Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 698: Legado - Level Two -

The Canaans entered the second level of the ancient capital Legado elsewhere with the concerns of the kites, but welcoming them like that was the corner of some sort of branchy aisle.

"Damn! What is this smell!?

"My nose is going to bend..."

"This... smells like oil."

When he entered the second layer, he joined him - a relationship of troop formation - and Rui Tree makes a slight, albeit slight, snort of Canaan and Charming Clothes holding his nose to the side. The area was filled with the smell of oil, and the sound of steam was ringing there.

It would be a pretty hard place for an Orc. If you look, you should have come many times even to the beasts among the disciples of Musashi, but you looked up.

"The operator. Where are we?

"This is the operator. That is the entry point leading to the passage for maintenance. Moving on from there will be a maintenance corridor. Try not to get distracted by the smell of oil and get caught in a steam eruption. '

"Okay, I get it."

Mizuki nods as she looks around at the words from the operator. By the way, the operator is not Tina. No matter how much, you can't imagine covering such a hierarchy straight away, Major.

"Hmm... it's hard on the Beast Man, here... are you hitting on me?

"Even humans are hard..."

"You had different destinations for each party... uh, we..."

Mitsuki confirms where they are going when asked to hold their nose. We don't build a single party with dozens of large people in boulders. It is planned to break through several routes in several units at the same time. Otherwise, there were inefficiencies.

"... in the meantime, we're with Director Fujido, right?"

Rui Ji answers somewhere with his nose. After all, she smells bad too. It should be noted that there are 10 people per party. Asako from the Adventure Department of Tensakura School was also brought together and was to be divided into three parts.

Because the accustomed work better with each other. And when we talked about that, Fujido came immediately. There were other calendars and Kisarazu together.

"Oh, I was there... only Kirikese and the others after that"

"Oh, no, senior. I'm here myself."

Voices echo from further behind Fujido, and a foursome group emerges, including a female student said to be Kirikese. Now we're all on the Fujido team. This was to be the strongest combination.

The mixing of Canaan is simply a matter of combination. The most familiar clothes are charm clothes, so I decided to add them here.

"Well, shall we go? Maintenance corridors for the time being, so they won't have any enemies. Instead, watch out for steam eruptions."


A little Canaan nods carelessly. The Beast Man seems to have something intolerable about this oil odor. I guess I can't help it more than my physical function is far better than human. The height of physical ability could also be a benefit and at the same time a disadvantage. That way, that kind of thing starts to creep together. There are several branching corridors ahead.

"The guy in charge today is C-1 to C-6, so... that's it."

While checking the engraving on the aisle, Fujido finds the passage they should enter.

"Well, let's move on"

"Yes... eh!


Calendar that took a step according to Fujido's decree, but the next moment, he jumps back on the spot. Then at the next moment, steam erupted towards the spot.

By the way, the voice of caution belongs to Canaan. He heard a small noise from the pipe on the side, the cucumber, and he spoke. It was not long before the calendar jumped.

"Oh, I didn't..."

The calendars wipe the sweat into the hot steam, which spills out vigorously with whites raised. At once the ambient temperature was rising. It was all of a sudden, but that's what stopped me.

"You can't get past the boulder."

"Hmmm... I was cautioned that I might eat a stoop along the way, but... this is what happened..."

When he sees the gushing steam, Fujido looks at him. He's the only one who's going down the aisle now. There was no way to proceed with the investigation on the boulder. So Fujido puts his hand on his ear and reports the situation to the operator.

"This is Unit 4. We stopped with water vapor."

'Copy that. We have received reports of stopping with water vapor in the same way elsewhere. within the assumed range. What about the injured?'

"Somebody burn... it's okay"

Fujido looks around at everyone's situation once to make sure no one is injured. Apparently, this isn't the only place you're eating a stall with water vapor. As Tina was letting us investigate earlier, there were apparently many eruptions of water vapor.

"Hmm... I wish I could do something about it..."

"If a magician wants to get in, he can put on a thin membrane with ice attributes."

