Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 771: The Truth About Metastasis

Returning from his restraint on "The Dead General of the Dodo (Let's do something about it)," Kate sits next to Tina, in the abyss of Cockpit, with no regard for the sound of battle around her. but there was a seep of grump on its back.

Go on... tell him why I was called to this world.

I let you live to hear this in the first place. Depending on this, the way the world even operates in the future adventure department will change. I couldn't let you talk.

Thus, at the urging of Kate, "The Daoist Death General (let's do something about it)" opened his mouth again. That said, it can't be plain, but I guess there's still no choice but to have a little solidity.

"I told you, didn't I? You were chosen. < > is born with the power to see the future. Famous story, isn't it?

"Oh. He had the power to see the future... well, that's why I broke it..."

"I think it's your fault, isn't it?

"I can't deny it."

Kate admits to a bitter mix of laughter, pointing out the fun 'Death of the Whip'. This is a conversation that only the understandable understand, and none of the eight great generals understand. but "Death Warlord" understood. That's why the same Death Warlord pointed it out.

"... so? There's no way you put me out to talk about my breakdown, is there?

"Yeah, of course. I told you, didn't I? He said he has the power to look to the future."

"Huh! You're telling me you were foreseeing this cause and effect!?

Kite opens her eyes unexpectedly, understanding what "The Daoist Death General (let's do something about it)" is trying to say. Normally the future is not foreseeable. There are too many uncertainties, not foreseeable ones.

No object exists that foresees the future, no matter how high the Devil's Eye. Because I can't do it. There are too many elements involved. Just one stone moves, and the future changes. but there was still only one woman who could not do it. That was the woman called < >.

"Yeah... she was anticipating this cause and effect... I just think so. Because I could summon you to the medium with this flag. It was foreseeable to her that you would... No, it was believed. To meet you again."

"... you mean they used it?"


"The Daoist Death Commander" affirms the words of Kite, who stares at himself. In the presence of "kite," < > is the only indispensable factor.

And with that girlfriend, it's possible to call Kate. No, to be more precise, it doesn't summon Kate's soul.

"Yeah, we were actually going to call you after we called < >. Surprised. No way that < > could have been killed by a system created by humans. What a fool. People tell her... that she shouldn't touch the circle of reincarnation cheaply before then... and this price will be high."

"Oh... apparently, you know the truth properly"


Kate pounds her tongue. The reason he pierced his silence is simple. All the words spoken by the enemy only added a footprint to what is spoken in the apparent history. Because it was a lie, Kate had to shut up in order to spot the truth.

And that silence was the proof that Kate knew the truth properly for the Death Generals as well. We hung each other up.

"Either way, all those who made it go to the afterlife. Because it pissed King Gilgamesh off. Oh, horrible... no, let's not."

"Daoist Death Commander (let's do something about it)" coughs up one more thing with the meaning of self-restraint before he gets back on track. This is where we got on with it and enraged Kite. I wanted to avoid him again, even with the boulders.

"That said... you can understand that, right?

"I see. Sure, I understand... that dumb and ultimate tundeleyandele woman can act with an understanding of what I'm getting into here. Instead of saying, I believe and act. And it makes sense that the flag he held hooked up with me. It's the bee Yandere. It's normal to use your belongings as a medium to find me... but don't unravel me."

"What is it?

What it means to call oneself a fool while understanding everything. Reasons to be hostile to yourself, even though you understand what that means. All of them, Kate doesn't know. And one more thing. Something I don't understand.

"It's your intention. At that time, it must have been a real bet if I could get here. One of them, and only the teacher, must have believed me to be here. I can't believe you guys haven't heard that word."

"Let's admit it. Your chances of getting there were a bet."

"What's the point of making that bet?"

"Think I'll answer that?

"I won't let you answer, do you think? You guys are getting to the whole truth of the world on a level close to me. To the realm where the gods haven't even reached... where did you find out about it, where did you find out about Tina and that stupid woman... and how did you get your hands on something as stupid as I did?"

"Again, let's admit it. I am not the first to go back to my previous life like you."

Admit all the inquiries you've made on many occasions, "Daoist Death Commander". And to his last word, Tina was surprised.

"Oh, Lord... have you seen that further in your previous life?

"Oops, even before the previous life, even before that. So, I got there first."

"... I thought you were stupid, but... did you make a fool of yourself that much?"

Tina is taken aback by too many events. And I accidentally loosened my cheeks, understanding why I don't understand and why Kate's fury earlier. I couldn't help but wonder.

Anyway, this is the story of memories engraved on the soul in previous life and before that. Tina hasn't seen her previous life. More than that, I don't normally see past lives. As Tina pointed out, Kate is just being stupid.

I was someone else in my previous life. But at the same time, I am myself. It affects me. It feels like I'm unloading myself with a psychic technique. Memories and emotions all flow in. Besides, our souls are together. Everything flows in without any loss. The experience I've gained, the thoughts I've felt, everything's perfect without L.A.

