Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 738: Meeting on Intercontinental Mutual Agreements - Opening -

After Queen Shanna's change of clothes, Kate goes down to the hotel lobby with them dressed in the courtesy of the Millennial Kingdoms' soldiers. Then there stood one man there who had not already seen the Big Bosses.

"Good morning, everyone... Sharik... and good morning to the Marshal"

"Her Majesty Queen Shanna. Good morning."

"Long time no see, Your Majesty."

Greeting with the Big Boss is like a senior officer of the army named Sharik. He didn't show up yesterday, but if you ask, he seems to be the chief of the entire army for this security mission. Yesterday I was busy exchanging places and I don't seem to have time to greet them due to the Imperial Watching Ceremony.

The body is split and quiet, but there are no gaps in movement, and it has proper muscles. He wouldn't be a muscle strength, just like Kate, he would be a warrior of the lineage who assists power with magic. There was something resembling Queen Shanna on her face.

"Sharik... information from the informant suggests you're Queen Shana's brother. She's a half-brother. '

Fran whispers to Kite. Apparently, he's a blood relative. Given that, I'm guessing Queen Shanna was about to say it first, brother. I have a position in this place, not to mention a lot of blood ties. You shouldn't call me that.

"Are you the escort of Her Majesty Queen Shanna?

"Yes... Your Majesty's balls are at your disposal."

"Let's believe it. Sorry I'm late to say hello."

"No, I don't think you have a choice but to be busy at work."

"It helps you to understand"

Sharik, who shook hands with Kite beside Queen Shanna's other greetings, bows his head as he goes to Kite. A late apology, I would say. So I approached him a little bit and whispered.

"I'm glad you caught the assassin. I'm letting you do my client's assignment here."


Apparently, I shook hands just to say this. When he finished saying that, Sharik let go of his hand.

"Bye, Your Majesty. Your time is near, come here."


With Sharik's words, Queen Shana begins walking again. That's how they got into the carriage and moved to the center of the city.

Well, it was a moved kite, but there was nothing particularly wrong with it, and we had reached the meeting hall of the Intercontinental Conference.

"Her Majesty Queen Shanna, as well as her entourage, confirm attendance"



The battalions of < > and < > are responsible for the security of the venue. < > has jurisdiction over the outside, and < > has jurisdiction over the venue. So Kuon and the others are inside.

It should be noted that Berntaine and Augdyne are the escorts of the President of the Republic of Uruguay. He may also be referred to as a security mission inside. There are many other heads of a nation who have the head of a famous guild as their escort. Then the guard asks Kite.

"Is that an escort? Show me your registration card."

"Go ahead."

"... Rank A Adventurer. Registration name... kite amane... code matching... no problem. Described information... no problem. Person and Confirmation"

The adventurers of < > will take out their special magic props and confirm Kite's registration card. By the way, he also knew this was a counterfeit card, but he is more silent than it is at work. Because if you know that for any reason, it is not more important to point it out.

"Come on in."


Hearing the words of the adventurer of < >, Kate waves in with a flicker. The adventurers of < > watched it.

"That's the adventurer who said he cared about his big father... and that he reached Rank B in just a few months..."

"In fact, aren't we talking about the speed of the brave Kate and Tonton? Sure enough, Brave Kite just didn't take the exam for promotion, and he hit it off from Rank D to Rank S at the end, didn't he? I don't know exactly how long you've been promoted."

"From Rank B. Well, there's also a story about registering for Rank B and getting out of Rank D. That's where it's all messed up... my big dad's big dad... and I'm talking about my first guild master."

"See what you can do."

"Forced promotion to Rank A... Top 8. Then it's a story we all know."

Everyone comes up with signs that they will enjoy somewhere, not pity. What bothers them is not whether or not Kite performs the task without anything. I don't care about that. It's other personnel. What mattered was how Kate managed to get away with these nasty big bosses.

"Have fun, Japanese. This world is surprisingly rotten, but that's why it's so funny."

"What are you doing?"

"Before you do that... let me ask you to tell me what you guys are and what you're going to do"

"... hmm? Whoa!? Big brother of Augdyne!

I accidentally finished the inspection where I was talking - not even Berntaine, the Alliance Master, was inspected - Augdyne must have been watching. He had blue muscles on his head. So they were talking and they made a cob on their heads and went back to work.

Well, the kite on the other side, it was inside the venue. That said, he's not the only adventurer there. One adventurer per capita was also serving as an escort to the Great Elders, who were with them.

"... Japanese, right?


"... do you realize that?

Hiding from the big bosses, one of those escorts speaks low. I was in my mid-30s when I was a year old and saw scars all over my body. Such an out-of-the-box word was easy for Kite to understand.

"Mostly. I'm not going to let you ride me."

"... well. Not that I can do anything for you at work, but... good luck."

The adventurer, who understood everything in Kite's response, leaves satisfied. The big bosses were not going to say this or place unaccounted for escorts, but more adventurers than they could imagine felt the sympathy, appreciation, and exam elements to Japan.

That unexpectedly seemed to be especially common to high-ranking adventurers like them, and they were going to send me advice secretly, mindful of the fact that the Japanese, like the brave Kate, had been involved.

That said, that's about all I can do with them. If I help you cheaply, I'm in danger this time. I don't know what else to do. So the big bosses, who don't even realize it, when they find Kite, order him to smile as well as yesterday.

