To the escort mission begun, Kate renews her determination by seeing Queen Shana's tears. Until it started that way, good. The problem arose at sundown.

"With that said... I'm good alone, but what's the turn of sleeping? You can't sleep on a boulder for a month, can you?

Kate was also completely lost in Queen Shanna's tears, but it's hard to say how Kate stayed awake for a month. I need a break. It's scary that you can't do it, but a boulder can't say it's a Rank A adventurer. but of course this was noticed on the part of the kingdom for a thousand years, and there was no way to deal with it.

"That's up to you. The military is going to handle the security during the night. I never come into my room."

"So am I supposed to go to bed normally?

"In the unlikely event of suspicion, you will respond."

Hannah tells the truth. Kite is the only escort who is supposed to be good enough to walk into the room. Other than that, there will be hotel security, and if so, there will be more escorts during the night. If you ask me in more detail, the windows are supposed to expand. I guess that means you get some rest.

"Where do I sleep?


Hannah has a problem with Kite's questions. It's like what you're talking about, I just kept saying.

"Isn't it decided to be in the same room as His Majesty?"

"... yes?

"No room with a different escort, not to say stupid... oh, yeah. With that said, you didn't say. For once, it is ahead of us that separates the thin curtain. It's about what you'll know if you make a noise. You can kick it in case. As for the line, there's a door, I'm here, and Master Shanna is here, and you're here. I'll have you guard the windows... so don't peek. Thank you for coming."

"I won't..."

Kate sighs at Hannah's words, which were put out with a staring gaze. Not that she on any other continent on the boulder would know about the rumors of Kate's lady, and this would simply be alerting a young man.

Even for Queen Shanna, Kite, who sees many beautiful princesses, is also recognized as a beautiful girl. If you don't think about it later, you can attack it. If you don't think about it later, yes.

"That being said... sleeping in an unobstructed place for escort work is good, right?

"Yeah... oh, about the bath, make sure you get it right. Prioritize escort, that doesn't mean. This is strict. I will replace the escort in the meantime. in the room with amenity goods. As an escort to Master Shanna, you will also be well acquainted. You'll be in the conference hall."


It is not uncommon for an escort to follow you to the conference hall. One for each ambassador or aide will remain on the side during the meeting. Once the ambassadors were seated closest to about three, it was not suspicious for Kate, the queen's escort, to enter these three. How the big bosses and the queen are not on their side in public.

"What are your clothes when you enter the conference hall?

"We have it here. It should be in the closet. Get dressed and attend."


Kite keeps instructions from Hannah. For once, escorts will belong to each country. Clothes were also required, not those of the adventurer, but of the courtesy.

That said, even if we leave this to each individual, there will be no sense of unity as a country. If you don't know whose escort the escort is, you won't know which country hired the escort in case. Therefore, as a rule, the country where they hired them prepared the courtesy of that country for the adventurers.

"Great. Now I'm going to bathe Master Shanna."

"You don't peek, do you?

"I didn't say anything! You wait in front of the bathroom!

Hannah gets a little annoyed by what Kate said earlier. Apparently, it's an easy personality to get on, and in the last few hours, Kate noticed.

That said, not standing by the boulder in front of the shower room is a problem. So Kite decides to wait in front of the bathroom.

"Well... I didn't make any strange moves, and..."

Except when you're making tea.

"Huh... Sent spy from the senate, or the big bosses' sent watchman... fana. Contact each location and ask for additional research."

"Yes, sir."

In the words of Kate, Fana, who is in charge of the liaison, moves. The only thing that stays that way is Fran and Kate again.

"... enemies or allies..."

"Enemy. I don't care what you think."

"Well, what do you think?

Kate hasn't made a decision yet. It's still early. That's what I was thinking. That said, that was actually Fran's opinion with me.

"Technically, an ally that's not unlimited to the enemy. She's the tranquilizer."

"To keep the queen from breaking her mind, and the last jetty to break the queen's spirit... that's her role, isn't it?"

"Lu... how'd it go?

Following Fran's words, Lu speculates on Hannah's role. Their convenience is that they're connected to Kate. If it bothered me, I could go under Kite from anywhere, and vice versa, if Kite had a perfect grasp of the area, I could make it manifest there at pinpoint. There won't be a better bodily snitch.

"There's about 20 people around here, isn't there? As always, protecting ourselves is the only thing that keeps us safe."

"The Big Dads don't believe each other. Well, it's not going to be easy to crack personnel here either."

To Lu's words, Kate seeps the mockery. Even if I say 'Big Boss' in a lump sum, the reality is pretty dreary. Now it's time for all of them to add up to 10, but by the time this was still called the 'boss' in his original position, he said there were just over 20 of them.

