Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 748: Value of Information

Well, while Sharik and the others started moving toward the coup, around that time. Kate was secretly pointing her foot at the casino ship that was coming to Raingard. That's how we headed for the bartender at the bar counter, which is co-located at the casino.

"Sky Diving"

"What color?

To Kite's inquiry, the bartender returns a strange inquiry. It should only be blue, than sitting at a bar counter telling you the name of a blue cocktail.

But this is the ultimatum that leads to the informant. If I can return the correct answer here, I can get you to an informant. And Kate knows that.

"Is there anything besides blue? Then, night, please."

"Wait a minute."

In response to Kite, the bartender begins to create a lamb-based cocktail, the Skydiving Cocktail, without getting lost.

There is no Blue CuraƧao, so technically it is not the same as Earth's "Skydiving Cocktail", but since it is translated as such as a translation, taste, etc., may be equivalent. That's how it was served: a regular 'skydiving cocktail'. But at the same time, he was given a single key.

"Go ahead."


When Kate secretly receives the key, she drinks a cocktail for a while. There is no immediate movement. We'll be at the casino for a while.


Kate walks through the casino to make sure there is a shadow to monitor herself. How many enemies are there? If we don't figure that out, we'll be in trouble later.

"Well... < >"

Kate hides herself in the darkness and makes her walk a simple semblance. The key was secretly used to get inside a private room set aside for the casino ship.

Since the private rooms are used as personal casinos for customers on the surface, a single table was provided. Of course, there are chairs and tables for breaks. We carefully prepare that dish, so the only people who aren't here are the casino employees who would have dealt with it.


When Kate sits in the room where no one is supposed to be, she takes a chair in front of the monitor and sits down. That's how I opened my mouth.

"I brought the information you guys would want. Buy it."

Let's hear it.

"Whoa... am I going to be talked about using it for a run?

He didn't even look, and his voice came back. The voice belongs to the executives of the Intelligencer Guild. Certainly no chief came here, but the executives were seconded because of the importance of the matter. But also, Kate flashed her shoulders in dissatisfaction. And with that in mind, now the executives of the informant guild showed up.

"... I'm sorry. Some thanks are missing."

"Aurai. There is no use for running lads. Get him back."

"Back off."

The executives of the Intelligencer Guild order the Lord of the Voice, who has been dealing with Kite until now, to back down according to Kite's words. Actually, the voice earlier was that of an executive, but it was someone else who was speaking.

"So, what did you bring me?

"Civil strife. I brought that information."

"Civil strife."


In Kate's words, the executives of the Intelligencer Guild are interested. What makes information most valuable is war. It may be said that the excessive amount of information shapes the war. But that's why I couldn't believe it was easy.

"What are the grounds for believing?

"A few days ago. A couple of young men bought information from you about the raid on Queen Shana in Laeria, right?

"Oh... that means civil strife near La Area, war, or..."

"That's right. That one, it's backwards. From there, we know the leader of the third force."


When I hear what Kate has to say, the executives of the informant guild open their eyes. This man got information that even we couldn't get around to. I can't help but doubt it.

But it looks like some kind of information got into his place there. Before asking anything, he decided to believe the information.

"... okay. Let me hear it."

"The head of the third force is Sharik, Prince of Laeria. I'm the current Air Force Marshal. It's good to see him lead."


To the conclusion from Kate, executives begin to imagine the circumstances behind it.

"I see. Dafan understood. Indeed, it is information that leads to civil strife. Coup d 'etat."

"Fast and helpful to understand"

"When you're an informant, you have to imagine there to connect. If you don't make some logical leaps, you don't understand the back... so what do you want?

Kate came to sell the information, she said. Then there must have been some hope.

"I want a bite in the Victor Chamber of Commerce business"

"... how far, you know?

To Kate's words, the executives of the informant guild show alarm at once. At the same time, the assassin guild handlers entering the room seeped killers at once. There was no stray in his words. I'm getting certainty. It was a story that I could see.

"Roughness. I know about the top."

"... wait. I got word from a long time ago."

Kill. Just before the assassins silently show their movements, the executives of the Intelligence Guild hang up.

