Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 739: Meeting on Intercontinental Mutual Agreements - Question -

Now, this is the meeting that decides on the treatment of the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School that started, but unfortunately no kite can be added to this. Kate is certainly nothing short of a powerful man at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, but at the same time he is just a student. It was not in a position to get out before the heads of states or ambassadors.

"Well, I have a few questions to ask you first... but before I do, in front of the kings and delegates on this occasion, let me ask you to sign the papers. The paperwork, as you all know, is < >. I need you to sign this. There are only two things I can ask with this. Rest assured."

Emperor Leonhardt's voice echoes in the conference hall. Fortunately, this year's presidency was the Empire of Entesia. They had told me of the great revelations in advance.

The tiers and Gynes that basically just really pierce the look are nominally chairmen, but it is the chairmen of the host country - the kings and representatives of that country, to be precise - that actually divide the meeting. If we don't do this, we won't get into an argument. It would be natural, because the chairman of the summariser does not do his job.

It should be noted that the presidency is normally to be carried out by the countries that supposedly have the most power on that continent, and that in the Enesian continent the three countries, the easternmost Empire of Entesia and the westernmost Federation of Ragna, and the Luxerian nation close to the centre of the continent, have been entitled to it by arrangement since 300 years ago.

Within this context, the Luxerian nation has now waived its right to be a chair because it has not put its back on the Intercontinental Conference. The Ragna Confederation, by contrast, still had that right, and chaired it in turn with the Empire of Entesia.

In fact, it is also in that connection that a meeting took place near the territorial waters of the Empire. If the Ragna Federation, not the Empire of Entesia, were the presidency, they would have assembled in the waters on the western side of the continent.

"First, let me ask you again. Is it true that they are Japanese?"


Once again, Emperor Leonhardt asks after the Cherry Blossoms called in the center of the conference hall have signed the < > and confirmed it by everyone properly projected into the air using magic props. Don't lie about the content of this inquiry.

It was Principal Sakurada who answered. It was predetermined that this would be the first time. Plus, the twist goes up. About half the country seemed half-hearted because only information was being passed on.

"Quiet... now, ask your history. If you have any objection to them being Japanese, say something."

Suppressing the twitch, the emperor Leonhardt asks again. but this question did not give me any remarks. Naturally, the Emperor Leonhardt just asked if there was any objection to coming from Japan. Beyond what I was saying when I was using the < > Mandatory Affidavit (Gears Scroll) > >, it was like saying publicly that I didn't study.

"Okay, let's go on. When that happens, we have one thing to worry about. Have you ever heard of Kite the Brave in Japan?


"What else?

Everyone shakes their heads at the enquiry of the emperor Leonhardt in response to Principal Sakurada's enquiry. Sounds suspicious, but this is the right answer.

We all know about Kite, but what we found out about it was after we found out about 'Kite the Brave', that is, since we came to Enefia. You were right to say that you had heard of it in Japan or had it not been asked.

"Well... that's a shame"

From the standpoint that the emperor Leonhardt is only a descendant of those saved by him, he shakes his head unfortunately. That said, now I can hear the most important thing about this meeting. The only thing that matters to them more than anything is that they are "Japanese" and "Know the Brave Kite or Not".

"That said, each. There was certainty that they were Japanese. Therefore, < > is to be discarded in accordance with the provisions from before the beginning of the meeting. If you have any objections, please let me know."

No one says anything to inquiries from the Emperor Leonhardt again. In fact, this < > mandatory affidavit was used only in the event of a material breach of terms, etc. by a country.

It was not originally used in the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. < > can make you confess your privacy naked if you abuse it. It would be reasonable to use it only to handle cases that could develop into war.

However, in view of the importance of the matter this time, it was decided, on an exceptional basis, to use it only for these two questions. One of the earlier agendas also included final approval of this. If you use any more < > to ask questions, this time it was blasphemy against the person you invited, and it was against humanity.

"... good. Then destroy it."

Emperor Leonhardt completely annihilates a bunch of < > before everyone watches. The ambassadors of several countries said something to it, but if I say it now on this occasion, the horns will stand. So no one said anything.

Daiwa I suppose you thought you should use this to make me answer questions after this as well. At the meeting now in advance, that was the opinion.

"... Phew..."

Kate leaks a sigh of relief into the sight. Actually, Kate was hitting one measure by the time she broke up with Shea and the others before she left Maxwell. That's what I managed to do.

If you look at the seat on the Emperor's side, Shea, who was present as an aide to the Emperor Leonhardt, was similarly showing a little relief. That's how, while watching over Kate, he manages to fight badly, Principal Sakurada and Sakurada will answer the questions of delegates from all over the country.

"So what the lords want is a return home to Japan," he said?

"Yeah, it will. For this reason, we are now organizing guilds of adventurers, mainly students, to operate within the Empire of Entesia."

"Why are the students so central?"

"I don't have enough strength, because I was told. And many of the teachers are older. There are many who cannot fight."

"Hmm? You don't learn martial arts in Japan?

"Yeah, some of us learn as hobbies and hobbies, like this one, but we don't learn martial arts as a scholarship."

The basic answer was Principal Sakurada. Something's not wrong with that. He is the original external head in the first place. The majority of the questions put to it were also extremely common sense questions, and there were no suspicious objects.

Few people in Enefia know about Japan, even if they know it in common sense. And most of it is the Empire of Entesia. The question has to remain within common sense.

"Doesn't seem like a problem..."

"Good for you"

"Ah... excuse me"

To the words from Queen Shanna, I bow my head small with Kite slightly lit up. In the meantime, there is no problem so far. There have been some hiccups in internal affairs and exchanges with the Empire, but to that extent. but it was also in the past that I was so relieved.

