Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 720: The Strongest Two Letters - Heavenly Sword

After the moment made dinner at the Bernstadt family. As we talked about after the moment, he was led to Rije's private room. Because of the maid's presence, even though she had been vacant for several months, there was no dust accumulating in Rije's room.

"So? What business did you bother calling me?

"Before I tell you everything... read this paperwork"

When Rije says so, he takes a piece of paperwork out of his nostalgia. It is a simple and short statement of requirements. When you receive that instantly, you begin to read the documents as you are told.

"This is..."

Originally the paperwork was short. So it didn't take me a minute, and I could finish reading everything for a moment.


"Oh. Aren't you interested?

"No, there is..."

In response to Rije's inquiry, the moment gives me a face I'm not comfortable with. It was a permit for something that was signed by Aura.

"Well, fine. Give it a try."


Consider Rije's offer for a moment only. I don't care, when it comes to lying. And I want to try, too. But I wondered if it would be better in a different way.

"Isn't it better to be alone?

"... what?


Rije looks surprised at the moment inquiry, and the moment looks surprised at Rije's surprised face like that. That's how Rije told me.

"The target is Princess Ryu Aisha... a bee hero, right? A monster that serves as a deputy director among < >. I'm not stupid enough to think I can challenge you alone."

"But weren't you originally going to try it alone?

"Right. But if you don't want to try alone, I will."

I could understand for a moment that Rije was a person of the same nature as me. Those who prefer to fight. He will never challenge you alone.

"This time, nobody was here, so I couldn't help it. But it's a corner opportunity. It's a loss not to do it."

"Oh, is that it?

"Oh, come on... if you're an adventurer, let's know about the names of Princess Kwon and Princess Ryu Aisha. Hopefully, < >... < > it seems best to know the names of everyone."

In contrast to the moment when he didn't know who he was trying to challenge, Rije was rather frightened, to the contrary. Maybe it's just Urca, but apparently it was a topic that an adventurer would almost have to grasp as common sense. That's why Rije started telling stories about the two of us, somewhere good at it.

"Princess Kwon and Princess Ryu Aisha are sisters. Talk about two direct daughters of an earlier guild master... sounds like half-sisters. Don't say anything else, Aisha in heaven and Quon in earth. Aisha is a dragon knight riding a flying dragon."

"A half-sister?

"Oh... it's a rumor that you're a half-brother. Rumor has it that they want the strongest, that marital control, of course, follows the guild code."

"Shh, that's amazing..."

In order to obtain the strongest two characters, the cheeks are unwittingly drawn to the attitude of the clan. It's so thorough. On the contrary, it was even horrible. With those moments sidelined, Rije continued.

"It's not a rumor, it's a famous story, and to succeed the Alliance Master, you have to fight all of your predecessors < > and be admitted, yes. Unless you can break through this, even if you're the real son of the captain, you won't be recognized as a heir... there's no one who couldn't break through."

"Ugh... would that be a lie...?

"I know, that feeling..."

The only way to be recognized as the next Alliance Master is to enter a population of chemicals and defeat them. But no one was able to break through. It would be inevitable for the moment to freeze the spine, or for Rije to have blued a little as similarly.

"I once worked with an old man named Eisen... but that was a monster. Big dad and I... we're more than that. That's a legendary monster. Especially today."

"Modern times?"

"Oh, you didn't say. < > will be reorganized in place of the Alliance Master. In other words, Princess Kwon's < > is not the same as her predecessor's < >. My predecessors and the < > are finally allowed to organize their own < >... well, some of them will serve together until they find a successor."

So the actual replacement is afterwards, Rije laughs. This business policy varies from guild to guild. The moment was not something to speak of, nor could it be done.

"So... it's a fact that the modern era is a monster. Led by the youngest sword princess, Quon, allowed to inherit traces in history, and led by the like-minded dragon princess Aisha, Fist King Eisen, a favorite enemy of the Union Master, Old Hung Weiss, Princess Mai (Bubble Broom) Yuna... all of them, Bakemon. What's worse is < >."

"< >?"

"< > is the Heavenly General, or General. On top of that, there is a king. Only the strongest of the times can sit on the throne. The only way to be able to sit down is to defeat all < > of his generation. Including, of course, the captain and the deputy captain. Normally, I can't do that, so it seems the general rule is that the team leader will be in charge... but in the modern era, there are < >."

"Who is it?

"Rumor is... brave kite. That's the guy, I hear. The < > of the sword princess Quon was organized 400 years ago. The last old Eisen to join us was 250 years ago. It is in keeping with the times. Eisen's old man is losing to Kite. After him, but qualified as king."


