After finishing a series of exchanges at the Sword Shrine (Tsuginja), Kite was back at the inn that Musashi and the Floating Continental side had prepared for us once. Because there's nothing to do but "Tsuruginja Shrine". Later, it was easy, but there were other circumstances. I've been waiting.

"Well... it's good to go into the hot springs for now, but this isn't a natural hot spring..."

Covered private room with blurry kite. Unfortunately, Kate won't be here until the meeting starts. So only he was given a private room. Placing a poor cohabitant is an obstacle to work, and Tsubaki is involved.

Perfect for a private room, it seems. By the way, Tsubaki stands by here when she gets to work. There was no way to do this.

When his work as an authentic adventurer begins, Kate must stay at an inn on that side - a Western-style hotel on the side of the Millennium Kingdom - as an escort to the Queen of the Millennium Kingdom. Because you can't take a maid there. And such a tsubaki asks Kite.

"Your husband. What do you do for dinner?

"Hmm? Oh, dinner or... no, I don't need to prepare today. There's a meeting at night, so you'll be eating at the teacher's place in the stream."

"Okay. So, you think it's gonna be late?

"Oh, do that. A meeting is no different from a neighborhood autonomous meeting. It'll be a drinking party when it's over, so the return will be from the back door. Keep your mouth shut."

"Yes, sir."

Tsubaki bows her head on instructions from Kate. Basically, she was going to make the food and drink during her stay here, and Kite was going to have to do the same.

That said, except today. Today, I read that you will be behaving at Musashi's place in order to have a meeting with the Legado leaders. Time crosses dinner because each of us has a job. I have no choice.

"Um... I just want to go in the hot springs for now, but... do you have time for that,"

"The time is currently 17: 00. I was wondering if you'd be picking me up in about 50 minutes."

"Right... ha... give up"

Kite sighed at the allegations from Tsubaki. For now, I wanted to go into the hot spring for a drink, but unfortunately that was unlikely due to the relationship I had with Tsuginja Shrine.

Tomorrow's meeting starts at 18: 00, sits once at 19: 00, resumes at 21: 00, and ends around 22: 00. The first hour would be to discuss the future of Legado with the face-to-face, and meet in half a chat about a full-scale offensive plan after dinner. And, as Kate expected, they won't give me time for that. Musashi came through an open window.

"Oh, whoa. How about a drink?

"What did you do?

"Ka. I didn't rub it with Mitra... I caught the right fish. Why don't you broil and eat?

"I'll take it."

If you look closely, Musashi had a simple fishing rod and a cage hung at his waist for putting in a caught fish called a fish cage. Apparently he spent his spare time at sea fishing as well.

So they go out into the garden and take out the seven wheels, and with a knife they just whisk and broil the fish. By the way, Musashi can cook. Since it was normal for a warring man to be able to cook, Musashi was also able to cook normally.

"Maazi and Ishidai are just caught. Maaji is a little busy, but not enough to eat with his disciples. I caught Ishidae... but this one's small. In a situation where the belt is shortened and the belt is extended."

"haha... then broil and have a cup,"

"That's the thing. Maaji asked Mitra later if she would like to eat even a liquor dish with Ishidae."

Understanding what Musashi is trying to say, Kate begins to judge Ishidai with a bitter smile with Tsubaki. In the meantime, Musashi was making seasonings to eat broiled food.

"A little garlic, scorched soy sauce, and..."

"Do you want to ride the onion?

"Oh, um. Do you want it?"

Honey, and two handy men cook at the garden end. That was an odd sight for some to see. Therefore, with the good smell of scorched soy sauce, tourists were starting to form.

"Well... well, next time, broil."

"From here, I'll do it. You two go ahead, have a drink."

"Um. I'm sorry... kite, because of the confession"


In the meantime, Musashi, seated in the impromptu seats provided, tells Kite in one hand. We were already just going to broil, and we don't need manpower from here on out. So Kite follows Musashi's words and sits on top of you.

That's how you do it, an hour goes by quickly, and the time has come. So a messenger walked over here who found Musashi and Kite enjoying broiling in the dishes of liquor at the garden tip.

"Doctor, was it this way... the elders will sit at and"

"Hmm? Huh... she said she enjoyed a cup with a delicious broiled dish because of it... but she had no choice. Suppose we go? Come your lords, too. We're not going anywhere."

"Ok... Senior Fujido, then this one too"

"Oh... Dr. Musashi. It's a treat."

Following Kate's words, Fujido, who had come to talk to Musashi, raises his back. He was one of the main players in this superficial area and also one of the troop leaders. That's why I was supposed to participate in the brief. Without turning down Musashi's recommendation, he also tilted a few sacrificial drinks, but his feet seemed fine.

"Um... well, then, follow me. It's not that far from here."


Kate understands where she's going in the first place, but Fujido doesn't. So we take them together and follow Musashi to a conference hall a little further away. It was a three-story building, quite large. One of them was the conference room to use in this brief.

"Ah, your opinion number. The elders will arrive in a while."

"What the hell. Why don't you come and get me? Don't you respect older people? Then why don't you have some booze?"

"Haha. We'll be here in a while, so please wait."

"I have no choice... well, good. I'm going in first."


Musashi decides to enter the building, even as the gatekeeper speaks. It was like a medieval conference room. That said, this is not the place to be suspicious.

In fact, the only Japanese style is the corner where the kites stay and the corner where Musashi and Princess Asahi stay. There was a kite there, and it just became pure Japanese. Normally, medieval western winds with slightly different worlds were fundamental in this way. and Fujido questioned it just moments before entering the conference room as such.

By the way, your opinion number is Musashi's position in Legado. Princess Asahi has become your guide. Being heroes inside, they didn't speak publicly, but instead, they had a role to play in preventing incidents and outbursts as opinion numbers and signposts.

