It was a temporary meeting, but it still seemed to be what Kate expected when it came to dinner with the kites.

"Kite. Lord, there will be nothing. Eat at the house of Nong together. Because it's close to here."

"haha... ok"

"Is it good?

"I don't mind. I don't know what you've been fishing for in the first place.

Fujido shows a little reluctance against Kate, who agreed without even having to think about it. but he understood that they were coming out about the fish and apparently were fishing for us. The swordsman went out of his way to fish for himself, and now he seems to have disrespected you the other way around.

"Okay. Thank you very much."

"Uhm. Then follow me"

With Fujido's consent, the three of them take together and start walking. Musashi's house was a little far from here and we were to walk for a while. And in the middle of that, speaking of course, there was a natural topic.

"Heavenly Sound. One thing, can I ask you something?

"I don't think you need to ask, so from the answer. Yes, it is."

"... you admit it softly."

"Well, if only that conference room had kept my head down nearly 10 times. Everyone will notice."

In a bitter mix, Kate tells the guess. Now, what was the exchange about Kate's identity? His cover-up was quite impossible at the time he stretched his legs to another country.

And even though this legado was at one time, Kate used to live there, even on a regular basis. For that matter alone, they knew far more than any other country, and those who inevitably did not know the circumstances of Kite would speak up when they saw Kite. As a matter of fact, I was also thinking that Kate had gone in earlier, and that she was going to stop talking like that.

"Please shut up. For once, it's still a state secret."

"Oh, okay"

If it was Fujido, if Kate's identity was that of the true brave Kate, it was easy to imagine that she was as similar as a state secret. So he immediately responds to Kate's request.

"But why are you a student here?

"Haha... it'll be a long time if you talk. Well, I'm sorry that the sun goes down, so in short, when we get back to Earth, it's an hour. You can't be an adult, so... start over from middle school."


Remember Kate's age again, and Fujido won't be able to carry on the two sentences. I didn't have to think about starting over with junior high, but I came here as a junior high school student. I understood that.

and such a Fujido elsewhere, Musashi fingers a slightly distant house. It was a house close to one martial arts mansion floating from some fantasy building around. It's pretty big, about 100 meters square. Dojo and Zao also seemed to exist inside.

"Oh, leave the story there. See, that's Noon's house."

"I miss you, Dojo"

"Meet one with Yamato later. You lose where you're drunk."

"Well, I'm looking forward to it"

That's what Kate says, she goes back to what she was. It was already after Fujido found out, and it was disrespectful to fake your appearance when it came to meeting with the master's wife. It would be a courtesy to a benevolent opponent to look healthy. Thus, Musashi raises his voice when the door of the gate is opened.

"Ooh, we're home -!

"Shut up! Anise will wake up!


A woman's voice echoed and she was hit in the head by something that flew through the window, and Musashi leaned back. Flying in was a toy once bought by Kite at a grocery store that quickly handles toys for toddlers in the Imperial City.

Thus appeared a woman dressed in one witch's clothing against Musashi, who rubbed her head. As old as Musashi was. She was an elegant, but somewhat mind-boggling beauty. Sleek or neat body shape, fitting kimono. Make him Musashi's wife, and he is Mitra, a shrine witch.

"When... I'm sorry. I'm sorry"

"Huh... that?

Mitra looks at Kate and opens her eyes a little. Besides, kite bowed her head.

"Mr. Mitra. Long time no see. We were out of time. I came home by a strange coincidence."

"Oh! It's not Kite! How have you been?

"Yeah. Fortunately, the planet hasn't changed much, and neither have my parents nor my brothers."

Kite responds with a little light to Mitra, who speaks casually like she handles a child. For a long time, she was still treated like a child because she looked after her childhood around the time she came here, even though she said it was about kite. And, as if protesting such a Mitra shout, the cry of the baby sounded.

"Ahh... ahh. Hey, I'm sorry. I was just born during this time..."

"No. As long as you're both as happy as ever"

"I haven't changed a bit."

