Even if Hannah was discovered to be some kind of spy, there was no way Kate would change anything. If you move, you will be alerted not only to the great elders, but also to the many forces that are hovering behind the kingdom of the millennium. To do our job in that, we must not be alarmed yet.

"... erm... Her Majesty the Queen Shanna? Your job... is that it now?

"Yeah. Today."

To Queen Shanna's words. Kate is more stunned than she was last night when she found out Hannah was a spy. Because Queen Shanna's job was just to sign five paperwork.

If we do that, we'll finish first thing in the morning, and then we'll just wait for the meeting to start at 10: 00 a.m., so be it. Seems to be completely free this afternoon if you ask. Now Hannah made me some tea, and I was doing my reading.

"... Phew."

"It's a lie... it's an absolute lie... it's just... five..."

Queen Shanna smiles at Kite, who bows to her knees stunned, even if she doesn't know what it means. I think I know you're shocked by something weird. And, seeing such a kite, Hannah is very surprised that she was making tea.

"... what are they doing?

"... uh... ah... oh, with too much shock..."

I had reached a mental breakdown step ahead of me, Kite, but I get my mind back on Hannah's voice. It's very easy to say what you were shocked by. I was shocked that this was all I had to do.

I guess it would be a pity to think of it as a puppet, but from Kite's point of view, I didn't envy it the other way around. Kite has a crumbling day at paperwork on a daily basis. If it's time to sit in the chair, it's only a few minutes. That's it. The difference between heaven and earth. I also want to cry.

"I don't know why..."

"I don't care... if the king of another country hears all about this, it's not a bad puppet," you say.


"... pup."

You call yourself a puppet too openly, and you laugh without giving in. Besides, it seems that Queen Shanna turned ridiculous the other way round against Hannah, who is stunned by the way she put it so disgracefully and disrespectfully.

"Sure, maybe you are..."

I never thought about it. Queen Shanna tells her otherwise. Until now, I have only thought of myself as a birdcage princess, but paradoxically, the birdcage princess means that she is kept by someone. You don't have to go hunting on your own, and you have little danger other than the owner. At best, I hope the cage doesn't break due to natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The ideal homemaker (king) needs to bear everything on his own, but the keeper (puppet) can keep everything with others. Speaking of ease, it's an easy job. I don't even need to think about it. You can do whatever you want later.

"Are you sure? Laugh..."

"I just have to admit... I'm a puppet. Interpretation, the princess of the birdcage just kept by the great elders..."

Queen Shanna tells me in a flamboyant way that Hannah can't say anything more. I was admitted to feeling good, and it's not something I can deny in the first place.

"Hannah, what you said a long time ago." The clown is not a clown. "

Hannah opens her eyes to the words of the bright Queen Shanna. This meant two things. You remembered, because you were surprised and realized that what you are now is a criticism of the entire millennial kingdom from Kite.

Because the clown who serves the court is said to be the court clown. Their job is usually to be ridiculed and laughed at by others. At the same time, however, it was ironic about the occasional events, incidents, etc.

A clown was also a trickster. No. The original clown would mean this one, not the fool (clown). With common sense and honesty, it was a job to do. It's not a stupid job.

Not only the nobility, but it was also at the end of the day in a position where it was allowed to criticize the king or give bad news that no one would tell. For that matter, it is, of course, likely that you will buy the Lord's inquisition and take your life.

The clown is supposed to speak with his life against the Lord. Exactly, it was Kite now. That's how he gave the clown the perfect overly venerable courtesy.

"There were no clowns in this country... so I know I want to make Her Majesty the Queen's smile while I cross the border. Please forgive me for this behavior."

"Hehe... that would be good. I forgive you."

Again, Hannah opens her eyes. That could have been more of a surprise than earlier if I had done badly. Queen Shanna wouldn't have realized she'd just dated Kate's act, but this isn't the puppet's word. The Queen quoted as saying that she would forgive Kate for her deeds as queen. It has never happened before.

If this happens, Hannah won't be able to restrain Kate's behavior. Because it is an act of dogmatization. Even if Hannah thinks she's gone too far, she can't punish her as long as the Queen allows.

"Thank you... but I have a job to do, so let me just say this is the only place to behave as a dogma"


Queen Shanna blows out again to Kate, who let her stand aside. You're surprisingly cautious, he thought. That said, this looked like an act to Hannah. He doesn't care. Worst of all, even the Great Elders speak as loyal ministers of the Queen, not as a dogma. Yes, I understand.

"... he may be the starting point and destroyed, Great Elder..."

Hannah smiles with the two of them smiling at each other. Queen Shanna is showing a smile she hasn't shown in the last few decades. I'm starting to have a will I've never had. This could have been a hole in the ants only if we knew what was going on in the kingdom of the millennium today.

"... just one day. So you gain trust... no way, this man..."

With a smile on her face, Hannah comes to think of just the possibility. That means you know the power to prepare for the royal family of the kingdom for a thousand years. I haven't thought of Kite as the brave Kite on the boulder. I haven't even thought about it.

What Hannah thinks is information from one of her employers. When I piled up more money there than the big bosses, they said they had been secretly contacted by an informer belonging to the Intelligence Guild.

They also told me that there are intelligence regulations on Kite's information. The lords saw that the Empire had turned his hand earlier, but Hannah wondered if Kate had turned her hand.

And that's the right answer. Kite is close to the head of the Intelligence Guild. They asked me to regulate the information. Regulation from the top. No matter how they handle the information, if they divulge it, there will be a chase from an Assassin's Guild who is pleading with them. If it were a request from the Alliance Master, he would come with great skill. A species with life. That wasn't all I could do. So he was also taught this degree of information.

