Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 729 Gathering - Preparation -

From the battle between Kite and Quong, Balfrère and Eisen, a few days. By this time the majority of adventurers had already assembled in Raingard. That's why Balfrère was to give the speech after almost everyone had been put in place.

"Everyone, you're welcome to come."

Balflares projected into the air using special sorcery open their mouths. He's basically a brain muscle type. So I won't make a painful speech. Besides, I have trouble getting a very painful greeting from most adventurers. So the speech ended with the next word.

'Well, this year is another time of year. Only this time of year can all the lives of this city be deposited with us. KEKO - I'm sorry it's been a rough task, but I don't know which way to go... well, good luck with that!

Finally, after the speech, the video disappears and cheers up. This is, so to speak, a headmaster's greeting at the beginning of the semester. For many adventurers, it's what they do that makes sense, and not a great deal about the content itself.

That was understood by everyone participating adventurers. So for a long time, no one wants it. In the first place, the vast majority of adventurers are uneducated. I'm not even interested. Some intelligent adventurers are just rare.

"... Huh? Are we done?"

"Oh, you're done."

"... good?

In an overly modest response, Sora unexpectedly asks Kite. I had been told beforehand that this was like the principal's greeting, and I understood that.

That makes it painful, but it's only a few seconds against expectations. In the first place, there are even adventurers who normally listened to grilled chicken dishes in one hand somewhere.

"Good or nothing... how many guys are asking seriously. If you think about it, it'll be simpler."

Sola looks out the inn window, outside. There was a room for a lot of people, so I could see quite a few floors.

"... that? He's usually in and out of the tavern..."

"Superiority is just a matter of tightening up where you need to be. For the adventurers, this greeting goes hand in hand with the start signal that work will begin today. All ambassadors will be here today, but not all of them will be here at once. I can rub it. Rose in a few days. He doesn't have that much time to get to work. Besides, the Empire of Entesia and other superpowers are not coming today. There are many places to start in a few days. Besides, VIP protection is the main thing this time rather than collective action. It's rare to be with someone like me all the time, and it's mostly rotational."

Against Sola, Kite goes on. This time, the Adventure Department and Heavenly Cherry Blossom School were allowed to enter earlier, but that's their only special case. The messengers are supposed to start coming today.

Therefore, neither Kite nor the teachers assembled in the Adventure Department against their impatience, making them like it. Well, Balflair, also a famous adventurer, is often admired for the boys and girls who were recruited here, and many gathered on the rooftops to go up and watch. To that extent, was.

"If you get into a situation, he'll have a more temperamental speech too... but at this time, that'll be enough."

"Is that so?

"That's... so, Sola. I'm going back to Portland Emelia once with a metastasis, okay?

"It's work, isn't it?


Kite nods in response to Sola's inquiry. At this meeting, Kate is undertaking two tasks. It is one escort of the Queen of the Millennium Kingdom, and the other is Mel's aide - in fact, the compiler - who performs the roundup of the Emperor Leonhardt's liturgical soldiers coming from the Imperial Capital. That other job was imminent.

Tina had already returned and was involved in the final adjustment of the aircraft carrier type airship, and a circular from Emperor Leonhardt had been sent through the Kuzha and the others that it was time to enter the kite because she was ready.

"Well, until the event, there's also an assistant to the cherry blossoms... one way or the other, I just want you to do the cherry blossom assistant..."

Kite is a little anxious, shaking her head. He's going to move from behind to assist, but basically, Kate will be barely able to interact with the outside world. Bend over. The opponent is a big country. Even though it's rotten, you can't be alarmed.

Even Stella and Stra and their siblings can't get in easily. In case you think about it, you can't even talk. More than in the royal capital, Kate needed to be cut off from everything. but it was only if Sola understood that, too, that she was anxious about you.

"I'm more anxious that you're gonna be okay than that."

"Because I'm an individual, huh?


"Right. That's what you think. There's a hole."

Kite laughs at what even Sola has forgotten. At a time when he forgot, I was relieved. That's why I've been careful not to show them here for the time being.

"Out of the way?

"Come on? What do you mean?

