Although the Adventure Department's office was all busy at once due to Eisen's raid, Maple, along with Nanami, was headed to Eisen's place to stay in the lobby ahead of Sora and Yuri, who were returned to change. By the way, why it was maple, because maple didn't need to be dressed from Nanami.

"Who's Eisen?

"Eisen... it's Eisen, the Fist King. I'm not one of the Union's top executives. Famous for his current Union Master rivals..."

"Serious executives, so... that was dangerous..."

Maple secretly spilled a sigh of relief on one, figuring out why Nanami was in a hurry. Whatever it is that says the top executives are here, it involves the weather. That said, so there were doubts.

"I wonder why I came all the way out here at the right time..."

"What do you mean?

For a maple crush, Nanami puts his neck up.

"Think normally and you'll see. There is no Alliance Master here right now. There's no point in the top executives coming all the way here. I can't help it."

"Oh, I see..."

The two people who think that when they become executives, they also do quite a bit of clerical and back work, or have handouts in such departments, thought this was some kind of ruse. The fact that there is no Lord, there is no other way to think about it.

"Nanami... even if you want to serve tea, be a little careful"


Maybe there could be a fight. You two should be careful with that in mind. Especially if Maple decides to put a cane in the magic kit to hide the cane he once gave Mireille when Tina and I made the cane, so that he can go into battle at any time.

Thus, after an improvised meeting, the two head to the lobby and take the hustle and bustle to the front of one stranger elsewhere - Eisen. He occupied a desk for reception and was normally reading. What I was reading was an inventory of art. In fact, surprisingly, he is Xiao Zhi, and he is also deeply involved in these works of art.

"Um... are you, Mr. Eisen?


Apparently Eisen was reading, but he gets asked his name and looks up. Apparently he was really just going to be here, and he didn't seem to think anyone was coming.

"The Alliance Master is absent, so I'm here to say hello. Maple/Sakurada, my name is Master surrogate is a little out of hand, please wait a while longer"

"Oh... no need to say hello, I thought I said..."

Eisen has a frivolous look somewhere interrupted in his reading and tells him again. And the maple shrugged, smiling inside. That said, I can't help this. If you think normally and the top executives come, it's normal to come and say hello. It's harder to get upset when you do that.

"Well, good. So, what's up?

"No... here he comes, so I asked him to say hello, and..."

"Oh man..."

To the Maple words, Eisen gives a frivolous look again. It seemed like a maple to me unreasonably. but this doesn't mean it's unreasonable. Eisen was reading exactly what Maple was thinking and coming here.

I was neglected to be in a position to be greeted by strange reckoning. We'll have to give up on famous taxes, and from time to time, Quon told us so. but this is the nature of Eisen. It wasn't going to heal.

"Again, let me be clear... it's not about anything. I just came here... well, I don't believe it, so I guess I came here."

"It's a rush."

"This is my character."

Against the words of the maple, Eisen makes a clear statement again, while clamping his shoulders. That said, this gave Maple one relief. Because there's no wind acting on Eisen, and I've brought some nasty measures that I was afraid of with Nanami, which doesn't mean that. And Nanami, who had gone to the water heating room once there, came with tea.

"It's tea."

"Oh... oh, leave me the tea. Let me put it in here and have a drink. If you want a replacement, can I tell the receptionist there?


"Okay... but charge Kite for it. Well, I guess I won't let you charge me."

I know you, what is it?

Nanami asks Eisen. I don't care what you think. It was a word you wouldn't answer unless you were close. Eisen was also interested in the boulder. I opened my eyes a little and asked. He thought he was the secretary that Kate had hired to leave Nanami.

"? Aren't you Guildmaster's secretary?

"Oh, no, for once the cook is the main one, but now that the master is absent, he also serves as the acting secretary of the master..."

To Eisen's inquiry, Nanami tells the truth. I told him the truth because I thought the lie would be seen through. This would have been an accident, for authentic kite. Actually, Eisen mistakenly thought Nanami knew who Kate was.