"Dear Shanna. I'll do a little checking with the military department on the mobility plan. Are you sure you want to leave?


"Thank you"

Hannah leaves the spot with a no to Queen Shanna. There are no secret detectives in here, she had decided. Because I thought Kate would find it. About that time, I bought him.

"... it's me"

"What do you want me to hear from you?

I contacted the person she trusts the most among her employers. It is also one of the forces hostile to the great elders. Besides, Hannah briefly told him.

"Change of plans."

"Do you see him as a man of enough trust?

"Yeah. Using him as a starting point, we might be able to break the big boss"

To Hannah's words, just a few cutouts do the thinking. He seemed worried about what to do.

"... you continue your investigation. I'm not thankful to hear from you."


"Something about one of you. So guess what."


On Hannah's face, a bitter object floats. One of you. It was about Hannah's employer in this organization. I was taught to exist and looked at each other several times, so I understood that this was not a good thing.

"What story?

'I don't know. It just happened. "

"Okay. This is where we will continue our investigation."

"Do that for me."

Listening to Hannah's response, the cutout with her employer interrupts contact. The situation seemed to have improved, and it was getting worse. Of all the lords that Hannah is employed as a spy, the Lord here didn't seem to want too many big bosses to capture her.

So unlike the one ahead on my face, I still had bitter emotions. But Hannah took a big, deep breath and kicked out such a heavy emotion.

"... good. I can still go."

Hannah inspires herself. Espionage is a job that falsifies itself. Therefore, the longer they are, the less they know who they are. She's already been a spy for over a decade, but she was sober and understanding it. I had no choice but to inspire myself more than to reveal myself to no one.

"It's over. There are no changes to the plan."

"Right. So, I'm just like yesterday, okay?

"I don't mind. Just like yesterday, the carriage is supposed to be escorted by the army itself."

Hannah wears an iron mask and tells Kite that she hasn't even asked. There is no need to check in the first place. This meeting has already taken place more than a hundred times. Even if the venue changes, the venue hardly changes. If something unexpected happens, there's nothing that needs to be confirmed. It was a lie that Kate threw up thinking she was in for the first time.

"Now, Master Shanna will be dressed... so as not to peek"

"You don't trust..."

"You think I have faith in the dogma?


Hannah, with a slightly more pleasant face, tells Kite. Apparently, one kite was taken. Seeing that Kate was hit, Hannah was in a bit of a good mood, accompanied by Queen Shanna, to get dressed. As such, Kate called Fana, who would liaise with the various locations.

"Well... fana. Tell Farnese to contact the Adventure Department. You have to slow down."

"Are you good?

"Good or bad, that's all I have right now. You'd have heard the conversation now, wouldn't you? Change of plans for something. It's useless where I just got my information. I don't see any sign that Grandpa will move yet. Wait a while longer."

"Rikai. My sister is capable, so I'll take care of it. '

To Kate's words, Fana disappears again. Farnese was a woman who was head of the Beast Man in the South with Fana, and was a rare sister in the use demons of Kate, who had no sense of unity in the race or region. Like my sister, she has beautiful brown skin. We're both heavily exposed because we were born in the South, but that would be a habit.

"... well... in the next two hours or so, the meeting begins"

Kate looks at the clock and further sees the large conference hall set in the heart of the city through the Demon of Use. It is a conference room that is used only during the Intercontinental Conference. In a huge dome, there is a large conference room in the centre that will be used only during the general meeting, where ambassadors from all countries should gather today for an opening ceremony.

Thereafter, the treatment of Tian Cherry School will be discussed. Of course, Queen Shanna will be joining us, as well as the Grand Elders as Prime Minister. Meet me. Okay, but if this looks like it, I won't have a bad objection to reassure Kate for a while. So I felt safe for the time being.

"But that's why you can't have a breakdown."

This is it as soon as the escort leaves. Kate sighs. Right above the room where Queen Shanna is dressed. There was an enemy standing on the roof.

"Ha... he's a poor quality assassin. You know, leave the place where you just tell me to aim... and traps would be basic."

Smaller, pucker, and thunder can play. Hannah and Queen Shanna don't seem to notice. So Kate connects the comms to Hannah.

"This is Kite. Assassin on the roof. Contact the military to collect it. I'm keeping him alive."

"... okay."

Hannah responds in a low voice. Queen Shanna didn't have to be informed, I guess, to such an extent that they didn't notice. Well, he's the kind of assassin that gets caught up in that trap. Poor artillery also hits a few, I guess in the spirit of. Soon after that, a few soldiers came to Kate's.


"It's on the roof. They got caught in the trap."

"Don't set a trap on your own"

"This is the job. Unfortunately, I don't want you to complain about me getting in there."

"Shit... collect it. Be careful not to damage His Majesty's body."

A soldier who sees reason in Kate's words gets to work even if he exposes a little frustration. So they leave the room unnoticed that they even came to Queen Shanna. They're going up another route to the roof.

If it is an assassination carried out by their own faction with them, we overlook it, but an assassination that is not will not benefit them. You seem to have done a decent job.

"... moonflower. Formula Ask for God's placement. Keep an eye on the room."

'Okay. Yeah, I got it.'

There's more to fear than emptying a room, and more than being isolated and helpless. Like Kate did, the most alarming thing to do is trap. It is the main road on the main road that traps, especially while the Lord is away. It would be normal to keep an eye on him.

"What about disarming?

"No, you just have to watch me set it up. Release over here. You don't have to make him understand that there's a watch here."

'Okay. Yeah, I got it.'

Once again, the moonflower announces its acceptance and disappears. I got to work on it. So, being alone again, Kate decided to start waiting again.