The operator woman, who was picking up the twinkle of the charm coat, told her that she had to wait outside of her mouth, laughing. This water vapor is super hot. Moreover, because it is not intentional or harmful, if we do not deploy powerful barriers consciously, we will be able to live up to it.

If we deploy such a powerful barrier at all times, we will soon run out of gas in the kind of personnel assigned here. With the battle waiting ahead, it was best to wait here.

"High temperature, to what extent?

"It's about 200°C."

"Are you saying that high pressure steam is erupting..."

Fujido sighed in response to a response that echoed from the comms machine after Meizuma's question. It is at one bar that water boils at 100°C. When the pressure is high, the temperature of the water vapor is further increased.

"Hmm... to that extent, I'll handle the worst case scenario"

This is why Meizu asked questions about temperature. Among her handbills is a move (skill) that leads the < > with cold air all around her. She was the one who started adding more bills, so it was something she could do. In case you get cornered for any reason, you can think about it. Much better than dying.

"Let's get that done. I don't know when or where it's coming from."

"! Everybody! Crouch down!"

"Senior Mitsui!


I don't know when or where it comes from. At such an arrow tip, water vapor is ejected by the sound of a gacon from a piping that was near the overhead of the charm coat.

It should be noted that it was Canaan who advised you first. The last two are Calendar and Fujido. Because Canaan can detect the sound of water vapour passing through the piping, he was a little ahead of time, although he did not know where it was coming from. Calendar and Fujido hear the sound of the vent opening. We were therefore able to send advice to Meizu alone.


Pooh, charm blues his face into the steam that blew out for his face while making a slightly higher sound. Seriously, I didn't hesitate. Fortunately, the direction of ejection was upward, and if you succumbed, it would not have affected the passage itself.

"Look... oh, this one's stopped, or... let's just watch out for the steam and move on"

Fujido, who leaked a sigh of relief that nothing had happened to Meizu, began to creep again after an eruption of steam that had earlier broken up the party had healed.

As a result, we spent an hour investigating and breaking through the maintenance area where water vapour erupted.

Then, an hour later. The maintenance area was over and we reached a slightly more beautiful corner.

"Oh, it's over..."

"Why are you so tired just walking..."

"Uh... I thought my nose would bend..."

Everyone looks a little naughty and lowers their hips. The water vapor eruption was almost untidy, and it was a struggle to stop.

"Haha... now, the training ground... this is tiring"

"Senior K. tells me that the advanced runs this in five minutes."

"Senior K... oh, I see... I think I've figured out the secret to strength..."

In the words of the calendar, the charm sighed in a frightening mood. Senior K, I don't have to think about Kate. Honestly, he wanted to yell at the kites and Musashi who are making this a training ground, not thinking they were stupid.

Canaan and the calendars were safely pulled out because they were constantly paying attention to their surroundings, but even the girls looked difficult while running. Run for it. It was evidence that he had more acute sensations than Canaan, a beast man, to say the half.

That's how we were comfortable together, but this wasn't such a sweet place. There's no point in using your strength by the time you get here. So Canaan pulls his cheeks into the metal noise he hears in his ears.

"... erm... something gushangashan, sounds like..."

"Are you coming already!?

"Quiet but close to one plane! They're already coming!

"Huh! < >!"

Towards the passage in the direction of Canaan's fingers, Charming casts a created phantom rapier. Then, at the same time, a high-speed, egg-shaped golem appeared, skewered.

"The sound... it still won't stop... this... it's about to be besieged"

Again, the difference in experience in action is huge. And most importantly, the experience of years of living together under skill was enormous. Canaan doesn't grind his ears too much and immediately grasps the situation in which he is placed.

She didn't have zero experience entering the ruins. It was also experienced in such critical situations that they were surrounded this way. I've been calm since the beginning, and I've been taught what to do.

"Let's go in and do it someplace. I'll be besieged as it is. Operator, what's the best place?

'Yes... if you're in the room on the right, you're going to be hidden. It is not as safe as the safety point, but the sensor is partially disconnected, making it ideal for spreading. Look for shadows and hide.'

