Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 695: Floating City Holidays

After eating the breakfast that Tsubaki made for me and finishing any act with Tina. Kate decides to hang around the city appropriately. I have to check the condition of the equipment on this day, so I can't move.

"For now, I don't know what to do..."

It's the right kite to hang out with, but there's no way to go. By the way, I didn't bring anyone here today. Because if you stay with someone in a floating city poorly and someone sees you there, you could feel who you are.

It should be noted that Meizuka, Mizuki, and Yayoi all said they wanted to visit the Sword Shrine (Tsuginja) together, and Tina was busy until noon because she had equipment checked. Rarely did I have a date or anything. It was completely free.

"Do you want to show your face to Princess Asahi?"

It's already 8: 00 in the morning. Wake up at 6: 00 in the morning to become Kojiro and train his sword for an hour, but the absolute routine Princess Asahi is already up and active, and by now it will be around the time she even reads. So Kate decides to walk away for Princess Asahi's house.

"I mean, let's go meet up with him."

"... no, they've already taken me forcefully,"

"Because you didn't come."

With a stubborn face somewhere, Kate tells the princess Asahi in her princess state. Since he was reading the guide, Kite had been reading with him for about two hours, but when he was free, Kite forcefully took him out.

By the way, this was the default, usually if you two were going on a date. Basically, Princess Asahi doesn't go outside. She's a boxed girl, so she won't leave. It should be noted that house dating is not bad, so Kate may not be taken out.

"And it's good that I took him out, but where are you going?

"Hmm... for now, I thought I'd hang out in the city, appropriately. Princess Asahi, you haven't even seen it since you left anyway, have you?

"Well, yes..."

Princess Asahi admits Kate's words, seemingly slightly broken teeth. Anyway, Princess Asahi's treatment in this city is princess. Thanks to the fact that the atmosphere is princess as you can see on top of the original nobility, we really treat our surroundings with princesses. When that happened, it was not very easy to get out of the city.

"Isn't it dangerous to be seen?

"It's okay... look, this is right,"

In response to Princess Asahi's pointing out, Kite wears a slightly broken black dressing by weaving more light shallot feather weaves as she is her natural figure with dark hair and dark eyes. I kept a large knife and a small knife on my hips. This way, you would be the escort or squire of Princess Asahi from anywhere.

Well, the faces go hand in hand. It's a bit of a playful style, but it didn't even look like he was wearing a knife, and Musashi's brother-in-law - they usually wear kimonos. It was a decision that no matter who saw us in the Adventure Department, it would look like the city's residents were talking to each other.

"Kite the Brave, there's an early version of the new team."

"... a new composer?

"Ah, it's the last group of active samurai in Tokugawa Shogun... who lost the last and were treated like thieves by the Meiji government. Well, Tokugawa Shogun is also losing, so it's inevitable."

"Ha... is that an attribution to me... and it doesn't get along well with shallots"

No matter how many of them say they were erased from history books, Princess Asahi's home is the Maori family, and her real father is Huiyuan Maori. In other words, it is a defeated general. There is no reason for Princess Asahi to be stunned.

By the way, Princess Asahi naturally told me that the shallot color was bad. Light shallots were the colour of clothes called "kashi" worn by those who cut their bellies at the time. Bad luck naturally.

"No, in the first place, the motif itself is the involvement of the Ako Wanderer, so..."

"I don't know. And anyway, it killed you, too, didn't it?

"Oooh... for once, besides all the controversies, in modern times they are considered loyal ministers..."

In response to Princess Asahi cutting and throwing away the bastard, Kite steps on it. In the first place, Princess Asahi was born into a warring world. In other words, it is an early presence of the Shogun of Edo.

There was no way she knew the Ako wanderer of early 1700. I wasn't interested when Kate came forward either, so I didn't know any details about Ako Wanderer.

"Well, if you're loyal, let's say good...? You must have also intervened in Daiwa's death. Is it a self-blade at the end? Or do you want me to kill you?

"It's a self-blade... I'm sorry"

"Naturally. Loyal ministers, don't wear clothes that are bad for those who blade themselves."

After a little fun preaching from Princess Asahi, Kite changes the color of her feathers to pale. Furthermore, the inner drainage was changed to an elegant patterned object based on a light water color, and fans and xels were then inserted into the belt. Hairstyles are total hair - the type that doesn't shave - and footwear is naturally wasted. I felt more of a player, but I don't care.

