Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 765: Meeting with Scholars

A few more days from Al's encounter with Rufaus. As Tina and Orr and the others feared, the meeting was also largely over. By this time, the vigilance was very different from the original object.

"... in the end. There was nothing."

Sola and the others were alert only in the beginning, but if nothing happens for a week, they lose alert to the boulders. That said, I knew it with Tina and the others. This is what the enemy thinks. Let us just be vigilant here, and we'll attack for that moment when our vigilance is loose. That's your best chance.

but this is not for those who have been hit. Anyway, more than we know when the attack is coming, it's going to be a long-lasting war. Besides, if this is an enduring battle in terms of supplies, it's still an enduring battle in terms of spirit, and no one knows if it's coming or not. Even if you have a sense of crisis up there, you can't get to the bottom.

"In the end, there might be something, right? Didn't you come off?


Sola and Sho were together, loose. I have no choice. I've been straining my mind for a week. Backloads came and relaxed at once. That said, when it comes to work, you still get distracted.

"Erm. Didn't I see you face to face today?

"Um... after lunch today, Mr. Crown, a scholar wants to see you."

"What kind of person?

"Come on... someone from the Space Magic Society," he said.


To Nanami's words, Sora sighs. Again, as he says, not this guy, but a bunch of scholars specializing in space-based magic have been asking Sola and the others for their opinions, thoughts, etc. For them, the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is a coveted research subject. It would be natural to ask for it.

That said, it's not just the Societies of Spatial Magic that want it. From societies that specialize in studying different worlds, researchers from a wide variety of societies, such as those that specialize in studying Japanese cultural customs, ask for opinions.

If it's a society, you can put it all together in a society, but there are different things that people and countries think about and want to hear. They come separately. Besides, there's a meeting between cherry blossoms and moments. Sometimes I couldn't rely on the cherry blossoms who responded, and Sola often stood on the arrow.

"I'm home..."

Yuri looks tired and falls into the couch in the conversation room where he is replacing the office. The maple looks a little tired on the side too. Even the maple on the boulder showed a bit of fatigue in the current situation.

"Ha... I know this situation is the most dangerous,"


"Don't you get it? If we can strike right now, we're done."

When Maple says so, he tells Sora to look behind him with his jaw. There was a Swissen standing. I noticed that, and Sora fell off the chair.


"Convenient three times in one act right now. You were spreading your life."

"Shh, I'm sorry... so, what can I do for you?

Sora, who is a little shy, asks Switzerland. Basically, they don't open their mouths, but they do if they have to. Even so, it's not like when Tina went over the mask, and she changed her voice. Again, the difference in position, there would be no choice.

"Message from Master Justina. Be careful. If it moves, it's the last few days... and you've been distracted. You don't think the enemy or his allies can see the extent of that? This place is no different from the battlefield. At the earliest possible moment, there's no rest."


A message from Switzerland distracts Sora even though she seeps a little fatigue. If you think you can rest because of this, this is it. It was a response as if I had seen through. but I guess so. It's a clear response.

"Are you serious?

"... the current national security system is back to normal... the system is."

Switzerland dares to emphasize that the system is: I mean, the surface looks normal, and I guess the reality isn't.

"I see a slight fatigue in each country... a recoil caused by being as vigilant as you are to solve it... that's painful and itchy. If you are alert, you will be targeted for the moment, if you are alert, you will be targeted for the moment when it is solved. Lord Kite and the others will be chewing on the equivalent umbilicus. Few enemies. And the fierce. That's why you can do it."

"If this is the plan..."

"Totally aim, that's why"

Take over Sora's words and Yuri tells you how tired she is. Don't aim here. What time is it? From whoever you are, all you can say is yes. Even Sora in Russia goes for it now.

And it will probably make the enemy adjust so that Sola can target the Raider side and the moment of this. Even though I knew it, it was inevitable.

"That said... we have to do what's right in front of us."

"Uh... yeah"

Sora nods at Nanami's words for offering her tea. I don't know everything about Nanami either - I think it's a ploy for Heavenly Cherry Blossom School - but I still understand what matters first. That was a response to a customer in front of me.

"Ha... because scholars are also here on behalf of countries. Nah..."

"You can't do it unimpeded..."

I agree with Sora's fatigue words, as well as the fatigue benefits. Besides, scholars such as those who come to meetings here are often prominent figures in their fields and their strengths in various countries. In other words, they have some influence over national decisions. He also became an assistant to the Cherry Blossoms. I can't even get distracted here.

"Ha... nanami. Why don't you put it together?

"Yes, this is it. Papers submitted by that scholar"

In response to Sola's request, I submit a summary summary of the paper submitted to me by a crowning scholar that Nanami is coming next. This was also an important job for the secretary.

"Huh... about the feasibility of cross-world metastases..."

"Oh, that's pretty important."


Sora sighs against the charm that seeped her interest when she heard Sora twinkle. It was a difficult opponent. So Meizumi gets another copy from Nanami.

"Which... about the cracks that are said to occur during metastases in different worlds... oh, that one"

Charming remembers what it used to be and really understands what is said. Apparently, he's a pretty solid scholar conducting investigations quite extensively.

Much of what was described there was actually described as something that the fascinators might have seen or said even if they didn't know it. There were many things that would not have been known without a detailed investigation of the notes left by those who had metastasized them.