And before that, they were "old school" and "junior officer". As a result of that gathering of power, the number of people was reduced, the elimination proceeded, and the merger of the organization took place, making it now the "big boss". You should think of the Chinese Han Dynasty eunuchs.

As a result, nearly half of the Big Daughters had died at the mercy of each other. Fewer people died in the war, from kite, it was just a laugh.

"Instead, you'll be smart enough to come."

"Right... oh. This is a pretty good quality fragrance."

"Peeping is strictly forbidden, Madam?

"Oh... well, I'll go before the guards stare at me."

Take Kite's light mouth and disappear like Lu runs away laughing. All surveillance cameras that were planted in the room are disabled. I didn't mean to show you this hand tag, and even if you say anything, I'm going to put it through, considering the possibility of interception, because the enemy could have set it up. Before that, I wouldn't admit the existence of a surveillance camera in the first place.

"If it moves, night... could it be me?

"No, I'm asking Moonflower. Just surveillance... you, this trump card."

With Lu disappearing, Fran returns to business. I don't know where Hannah belongs, but if it were to move, it would be after Queen Shanna went to bed. If only one caregiver disappears from the first day, Kite will be surprised at everything. The only way I could move was in the middle of the night when I was lost in the darkness.

"Yes... then, I'll disappear"


Fran disappears and Kite is alone again. But there is nothing else. As such, Kate waited for them to shower up and decided to take a bath herself by turning down Queen Shanna while she was still awake.

Then, a few hours. When they all got to the floor. Hannah had secretly stepped out the door and made the move to another tier. Heading there was a conference room where the big bosses were secretly gathered.


"... at least there's no alarm on that man. He's just lifting himself, he suspects."

"... chip."

Several of the big bosses pound their tongues. He thought that Kite was a little easier to get into. I can't help but insult you.

They know that Kite the Brave was actually just a normal boy and useful as a flag in the first place. They guessed that the Japanese standards were no different from those of these boys. That said, the difference to that extent is within the assumption. I had nothing to worry about. So then another big boss asked.

"How's that impression coming from Shanna?

"It doesn't look bad."


Following a report from Hannah, the big bosses are now delayed in their thoughts. There is one enemy. As I've just seen, it's not easy to deal with. They were thinking of a hand that turned backwards on the pride and pride that is common in young people, but if that doesn't work, they have to think of another hand.

"Exercise strength, is that all you have?


The big bosses discuss it quietly for a while. They are quite a few years old, and not bloody in the first place. Belly black, but yes, therefore it was not grumpy.

"... why don't you lift up Shanna and expose it and make it a scandal"

"I have trouble getting pregnant poorly. Many in the army also see Japan as sacred. If Shanna conceives, this time the child will be a troublesome seed. If you reach the belly child, it will lead to a loss of courage. And the army will desire to attach the son of his belly to the king, and so will the people. And if you miss it badly, it could be a pillar in breaking your mind."

"That's a hassle..."

For them, I only consider it to be an effective little girl in exchange for Queen Shanna. So if they think it's necessary, they'll even give it to the bandits and they'll do it.

Of course, that's only a story if you need it, and there's no chance you'll ever need it. The boulder is damaged by the country's many faculties. They've never done it either, and they won't do it again.

"... what do the guys at the informer guild say"

"Lack of information, I was told. He hasn't moved yet."

"I don't know what those people are doing..."

Informer Guild. It is one of those guilds whose existence is publicly hidden or treated as an urban legend. As a result, the majority of employees are publicly employed in a different position. Handle items with information. If you ask them, you'll have information from all over the world, even a guild they say.

That said, she replied that it was taking a while to get information from different continents because there was no global network.

Of course, this is a lie. They had their own worldwide network comparable to the internet, and if they were curious about it, the fairly top executives of the informant guild could access it at any time. It was an out-of-the-box saying that executives weren't moving that far.

"Do you want more money?

"We don't need any more investment in this level of detail. I just incorporated this one case with plans to get it discontinued not far away. The worst can happen."

"That's right. If you do poorly, take unwanted pursuits from other countries. The empire of the presidency, in particular, will be annoying. Good if it's done. If we don't, Shanna's fate is still there."

This would be a different place from Count Reames, who once did something similar. They wanted something as rare in Japan as he did, but at the same time knew that it could jeopardize themselves.

Therefore, I do not behave badly. Even in this case, the only person who knows the truth and has direct access to them is Hannah, who is on Queen Shanna's side to spy on Kate's movements, and Deacon, who interacts with the assassins.