It should be noted that the new author actually weaved shallow-colored formations of the Dandara pattern - the Yamagata pattern of the famous cuffs - until around the Ikedaya incident. Later, he said it was a blackheads all over his body.

"Are you Lord Profit..."

"I'm not going to lean."

"It must be like everyday things are leaning... not like rebirth,"

"I'm different from that. It's the same time, but... you know that."


Princess Asahi became annoyed with Kate's response. The soul exists more in its previous life than in rebirth, both in Kite and in Princess Asahi. And for that past life, it can be used as some kind of special attack: < >.

And naturally, Kite can use this < >, so she only knew a few things about her previous life. And there were times when I heard about it, both Princess Asahi and Musashi.

It should also be noted that profits are referred to as Keio Maeda. He was a warlord who gave his name to the inclined in the warring world. I hear Princess Asahi has met several times.

"Well, for now. Where shall we go... to the teahouse in the west?

"It would be good."

Hearing Kate's words, Princess Asahi nods a little happily. The teahouse in the west, what was Asahi Princess's favorite coffee shop?

"For now, dough dough. Father! One crush!

"Amitsu, please"

The kites who arrived at the teahouse in the west decided to have a relaxing day by mouthing sweetness for now.

Two hours from the start of such a date. In the meantime, the two of us appropriately bumped into each other, but we decided to go back to Asahi Princess's house because it was a big problem to bring the princess around at all times on the boulder. but in the middle of that, I encounter Yayoi, who was on an equally swallowing journey.



Seeing a different kite than usual, Yayoi tilts his neck. Kite is mostly a longcoat. Wearing feather weaves was unusual. Besides, most importantly, I've never seen you hold a xel in your hand.

Both Kuzha and Yuri are sensitive to cigarettes and their smoke, so Kite is not a smoker. Rather than that, McDawell territory is completely smoke-free. Alcohol is the only thing kept free, but cigarettes were treated like narcotics.

"Xel... do you use it?

"Hmm? Oh, this is just water vapor. Not a cigarette. A toy."

In response to Yayoi's words, Kate mouths Xcel. He's right, what he's smoking is just water vapor. It was just a toy for the reason that it looked good. Yayoi laughs corny at how playful Kate looks no longer from anywhere like that.


"You don't have to be serious like this."

"Seriously, you'll look like one of the best samurai in Heavenly Sunny Nippon."

Princess Asahi looks back at Kate's words. Kite doesn't look bad. If it's what it looks like now, it's superb. Now if you tie the knots and weave the feathers, you will be a samurai with eyes open. but he still has the wind of a player, so he was a bad samurai who could eat Loch but play around in the city rather than a samurai.

"It's been a long time since my samurai died, so I don't have any more clothes..."

"Oh, we'll still get our uniforms, won't we?


"Yes, it's not a garment store that has been delivering kimonos to Fushimi Inari for generations since the early days of Muromachi, is it?

Yayoi laughs and tells the story of his arrival to the surprise of Meizuka. I was surprised to see that there were still places where they were doing their uniforms. By the way, he says it's close to just visiting tourists for children, even when he says prime clothes to boulders.

"Why don't we do it together?

"I won't do it. How old am I?"

Kite laughs bitterly when Meizuki tells me. Thirty roads ago with him. There's no way I'm going to do this right now. The rituals similar to mitzvahs and vests were ended here in the first place. Instead, Will ordered me to name my country with Lux.

"Well, I mean... there's nothing I can do, so I was hanging around appropriately, but... are Yayoi and the others coming home?

"Right. It was a beautiful shrine."

Yayoi nods at Kite's inquiry. So, from then on, while chatting, the five of us decided to take a stroll at will for a while.

It's after noon after dawn from such a stroll. Yayoi and the others want to chat with Princess Asahi, so Kite, thrown out of Princess Asahi's house, is her boyfriend, but starts walking again, moaning a little. Ahead was Musashi's house this time. It was a matter of putting your face on the dojo.

"Huh! Ha!

A kite who greeted Mitra and showed his face to the dojo, but the dojo was in a fuller state of thanksgiving than he thought. In the meantime, Musashi noticed Kite watching his disciple's archery.

"Mm-hmm? What. Did the Lord show his face, too?"

"Yeah, I told you, I have to show my face in the dojo."

