Kite rode a carriage with Queen Shanna of the Thousand Years Kingdom Laelia, but the carriage was apparently a fairly expensive piece of space. Inside there were luxurious interiors, a variety of living facilities, and even a luxurious desk.

There were three of us in the carriage. To the old maid named Hannah, who was Queen Shana's nanny, Queen Shana, who hid her face with a translucent cloth, as usual, and Kate. but kite was having a very hard time doing it. That goes back a while.

"Nice to meet you, Her Majesty Queen Shana. I'll be your escort. My name is Kate Amane. '


"Lord Kite. You will not speak to Her Majesty the Queen of the Darkless Arrow Cod."

I smiled and greeted Kite, and the moment Queen Shanna tried to say something, Hannah broke in before that. It was then followed by a similar repetition of responses, which continue to this day.

Well, after many repetitions, Kate was currently staring at Hannah. Besides, he repeatedly said the novel.

"The Great Elder may be curious to lift it... but you are just an adventurer who knows no horsebone anywhere. What do you think of speaking out to His Majesty, who is noble? Then the Japanese name in the corner will cry."

"Ha... you must not speak to Her Majesty the Queen, you have not been told by the Deacon or the Great Elder, have you? To facilitate the work, it is also a solid job to know what is to be escorted and to have friends with the escort. If we have distrust of each other, that's what we get in the way of an escort. Trust will be the first thing a side guard can do."

Kite finally opens her mouth to the novel she's had several times. but to this, Hannah opened her eyes.

"... I can't say anything, but for that reason I didn't think I'd say anything back..."

"? Even in a funny way?

"No, nothing... if you have an idea of your own, it would be good"

Kate's idea is definitely a muscular one. but when they said it, Hannah shut up the other way as soon as possible. He seemed alert, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

"So... again. Nice to meet you, Your Majesty. I'm Kite."

"... Huh?

Seeing Kate kneel down and take her right hand and kiss the back of her hand, Queen Shanna unexpectedly, sooner, suppose. It's not like Kate failed anything. This was more than just a kite and a nobleman.

But Hannah's the one who got stuck with it. I thought it might be a good idea for her to see reason and talk to Kate back, and I never thought she'd go into this kind of behavior.

"Become... Ah, you..."

Hannah turns bright red and shudders with a pull. I can't carry on two sentences. but with Kate laughing at this, I told her.

"Oh? I'm not supposed to touch you, am I? Think about it in common sense and don't touch it. The Prophet also showed me the code, but it didn't say anything like that anywhere. The other person is Her Majesty the Queen. It would be disrespectful if you stayed close to this distance and did this kind of work."

"Ugh... gu..."

Kite's words were fried foot, but his muscles were right through. Besides, there's no mistake in the way you do it. It is impossible to point out the problem. Besides, thanks to the white long coat, it's quite a good outfit. As a result, the appearance had disappeared.

So while Hannah is turning bright red, she can't yell at Queen Shanna just to puff her mouth in front of her. Queen Shanna finally laughed at those two.

"Pu... haha!

It was hilarious, but it was a fun, bright laugh. Even so, once the laughter is raised, the laughter is elegant, and it feels like Kuskkus. Apparently, you enjoyed it.

Kite and I have more experience in life than we look. I can read the development that this will happen if it comes out like this. So I dared to do this in order to make you laugh. Hannah is taken aback by the laughter of Queen Shanna.

"Dear Shanna...?

"You're a fun person..."

Apparently it was an embarrassment to Queen Shana to raise her voice and laugh. I wipe the tears I conveyed to my eyes and laugh to hide my mouth again.

"Ha... Dear Kite. Were you also a clown in Japan?

"It's also the adventurer's job to play the clown."

To Hannah's words, who gave up reprimand after seeing how Queen Shanna was in a good mood, Kate greets her somewhere respectful. But Hannah seems to have slightly felt the cold of the blade lurking behind the words. For a moment only, I feel uncomfortable. Kite today plays the truth, the dogma. It was also the word that referred to it.

But Hannah seems to have combined them all with the atmosphere he creates and treated them as a fault of her own. I shook my head, although I spared a moment.

"... for God's sake... at best, I hope Master Shanna has no disrespect."

"Yes, my Lord Hannah."

To Hannah's words next time, Kate answers as much as she poses. That, as usual, was watched by Queen Shana with a smile on her face.

Unstoppable dogmatization. Kite here had decided to be thorough with it. It is clear from the face of the great boss that the harm will be done to Queen Shanna this time. So I was going to be thorough with the dogma.

Normally, they don't lift strange young people without anything. At that point, when he lifted himself unconditionally, the raid on Queen Shana became a definitive event in the kite.

That said, if you're playing to the current dodo, if you're lucky, you might not be on alert to carry out raids. It should be reported. This time it's going backwards, but if there's nothing there, it's better that way. No one gets hurt. That would be best.

"Kite. Is she an enemy?

'You said you were a nanny... but it's still too early to decide... moonflower. Ceremony Let the whole god stick to her. I don't think I can see through that one made in Japan. "


Kite still decides how to look at Fran's inquiry, which he places as his own trump card. Who is the enemy and who is on your side. Hannah is Queen Shanna's nanny, but that doesn't mean she's on her side.

