From the unexpected, Kite had the < >, but decided to bring it back and remembered one thing. That was what he was making out with the God of Heaven and Light on Earth and heard at that time.


"Mm-hmm? What's up? Did you think I'd put it in the Kiryu box properly because I was afraid? I'll get you a Kiryu box."

Musashi asks Kite, who stopped on his way to store it inside a different space. < > is too valuable a sword for them. He couldn't handle it by hand, and thought it was impossible.

"No... I've heard that this < > is possessed by a little creature..."

"A creature?"

"Is that... is that Hachi Ulu?

"Yes, Hime... God of Heaven has told me that Hachi is like a god beast living in this < >, and you should make sure he's safe."

Having admitted to Princess Asahi's speculation, Kite seemed to think that < > should make sure that she was indeed safe. As such, Kite pulls the < > from different spaces once and begins to look for a certain magic item.

"... uh... I wonder where it was... oh, there it was"

What Kate took out was a demonic item like a so-called voice recorder. Because it was used in Japan, I looked for it a little. In it was the flesh of the Great God of Heaven. That's how Kate decided to play a little magic trick and use her voice to call on Hachi Wu.


"... hmm? Heavenly God's voice? You made it back to Japan?

In response to the voice of the Great God of Heaven, < > glows. That's how it showed up, a three-legged whale. It was the Eight-Hundred Wu who supposedly led Emperor Shinbu. Such a Bajiwu looked around a little and had eyes with the kites.

"This is... who are the Unu and the others?

"Look... are you okay... first time, I see you. This is still a different world from Japan. By chance, I saw the < > sword of the Soul of the Cloth Du (only two occasional swords) > >. I was worried that you were safe and asked in this way. We are Japanese too. It's why I got into this world."

Kite is Fu and answers the question of Hachi Wu. He and the God of Heaven and Light are friends, but not with Hachi Wu. Fuku was more basic than being a child of man. It should be noted that Tina and Princess Asahi and Musashi were equally present. I could tell the difference there.

'Hmm... except for the girl there for sure, there are signs of Amateras-like from the dogs... especially strong from the dogs. There is also the smell of the soul of the Buddha God. A god of birth and earth?'

"Yep. I was born in the land of God, the soul of Yuga"

'I see. Indeed, the dogs are compatriots of Japan. It's a great thing to think about ourselves. "

Yatsuya is a Japanese god beast. Sometimes it counts as a pillar of God. So I smelled my own countrymen among the three kites, and I noticed that there were no lies in the words.

It is because the beast of God that Bajiwu seems great. All God's beasts to God seemed great. Well, they often descended as the use of God, and so they all seemed great in order to give the majesty of God to refrain behind them.

Note that, on the contrary, God is often Frank. Both Kate and Tina think this one might be involved, but the details were unknown.

'Do... what about here?

"Yes, the land where you were called... but thousands of years have passed, and now it is led by our masters, who are also Japanese."

"My name is Princess Asahi and my name is Huiyuan Maori."

"Fujiwara Fujiwara and Fujiwara Fujiwara Fujiwara Fujiwara (Shinmenmu) are the first child. Fujiwara is the real last name and Fujiwara Fujiwara is Fujiwara, so we use the last name Miyamoto and call him Miyamoto Musashi. We now live with the Maori princess as protectors inside this ruin."

In response to Kite's words, Musashi and Princess Asahi will introduce themselves. It should be noted that Musashi gave his real name. I can't call anyone but my master and parents, so I also use Musashi Miyamoto around me. It was the custom of the real name reverence (Tsubaki Hitsuki).

That's why Fujiwara surname was not named after Mitra, his wife, because no one would use the name of Fujiwara, Horn, or Xuanshin, so he forgot himself. I was surprised to see him come out, and later we were laughing. That's how Musashi went on.

"This is one of our two joint disciples who is known in this world as a man of the corner."

"My real name is Heavenly Sound Kite. Because the times are different from those of a teacher, there is no last name or surname. but I came here about 300 years ago in this world on an edge, folded, raised a martial arts medal, called Kite McDawell. This is my wife. My name is Justina Mistoltin."

"Justina Mistoltin, formerly King of the Demons in this world, died and married him. I don't know my parents because I was an orphan, but I admired and raised Gu Long (Elder Dragon) with my sister."

Following Kate's words, Tina introduces herself. So, Bajiu also apparently figured out why Tina is here even though she doesn't smell like the Great God of Sky.

"Master Left... I am also a relative of Master Amateras. I am delighted that my compatriots have made their names heard, even in other worlds. Connected with this kind of fringe would be the friendship of Rihiko Kikurihime."

"I see. Did you hang with the other world?"

"You Understood."

To Kate's point, Hachinoku laughs because he feels good. When it comes to kinship gods, the famous ones are the great kingdom lords.

However, as Japan says eight million gods, there is another god of fringe, and one of them is the goddess of Kikurihime's life (Kurihime's Miko). She was the one who took between them and tied the edge after the farewell conversation at the Yellow Springs Hirasaka of Yi and Naqi Life. Yellow Springs Hirasaka is also a different world. They hung up with different worlds.

'Well... the greeting is there, let's hear it. What the hell is going on? Why do you, my lords, the sons of Nippon, go deep underground in such a different world?

"A little longer..."

