Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 727 Gathering - Intercontinental Conference, ed. 2 -

Well, almost simultaneously with Sola and the others' departure. Portland Emelia was in a very hectic situation back then. Well, the adventurers of < > are coming. Various orders were uncut and the liquor store was in full swing.

Other than that, adventurers aboard ships crossing the Intercontinental Conference have reached this point. Taverns and grocery stores thrived every few years in a situation very different from that of the great army of Inago. In the meantime. One man was stunned in the ticketing area of the ship.

"Huh? Seriously?

"Seriously, nothing... it would naturally be decided. What time do you think it is?"

"... can't we still do this?

From his nostalgia, the man presents his adventurer's registration card. Apparently the man is an adventurer. but to him like that, the officials selling the ship's tickets were cold.

"Ha... no, no, no. If you're the master of the metaphorical union, the sellout is sold out. Besides, I don't know where the horsebone is, but I don't have a permit. I can't sell him tickets. This time of year is permissive. If you want, tell the mayor. Well, the mayor will be in a big hurry now, so an early visit is next week's head."


A man succumbs to his knees disappointed. Apparently, he wanted to cross to Raingard by boat. but I couldn't do it out of perspective, that's why.

Note that the guy looks in his late 20s and I don't know if his skin is tanned or original, but it's a beautiful brown color. He is about 190 cm tall. His face was wild, but at the same time he had an innocent childish look that would suit him.

I don't have a weapon, but it was such a way of working out that I could be convinced if they told me that the forged flesh was a weapon. The movement was about as good as that. Apparently the outfit came from somewhere else and was one I didn't see here.

"... Shh. Swim! Let's complain about Kite's guy later..."

"... what? You swim... Raingard's a few days away from here by boat... and, uh, he's gone..."

Watch them turn down the ticket, or a man jumps into the ocean without hesitation. Besides, the ticket man opens his eyes, but if you look, he had already swimmed out with the water column up. Then again, one person was to be assembled in Raingard.

Then, a few hours later. Sola was in the airship chartered by the Duke's family. but instead of waiting for me to arrive at will, I was still on duty today and in my room replacement room.


"Yes, good luck"


Sola still looks tired today and drinks the tea offered by Nanami. After all, I didn't have a moment to think about Nanami while I was in the surrogate position.

An unfamiliar task, a rub to visit without a pull. That was more than natural than having a life for 500 people. It's no different than a small village. How dare you send admiration that it came this far without splitting it up?

Just deal with it as best you can, and the rest of the time is workout. I don't have time to think about it. I was nowhere. Apparently, Yuri and Nanami both figured it out, and he praised him for his hard work and never showed dissatisfaction with not making a decision.

"In the next few hours... I can see Kite in the next few hours..."

"Solar. You look like a pervert."


Yuri and Nanami laugh unexpectedly thirsty at Sola, who raised her voice as if looking forward to seeing her lover. Well, if you think about what you've been up to, you'll have no choice.

"Ugh... this is the first time I've ever wanted to meet a man..."


More and more like Sola, but in the first place he forgot that Kite would be placed on Queen's security assignment after this. The Union side will also be calling as Alliance Master to listen, so consider the boulder, pushing it into contact with the Adventure Department, but basically, Kate has to move mainly with the Queen of the Millennium Kingdom's escort. Japanese, but at the same time now an adventurer. There is no denial. They will turn it around alone.

And cherry blossoms and moments are named for the attendees of the intercontinental conference. In other words, Sola's work on her behalf will not be finished. On the contrary, the cherry blossoms packed in the school will no longer be there until the corner moment, so we agreed to be even busier.

And so, in the next few hours. He was stunned that Kite was going to point it out to him.

And a few hours later with that. Immediately after < > appeared in the sky. Sora was bending her knees.

"Ah... ah..."

"Woe to you."

"Uh... well, good luck"

I sent solace to Sora, who bowed to her knees with a face that Kite seemed to enjoy, and for a moment I had no choice but to send encouragement because I had another busy job myself. Neither can give him a hand. I don't have enough room to lend.

