Bernstein Bernstadt, the head of < >, came to the Adventure Department after a few thoughts about Rije's visit, but he never did anything in the infirmary either. I mean, I saw Meath there, and on the contrary, I was bowing my head.

"Lord Meath. Long time no see."

"Yeah... it's been a while, Byrne. I hear you screwed up outside, but don't do it here."

"I'm not that outlaw... and, Byrne, it's time to stop. In this year, I'm ashamed of being a boulder."

Bern Tyne smiles at the advice from Meath. Easy healing of battle wounds is a must for adventurers. And the wound of war is also an honor to the adventurer.

This is, so to speak, where the honourable rest. For him, who's been an adventurer since the time he got his mind on it, this was some sort of sanctuary. I didn't mean to say 'hello'.

"Right. You're not even at that stage anymore... so, Rije. He'd be sleeping at the end of that curtain over there. There's another kid sleeping on the side, so be careful."


Following Meath's guidance, Berntaine opens the pointed curtain and checks inside. Then I could see the red-haired boy in the main house he was keeping.

"Rije. How's the wound?

"Big Daddy... did you come?

"Here we go."

In response to Rije's words, who looked surprised, Berntaine answers by sitting in a chair for the dancers. Fortunately, the chair was of no problem strength when the giant about Burn sat down. Well, it's a small thing that I can carry and it's a little undressed, but I can't help it there.

"So... how'd it go? The strongest."

"Oh no, that. I didn't even understand what was amazing."

"Well, that would have been nice."

Berntaine laughs at Rije's words, which seeped slightly excitement. Lil wouldn't have figured anything out, he said, and he didn't know a moment, Rije or anything, he made it clear. Lil was furious about it, but Byrne wasn't. That's good, I admitted.

That was the difference between Lil and Byrne. Besides, the moment I was laid to sleep beside him, just like Rije, asked unexpectedly. He fought cheaply, too, he was ashamed.

"Is that good?

"Ah? Huh... I don't know. Finding out is one step forward. I don't know. I don't know, and I don't even know if it's far or close. I don't know, that means I can't even see my back. I know it's far enough."

Berntaine gave me a commentary as she thought it would be slightly frigid, but reasonably good, the moment she pinched her mouth. And it certainly made sense, too. I can't see my back, which means it's far enough.

If you see your back at all, it means you have a slight chance of winning. You can see the back, which means the other person's power is visible at a distance. I found that I had no chance of winning, but it was good enough. Introduce the moment, as Rije recalled, to Byrne, who thus gave a commentary.

"Oh, Father. This guy, the moment we challenged him together, is what he is. Look, you put it out sometimes when your sister talked to you, didn't you? He's a man enough to pull me off."

"Hmm? Oh, you look... ho... pretty good in the face, huh?"

Until earlier, this guy had the same look as Berntaine, but he heard about the instant. I observed the moment carefully, and suddenly I smiled lavishly that he was more of a man than I thought.

"Well... koru, should I have come a few days early? Maybe I should have said hello to you... if you thought you'd get it, go over it. I don't get it, I don't. You didn't get it. How was your first move? Didn't you see anything for a second? Or maybe he was seeing a little bit of it, huh?

Berntaine laughs and bites a little cheeky for being a little late. Without a doubt, if this had been a few days ago, the moment would have been out in front of him with Sola. Eisen seems to have found the sights on Sola, but Berntaine seems to have found the sights more instantly than Sola.

"What do you say? Aren't you going to come to us?

"Haha. I appreciate the offer, but I also have an adventure department... and I can't seem to take care of the guys I'm leading, and he says no."

Laughing at Bern Tyne's solicitation, I shy away from moments. He and his friends admire him. I'm not as trustworthy as Kate, but I'm trustworthy. I couldn't betray it.

"Ha. That's too bad. I didn't know you were going to take my invitation."

"I don't think so, big dad."

"Ha ha!

Berntaine laughs lavishly at Rije's scratch. He knew the moment would kick in. And he was delighted that he had kicked it. Again, if I rode the solicitation, I would have been disappointed or skipped the dick the other way. He was such a man.

"Funny kid was in Japan too... and then what... just ask me one thing. What kind of man is this guild master?

"What kind of man...?

"There will be a lot of things. Decay guy, he's just a nervous guy, you know. I have to go say hi about Rije. I can't go. Earlier, you know who you are."

Berntaine tells the story of the apparent situation instantly, concealing her true intentions. Instead of that, I just didn't cheaply speculate because I didn't know who knew and who didn't.

He looks like a fancy man, surprisingly thoughtful. Similar to Ballantine, it was one of the alleged factors. That said, with those words, there's no way Rije naturally cared.

"I'm sorry, Father."

"Oh, I don't mind. I like doing these fools, too. If that bothers your parents, call them. I'm gonna lower my head for a reason."

The moment unwittingly fascinates him with the extravagant words of Bern Tyne. By analogy, a separate kind of sun from Ixphos or Tina. The impression he had of Byrne was exactly that.

A hell of a dose. If he wanted to be, he wanted to be such a man who could easily bow his head for his people, regardless of his status and luxury, and then he was as good as the moment said.

"Well... so? What kind of man is he?

"Oh, I think our guild master... in a nutshell, out of common sense, is best. I have something that I can't measure in common sense. Yes, I think."

"Right... what else? Oh, and don't use respectful language. Your butt itches when you use classy words."

"My big father hates pain. Obey me."