It is also possible to say that the worst is on her own, and hence none of Queen Shanna's allies. In order to protect this jewel-like queen, we had to identify it.

"Huh... how far do you know... well, good. Let's talk about work first. I'll have it about work as soon as I get down."


"Read the material in this before you go down. This is a list of ciphers we use in our military. I'll also give you a dedicated comms machine. Interaction with the military takes place through me. If I'm not here, etc., when you need me, use the communications props inside."

Hannah gives Kate one smaller bag. The bag was not very large, about 20 cm long, and was not thick. Inside, there was a list of codes used by the military, as well as a pendant-shaped communication magic prop that Hannah was talking about.

Headset-type communication magic props are a technology that Kate brought in after her return, so they haven't been popular in the Millennium Kingdom yet. Kate sees it and hides it and keeps it in sync with her own headset-type demonic props.

When Tina and I were able to rendezvous, we were going to find out if it wasn't meticulous. In the meantime, I worked on it just in case I heard from you.


Kate begins reading material submitted by Hannah. Cryptography, rather than an ultimatum for cryptographic communication, was closer to body language when hidden words or words could not be used to ensure that there was no problem when communications were intercepted.

I looked through the street, but apparently this wasn't going to be finely worked. It was consistent with information on the Millennial Royal Army that Kite was obtaining. Well, it's the other side that's in trouble if there's a mistake there when it comes to moving together. I guess I didn't fake it.

"... Dear Shanna. What do you think of that man?

Hannah secretly asks Shanna before Kite starts reading the material. I don't know if she's an enemy or an ally, but she won't do anything far-fetched in front of the queen.

"... he said he was fun."

"... I can't trust you."

"It didn't look that way. In his heart, there was a great sky. I've never seen such a beautiful sky..."

"Did you see it?

"I didn't mean to, but... they took my hand where I was alarmed, so..."

In response to Hannah's inquiry, Shanna secretly seeps apologies into Kate. Every royal family needs, for the most part, mystery. That's no different in a thousand years of kingdom.

So what was that about them? That was the word now. They had the power to foresee the hearts and minds of others for whatever reason. If you don't touch it, you can't read it, but if you can touch it, you can read the superficial part of the spirit. It's not as convenient a force as reading thoughts, but it must still be a peculiar force. It would suffice as a mystery comparable to the special power of Ixphos.

That was why they, the Laerian family, were worshipped with the royal family in the Millennium Kingdom. Because of a different direction from the fairy clan, lies do not work for them.

"... do you doubt it?

"No. If that's what Master Shanna said, I'll believe it"

Hannah gets some kind of wishful inquiry from Queen Shanna and stretches out her bent hips to deny it. Apparently, Queen Shanna knows that none of her allies are equal. Even Hannah seemed slightly suspicious. That, now Kate was watching it secretly.

"... that's pathetic. I hope we don't fall into human disbelief."

'With pity, you can't behave badly. You are the Duke of the Empire of Entesia. She is the queen of the sacred kingdom of Laeria. It won't be a busy story. "

"I know."

Fran sends advice to Kite, who was in pity. Well, she doesn't think Kite understands. No, I know, but I don't think I'm gonna protect you.

It's kite that when she sees a girl suffer, her body takes it upon itself. In that sense, there is a high level of trust, and at the same time, there is a low level of confidence that nothing will be done. Well, it's such a kite that the Frans are here. I guess the bitterness comes as a guide.

"But... there's nothing wrong with me being on my side in the meantime, is there? That's what I do."

"You're the one who does the extra thing and brings the rubbing."

"My ear hurts."

"What do you say?"

I grinned lightly at Fran's grumpy tone that he didn't trust Kate. And, apparently, that was to be blamed.

"What's wrong?

"Hmm? Oh, no. Nothing."

"Then don't suddenly laugh."

Now Hannah sends her attention to Kite. I guess it's the place where she still doesn't know what she's capable of.

"Oops... that was rude. Looks like you've got a clown."

"Oh man... I don't know what the Big Boss is thinking... at least look at the personality and make up your mind about something good..."

Hannah sighs at Kate's response. This one must have been unexpected by the big bosses, too. Well, most of the information networks available to adventurers on other continents do not exist in Enefia today - of course, with the right handwriting.

I can't help it, Hannah seems to give up too. One way or another, he probably thinks he won't even work it out where he told the big bosses.

And I didn't feel any shaking when I said that the carriage rocked me like that - but a little bit later, the carriage stops. Apparently, they arrived at the hotel where they were staying. The guide door opened, and the elders and hotel employees were greeted by the general public before. Thus will your voice be with Queen Shanna.

"Dear Shanna. Here we are. Sit down."


"Dear Kite. You, too, come down from a different door from your Majesty. There's an emergency door over there."

"Okay. Work, here we go."

To the words of Hannah following Queen Shana, Kate sends a signal to your man to open an emergency door for the escort to board and disembark. From here, work begins in earnest. You must follow her side and protect yourself at all times. That's how Kate's work started.