Kite shakes her head and drops it off at Mitra, who hastily returns to her mood a little. Apparently, a little bit of character remains the same, apparently. Kite was passing through everything and Musashi's words.

And that's how he turned into Mitra, who disappeared, and one young man and beautiful woman showed up in front of the kites. Apparently, the return of the landlord, he welcomed me.

The young man had a similar elegance to Mitra in his face, but he had slightly longer hair wrapped around him like a ponytail in the back, just like Musashi. It was my son Yamato.

If you are a beautiful woman, this again has an atmosphere similar to Mitra and Musashi, but Kite was also a stranger. That said, because there is an atmosphere similar to that of Mitra and Musashi on his face, it is probably the second child that Musashi did not mention in the late days - Anise said the third child -.

"Whoa, we're home."

Welcome back, Father.

"Welcome back, Father. Are you a customer?

"Um... this is a raven and a horn... yamato. Remember this one?

"Ha... ah! Brother! Welcome home!

Yamato with a calm impression somewhere, but sees Kate and smiles on her face. Apparently he still admired me because I was standing close to my brother when I was young. He looked deeply bowed his head.

"Hey. You're totally big. That was a long time ago. Well, you didn't see him."

"haha... sorry for the inconvenience on your day..."

To Kate's words, Yamato blushes his cheeks and shakes his head. And against such a yamato, a beautiful woman leaned her neck.


"Hmm? Oh, that's him, brother kite. Brave Kite, that's the guy... next door... sorry. I don't know."

Yamato, who was questioned by his sister, shakes his head a little sorry. Apparently, Fujido was thought to be the escort of Kate. You'd be famous, I thought.

"I am Fujido Kanju. Your father invited me to dinner."

"Oh, I see... I'm Yamato. The Miyamoto family."

When Fujido introduces himself, he introduces himself knowing whether Yamato was a guest from Japan. Further to that, my sister bowed her head.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Anila."

"You don't know the Lord. Look, it's the second one. My daughter."

Taking over Anila's words with her head down, Musashi introduces Anila to the two of them. By the time Kate once stayed, there were only yamatos, and she was around 10 years old for making them that yamato. Anila was born when Yamato was over 100 years old, so she never met with Kate.

As such, Kate observes Anila closely. The smoothness characteristic of a martial artist also existed in her body. If so, he stomped on some kind of martial arts.

"Hmm... a bowman"

"... where did you see it and think so?

"? What are you...? Ah, duh. You sure were grumpy. Bad."

"" Pu... ""

Seeing Kate's response and her daughter's staring gaze, Musashi and Yamato unwittingly blow out. In fact, Anila, like her mother Mitra, was in what is called a slender shape.

And apparently, she had inherited it from her mother to the complex with her body shape. He didn't say anything and barely cared, but he threw up a line of consciousness on his chest on his own.

"No, I'm sorry. Look, I don't care what my parents say, because Anila has tiny breasts. It's dented. We're leaving, right?

With a little laugh, Musashi narrowly explains to Kate against her daughter's sword screen. Fujido is an outsider on the boulder, so I couldn't seem to get him to ask these confusing things about sexual harassment.

"haha... you look just like Mitra"

"Well, the smaller one is just as good as the smaller one... oh, did the Lord prefer the bigger one"

"No pride in the chest. It's our hidden home training."


To Kate's words, Musashi laughs with pleasure. Speaking of which, he remembered.

"Well, standing talkin 'or something. Look, kite and contiguity, follow me... where's the rice?

"Ah, yes. I didn't know what time my father was going to be home, so just get ready for now. After that, just bake. Even if it's baked, it's just the right time because it's just getting ready."

"Right... there you go. Lord, I need a little help. Let's just say I don't know what to do. The interval itself will not change."

"Yes, sir. Well, I'm... I'm home."

"Ah, brother! I'll help myself!

And then Kate goes up to the Musashi Mansion without precipitation, following Anila to someone else's house she really knows on her own. Plus, Yamato accompanies the mood a little hastily.

I told her that Kite was staying here for a while. The original resident apprentice, I don't take it - I don't need to say or take it - but I can't let two children unaccompanied by boulders live somewhere, and Princess Asahi's house had been rejected for various reasons.