In addition, even the assassins they are requesting are contacted through several cutouts to make them think that they are being requested by other countries. And that's how we're discussing it there, and, uh, one big boss gave an opinion.

"Yeah... you want him to move too?

"Guy... sure, it might be best to move him. Admit it was a mistake even when you were tired of it, and impersonate him with all your sins, and it will be the best result for us. He's no match for us."

"Oh, is that really the best"

Apparently, this opinion was a good suggestion for the other big bosses. The other big bosses had a delightful color on their faces, and they were snorting. So, apparently, it was decided to pass this opinion. I'm going to kick Hannah out and now I'm going to call the Deacon. With that in mind, Hannah moves on to action again.

"I'll make contact with them."

'It would be good. Get your hands on it here'

Taking Hannah's word for it, a secret detective nods apart from the one used by the big bosses. With their help, Hannah goes outside with the help of soldiers belonging to a different faction than the Great Elder. That's how we headed, in a carriage.

Inside was a communications facility with espionage. There was another detective waiting in the communications room of one of the airships, through which she was able to contact another employer in her home country. It was those who ruled the council called the Senate. Thousand Years Kingdom It was another cause of corruption.


"The Big Bosses are continuing to assassinate Queen Shanna."


"What do you want to do?

"... how about the power of the adventurer of the escort"

"I was wondering if I had the strength just to deserve Rank A"

To the senior members of the Senate, Hannah will make a report. That said, I can't stay long. So it was easy to report and contact.

'You can leave me alone for a while now. If you need anything, let me know.'

"Are you sure?

"Have you got feelings?


Hannah clearly shook her head at the inquiry of senior senators, including somewhere else. I don't know what I thought of it, but the executives decided to keep going because they weren't interested.

"Shanna is of no benefit or harm to us. Shamana is easier to see next. If they're going to kill you, don't worry about them. Keep your hands off the escort man until he finds out. But, of course, don't poison them. If you suspect this involvement, it's a hassle."


Hannah accepts the senate executive's words. I don't see her emotions. It was as cold as it deserved to be compared to ice. If you were a spy, that was the right look.

So Hannah leaves the carriage at the end of it and goes back to her room. But in the middle of it. Another spy made contact with Hannah in the elevator.

What about the senate?

"Do as you please,"


The signs disappeared, and now it's time for her to be alone. And at the same time, she activated the comms in a specific way.

"As planned"

Copy that.

All the reports, all the responses, just for a moment. Hannah only allowed me a moment. She was, "Multiple Spies." She was the only one who knew who was really the main one.

Seeing such a sight, Kate watched through the ceremonial god who made her use it for moonflowers.

'... pathetic, right? Yes, pity.'

Moonflower looks at the next room as it appears only to Kate, and tells her so. The act now was a manifestation of the fact that Queen Shanna really had no one on her side. Even nannies can't be trusted.

"This is the world, isn't it? The aristocratic world. Your brother is a lonely king."

"How many minutes do I come from a samurai society, not an aristocratic society... and a Nakatsu country?"

"Oh, so to speak..."

In the words of the moonflower, Fran nods as he remembers. The Nakatsu country is in a relationship where the chief is Ren Long, or it has become a rather special political system. The basic ruler is definitely in the form of a light fire, but what he did to her is a delegation from Indragon.

Unless you can dictate to Jen Long, there is no way to rot. If he says no, it won't work in Nakatsu country. It wasn't a world where bribes and whispers go through. Above all, Indragon himself finds no value in money. It would be about booze. And in his case, he comes in on his own. There's no point in getting a bribe.

"It doesn't matter. I guess she's on her side if she's the enemy. I'll just be on my side. If I felt sorry for you, I would take that hand. That's who I am... and don't forget that Ray has us. So you're lonely."

[]/(n, vs) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk)

"I know, I know."

We both follow Kate's behavior. It doesn't matter who the enemy is or who the allies are. Isolated or helpless, you just go down the path you believed you were right. The power to destroy the world was only there for that reason. That's how Kate starts her job.

"Let me in... if you want to die."

Outside the window, Kate sends a voice. A guest was coming. Someone would be an assassin of a force that would neglect Queen Shanna, not the big bosses. There are countless forces that are more hostile than being kings when it comes to puppets. No wonder.

"Four moves, flowers, < >... but now I'm the queen's knight. Your Majesty's rest will not disturb you..."

At the same time that the assassins show up, Kite pulls out the knife without sound and ends it all. It doesn't even make you smell like blood. Because the incision was burned with high heat. The body went on to extinguish it with the slaughter of flames it unleashed. There was also no unpleasant smell of the body burning. There is not even a dead odor left. That's how Kite started the battle for isolation.