"... yeah... yeah... yeah? It's... no, it's certainly a possible story, but... so you think he is? No, not that I suspect... okay. So, you accept his offer, right? Yeah, yeah... okay. I'll tell him that, too."

Although the executives of the Intelligencer Guild show some surprise at the long message, they accept it. Above all, the length of time he lived as an informant was what told him this information was true.

"The chief will accept."

"Glad to hear it. After this meeting, there will be a bit of material. As a homemaker, I want to flatter it."

Kite breaks his face to the words of the executives of the Informer Guild. Because the intercontinental conference is basically scheduled to end with a slight error. The plan is for a month at a time, but the heads of the countries will never be able to get together. There are a lot of things that have to be decided in this period.

When that happens, it becomes the duty of the host location to provide extra for the materials. That said, this is after the trouble is over. There are plenty of spare materials available. Rather than that, the majority is excessive. Many sailing trips do not arrive on schedule, even though extras are provided.

In addition, pedestrians from other continents who are coming to the meeting will also unload their bags and sell off rare items from other continents at a split and cheap price before departure, so the materials available will be superfluous.

So it was a formula for Kate to have the Victor Chamber of Commerce pick up that extra material. That said, it wasn't a bad idea. Because this is about win-win.

"But the only thing you can buy is preserved food, combat supplies, repair parts, etc., the chief says."

"I don't mind. Most of the fresh food is eaten up by sailors during meetings. There are also many who are trying to sell this into the period. We don't have much manpower. One way or the other, people won't run out of it. I want you to take it from me. Oversupply and price collapse are not difficult."

"?... ha... tell him that,? No..."

To Kate's words, the executives of the informant guild tilt their necks with a surprising face. Apparently, I got a message that doesn't make sense.

"The chief said that's why he didn't pay for it."

"Oh, come on... I don't care what you think. You're not done paying me back, this..."

"The chief... did you do it?

What surprised me about Kate's remarks was the executives of the Intelligencer Guild. In fact, the head of the Intelligencer Guild was a money-keeper recognized by everyone.

She's a woman who won't admit anything, who won't admit to delaying her debt, who won't admit to taking her ass hairbut is scared to make her pay with all her ears. He couldn't have done more than turn the heavens and the earth upside down.

"Hmm? What, are you suspicious?

"Oh, oh..."

"I'm wearing it wrong, there. If... whoa, silence. There. Don't move the blade... she'll be more profitable there, if you admit it, I'll admit to paying for it. Debt is overdue. Of course, I'll give it back. I wish you could write it off there because we're building this airship or something anyway."

Kate tells the executives of the Intelligence Guild what she wants to hear while controlling the assassins who moved with her own rudeness. She's a money-keeper who Kate also admits. Therefore, he was sensitive to the smell of gold. Kate made her step on it, saying that she was profitable.

"Well, let's just say... business talks are concluded, shall we?

"That's good for the chief. I will organize a fleet of airships with HQ personnel after the meeting, so I will pick them up at that time."

"Okay... let me get this one ready so I can match it then. Then send me the paperwork later."

"... okay, let's do it"

Apparently, a business meeting has been concluded. Kite rises to contentment. Now you won't have to worry about what happens after the meeting for now. Besides, the head of the informant guild would be making a small leap towards this gift from Kate by now. You can buy materials for a low price and sell them for a high price. If you were a merchant, you wouldn't be happy.

"I'm not afraid to take out debts... are you in a good mood?

"Ooh, a summer moon... well"

It was Natsuki who was hitting a beat at the casino that greeted Kite out there. Occasionally, during the Intercontinental Conference, he comes to the casino to earn a dime. What I was doing was hanging out with flower bills. Sounds like a preference.

This is Kate's taste, but he is the only one who spread Enefia's flower bills. Before that, Musashi had also been taught by Kite. From there, it was now prevalent as a play conveyed by the brave. Kate had been taught New Year's Eve by her paternal grandparents and preferred it to her.

It should be noted that all Kate told us was to come here. However, it seems that some fraternity-loving aristocrat gained interest in fraternity in different worlds and looked into other ways as well on the road, and now both floral and eighty-eight exist in Enefia.

"Are you making another dime?

"No, I was going to. A little scary sister came... and left this stuff behind."

