The subtle atmosphere began to drift slightly by the visits of two people, Melia and Melua. But that hasn't changed anything yet. All of them, sweet girls. I understand that Kate doesn't like it. If you kick him in here, he understands the saddest part.

And most importantly. Kicking each other wasn't their way of doing it. Ask them to turn themselves around by increasing each other. Instead of kicking down enemies, let them win by surpassing themselves.

That's why Kate loves them. If you try to kick it down, you can understand that you will lose Kate's love at once. Most importantly, kicking each other means losing your character as a woman for that matter. Kite can't even admit it.

"Ha... so I don't like his backyard..."

Shea sighs. Naturally, she had a crushing report on the current status of the Adventure Department. Among them, the two visits also existed as a matter of course. Well, that was reported within that day, so now I was just listening to the progress report.

"The next day, I started to congratulate you all at once, you know..."

"Is Lady Laicia doing it, too?

"... if you suddenly colour, countries will make unnecessary mistakes. Stop."

"Yes, sir."

Shea shakes her head in response to a slightly more amusing Finnish suggestion. Still, I saw a slight patrol, probably because she was still inspired, too. And to Shea like that, Hensel asked.

"Why don't you like Master Kite's harem?

"Oh, that? Think normally. The backyard is usually a dreary kick, isn't it? Well, in this case, the rear palace is merely a palace, but the king doesn't care as much about the royal family as he does."


Indeed, it is customary for any story to have a fierce battle between women with their wives over their love. That Hensel also held together as a common perception. That's why Shea shakes her head in a shuddering mix. Sometimes it's the first time I've seen you come in.

"That's the exact opposite at his place. Instead of kicking it off, we boost each other. As if they don't like kicking each other, they're united... and they're dusty on the surface, catfights under their desks. It's like I'm with diplomacy. He hasn't officially returned yet, so nothing happens, but once he's married and the backyard is organized, there's gonna be a pretty hot war."

Diplomatic negotiations are not what Shea specializes in. She is for home affairs in the first place. I never thought I'd be doing diplomacy where I'd be doing my internal affairs. But that's what they say, but Hensel doesn't know what he can't do.

"What's wrong with that?

"No? There's nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, from the depths of nations, it must be heaven. It's the Cold War."

Shea assures Hensel that nothing is wrong with her inquiry. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that. She herself is very helpful because it makes her job easier. But that's why no part of it comes out.


"... don't you understand? The ordinary rear house is the Cold War. We are a hot fight. Because it bumps and polishes each other. But that's why no one can form an inmate party. All enemies. That's why we're all on our side... where we say so, his rear palace is."

For Shea, who has heard of the rear palace circumstances of many nobles, there has never been a more fearful place. Nobody, they won't cooperate. Instead, all attack unanimously those who disturb the sum. If they break it, they will only be allowed to slap it down and polish it. Whether it's Alisa or MeliĆ” or Cherry Blossoms, that's the only thing that's acceptable.

We can't all be alarmed. Everyone is after him. Instead of kicking each other, we have to aim for a runaway. You can't miss a moment's gap.

From the other rear palaces and the great depths, it would be heaven. Because other wives don't threaten their status. But something very troublesome happened. You always have to raise yourself. So Finnis finally nodded looking like he was good at it.

"... Dear Shea. So, you were in the mood yesterday, right?

"... to?

Shea tilts her neck to the point from Finnish. Again, she's a girl, too, I guess. I didn't know, and in fact she was a little tempered, too.

"Master Mel was in the mood, and I thought, what do you mean... I understand."

"Wait, wait, wait... was I in the mood?

With her head in her arms, Shea asks. I didn't mean to feel it. And that's what Hensel noticed.

"Yes. Little Night told me that Merle had become troubled with her dress, too, and... quite a little Night was concerned."

"Even Hensel!?... I wonder what's going on... now that I'm out of my hands, on the contrary, that's uncomfortable... and I feel weird when I say I'm conscious..."

Apparently, he was in a mood he didn't know. Shea accepts that from an objective point of view. It would be considerable at a time when Hensel had noticed what could be termed dull. Thus, such information about the two daughters had naturally been delivered to Emperor Leonhardt.

"... uhm..."

"What do you want to do?

"I don't care what they say. It's a pleasure to be king, but..."

The emperor Leonhardt is filled with joy, and a desire to hold his heart. Indeed, it is not a bad story to think that you want to be seen well against heroes.

No, but more importantly, it even includes Mel. It was also a headache story when I thought of it as a country, a half-sided, happy daughter who had never heard of sex before awakened to a woman. She is now the most prominent candidate for succession to the throne. Even if he doesn't want it, that doesn't change.

"Worst of all, I have to think about Kite the Brave on my throne..."

Emperor Leonhardt sighs deeply. Not a bad hand. If Shea and Mel put in and become the reigns of Kite, the people will rejoice with their hands up. It is difficult for the nobles to disagree. The two royal princesses entered, and there was a special case, but if the brave Kate was allowed to do so.

"Is that the sad thing about Kite the Brave?"

"Well... I'm not going anywhere against you, brave Kate's reign. No, let Mel in, to be exact, as my son-in-law, but... if he plays with me, I'll be seriously worried."