Against Sola, Kate makes a profound face. It even seemed like fun.

"Well, do you want to go to work"

"Oh, hey!

Ignoring Sora's stop, Kite laughs and disappears. Sola went to "Portland Emelia," I thought, but that didn't happen. In fact, he had already gone to the person who had been given an on-site inspection earlier.

"Ru. Report."

'Yes, sir. You're not in yet. We haven't seen the ship yet, and I'm guessing the secret detectives are in it... but they don't want us to contaminate where we're going in. There, around here, is a secret detective or a cynical to the shadows. "

In Kite's inquiry, Lu shows himself. Few know what they look like. of other continents, because they are also of the past. So it's no wonder they think they're just adventurers on the road.

"Hmm... moonflower. Placement?"

'It's over. Yeah, it's over. "

"Great, isn't Japanese magic handy?

'Yeah, that's convenient. Extremely convenient'

If Kate asks Moonflower with a laugh, Moonflower also zeroes a laugh. Yes, Sola forgot. Kate was with the Great Spirit, always with the Devils. It also has super skill in the past to make a name for itself.

Sure, Kite's alone. But not alone. They were moving them. And of course, it's not just the two of us.

"Come on, let me show you something."

Kite strips her fangs spitefully. The enemy thinks this is the one, and I don't dream of being a brave kite. In fact, at the stage of entering the city, Kate was beginning to move so that no one could understand her.

Kite is connected to the upper levels of Musashi and Raingard. It was no other love to sneak up on the security system after gaining it by not loving it.

"Lu, you have to track them down if a secret detective comes in. Moonflower, after the raid begins, watch that the Great Elders do not harm His Majesty Shana. I'm sure they'll try to keep me away. Fana, just in case you can get in touch with Princess Asahi or Dr. Musashi. Also ask for a liaison with Fall. Fran, you're my shadow, just in case. Others move into place and get into Lu's cover."

Kite will give instructions early in the arrow succession. If the enemy will insult us, it's just fine. If you're trying to fit this one in, this one just fits.

"... come on, let's have a little dance. You're an old man, so don't hesitate."

After giving all the instructions and seeing everyone scattered all over the city, Kite smiles and peels off her fangs disappears. Now it's time to move on to Portland Emelia. That's how Kate started her work.

Then, a few hours. Kate had turned her smile and figure into what she was, entering an army base near 'Portland Emelia'. It was a strict security system because the Emperor Leonhardt had already brought the two Emperors, but when Kite showed his registration card as a soldier, he was immediately passed under the Emperor Leonhardt.

Apparently, he was out of the room now, and he was in front of an aircraft carrier type airship where final checks were carried out by the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) technical squad.

"Your Majesty, I'm here now."

"Um... Lord. That's good stuff. I couldn't help but notice the blood."

"If you say so, Tina's guys will be out of tech profits."

Kite laughs at the words of Emperor Leonhardt. Apparently, the Magic Conductor was very fond of you. I was in a good mood. That's how I finished greeting him, and Kite looked up.

There were more than a dozen large magic guided armor, magic guides and beast manned aircraft assembled there. Of course, there was also an emperor-only aircraft in this, as well as a Mel-only machine made using that extra part. Large demonic armor is also from the sixth generation, all of which are the most advanced of the Empire's pride.

"Even so... it's spectacular"

"Hmm. I'm proud to be here with you."

Emperor Leonhardt also agrees with Kate's words and puts his hands on his own dedicated machine. A dozen large groups of demonic guidance armor contained all the badges of the royal family and each duke, grand duke and Kingsguard regiment. It is rare for this to come together.

No, even if we ever meet together, there's no such thing as a wide variety. The return of Tina, the development of the Beast Machine, the progress of the sixth generation, etc. happened at once, but it was a late coincidence. but, therefore, it was spectacular. It can't be anything but the Empire. That was the sight anyone could see at a glance.

"How's the airship fleet coming together?

"It is finished 80% of the time. Only Queen Emelia's convoy will remain here. If you think about staying, you can leave at any time."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Emperor Leonhardt answers. Of course, it's not the only aircraft carrier that goes. Aircraft carriers are the same as Earth, and fleet operations are fundamental. Just one ship goes hand in hand with a merely moving one. The fleet is with us. Thus, the Emperor Leonhardt goes on.