For Kate, this HR was arranged with Sola and Nanami in mind - most importantly, Sola's job is not going to turn around - and now everyone was doing the right thing. It was also impossible for Eisen, who did not know what was behind Nanami, to get the wrong idea.

"... what about you?


Maple, who is in a difficult situation to decide what to do completely, finally figured out here that Eisen knows Kate and has no back, and at the same time finds himself in a crisis situation in a different sense.

As it stands, it was a step ahead of Nanami when Kate's identity was exposed. I mean, it's not a suspicious situation to be noticed because of something. And that seems Eisen has learned too. He unwittingly blows out, grins at his faint failures, and commands the maple.

"Pfft... right. Leave this one to me. Let me tell you something."


"You stay back. It's going to be a little bit of a story."

"Ah, yes. Then I'll be waiting a little further away."

"Do that."

In the wake of Nanami's words, Eisen nods. He said, "Stay in the maple."

"He's in a difficult position, too. Don't we all know that?"

"Yeah... or have you noticed who our master is?

"Oh. It's almost perfectly covered up... but there's no one in the upper echelons of the adventurer who doesn't notice. Most of them are drinking buddies. Otherwise, the one who takes the royal nobility with him will stay."

Eisen laughs. Well, this seemed obvious to me when I thought about it, so the maple fell to my heart.

"So, that's good. Do you know who he is now?


"Well... then that's enough. I just have a few thoughts. Tell him to leave it alone after that. Let me read it in a book as much as I like here. I'm biased against his taste, but not his bad taste."

Eisen puts his foot on the desk again and goes back to reading. I guess there's nothing more to talk about. Maybe that means stay out of the way.

"Okay... now if you'll excuse me"


Eisen never waved, just responded briefly to Maple's reply. Even though Eisen says there is nothing more to talk about, if you eat any more, you will get a bad impression. I also understood the maple's finesse.

"I'm going back. Leave me alone, let's go."

"Is it good?

"There's nothing good or bad about it. The opponent is overwhelming. If that's what you want to leave behind, you just have to follow it."


I was wondering if that was a good idea, but I'm sure Nanami also thinks that. While I felt something I didn't accept or understand, I decided to follow it.

"Then why did you come..."

"Come on..."

Maple shakes his head at Nanami's question. After all, Eisen had nothing to tell me. If you knew about Kate, you wouldn't have come to see him in the first place. Anyway, you must know that Kite is already in Raingard.

I've never been here to see what's going on. He didn't seem to have that personality. That's how walking, Sora and Yuri came down.

"Oh, there he is... so, who's that Mr. Eisen, what?

"The guy over there, what..."

"Don't interrupt me because I'm reading a book, let's not. I was told not to come and say hi."

What do you mean?


To Yuri's inquiry, the maple flaunts his shoulder. I don't know anything and the behavior hasn't changed. But it soon became clear. Everyone understood that something had changed with their skin.

"What... this..."

This is what happens when you have hair on you. Nanami trembles greatly, revealing her fright. And she's not the only one who's feeling it. Everyone in the lobby felt it and remembered the chill.

"Beyond the door... there's something..."

Sola stares at the door that leads out. I suppress it, but it was clearly a swordswallowing atmosphere. So, the next moment. One big man came in to the lobby, where the door opened and the silence ruled. It was Bernstadt, the head of < >. He came in with a hegemony.



Nanami faints and Sola and the others bend their knees. Too, overwhelming. I can't even let you be willing to defy me. I can't even stand on the same spot just because he's there. Overwhelming nuclear differences. He just had to be there to figure it out. Thus, Berntaine opened her mouth in silence.

"Excuse me. I was greeted by my colleague's home office... and I heard he was looking after us. Let me say hello to the Alliance Master, but... where are you?

"The Alliance Master is currently absent, Dear Berntaine. By request, you entered Raingard first."

Asked by Bernstein, who judged her standing at the reception to be an official of the Union, Miley tells him she's not here. The first vocational training in which Union officials are trained is to endure the hegemony unleashed by adventurers. Therefore, I was not frightened by this degree of greeting.