"Oh, it's Kite. Your Lord go to the front row seats with Her Majesty Queen Shana. Non and others are His Majesty's subjects. I can't get out of here before."

"Okay. The balls must."

"Ooh, ooh. I asked for it."

In the wake of the words of the Great Elder, Kate once again begins to travel according to Queen Shana as an escort. Between the seats of the ministers and the governors, only a few moments are provided. A space for kings, that's what I'm saying.

Well, actually, because the number of prime ministers and squires brought in in different countries is different, unifying the space creates extra space. Therefore, he dared make it a little wider so that he could see that he was king.

In that regard, the Millennium Kingdom is a little narrow because there are as many as 10 prime ministers. That said, the Great Elders are not complaining about this in front of other countries, either, on the boulders.

"Kite. The noble people will come. Keep your head down."

Queen Shanna and the others entered the venue, about 20 minutes. All participating countries have entered the venue and the door will be closed. Thus, in the wake of the opening of the ceiling of the conference hall, Queen Shana tells Kite.

I knew Kite didn't have to be told, but the last ones to go in were the chancellors or the ancient dragons (Elder Dragons) close to the arbiters. They are better than any of the kings in this place. It was inevitable that they would enter at the end.

"Master Gwen is going to be here this year. He is a golden dragon."


Kate knows more about Gynn than Queen Shanna, but nominally she won't have to pretend she doesn't know this place. So Kite nods in the face that she's trying to be the first to hear. Fortunately, Queen Shanna never touched the boulder on this occasion, so the lie was not noticed.

Saying that, a shadow descended on the venue, and the golden dragon and the pure white dragon appeared. I didn't have any plans, but it looks like Tia's here, too.

"Is that... Master Mystia?

"Why are you even here with the princess of God..."

"Something important...?

'I'm free, so let me stop by. If you ask me, I will discuss the Japanese lads. Speaking of Japan, that country. My concubine wants to talk to you a little bit. "

Tia, with her feet in the void, tells the heads of the nations who talk about something. Apparently, she took it off for the kites. If she talks properly about watching what happens, no country can handle it unhindered without some kind of lapse.

"Well, never mind. Finally. The concubines are casual bystanders. I'm not going to say anything unless it bothers you."

"And so... opening"

Following the humanized tier, the similarly humanized Gynn opens with a distracted look. Besides, every country and the chiefs and ambassadors seem so difficult to say, but their denial is unacceptable. So that's how the intercontinental conference started.

Well, maybe it's a natural story, but the only thing that will be discussed at the general meeting is not just about Tian Cherry Blossom School. The clerk has spent months preparing for this meeting. All of a sudden, I couldn't possibly talk about Tian Cherry School.

That's why the agenda for Heavenly Cherry Blossom School was pretty much behind the first day. So as a kite, I had nothing to worry about, so I could watch the meeting. Yes, but I'm paying attention to one thing in the conference room.

"... ha..."


To Kate's sigh, Queen Shanna smiles bitterly. I don't know. But I don't. At this meeting, where the ambassadors gathered, there was a man who could sleep alone.

Besides, the surroundings don't care about that. They engage in a lively discussion, but they don't care at all. All I could say was diagram thick nerves.

"Somehow... you're amazing..."

"Is that good to do..."

Kate gives a complex look to Queen Shana's words. If you say wow, wow. I only have one word for that. But if that's okay, it never is.

The name of the sleeping man is Balflair. This is the current Union Master. It is a well-known fact that he is such a man, if you think he is rounded up. No one cares anymore.

It's just useless to worry about it, and this guy wakes up somehow when it's an important conversation. Moreover, he makes precisely shooting remarks as if he had never slept at all before. And when I wake him up, at the end of the day, I can fold him up all at once.

Maybe sleep itself is the act. Everyone was so scared that they decided not to touch the defects they didn't need. If you stick it up poorly, that's the only thing that turns Congress upside down.

"Big guy... I think. He..."


"Sailors crossing the Great Sea Plains. That's who he is."

Ignoring Kite's inquiry, Queen Shanna remembers the feeling of Balfleur she had touched several times. It's just the first time in decades that she's been touched by her hands without any meaning, and if not, the number touched has exceeded hundreds this past year alone.

That was their royal job. In doing so, when Balfreer came to say hello, he read his mind on the orders of the big bosses. As a result, she was also one of the few people she could forgive.

"Did you know I've been swimming in the ocean?

"... Huh?

"He was left in the Prophet's house, and he swam across the ice sea between the continents from the port of Emelia because he couldn't get a ticket."

"Oh, really... hehe"

Queen Shanna giggles a little fun at the words from the seemingly suspicious kite. He thought it might be possible for Balflair to be common.

By the way, I wonder if it's okay for the kites to have a chat, but there's nothing wrong with that. She whispers to such an extent that she is not annoyed by the surroundings, and all Queen Shana does in this Chamber is press the "yes" or "no" switch according to the instructions of the big bosses in the vote. It was also the big bosses' idea to talk to the escort anyway, even if they were interested in politics in vain, because they were in their way.

"... good luck with that."

In such a conversation. Kate sees the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School coming forward. Coming out are Principal Sakurada and several teachers from Sakurada, Moments, and below the head teacher. This is where the battle begins that doesn't really depend on the power to determine the fate of the kites. Thus, while watching over Kate, a meeting was begun to decide on the treatment of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.