere, anybody, just through me."

I hear Kate's words, and the laughter echoes. That was the voice of the idiots who fought with him. Just to hear this again, they sacrificed their weapons here with their last will embedded in their own backbone. That's what happened. I also want to laugh. Thus, countless lights arrive at the kite.

"... I have 'Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)' by General Kite. Don't think you can slow down to the point of death. If I can move, I can move even the dead."

Ku, and leaning the cup all at once and drinking out the contents, Kate, who took in countless lights, pours all the liquor left in the cup again. So Kate put the drink cup on the spot and stood up.


Oh, and the wind blows. Those who have died on another continent in the last 300 years have joined his ranks anew. That meant nothing more than a far greater increase in his power. So the power was more than ever.

In so doing, Kite snaps his fingers and punctures the ground with the weapons he just took in from above and the phantom of the weapons he was returning and being delivered to the Duke's house. For once, this is a grave. It's sad without a tomb mark.

"... come on, let's go"

"'' Whoa!

Countless voices echo it as Kate turns her back and decrees. That's how the sound of military shoes rings as a phantom as Kate starts walking. But that's just one step too.

Kite took it all in. Then later is their one will, and this world and the afterlife lose their boundaries. It's just a sign that we're together. As such, Kate decided to bring back hundreds of new companions and start walking again.