"Speaking of which... Dr. Musashi was told earlier, how old are you?

"What, impudent... well, I didn't come to this city about 500 years ago. Not long before the war. So we can count backwards from when Nong died. That said, I don't eat years because of mental life... so I've known them since they were kids."

To Fujido's question, Musashi tells him a little bit of a laugh. In fact, his wife, Mitra, is equally a spiritual life form, close to half immortality. This is due to the battle he fought 500 years ago for several reasons, but I'm going to leave it lying down now.

"Well... well, take it easy for a while longer until the others arrive"


To Musashi's words, both Kite and Fujido nod. These are the only two people who participated from the school side this time. The overall summary will be provided by Kite, and the overall command of the actual unit will be provided by Fujido. Because I don't need any more. It should be noted that Tina was to secretly join the Duke's side. Therefore, we decided to wait for a little while.

Then, about 30 minutes. As the kites chat, there will be momentum in the conference room for this meeting.

"Now, are you all of them?

"Mm-hmm? Oh, yeah. Even so, the captain of the actual task force is Non, and the assistant is accompanied by a princess. Besides being in a meeting, I'm still here."

After Fujido's question, Musashi answers in a whisper. The meeting was already beginning, so he whispered. That's how Musashi showed a slightly younger man sitting in his seat against Kite in a whisper.

"Look, that guy in the middle corner. That's what I'm talking about. A guy named Magik. Don't ask for your real name. Long."

"Haha. How often? Dragon... are you the head of the shrine sect?

"Right. Son of Mitra's nephew."

Musashi acknowledges Kate's words. Sitting in the upper seat was one man with a round type of horn like an oriental dragon on his head. From there, Kate saw the pattern.

Typically in Legado, interracials lived somewhere unraveling the understandable hidden shapes of some species. Nothing about corners, tails, or a little scale will interfere with your life. So this would be a cultural difference.

"Oh Lord Mitra's... speaking of which, your wife was pregnant"

"Mm-hmm. That was 300 years ago. I inherited my Lord's throne from my predecessors last year. It's about time."

"Does that mean it's a thirty year course?

"Uhm. Because I'm young"

Musashi acknowledges Kate's words again. Manager Li was supposed to die or replace him in 30 years. The aim was to prevent authoritarianism by one person in the floating city of Raingard, which is closed to the presence of long-lived species.

Musashi and Asahi Himeshi have favorite opinions and favorites, and that's why. Well, so far, happiness or unhappiness has never helped either of us. It should also be noted that physical anxiety can be replaced. My predecessors apparently did. And such Magik turned to Musashi.

"And it's a policy to say... is your uncle okay?

"Mm-hmm? Ooh. There is no problem. Don't worry about it."

"You didn't hear that."


Musashi nods in a slight hurry at Kate's words. By the way, the topic now was about where to go after the meeting. We were discussing where to go, even though it could be manipulated somewhat - in some directions. Please note that your uncle is a relative of Musashi and Magik.

"Well, anyway, it's no use where I hear it. I don't give a shit."

"Do you like this life right now?"

"It's better to live a casual life than to live in a martial arts house."

Kate's words used to be what Musashi himself said. So he laughs and tells him it's good now, just like it used to be. When Kite asked me if I was willing to look for a way to go back a long time ago, I returned my current words.

"Well, so do you lords"

"I don't care. Worst of all, we also need to rescue the planet..."

"I thought it was ridiculous. Whoa... but still don't be ridiculous"

"Because I'm a brave man."

Kite laughs at Musashi's words this time. After all, we never changed from each other. And while we're talking about that, apparently the story gets to the point.

"So the current status of the investigation is the first level complete,"

Magik tells Reingard's executives about the current investigation. The ancient capital, Legado, is divided into several hierarchies, the most extensive area of which is at the top.

At the same time, it was the least dangerous place where the Raingard technicians would get in from time to time. The so-called part where simple maintenance is carried out may be considered.

"Your uncle. So I'd like you to start your investigation from the second tier the day after tomorrow... can you please?

"Mm-hmm. Non's porters have no problem. Even in human foot, 50 guests from Japan can be reached by the Duke's Special Forces. The second and third floors are a problem... more so than the first command room. Let's keep it neat, huh?

"Yes, this has been confirmed. I plan to have the investigation team led by Major Sophitia of the Duke's house packed here. We'll be ready tomorrow for communications equipment."

Needless to say, Tina is a magician. Only swordsmen can enter the ruins. No, once she has the heart to be a swordsman too, so I can get in if I want, but I still have anxiety in my arms. And now we're going to gather information and we're going to run out of people to analyze it. He said he was here to investigate, but then it was the end of the line.

By the way, you can think of it as a control bridge when it comes to the command room. Since this is the only place where information can be exchanged freely and inside, we made this a special place for the operators.

"Um... so you're at the bottom of the line to stay. This goes to Non and Princess, the few centered on Yamato. Well, I can't analyze the information, but it's no different there anyway. Are you worried about this?

"No, if you want my uncle to turn to you, I'm not anxious. Feel free."

Musashi's skill is top notch in Enefia, to say the least for swords. They will fight for first place and second place, no matter what the color. So I tell Magik to shake his head and leave it all to me, too. This is a reaffirmation in the first place. There were no more problems.

By the way, Yamato is Musashi's first child. I wouldn't even have to think about the origins, I was a petty little kid 300 years ago, but apparently I grew up first class as a martial artist in 300 years.

"Well, let's take one last day off and get ready, and let's do it the day after tomorrow."


Magik bows his head to Musashi's words. That's how the talks were suspended at the end of the day, and each was supposed to have dinner.