From here on out, we'll start explaining what Kite has been up to. Thus, for some time, an explanation of the situation was given to Hachinoku.

It was at the end of the summer evening, when the moon lit up the hollow, that the explanation to Hachi Wu came to an end. When he finished listening to it all, Bajiwu opened his mouth, firmly understanding the misfortunes of the kites.

'I see... if that's the case, it's not stingy to lend my strength. No, I should help, too. It may also be a reminder from Amateras to lead you into this world. "

"Thank you."

Kate bows her head again in response to words from Hachi Wu. One incident at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School was precisely the misfortune that happened to the son of someone he should protect and guide, and he seemed to see helping the kites as something to be made of in this other world of his own.

'No, I don't mind. Master Amateras should want that too. That one's more merciful than anyone... hmm? With that said, before you wake up. I thought I heard Master Amateras...'

Eight-hundred squid according to Kate's words, but then again, I think I realized that the awakening voice belonged to Amateras. Kate didn't talk about what happened in Japan, so she didn't talk about her relationship with Amateras.

"Oh, is that it? Uh..."

'Erm, is this good for you... kite, how are you? It's a shark. Thank you for the neutral packing set. Ask Mr. Lulu and let me send you a message'

"... what?

Half-open his beak to the voice of Amaterath, which he heard.

"Lord... what does this have to do with Master Amateras?

"We are friends with Miguko's history."


Eight nearby whales cease to speak. Needless to say, Sanguko's history is one of his top bosses. Compared to the company, you can think of it as the three roles of chairman, president and executive director. Musashi told Bajiu with a laugh.

"Ha ha. The Palace of the Eight. You can't be surprised at this. Anyway, this guy is a man God recognized and God made a friendship with. If you ask me, I'm also an apprentice of the Temple of the Sword."

"Ke, disciple of the sword god..."

Probably would have drawn people's cheeks if there was a face in Bajiwu. That's how my voice was drawn to it.

"No, a little Lord Nobunaga... we played a game in front of the Sword God, depending on where we thought we were."

"It's good enough... I can't believe there's someone who can play with that sword god first..."

"Haha. If that's the case, my teachers can do it. It was nothing short of my armless master at the time. No way, I was blessed with two masters, but it was a mistake."

Kate laughs and humbles herself. That said, this is true. Therefore, I had no idea whether I should praise the Japanese swordsmen who crossed the world for being wonderful or fearful.

'Well, good. In the meantime, you're not going back there, are you?

"Yep. I may inevitably die if I return from this one. Palace Miyamoto has a wife here. Return and you will be slandered."

'Let's just say... let's be worried about the family. If you have any message, I'll tell you.'

"No, if that's the case, I have this apprentice. Never mind."

'Well... so it's a little early to say live with a master... Smanu will show you out, please. "

"Yes, sir."

In response to the words of Bajiu Wu, Princess Asahi decides to be guided. It should be noted that Bajiwu also decided to stop on Kate's shoulder and move because of the location pattern. Thus, for the first time in thousands of years, Bajiwu and < > appeared on the table of history.

And so he went out and Kate decided to take < > back to the inn with Bajiu Wu in his hand.

"Ah. The master is back!

"Hey! Heavenly Sound!

"Welcome back! How'd it go!

The sun had already fallen, but it was with the Adventure Department waiting for Kite. In one word, Kanan solved all the mysteries, so Kate decided to move on to the last investigation, so everyone was concerned about the results.

"It's over... and joy. I got a clue."

"Are you serious!?

"What do you mean?!? What does that have to do with that whale?

"Three legged wu... oh, ya-chan"

When he returns, Kate releases a word that the Adventure Department faces verbally ask for an explanation of the situation. It should be noted that the last word belongs to Yayoi admired by Amateras. She can be turned into a fashion advisor for Amateras. Therefore, he had also heard about the Bajiwu.

"Well, I'll talk more about it later... but the whale over here is Hachi Wu. It's the real Eight Shores. He was in the depths of the ruins."

"What's an eight-door... uh, eight-door?

"It's three legs and..."

"Well... do the sons of men know about me now?"

The boys and girls other than Kite, who are recognized as heroes, are also very concerned about knowing themselves, even as Bajiwu is surprised. Well, we don't even have to look at the level of education he had thousands of years ago. If that's where it's developed, you'd be surprised.

"" "Shh, I talked -!?

"I am the beast of God. It's more suspicious not to talk."

Bajiwu was surprised at what Bajiwu said. Because I had already told him about this situation in Japan, it was not surprising.

"From now on, let us guide our canines. That doesn't mean we can go back to our original world, but... well, just remember that there's my blessing."

"" "Ooh..." "

Everyone knew Hachinoku. With its help, this one case appeared to be the biggest harvest in activity to date. Therefore, the Adventure Department cheers with all of them. And for that together, Kite tells.

"Hey, before we do that, there's something different about this harvest."

"So... bad, Heavenly Sound"

"Good, then... let's talk about the harvest. Remember, the detailed policy will be decided after the intercontinental conference, so, well, there's been a harvest this time."

"Whoa... that's where you guys are at the top."

"I think it's bad. For that matter, we'll do our best in practice."

"Yes, sir."

Kate laughs a little at the apologies of the Adventure Department students and starts talking about this harvest again. Thus, with the addition of Bajiwu, a new adventure department would be set in motion.