And in those three places came officials of the Union. He was one of the first to go in for an exchange between Raingard and the Adventurer, so he responded to the Adventure Department, which was also allowed to go one foot ahead.

"Are you from the Alliance and Adventure Department?

"Oh. What about you?

"I'm an official at Union headquarters. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Union officials bow their heads to Kite's inquiry. This time it's in the form of an order, but the adventurer side has the freedom not to take it. Since it was an order, no huge wages were generated instead, and there were quite a few guilds and adventurers out there who did not receive it from cost-effectiveness, etc. That's why I was grateful.

That said, it is also an honor to be able to participate as an adventurer in this meeting, so even the main adventurer who earns a lot of money receives most of it. I was entrusted with escorting the royal nobility, because that is the only intangible asset called valuation.

"Here, we have made this decision. This will be a notice regarding your escort location and an immediate letter of thanks to the Union Master. Bring it."

"Ah... heh."

Kite smiles zero. If it was a thank-you note with the name I found out, it was also interesting. That said, you can't be laughing all the time.

"Ever... are the eight biggest the two later? One would be a geek place, so it's good... what about the other?

"The other is < >. There will also be a meeting of them Blacksmiths at this meeting..."

"< >?"

"It is the top group of the so-called Union of Blacksmiths dominated by Dwarves. Well, it was precisely them who dominated it at the time of its creation, that's all. Originally independent as a blacksmith guild, blacksmiths work closely with adventurers, so they also act as half adventurers. Therefore, considering their status and position, they are one of the eight great,. It's a long way off in terms of technology."

Following Sola's enquiry, Union officials gave me commentary. As once said in the course, the adventurer is the only one with a bunch of guilds as an Adventurer Union Association.

Others are clustered in this blacksmith guild, etc. as a guild bearing the name of the profession. That's why this is counted as one of the eight biggest semi-unions with the Adventurers Union.

"Oh, that's what I'm saying, you came. That's the < > airship."

Apparently, while we were talking, a blacksmith guild airship arrived. When all three of them saw the northern skies in the words of Union officials, there were also several large airships coming there. About a hundred people can ride per ride. It would be hundreds of people.

In fact, there are other Alliance members of the Blacksmith Alliance on board, so not all of them are < >. He came with me as a blacksmith.

"North... what's over there?

"To the north is the continent of Anise... a thousand years of kingdom. That's where the Union is headed."

"The Union headquarters of the Millennium Kingdom is about 7,000 kilometers in a straight line from Maxwell to the northeast. It doesn't change as much as the latitude. A little north, I think. but there is an absolute no-go area for world trees along the way. We need to take a little detour."



Returns a raw reply to Kite's words, both for Sora and for a moment. I didn't get it where it was explained. If you can, give me a map of the world. Unfortunately, the map of the world is not popular.

I just have to give up or think hard and with my head. By the way, 7,000 kilometers is a little shorter than Tokyo to San Francisco. And, with Sora, who threw such an understanding, Kite chewed it off in a frightening and understandable way.

"Within the seven continents of this world, four continents where civilization is being discovered are arranged so that McDawell surrounds the sea to the east of the adjacent continent of Enesia. Think of it as the Enefia version of the Pacific. You'd think there were four continents, but this one's several times the size of the Earth. That's about it."

"Oh, I see. That was the easiest thing to understand. Aniez is on the North American continent..."

"It's a little different... but one way or the other, I guess the twins are... the north side of the twins did go through the equator, right?

"Yeah. The twin continents are wide to the north and south, and the Valtard Empire is located in both the north and south hemispheres through the equator. That's the southeast side from here, isn't it? The north over there is also close to Anise. It's also a few days on the boat. And Ursia is further south from the southern tip of this Enesian continent, and this is a completely southern hemisphere, right? On the ship... is it about a month from the south end? Therefore, it seems that the discovery was delayed."

Union officials will provide further explanations. Well, if you're listening to me now, the heart of the ocean is the Enefia version of the Pacific Ocean. The round-trip there would be basic. There's no civilization, there's no fool going south who thinks. I'm not traveling with adventurers without any prospects. That must have delayed the discovery.