Natsuki says so, handing Kate a notebook. The characters written are characters that look good in individuality. It has no characteristics. It was an example of the letter in some textbook. But that was a familiar letter for Kite.

"The template used by the assassins."

"Sounds like... my scary sister was spying on us all the time until Kate got here. It's been a long time since my spine's frozen... no, it's been hours. I almost forgot your scary sisters a while ago."

"You want to be killed?

"Oops. Kwabara Kwabara..."

To Kate's words, Summer Moon stirs up booze with a laugh. And apparently, the battle has arrived.

"The rain is shining. Add the Hanami sake."

"You have a wonderful seat."

While the dealer is a little surprised, praise the summer moon. Apparently, that reversed Summer Moon. And at the same time, this seemed to be the end of the game.

"I still get lucky when you come. Did you earn about six months of supper money from this? If you do the little one, you have two years."

"You have a wife, don't you? They won't take it?

"They say you can spend more on your own for a dime."

The two walk, talk to each other. As Musashi's apprentice, they are the cherry blossoms of the same period. As Natsuki mentioned a while ago, we're good friends now. I'll even hook up a cup if I see you at the tavern.

"Bartender. Sky diving. Now there's nothing."

"I'm... Godfather"


Kate opens her eyes to the sake that Natsuki asked for. Guessing the meaning of this summer moon riddle was the secret kite's pleasure.

"Will you be a father? Then this is my luxury."

"I'm glad you're the one who understands... because you can't spot the rest of them."

Summer Moon smiles a little happily at Kate's words. Considering this exchange was actually also a covert summer moon pleasure. Of course, sometimes the opposite is true, and often the next issue was kite putting it out and making it a status report. The exchange of confidential status reports.

"Then to your child."

"Oh, my God."

Kite and Summer Moon, squeal the glass. That's how I sound clear and sip. Talking like that was because it was still a gateway to martial arts, or about the mighty men of the world.

"There were a lot of strong guys on the planet. There was so much I didn't know... that I had met the teacher's admiration."

"Sora, good. I went on a journey when Dr. Musashi told me... that the world is huge. I know exactly why I couldn't beat you in those days. The world is wide. I didn't know that. Maybe, and Yamato..."

"I don't have any experience of losing, that's sad. I regret losing, Master. Next up, Jack Rose."


Put it out in this situation. I guess there is some intention regarding Takemen. Summer Moon, having read that, begins to explore its intentions. but I didn't seem to understand.

"No. Surrender."

"I was apprenticed to a woman who looked good in crimson."

"I see. That was a blind spot. Colour. I thought Jack meant something."

"Haha. She's a beautiful person, but at the same time she was a female jewel. Scarsaha... the queen who ruled the world over the habits of the living."

"Sora, I'm scared"

"I'm scared, it's a mildly windy bucket in my earthen belly. He's a tough bee who could have been comparable to Tistenia."

Mention one of his own mentors, as if Kate had gone away a little. and that's how I repeated such an exchange several times, Summer Moon fumbles, and I'm interested in the notebook that Kate was reading.

"Well, what was it?

"An observation diary, it's like. Ours."

"We said... oh, those young brothers"

"That sort of thing... hey, it's time to go home. I'm cheering up my job. There 'll be an interim report from Fana as well... and I'll leave this, the price here. Take the fishing. I'll let you take it with you when you're born."

"Amongst other things."

Kite leaves five gold coins, and he leaves the spot behind. It is 50,000 yen in Japanese yen, but this shop is a fancy store for the nobles in the first place, and the unit price is expensive. If the two of us had asked for cocktails several times and also asked for a pinch of liquor, that would have been the case. So Kate went back to the hotel and called Fana. but the girlfriend was swelling her face.

"Well, Fana. I need a report... why is it bloating?

"I wanted you to call..."

"... see you next time"

Kite excuses herself from laughing bitterly at Fana, who reveals her dissatisfaction like a young girl. Apparently we wanted to enjoy a cocktail together. I wish I could leave, but it's a flower. The cherry blossoms in his contemporaries were flowering into the story, so I guess he cared for me for once. That's how Fana started reporting here to Kate for the Adventure Department.