There's always a fight at the Union reception. It's a gunpowder bank. Injury cases from resentment and resentment would not be enough for Enefia as a whole. In order to be able to do his job among them, he needed only the guts to withstand the threat that he would be a Rank S adventurer.

"Right... absent. What's your surrogate now? Leave a surrogate behind."

"I am, yes... who are you?

I manage to get up desperate, and Sora asks. Still, my knee was laughing, and if I lost my mind, I could have fallen. Sola doesn't know who Berntaine is. But only the sense of responsibility that the pressure close to the hostility being unleashed was obviously directed at him, and now he's acting on his behalf, made him stand.

"Oh, the kid's surrogating... that's evil."

Relatively to herself, Berntaine smiles with her fangs peeled when she sees the courage to behave in a temperament. but that's how he concentrated all his consciousness on himself, and Sora, again, nearly lost her mind.

"The home of my colleague, the late, let me say a few greetings... no hostility..."

"That's a lot of pressure."

Eisen multiplies the interrupt against Bernstein's words. Soon, he stood behind Bern Tyne. If you do it seriously, you can move it so that it won't even be noticed by your Bern Tyne opponent, but this time, as a greeting, you were doing it so that it would be noticed. When I saw Sora was awkward, she hung up on me.

"Eisen, the Fist King... why are you here?

"If you're also a Japanese child, let's worry about it. I'm with you."

"... is that all?

"What else is there?"

"In the meantime, a few adventurers, headed by you, hung up the convocation... all of them, officials of a certain man. Well, you all seem to have ignored..."

Berntaine asks Eisen out of the blue. The reason he 'greeted' here was because he had doubts that there might be a brave Kate.

If I say 'hello' to myself, he will definitely come out. I read that, but it was a late act. but unfortunately, kite is after it has already left. It made no sense and ended in vain. All this because he didn't get the benefit of time.

"What happened? I'm eight big heads. You must have the right to listen."

"I don't know. Am I supposed to answer Balflair's call? When I found out it was from him, I tore it down."

"... I wasn't the right person to ask. That's what we're gonna do."

In response from Eisen, Berntaine will do well with it. This is true. Eisen breaks and discards a letter from Balflair (Union Master) without even reading it.

If you need me, do it yourself. He's a good opponent, so he doesn't respond to calls from the metaphorical Union Master. He is the man who says so, and this was a famous story.

"Well, I'm just here to see our kid. I was also allowed to bring the healing liquor. Can you show me around?"

"Oh... this way"

Sola starts guiding Berntaine by desperately connecting and stopping her body, which she manages to bend her knees over again using the time Eisen has earned her. That should be only a dozen meters, but still, it seemed a few kilometers to Sora and the adventurers.

"Ahead, you should be asleep. Ask the doctor later... in front of the wounded, so keep that hegemony."

"Oh... I took care of you. I'm ordering you to bring me an apologetic drink later. Take it. It's Urca's local drink."

When Sola opens the door that leads to the infirmary and tells him, Bern Tyne finally heels there, too. Nor was he going to 'say hello' until he was in front of the stone wounded and sick. Sora bowed her knees again when Berntaine disappeared.

"Ha... ha..."

At that moment, sweat flows out of Sola's entire body like a waterfall. Physical tremors have not stopped. On the contrary, it was coming all at once for what I had been suppressing.

"Do you have the guts... not bad. Just give me the point."

Eisen tells Knee-bent Sola so, he flips his hoodie and leaves the guild home behind. The reason he came was because he read that Berntaine would come to 'say hello' if he finished his own public business.

And that's what Kate was reading, too. Alcohol was a way to keep his word and move him. He was overwhelming, but he could read the thoughts of those who stood in the same position.

"What the hell, these guys..."

Sola goes bad on Eisen, who had left flat in the middle where no one could get up and on the burn tyne that made it happen. Impossible, monsters. That's all he had left to say when he saw the meeting. Thus, Sola's first Alliance Master surrogate was to finish his important work.