"Hmm... so, integrating the current story, you say that you have a leader besides the Lord in guilds that the Lord maintains and operates?

"Yeah, I will"

Moments nod in response to the question posed by a representative of a certain country. I just answered what was asked, and both Sakura and Principal Sakurada answered the same thing. but this was a little, awkward.

"Lord Leonhardt. In the information your country sent to us, the representative said it was all there?

"My country too."

"Neither do we."

The ambassadors of each country spoken out when they heard of another representative and thought they existed. That said, to this extent, the Emperor Leonhardt was also thinking. And more than that, I was also thinking about measures.

"... no, I'm sorry. He was only a student at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and was still on escort duty as an adventurer, so I was allowed to exclude him. Let's apologize for any discrepancies in our country's clerks' information."

Emperor Leonhardt takes his earshot body from his aide, Shea, and apologizes to the ambassadors of the nations. It is the empire's totality not to want kite on the table if possible. Therefore, Kate was sometimes on a mission as an adventurer and decided not to tell her.

"Shouldn't we call that person, too?

"Sure. It's good to ask that person about the operation."

"Where is he?

"Oh, if that's what you need. If he is, he is here."

One of the big bosses tells what the ambassadors of some country said. Besides, Kate floats her frustration inside, without turning around. As far as they're concerned, I just gave them information. but the idea would just be to see how kite would be in a hurry, where he would expose himself to ugliness.

Queen Shanna's raid in the first place and it's a joke for them. Just because we have all the pawns, there is only so much to try. And there were some who went out this way from time to time, more than the great elders and no unity of will had been sought. Of course, some people suffer from this. As such, attention is drawn to kite.

"Look, why don't you say something"

"If you say something, you can't say anything that hasn't been asked."

"Mm... well, let me ask. You think you're the Alliance Master?

One of the ambassadors asks again what Kate said when the big boss rushed him out. That said, this is where the Big Bosses were a little far-fetched. He was blinded by the immediate interests and pushed himself.

"Yes, this time at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Shana, I am here as a sidekick to Her Majesty Queen Shana"

"Hmm... the Great Tai Palace. I don't know what you're gonna do."

Hearing Kate's words, the emperor of the Valtard Empire, i.e. the brother of Titos, whom Kate once met, asks. This would have given me a helping boat to Kite, not least because I didn't miss my chance to attack the Big Brothers in order to gain the lead in the conference that will continue.

He was a young emperor of intelligent beauty on brown skin similar to Titos, but with a stronger intelligent atmosphere with glasses hanging or long cut eyes.

but it never seemed like I could exercise, and it seemed like I could exercise more than being a contractor. As for age, mid- to late 20s, I would say. If you ask later, it looks like you've only been in power for a few years.

"What do you mean?

"I saw the two of them now and thought, just because they're Japanese boys and girls doesn't change them as much as it does as a strength. No matter how high you estimate it, the rank should only be B or there. I was just a little concerned about the security system while I was in another country as to why I was placing Queen Shanna without escort."


As a matter of fact, a few big bosses have noticed, but their best hand here is to keep quiet. It was best to root it out later and make him pretend to know nothing. But because I was poorly in my own hands, the point was to fly there.


"I just did it at your request. Her Majesty said she wanted to talk to the Japanese, so she would love to use the Japanese as a side guard. When you hear about security, you think about it."

The moment he tries to turn the water toward Balfrère, he tells the Great Elder first. This is the scariest part of him. I thought you were asleep until just now, and it's easy. The big bosses, who failed to turn to the water in that way, made an instant, unobstructed excuse.

"... just like I said. We are the oldest country in Enefia. Its history is well over a thousand years old. The technology being cultivated is not measurable in other countries. Security was no problem, so I did what Her Majesty wanted more than strength."

"Ruri. We are loyal ministers of the thousand year kingdom of Laelia. Her Majesty's words take precedence over any cause. Of course, I didn't mean to hire anyone with a problem with the escort. It also confirms its strength to the Union properly. Right?

"Oh. Well, I'm pushing my heartbeat for strength. Rank A has as much power as it deserves."

"Well, I'm sorry about the head of the union. It was an unnecessary pry."

"No, I don't mind. Let's worry, thank you."

If you can rub it here for nothing, you'll definitely get a rundown. The Great Elders, who have learned that from years of experience, merely express their gratitude for the words of Emperor Valtard. The appearance is only to the extent that he worried me.

Well, on the inside, you'd be a little angry. That said, to that extent. If it's their arm, I can save it for later. Each other was still a place called Hundred Wars Smelting.

"I wonder what you're going to do, sir."


To Shea's words, Emperor Leonhardt laughs softly. The big bosses will be rough in the inner circle when they return. There could be eight hits. Well, still, flying to kite would be low. They are multiple and big bosses. The inner rim is the usual thing. At best, the extent to which senior military officials eat eight hits, I guess.

"I don't know what to do... it's my show of arms. Enjoy the offering '

Kite has been put on the table in an unwanted way, but there is a good way to get on the table. And it was a little dangerous, but the big bosses had a return of interest. It would be better not to have a bad plan, it would be to the left. It was a little painful for them to make it clear that there were no security issues.

"That's right, people. You've spoken of Her Majesty."

"Kuku... don't get bored"

Hearing what Kate thinks, Shea laughs. At this point, both she and Emperor Leonhardt were discerning that Kate had the trust of Queen Shana. That's how the commentary from Kite on the operation of the Adventure Department begins.