"It's still a lot today"

Apparently, because it was the day before the investigation began, the imprint holding and all the communicating holding that sometimes did not show their faces today were showing their faces. Musashi was laughing at Kite. As such, Kate lowers her hips beside Musashi.

"There! Don't get distracted! The steps are weak!

"When are you going to be a teacher? I miss it somewhere."

"Three hundred years after that... I gained enough strength to be extremely deep. It affects the Lord."

Basically, now Musashi just observes. I don't talk. Instead, it was Yamato who was speaking out. Now basically he had his mouth full of disciples' training and Musashi was in the shape of watching over it. Musashi was happy to say where he was hiding after a while. but there seems to have been an extra bend, of course, for this to happen.

"It was disastrous that he was the son of Nanjo. That was too talented... contrary to your Lord."

"You can go beyond genius if you fall."

"That's good. Born genius. No one can crush it with his husband."

The two talk about the old Yamato. Genius of the sword. That's Yamato's review. He inherited the blood of his father, who was brilliant in swordsmanship, and the blood of his mother, who possessed the righteousness of strong flesh and rare sorcery. The result was his qualities as a swordsman far beyond his father. In Musashi's view, Yamato's talent would be comparable to that of Yanashi Ishikusai, the story said.

but yes, therefore, I was proud. Born gifts are instantly harnessed by swordsmanship, and as a result, I learned early on that I was far more talented than others. The child who does so is a child, and therefore grows. Kite came where he was growing and proud.

"Genius is a genius. He doesn't know the top. Untalented is genius, knowing above. Non is a genius, to say the least. But in this country I was worshipped as a genius"

Musashi scratches his head boldly with a bitter smile. Musashi is a genius. It makes sense, therefore, to lose to my father. That's why Musashi couldn't flatter Yamato. It was also disastrous that Musashi and Mitra were children who gained late. Because the child was cute, it was difficult to admire it.

"There, Lord. Your lord has become a genius to see."

"Hahaha... because it was such a gift to be taught to a 10-year-old."

At the time, Kite was swordsmanship. After Artesia, she only learned by herself. In other words, it was de amateur sword moves. Naturally, he was inferior to Yamato in skill.

"Ka... but I'm so talented... which one. Let me try that again now."

"Oh man..."

Musashi, who seems to have thought of it, orders Kite. Kite beats Yamato more than he beats him. Thus, as it reproduced the time, Kite disappeared.


With the sound of no, the sword trident staggers. Kite turned around behind Yamato and fed him a blow.

"Huh! Ha! Damn!"

The sound of a sword trident strikes three times in a row. Yamato had prevented all the slaughter that Kate had unleashed three times in pursuit.

"Interpretation, biology... I miss you"

Yamato laughs and exchanges impending moments. The words he said were those of Musashi. In the end, Kite has a lot of experience in action. In seeking to live in death, he excelled. Then he knew how to win.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't have said I lost a blow... but it doesn't work for me right now."

"I guess so."

Kite and Yamato grin at each other. Yamato lost in one blow after an unexpected blow from Kite. Interpretation, Yamato's swordsmanship at the time was a textbook swordsmanship that was not based on practice. There was no way I could beat a kite named after an unintentional trick.

As a result, I got bummed no matter how many times I did it. It was also after that that Yamato became admirers of kite. I don't hesitate to smash myself into admiration for my slightly older brother.


Yamato uses his strength only for a moment to let go of his intercession with Kite. Whatever you do, it's only bad for Yamato to remain impending. Kite can attack while pressing. Yamato, by contrast, is very modelled, but therefore unable to cope.


"< >"

Against Yamato, who attempted to weave the restraints using < >, Kite turns his weapon into a spear and protrudes at a purple electric speed. So, it was over.

"... I'm here. Or now I think it's cowardly."

"Change hands, change objects, that's me"

Kite laughs at the accusation-mixed yamato, who is a little close to shaken by the tip of a spear sticking out of her throat. Kite is the only one who can do this. I couldn't help but want to blame you. but this is reality.

"Well, no one's gonna do this, but... don't forget. Enemy and self are different from what to what"

"Just because you can do it doesn't mean someone else can. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean someone else can't... I miss you."

Take over Kate's words, Yamato tells. Those are the words thrown at the proud boy. Couldn't it have been easier? It was the first time a boy who had discredited an older man had been defeated. As such, Kite spent the holidays intimately with the faces of old knowledge throughout the day.