Well, on closer examination, they actually had an exchange in small countries located in the southern hemisphere on the southern side of Enesia. but he thought it was an island country on the way somewhere, and he didn't seem to think it was another continent. There was no airship, so there was no alternative to this degree of misunderstanding.

"Well, if you start saying that, the western end of Anise and the eastern end of Enesia are a few days by boat."

"Haha. Instead, it's a tundra zone. It will be tough to travel by boat."

The two laughed at each other and made it clear that they would not do that. Apparently, it is close to the easternmost part of the northern demonic territory. Geographically, the relationship between Alaska and Russia, it would be good to think.

That said, it's considerably colder than Earth because of latitude, so there's no way through. But without it, there was a man who went through. The next moment, a large water column rises on the western side of Raingard.



Kite is also surprised by the boulder and looks at you. Then there was one man floating there. When the man gazed at this one, he came here in a straight line.

"Whoa! Lord Dachi! Long time no see!

"Ba, balflair? What are you doing?"

The man, now a Union Master, was a Balflair regarded as Eisen's rival. When he spotted Kite, he was shouldering and slapping Bashibashi and Kite. That's how, following an inquiry from Kite, she laughed as if the bulfleur lit up a little.

"Hey. When I slept, they went in Wither's guy... and I couldn't help it, so I went north of Anise, across the Ice Sea, to Emelia, and I swam because the ship was full."

"Ha... right, you're the only one around..."

Union officials and Sola, moments only blink their eyes against Balflair and Kite, who, as always, laughs while bashing and beating. I've been swimming this far, like I said.

And now, I was swimming. It was he who jumped into the sea from Portland Emelia then. I'm unfamiliar with the outfit, and I can't help it. Because it's a common outfit in the millennial kingdom. Seeing them like that, Kite introduced Balflair.

"It's no use caring. This is what this guy is. Because there's adventure there, just crossing deep woods, over high mountains... < > The name of Adventurer (The Venture) > > is not Dada. So, stop it because it's hot and painful."

"No, that's good. It's been a long time."

"I don't have a hobby for men to be attracted to."


Kite wiggles at me and I finally take my shoulders off as Balflair laughs. Hot and painful is one of his many faults, is what Kate says.

"So, I'll introduce you again. This is the current Union Master. The man who became the Union Master as much as possible. The greatest adventurer I've ever known, the best adventurer I've ever known."

"I can light it up, thanks... yeah?

I realized that there was something in the way Kate said it, and Balfleur snapped my neck.

"Wasn't that weird?

"It's my fault. It's my fault... well, the discovery of a new route on the ships of Enesia and Anise is a solo step in the 'Underworld Forest'. I don't know how many feats I'm doing. Basically, it's this guy who takes ridiculous things very seriously."

"I went to the Underworld Forest because I regretted it. I was stomped alone first by this idiot, and it's just that I can lose... well, I couldn't get to the bottom of it. There, I suck at bees."

"Oh man... I guess you're just stupid to try"

"Don't you say that."

Side by side with kidding kite and balflair, instant and sola freeze their spine all at the same time. I regretted being hit first, so I just let him step through the worst demons on this continent. Too, I was playing witch mountain. But that doesn't end there.

"There are other three-day and three-night drinks with Orrin, a week-long bee fight with Eisen, and getting used to Rank S demons... oh, Gwen, how are you?

"Ooh, I'm fine. I left it today."

""... oh, is there another kite ""

We came here, and the two of us understood everything. Especially Sora understood from the bottom of her heart. Kitra said, but the Union Master was with understanding Kite's behavior. I don't understand. To those two, an official of the Union, who had a headache, whispers.

"I'll tell you something good. Rank EX is incomprehensible. I don't understand, so, extra."

"" Oh, yeah... "

To a Union official with a very tired face, the two of them with that hard work just have to turn their gaze of pity. The mood could only be understood if it was also related to Kate. So, one more. A man called Hero gathered in Raingard.