The upper echelons of the Empire would also agree with this idea. The Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) are in hand. There may be tears of joy in the upper echelons of the army and the civilian population. If you think about the Cold War with your neighbor, you don't know how much this is worth. Marriage and reign so suited to the national interest would also be rare.

Besides, there's also Tina's case. If Kate comes to power, there's nothing wrong with publicizing Tina as the first child of the first king Ixfoss.

No, I can even say that the Imperial Family is back where it should be. but I also thought that would be good. That was thinking of Kite.

"Really, poor man... even status, for a woman."

"You don't seem to have a ticket as a man. Well, it seems that way."

"Ha. Don't tell him."

To the words of Lord Heisenberg Jake, the emperor Leonhardt laughs. Kite has no profit at all. It's all for others. I could say he sounded brave, but he was a little pitiful as the same man. As such, they were going to prepare for the next meeting, having a chat that could take such a joke or a serious one.

Meanwhile, just around that time. There was a woman secretly coming to the inn. Even so, because it was beastly, no one would have noticed it.

"Tochaku..." Well, is anybody there? Sakura... there's no one there, he said. Well, I'm in a meeting, so naturally... '

A woman's voice echoes into the office room. She's kite's use, the devil's whole thing. She was Fana's sister. His name is Farnese. Kite, his sister Fana, and the people close to him, as a rule, called him Fall. It's a lion beast.

Not close, but he was also a relative of the emperor Leonhardt. A maternal relative, to be exact. It was the clan's chief muscle, said to be the Golden Lion.

That said, it was sometimes miniaturized so that they wouldn't find out now, and there was no big difference from cats. So by the maple I thought the cat had entered through the window, I was grabbed by the neck muscle. He thought his voice was his fault.

"... what, this cat"

"Oh, cute... uh... Me, eat?

Charming removes nibbles from the desk against the falnese caught by the maple. The reason Niboshi was in there is simple. It was used to feed the Bajiwu.

"Oh, take mine on your own... hmm? What is this, the blood of a famous god beast?

Hachi Wu tries to complain, and there, he sees Farnese. That's how I had two eyes.

"Ouch, ya-chan"

"Talked... oh, kite's user-demon?

Seeing Farnese greeted cheerfully with one hand up, Maple understands the situation. If there was anything, she said she would send the demon, so she understood it as the demon. By the way, he thought all the rest of the Adventure Department stayers were coming moonflowers.

"Oops, boys and girls. Farnese, it's your sister. Nice to meet you. '

"You look cheerful..."

"I'm the best. That's what my sister says, right? Oh, my sister sure did meet Meizumi. '


Attention-grabbing charm, but I can never remember being told I was my sister. I just wonder who it is. And, seeing such a charm, Farnese becomes human. It was an oriental beauty with golden hair on brown skin. Her face had a cheerful grin, and so did her sister, but she was a woman like the sun.

"Don't you get it now? Don't you see? No, you know what I mean."

"... Ah, Mr. Fana"

"Bingo. Pfft. Nha. Oh, by the way, it's a lion, not a cat. but oh."

"... erm..."

It's hard for everyone to react. I've met a number of Beastmen before, but I was the type of opponent I didn't have. So Maple decided to go through.

"So, what can I do for you?

"High through skill... horrible kid! Well, blah, blah, blah, work. Kite asked me to appoint you as an informant."

"It's good... stay, well, it's good. Okay. When should I go?

"Um... soon? Just follow the note."

Farnese gets in touch with Kite a little bit and tells him so. Not right now, but it's also true that you still want information as soon as possible. Because I saw it was time to gather information. Thus, the maple receives a note from Farnese.

"So tomorrow is good?

"Whoa, whoa. I'm ready for you too."

In the early days, if it's a response from Kite, that means there's no problem even tomorrow. Four days after the boulder, it's a problem, but within today, I'm only certain that it's not.

"Okay. So, what time tomorrow is the best time to go?

"It's about time the sun goes down. The best is when the meeting enters the evening section. I'll watch from afar."

When Farnese says so, she turns into a cat again. And with that in mind, Sora went into the directions.

"You said. Bye, Sakurada. Coordinate personnel, please."

"Yeah... I'll rent the mountain shore. It's also an order from Kate."

"Ooh... Sho. Take over and do it."

"Ooh. In the meantime, Senior Ayazaki's doing the main thing, so I'm going to go to the sunset."

When Sho says so, he rises from his chair. Moments really often went to meetings in relation to standing as a school, during which Ayazaki was in charge of its representation. Sho is the assistant.

Then, in the event that the sunset was irregular or it was necessary to leave suddenly like this one, it would be surrogate. The easiest thing for Ayazaki to do in view of his strength and so on was to nominate him and Ayazaki from that person.

"Well, I'll take over for the magicians, too."


To the words of the maple, Sola responds. Maple is capturing the adventure department instead of cherry blossoms, while at the same time leading the magician. I also needed to take over here.

"Well, think about it after all the information we've been given in the meantime."

When Sola says so, she starts thinking about the next one. The note contained instructions to get information about the adventure department as well. Then I had to be able to move into action anytime from now on. Thus, the Adventure Department began to act as well.