The moment unwittingly turns back to the name that came out. but this didn't seem strange to Rije. He would be lying when he heard it too, because he thought.

"I know, it's... but you can't do it without that, you know. So it's a rumor. In the first place, I can defeat the sword princess Quon and the dragon princess Aisha, but I'm not there first. Then I guess you're talking about the brave Kite or the demon king Justina already. So, Justina the Demon is a woman. The mistresses come from < > because they are obliged to marry the captain and deputy captain if they were heterosexual. Talk about putting the strongest blood in your own blood."

"Hey, what, rumors... oh, that's what happened"


Get the truth about the rumors that Kitra came and talked about some time ago, instantly. He thought this was like a kind of famous tax. It wasn't hard to speculate that it was Kite who was sitting on the throne because only Kite could do it in times, and because she was sitting on that throne, it was inevitable that the two were mistresses, the flow.

"No, kind of. Before you came, Mr. Kitra... the head of the union over here was here, but I heard a little rumor there. I wonder if that's what happened."

"I see, adventurer. Well, it's a famous rumor that no one knows."


Apparently Rije didn't wonder either, and for a moment this was just a rumor, I thought.

"Well, that's why I never want to try alone. If you can challenge me, I want some more... so I thought I'd get to know you appropriately, and you're about as powerful as you are in the same school."

"I see... if that's what you're talking about, I'd love to have you with me. Permit for the corner."

"It'll help. I'm anxious by myself."

Rije seeps relief into instant consent. The paperwork he received from Aura was like a challenging letter admitting to challenging Princess Ryu Aisha. It's a crime to fight badly, but with permission, it's a different story. So it's illegal for Kitra to be unauthorized again and again, he said. That's why the permit was in this document.

"Coincidentally, you heard me arrive tomorrow? I'm free tomorrow, so let's take a look at the strongest."

"Where are we going to fight?

"Just in time, can we rent an adventure club?

"I can, but... are you coming?

"They're not the ones who get challenged and run... one way or the other, I'm worried we're gonna get away with it."


To Rije's words, moments laugh. As such, the moment returns to the Adventure Department to explain the situation, but it was only at noon tomorrow that I learned that this was no joke.

The next morning. Early in the morning, one airship docks at Maxwell's airship departure site. The Alliance < > was a mobile base, the ancient battleship < >.

"Dear Kuon, We've landed."

"Yeah... well, let's get down"

In response to Aisha's words, Quon nods and tells Nico with a smile. They are both unmatched princesses. That said, as for the two of them being sisters, they are not alike.

If it's similar, it's about your physique. The sword princess quon is just over 160cm tall and the dragon princess Aisha is about 155cm. Both are small as women, but the style was pretty good. It would be a place called Transistor Glamour.

but that's the only thing that's the same. Hair color is long straight pale silver with quon to hips, and Aisha is pitch black cut about a little above the shoulder, not so much as a butterfly. Different eye colors. Quon is red and Aisha is the same pitch black as her hair.

To his face, he was so different that he no longer seemed to be his sisters. Kuon has a classy face with a soft smile on her face, and Aisha has a sharp face with a nice look on her face.

The look on his face and the atmosphere surrounding him are just the opposite as they go with it, Kuon is graceful and Aisha is cool. With that in mind, Quon had an impressive big eye that seemed soft and Aisha's eyesight was sharp.

Even in his outfit, Quon seems a little hard to move in a poor ladylike outfit from the white lineage, while Aisha is a skirt from the black lineage and an easy-to-move outfit. For sisters, sure, they're not alike. I guess I'm applauding the rumor that these two are half-sisters.

"Hmm... I'll have a drink."

It was the countless adventurers who welcomed the two men down from the < > of the throne of Heaven, not the house of the Dukes of Kuzha. He was a bunch of idiots who went in without even asking to stop him in an attempt to defeat the strongest and blow up his martial name.

"The exposures, I will"

"Oh, it's good. To this extent... you see, this street"

To Aisha's offer, Quon smiles and does something. I don't know what it is. She was just smiling with Nico all the time. Even so, all the adventurers who had come here had fallen to the ground.

"Come on, let's go?


With Quon's decree, several other < > men who were riding with Aisha begin to walk. That's exactly the march of the champion. I'm just walking, but first I go, people crack waves, people push silence.

Occasionally, stupid adventurers sometimes challenged the battle, but when they saw that they didn't have a permit, all in all, something was up and down on the ground.

Note that, dare I say, none of the adventurers who challenged them are the mighty ones he all remembers in his arms. Many are equal to the moment. We can fight this cracking wave, so that's about it. Such a sight, Rije watched for a moment.

"Is that < >?