"The number of airships that the Holy La Area, the Valtard Empire and the Empire of Entesia can take is three with a crossbow class of over 200 meters, five heavy cruisers of 100 meters, ten light cruisers of over 50 meters... plus a few destroyers and personal aircraft, so. There are even fewer people you can get off the airship."

Emperor Leonhardt sighs. Even though all countries had reduced this as much as they could, it still seemed quite a lot. but there were circumstances to this.

There were also small countries and protectorate dignitaries who were unable to procure aircrafts that could cross the continent in their own places. It actually operates in one country alone, not that.

Therefore, the great powers of the continent that host it do not always need the maximum number of airships because most of the protectors and small nations can cover their own means of movement, but the great powers have the luxury and the will of the great powers. Even though we knew it was a metaphorical waste, it was always necessary to dispatch the largest.

"I thank the public for that place. Automation of the aircraft carrier was very helpful. I was originally thinking about operating on a scale of thousands. The labor cost and maintenance effort were different digit operating costs. Tax officers were leaping a little when estimates came out."

"Haha. When they showed me the aircraft carrier, I was surprised, though. I've been asking someone on the other side about the operation on Earth, so... that helped, that's what I'm saying."

Originally, this aircraft carrier was developed by the Imperial Army. It wasn't even in the prototype phase until Kate and the others arrived. It was about a technical exam. It was at the beginning that I decided to use the help of Kite and the others to quickly operate it.

That played a role. Tina's learning of operations on Earth led to the adoption of automation that based operations on Earth. And, talking about that, the base engineer knelt.

"Your Majesty! We will begin the loading operation now! Stand back!"



Under the gaze of Emperor Leonhardt, Kate leaves the spot with him. Apparently, maintenance is over and the Magic Machines have begun to be loaded. Then, slowly, the magic conductors are put to sleep beside them and moved around in a catapira.

"Well... Lord. This time Lord Heisenberg and you will be at the meeting... but I asked for my daughter's assistant at the watching ceremony."

"Yes, sir."

Looking at the magic guides who started the journey, they saw it was time for them to join the ship and start a conversation that they should have.

It's not just Shea and Mel going to Emperor Leonhardt. As a token of the messengers, at all times one of the five dukes will go to the auxiliary. That was Jake, Lord Heisenberg, this time.

"With that said, what about Lord Heisenberg?

"Oh, Lord Heisenberg would already be in a meeting with the messengers. We'll be busier exchanging secretarial methods behind it than the general meeting. You'll be busier than the public."

"I think I'll be busy enough, too."


In the words of Kate, Emperor Leonhardt smiles. Of course, it has been played and understood by Kite that he and Kite have become the queen's escorts of the kingdom for a thousand years. He can't do anything because he's suspected of being a boulder, but he trusts Kite. I thought you were up to something.

"Public. I'll allow it. At best, scratch it around. Be kind enough to make one of my loans."

"From the beginning, I intend to. I hate the big bosses."

The two are equal, with a spicy, fun smile as politicians. Again, this is a battlefield. There is no bloodshed, but so we can exchange the spear of wisdom more than any other place. The two warriors couldn't possibly not enjoy this.

"Later, let me know the details. Should we have a larger audience?

"My pleasure."

At the end of the conversation, Kate follows the scene. Emperor Leonhardt does nothing. It's just to entertain you from the outside. There's no such thing as a 'game' where you don't need a wager or anything. It will also be fun.

"Well... Your Majesty. Let me send an interesting man. I envy what you see on your side."

The emperor Leonhardt sends words to the young queen, who is almost the same as herself. This time, the queen for Kite (the royal nobleman) is she, and the enemy is under the command of the Millennium Kingdom (the queen).

It was so rotten, and it was also an interesting contradiction. It is difficult to predict how the enemy will emerge. It's unclear how Kite might move. He was jealous that he could see it standing on his side. So he followed the scene and headed to a private room specially reserved for him inside the aircraft carrier.