At Canaan's request, the operator shows an immediate and optimal escape route. Fortunately, the command room was informed of the status of the sensors, and it was possible to show the escape route.

Then, before being surrounded, we would run into the room on the right side of the aisle and dive into it. It should be noted that Safe Point is a kind of shelter where you can escape temporarily. The laboratory's sensors were completely interrupted and it was an easy place to ensure safety.

"Mitsui-kun. How'd it go?

"It was pretty, light. Hardness may not have felt so..."

Lurking our voices, we discuss it together. It was a metal golem, but apparently the intensity wasn't that high with the emphasis on speed. Meizi was able to destroy it with a blow he unleashed on the tow.

"The material is magical silver (misrill)... but the fast or reconnaissance type does not exist that strong. It is good to assume that it was the so-called reconnaissance aircraft that destroyed it earlier. You were lucky to destroy it earlier. Probably could have been destroyed before we were on alert."

Mention the golem destroyed by the operator in an earlier case. Apparently there are quite a few reasons to be soft. I guess saying there's a sensor isn't that accurate on the boulder. It is used to determine the exact position of the enemy, which was later described by Tina.

"Kirikese. What's the status on the aisle?

"Wow, they're coming... wow..."

Kirikese, who was secretly looking at the end of the aisle while using a non-magical reconnaissance tool with mirrors applied, glances at her face. She was in the position of a so-called scout. In these cases, it was assumed that at least one person would be included in the party.

"Stop again... I'm sorry for your loss."

Fujido sighs in an unknown stoop several times. Not a kilometer has gone by as far as it has gone. I was surprised when they told me the entire itinerary today was 5 km to the fold of the brief. He is, but there are still a few maintenance aisles after this, and I would be sure to hold back there as well. 5 km a day, I know exactly why it was supposed to be. After waiting for about 10 minutes, this time a voice hung from the operator's side.

'... we've been able to de-alert. Proceed to the desired location. For sensors, we will release them here in a timely manner.'


To the words of the operator, together again, we get up and start walking. The golems were on alert, but by hacking from the command room, they can de-alert. It seems we can temporarily deactivate the sensors using the same procedure.

It seems that it is necessary to de-alert because it is not possible to go into alert position due to authority or system problems, but I was grateful that it could still be de-alerted. That said, there are places where the alert state cannot be lifted. That was at the inspection point.

"Naya! Please hurry!

"I'm doing it! I mean, tell the operator, not me!

Charm screams as he releases a series of < > Phantom Spikes (Mirage Bites) > to hold his enemies back. It was Kirikose who answered that earlier. She said her real name was Kirikese Naya. Because I was a classmate, I called him down by name. It was.

As for what they were doing, Naya inspected the inspection items according to the operator's instructions, and Meizu and the others were escorting them. Before Naya's eyes, there was a magic device like a switchboard, which the charmers had to protect while checking for its anomalies.

"I want to -! Calendar!"

"Yes!... < >"

Under Canaan's restraint, the calendar unleashes a slaughter. Canaan is not a good attacker of high firepower because of his role in restraint. Therefore, it was decided that the calendars would cut off the place where they were held back by tow and slashed. It was a good strategy in this situation because it was possible to push the front back while using a calendar that was unsuitable for continuous use and bring it into a lasting battle.

Thus, for about 10 minutes, technicians and operators through Naya will check the inspection items of the control device via Naya's headset.

"D-3rd is green too!

"Copy... cleared inspection items. The following items are ok to exclude: There's no problem here. '

"All right! Senior Fujido!

'Please escape into the room on the right in the direction of 6: 00. Give me a little pause there.'

"Oh! Tengase, Kisarazu! Push in all at once, we're getting away!

Prepare to flee at once, under the order of Fujido, who has been instructed by the operator. We were doing tests, which meant we were stopping, and there were enemies gathering there. As it stands, we're just going to be strangled with a number of violence. I had to get away as soon as possible.

"" Yes!

Calendar and Kisarazu both have swords and stand on their backs. He was going to clear the way once and for all with the slaughter of his abode. As such, they managed to reach the room that was set as a safe point through the path made of the two living slaughters.