"Mmm... well, let me do that"

I take word from Byrne, who seems sincerely disgusted, and Rije, who smiles, and I decide to let him do so for a moment. Apparently Rije admires Byrne so much. I was close enough to be no different from my real parents.

Well, he's not the only one in < >. He didn't lead thousands of adventurers to Dada alone. That's how much it weighed. Maybe he's better than Ballantine when it comes to leading.

"Kite... well, she's not a digit from me. I've never won."

"With you!?

In the words of an instant, Rije wakes herself up in great surprise. He is rank B as well as an instant in terms of adventurer rank. Including Experience and < >, it is located at the bottom of < > and the top of < >.

It's not far enough for boulders, Burn Tyne, Augdyne, Puri and other executives, but still, it's overwhelming compared to the rest. If you were to affirm that you couldn't win the moment to draw from it, then you only had about that top executive if you thought for yourself.

"Ho... the Puri guy also said... apparently, the Union guys didn't even do it without any thought"

"That's about as strong as that. At least we have a few heads popping out of us, wisdom and strength. As a strength, no wonder."

"Right... hey, moments. Ask you."

I chew up the instant words and listen, and Berntaine still gets the certainty that So, one thing I decided to ask instantly with a smile. That was instantly a question of strength in another sense.


"Isn't that Kite the guy... the brave Kite?


"Ha! Father, you're going too far for a boulder!

Bern Tyne didn't miss the flash of facial surprise that floated around his instant face with a giggling rigger elsewhere. And he grinned even more lavishly.

"Ha! Sure! I'm sorry! Just kidding! Forget it. No!

"Oh, oh."

I laughed luxuriously and said there would be no such thing, but I used magic to make sure it didn't sound like Rije and spoke out without moving my mouth.

"Moment. You, watch your step. That's synonymous with affirmation. Whatever they say is flat out different, just make the guts."

The words that were given out gave me certainty as to who Kate was, but it was a dead word. Everything is different. The moment wanted to be plain clothed to him from the bottom of my heart at this time. And if possible, keep your head down. But I wanted to be taught. but as for each other's position, Berntaine wouldn't allow it, and didn't choose it for a moment.

"Well, I'll go now. Reggie, you need to heal your injuries and come back later. Now, don't show your face to your mum for a second. I'm good, but... don't worry about me."

"Oh, wow. Be careful."

Bern Tyne, who got the answer in an instant reaction, gets up and turns his back. That's how he ended up keeping an eye on Rije and walking straight out of the infirmary. It should be noted that he did not rub anything on his way home either, and walked home normally as it was.

Meanwhile, around that time. Sola and the rest of the upper management who were packing in the office today were talking to Kitra in a way a little closer to asking questions. That said, it is not surprising that Kitra was scheduled to come from the beginning.

In a few days, they will be heading to Raingard as well, so it was the meeting. but it was still not unrelated to the fact that Nanami was still passing out.

"Didn't that... Bernstadt... come?

"... I'm so, so sorry... I didn't expect Dear Berntaine to move immediately..."

Kitra also chilled her liver when she asked Boulder about this one. Like blaming Sora for something. I just flat apologized for the inconsistency.

If you do poorly, it's a man named Berntaine who could be dead just because he moved. I read that it doesn't work this time because it rarely moves, but this was a really unexpected place.

This time it was a 'greeting' to a fellow worker, as he also said, so I could pass out, but if this had been hostile even to a fellow worker, it would have been corpses cumulative down there by now. I chilled my liver because it made me head even for a moment.

When this happens to boulders, the Union Master moves immediately to this handbeating. It would also be an inter-state problem. Kitra apparently took off her pen for a few moments and froze her spine. Such a chitra says something close to an excuse while seeping through some rudeness.

"Only those eight people can't be measured by our Branch Manager or our co-adventurers, and they can't make predictions. I'm sure you're following some kind of rule, speculation, or prospect... but they're extraordinary, and therefore not understandable to all of us... like I'm telling you to anticipate Lord Kite's behavior."

"... uh..."

They give me one last word, and I'm convinced that Sola can't help it, either. Even for him, Kate's behavior is unpredictable. I know he has his own rules and expectations, but I don't understand them. What she's made of is about Tina, and even she's not perfect.

"Ha... a lot of kites, or... the union masters are struggling too."

With so many kites, Sora thinks of the difficulty of wrapping them up. As he pronounces his words in a position on the part of the exchangers, I guess he also has quite an idea of being a mentor. And against such a sola, Kitra waved, laughing a little.

"Oh, no. With the exception of Lord Kite, perhaps the most flighty is Master Balflair, right?


"That one is synonymous with the adventurer. There are too many feats about adventure to list."

"... Union officials will have a hard time..."

To the words from Kitra, Sola looks far away and decides not to ask. The worst part was the top, a word I didn't want to hear.


"" Huh... "

They both sigh, at the same time. They had constant stomach aches because their bosses were obnoxious to each other.

"Uh... well, let's do that when we decide. So, the airship is good for flights with the Duke's house, right?

"Yeah. So please. After that, if you go over there, the headquarters staff will respond properly."

"Sort of... well, thank you"

"No... ah, after that, and this, it's medicine for awareness. If your nanami wakes up, give her a drink."

"Oh, guys..."

Kitra takes the vial out of her last pocket, at her desk, and leaves the office behind. So, in the last few days. Sola and the others were headed to Raingard again.