So Mitra told me to treat this place as my own house. So Yuri also says right now. And when I saw such a kite, I offered Musashi whether Fujido should also help.

"Oh, to help myself"

"The Lord blames Non's opponent. It's the landlord's job to entertain guests. Even though the landlord drinks, he lets the guests take care of the meal, and the landlord breaks his name."

"No, but..."

"That was one of the family members of the house of Ionon. Don't let your family help you with dinner."


If kite is accepted but it is the late, then I am certainly a Musashi guest here. Fujido will also grasp it and follow Musashi's words. Then, for a while, Maitodo would be offering the sake of Musashi.

And, Kite, who left Musashi's opponent to Fujido, he just stood in the kitchen and waved a knife, wondering what he really knew on his own.

"In the meantime, what are we going to do with Maaji... make it sweet and spicy"

Maaji, who Musashi fished home, was just about the same amount if he included himself and Fujido. That said, I don't know how much Yamato or Anila eats right now. I decided to make more. So it seems that Kate has chosen to cook a delicious dish, even cold, so that it will also be lunch tomorrow.

"Soy sauce and sugar, then white sesame seeds... ah, even a little thickening with single chestnut flour... ah. Yamato, I hate you!

"Oh, no, I'm fine now!

"I'm just being mean"

"haha... then go without the thickness"

Yamato was a little light-hearted and had a loud voice, so Kite had noticed, but she could understand it from Anila's words. Yamato doesn't seem to like thickened food for a long time, but it still looks the same. Besides, while Kite gets a little relief, she pulls a single chestnut flour out of the seasoning.

"I didn't know you could stand in the kitchen."

"You know our homework, don't you?

"Haha... I'm the teacher who slammed all the cooking into me."

Kate answers Yamato's query as she grates Maaji into three pieces. Musashi is a warring man. So I wonder nothing where the man stood in the kitchen, and on the contrary, he cooks himself. And the attendants were informed to learn the ability to self-cater. If it is a dwelling kite or a yamato, that would be the place.

"Hmm... but you're a really quiet lady"


Yamato laughs bitterly at the words of Kate, who sees Anila. Actually, Musashi's family is basically, a lot of chatter. He's calm for a yamato, but he talks quite a bit, so he's a friendly person. In contrast, Anila doesn't have much mouth count. Talk if necessary, but it didn't look like there was any other chatter.

"Well, you and your father and your mother basically have a lot of mouth count. That's why I'm not familiar with people, but I'm a little sloppy."

Apparently, it's true that you're a lousy mouth. Anila's cheeks as Kate watched were only slightly stained with Zhu.

"Well, it's family. So do we, but are we brothers and sisters and do we have different personalities... so, Yamato"


"What happened to Fengyue next door? Oh, you don't have to answer that."


In the moment of Kite's inquiry, Yamato is greatly disturbed. Fengyue is a childhood friend. She's a Dragon girl, and given all the things she thinks about, it was about time she had one of her friendships. So I wondered if there would be any further reports in 300 years.

"Yes, no... what is it?

"No, what's the progress?

"I don't know what..."

Yamato turns that way as he dyes his cheeks bright red. Apparently, there wasn't anything.

"Hmm... aniller. Show me around later. Well, I don't have to show you around, 'cause I'll ask you in the summer months."

"No, because there's still a secret meeting there today"

"Hey, hey!

Yamato is in a great hurry for Anila's answer. Apparently, even if he's a lousy mouth, he's not bad for his personality. He answered exactly what Kate wanted to hear.

"Heh... how far have we gone?

"Gu... Ah! I can sashimi you, so excuse me!

"" Ah, I ran away ""

When he noticeably finds that the assortment of sashimi that Anila was making was ready, Yamato escapes to a glance with it. Apparently, this way, the Miyamoto family's succession would be cheap.

"" Hahaha!

Seeing the escaped Yamato, Anila and Kate look at each other and laugh. Thus, in a soothing manner, this day's dinner was made.