"The cracks in space that are taking place when traveling the world illuminate the information during the transfer of the brave Kate and the demon king Justina, presumably the collapse of the wall that occurs in a clash between the worlds. This wall is a conceptual wall, not capable of being a wall of matter or magic, but presumably an end in the concept of the world. According to the words left by the brave Kate, the most appropriate way to say gravitational zone would be to say... um... or, in other words, the law of universal gravity or something?

Enchantment reads only the preface among the synopsis parts and tells you roughly what he has thought. After this, the investigation report, etc. was written in order to reach its conclusion. And what was written was that Aura was making the same assumptions, or something we didn't know yet. There were many theories that I didn't know about.

All in all, though, I just found out that you're drawing far more theoretically than we are. Again, not the Russian-shopping students, but the experts in this position are different. That was the sentence I could see. Later, we should leave it to the research team.

"You should hear more about this."

"Ha... I'll try my best"

"I'm not hanging in there... Nanami. Tea, please... I'm down..."

Apparently Yuri was pretty tired. I decide to keep everything with Nanami. Besides, Nanami laughs and nods. That's how Sola and Nanami decided to come to a meeting with the scholar.

Then, about two hours. The last case was about 11: 00 in the morning, so it was just after noon. By that time, a crowning scholar had arrived. Gender is a man. He was beautiful and sturdy in his mid-20s. There was no nervousness and it felt somewhere soft.

Plus, Sora gets a little surprise. He wrote all that solid stuff, so he thought he was a really older, gray-haired, neurotic person.

"Haha. I'm sorry. People you meet, people you meet, they look like that, so..."

"Oh, no. Excuse me..."

Apparently, it was at all times. Sora blushes her cheeks a little on Crown's words and shakes her head. And so Sora gets to the point quickly, feeling a little lit up.

"Um. So I wanted to talk to you, but..."

"Yeah. I've never met anyone beyond the world before, so I'd love to support my theory, and... oh, my thesis is..."

"Oh, I didn't have time, so just the overview part, but..."

"Thank you. Sit down. That's okay. Downstairs, that's where we're going. Oh, can I record it?


"Thank you for your time."

To Sora's words, Crown bows his head. All in all, it was like being polite and a good young man, Well, as Shamrock was degenerating, in Enefia, noble youngest brothers, etc. often do researchers on the road. Not everyone can eat as a nobleman. There's upbringing, there's status, there's connections. Sometimes they do it as researchers. When he got Sora's permission to do that, he took out the voice recorder-shaped demon props and put them on his desk.

"Well, then, as you can see, my research is on cross-world metastases. It's a field of research that's been flourishing since one of the Brave Kites 300 years ago."


"Haha. I don't know, it's okay... so, I want to ask..."

Then for a while, Sora answers Crown's questions. What was asked was mainly the physical sensation felt during the metastasis. Was there any discomfort before or after the smell, sound, vibration, etc.? Most of the contents were left only slightly or differently in the literature.

Once these were written in the deeds taken in the Empire, the Imperial side did not publish all the deeds either. I'm not hiding anything, but there's a lot of meaningless content, except for academic significance, even as a submission in its entirety. I was submitting a summary. And this one was a leak from the collection.

"I see... Kim, is that the sound? And many had heard that, and..."


Crown nods intriguingly as she leaves Sora's words on the note. Apparently, this one was divided by people, and so many people are listening, so I decided that this one was accurate. Thus, he utters his thoughts once and for all in order to sum them up.

"Hmm... maybe you're born with a loss of energy during a collision"


"Naturally, a huge amount of energy is being generated by the collision between the world and the world's walls. If so, where does the enormous energy go? Most of it will be used to destroy walls and transfer you, but it should still generate a huge loss. It's consumed in the form of mysterious, enormous magical observations and flashes of magic that say it was observed in the Empire."

"I see..."

If you ask me, it's understandable. If the law of energy conservation were to work between the world and the world as well, it is suspicious that all the energy generated by the clashes has not been consumed somewhere.

I guess the majority of them were used to destroy the walls, as Crown mentioned, but there are nevertheless twelve possibilities that are still insufficient depending on the energy. It would be more suspicious if L.A. was not converted to flash or sound. It was a scholarly and logical way of thinking.

"If so... there is also the possibility that the energy at this collision is different from the difference between what you probably heard and what you haven't heard..."

For a little while, Crown begins to sink into an ocean of scholar-specific thought. Besides, Sola decides to wait a little while for a bitter mix of laughter. When this happens, there's only one thing left to do. And, that too, Crown noticed in about three minutes.

"Oh, excuse me. I thought about it a lot. It's important to us as a very sample that Kate the Brave actually says very little about the transfer from Japan."

"No, there are a few people I know..."

"Haha, I'm sorry"

When Sora shakes her head, now Crown shakes her head in embarrassment. Apparently, this was the end of what I wanted to hear. Crown reached for the voice recorder. That said, before I stopped, I opened my mouth again.

"Thank you. I'll ask you again when I get my thoughts together."

"Oh, yes."

"Oh, yeah. Do you mind if I talk to someone else?... but it's not today, it's tomorrow... because I want to sum up the thoughts I got this first today..."

To Sola according to her own words, Crown asks again. He said we should do this at our discretion. So Crown inquired, and if Sola and the others responded, that was the agreement. Besides, Sola decided to give her permission, considering what she had just said and the Crown impression she had seen from him.

"Yeah, that's good."

"Thank you. Okay, now."

In response to Sora, Crown smiles and stops the voice recorder. Probably what didn't stop it was the word. It was surprisingly lukewarm. So, Sora got some things she could and ended the meeting with the scholars.