"Oh... look, that silent old man. That's Eisen's old man. Maybe it's the sword princess quon walking the lead, and the brunette next to it is the dragon princess Aisha. Hilarious clothes talking to Kuon over there... maybe, yuna. Maybe... there are other possibilities, but it's dancer's clothes."

After an instant inquiry, Rije tells the standout. The only person he's ever met is Eisen. I don't know anything else. That's why I wasn't sure.

It appears that half of < > came down to Maxwell this time. There are three women per man. < > is probably a local gathering, as they all attend the meeting. That's how the moment put the question into my mouth without knowing what was going on.

"Even if... what's going on?

"I think maybe... just for a moment, you're releasing your fighting spirit. I've seen my eldest father do it sometimes. They don't even take a weapon against someone who's not worthy of bragging about it..."

"Can you do that?

"I can... I guess. I know. If you're my eldest father, Puri's sister, or Augdyne's brother, I'm sure you can. I can't do this."

In response to an instant inquiry, Rije was less confident than earlier. It's about the mighty men far above them. The standards were too different to understand. That's how such a rigger asks instantly, seeping through a little tension.

"Ready, okay?

"Oh... I forgot my paperwork here, how dare you stop?

"... All right. I have... go."

When Rije makes sure she has the paperwork properly, she nods with the moment. What we're about to challenge is the tip of this world that we're no match for ourselves right now. There is no way to be nervous. Thus, teasing the cracking wave of people, the two leap forward in front of the four.

"... you..."

"Eisen's old man. Long time no see."

"Eisen. Do you know him?

"Redhead... a descendant of Ballantine? I remember. It's not bad. It's the owner of the arm."

Following Aisha's inquiry, Eisen tells him as he remembers. He looked cool in character and had a quiet atmosphere with a ring to Aisha. As for the age of appearance, it would be in the late 20s. I thought for a moment what kind of person he was because I said old man, but he looked young enough to get by.

Her physique had the appearance of a fine macho, and her eyes were sharp enough to wear a sharp eyesha on the wheel. The clothes worn around him were easy to move trousers similar to jeans, wearing some special material inner and weaving hoodie like clothes on top of them. As can be seen from the name of the Fist King, he looked like a fistfighter, and his fist had bandages wrapped around him like taping.

"What's next?

"Isn't he Japanese? Dark hair, dark eyes... something that feels a mixture of outside blood somewhere."

"Japanese? You look weak."

It was the girl Rije saw as Yuna who responded to Quong's words. The looking age is a little older and in his early 20s than the great Quon or Aisha, which is a big difference in appearance. Whereas they are around 160 and small, she is tall about 170 cm. Along with that, it looks like the place to get out and pull in is pulling in.

The outfit, as Rije told me, is quite exposed with a flicker. Dancers, it was a good idea to wear clothes. His personality seemed pretty light, too. Well, this won't have anything to do with appearance.

"So? Kid. What business?

"This... Master Aura has given me permission. Old man, if you want to challenge us, get us some lord's permit, right?



Soon, as soon as the word was right, Eisen stood before the two of them and took away the documents that Rije had put up. Besides, the moment unwittingly glances. It's not like I didn't see anything else. I could see it, but I couldn't react to it. It would be reasonable to think of it as some sort of physical surgery.

"Sure, it's Aura's signature"

"Old man, you know what?

"Me and Kate are drinking friends... because without him, we're gonna have a fight with Balflair. So of course, his sister Aura knows... if it's like this, is it true he's back?"

In Eisen's cool look, a thin but grinning look. Balflair is now the Union Master. As Rije told us, he and Eisen were good enemies to each other. In terms of strength alone, I guess he's in Rank EX too.

He sometimes drinks with each other, but he can cross his fists more often. If you're sure of his mouth, you're crossing your fists to the point that it won't be a drinking party without Kite in. In this way, the documents signed by Aura are presented together.

"Oh, really... every surprisingly beautiful Aura letter"

"So, shall we go to the Duke's mansion later?

"I wonder what it's like. I don't know if I'm crying with my dick."

Yuna and Quong discuss and decide to go to the Duke's residence. Eisen will like it. It was just a passage right after I got out of the departure site of the airship, so now I was just with you. Essentially, < > was a unique, proprietary, unbridled group.

"So, the nomination is Aisha. They say it's you."

"Is it me... where?

"The guild training ground this boy belongs to, let's see... I'm coming to the familiar kiosk. I'll take care of the rest."

"Okay. Quon, I'm coming over."

"Oh, we're going, too. Duke's mansion there, because it's close."

"Okay. Let's clean it up right away."

In the wake of Quon's words, Aisha bows her head. As such, Moment and Rije decided to come with them, taking Kuon and Yuna to the Adventure Club Guild Home.