But the disadvantages are too great. You're losing yourself. Yayoi told me, but Kate and his influence had temporarily put him in a crisis of self-loss. I was losing myself because I had so many memories of myself. And the very cause is still alive.

The only way to get rid of this is to accept who you are in the past and integrate them all, but that is not possible with Kite today. We need some kind of center to integrate all of our past selves. It's also as central as I can convince myself through everything. But Kite doesn't have that center right now.

"Even if... right. Um, right!

The feeling of sinking into Tina's earlier days clears up at once. There are a lot of reasons and questions I want to be angry, but aside from that, I could say that today is a very good day.

My brother-in-law, who I thought had betrayed me at any rate, did not actually betray me, and the man I expected from my husband apparently fell in love with in his previous life, even more so since a long time ago on the other side.

And to the point of forgetting and furious with me, he loves me. There was no way I wasn't happy with this. It was also close to manic through high tension.

"Funny and motivated! Uhm! It's been a while since I've done this for real!

"We'll be with you!

Tina, in a super mood, waves her wand as if she were Bud. That's all it took, a magical auspicious wind. And Nasim responds with a salute. And to Tina like that, Kate also got grumpy with a bit of a mix of bitter laughter.

"Yes, stop. The story is still going on."

"Hey, don't stop"


To Kate's words, Tina points her mouth in dissatisfaction. but i follow this because i have no choice. Because this is apparently an important story that concerns her, too. Even if I didn't understand what it meant, I had to ask.

"So? What's your purpose with the Lord?

"As I said earlier, I cannot answer the purpose of our Lord. Of course, I can't even tell you his name."

"So why did you have the war 300 years ago?

"I don't know. Well, at least not to wake you up."

Kate takes a good look into the eyes of the Daoist Death Commander. Truth or lies. We have to identify it. If you make a mistake, everything goes crazy. From now on, and everything that's ever happened. And then Kite came to a conclusion.

"... would be good. That's the truth."

"Oh... because I can easily believe the words of the enemy's dogma?

"Ha... if it's just a road trip, I've already slaughtered you"


I don't know why, but now the face of "Daoist Death Commander (let's do something about it)" is slightly distorted with discomfort. Apparently, he touched something he didn't want to be touched. That said, that's not all I believed, it was true.

"There are too many indeterminate elements when you smack it. It is more likely that you will fail to awaken yourself during the war because your possessions of < > White Virgin > reacted. There is also the special nature of the earth, but above all, it is too young. It's more reasonable to speculate that a 13-year-old kid, and a kid who doesn't even know how to spell magic, was there for you."


"Daoist Death Warlord" prompts first. I don't know if I'm right, other than them. I don't know, but Kate goes on to talk about this as right.

"If so, there is one thing I can think of. It is reasonable to assume that you have helped in any way."

"In that case, can I have one of your thanks?

"Let's be happy to thank you. Thanks to Tina and Lewis, and finally to Himea in the past. Not to mention overnight. I'll hang out with you as long as I want. Of course, I'll have the mask removed."

"Oh. Sister, let's stick it out."

"The Death of the Whip" laughs with joy. It's the weird thing about them and Kate and the others that we can do this kind of mix-up. Well, we killed each other many times. It seems odd feelings had arisen about this degree of weird trust. And, to such a kite, Nasim complained.

"Hey, I didn't stop to hear you say that."

"Whoa... well, here's the story on that. Originally, Tina would have called me here, probably continuing to extremes witchcraft and getting to the truth of the reincarnation... but you guys manipulated Titania and sealed Tina for some reason in the meantime. On the other hand, he called me in for some reason. Didn't I?"

"The Daoist Death Commander" answers nothing. Perhaps that's the right thing to do. For some reason, Kite was called. And for that reason, they must have secretly helped Kite.

But the reason for that is he'll never break his mouth. That said, so you can't hear anything out of it, apart from the story. After that, you can catch him. So this was the end of our discussion with the enemy.

"Not really, you know... let's just keep going in the way it's supposed to. You're wasting too much time with your enemies in the right way on the battlefield."

"... would be good"

In response to Kate's words, Tina returns to the Magic Machine, and 'The Magic Death General (let's do something about it)' also returns to the Magic Machine-like fuselage.

If you're going to fight Kite, you're going to need this. In an attempt to create a situation to give you metaphorical arms, there is no reason for them to do it properly and beat Kite. If you still want to eat up, the Magic Machine was a must.

"Let's go... ohhhh!?

At the same time I smiled and decided to rematch. There is a flash of light between the two. Thus, the moment it subsided, nothing was completely clean and refreshing in front of me, and instead, the mockery echoed all I had to say.

"Hahaha! Do you think we were interested in this discussion for nothing! Originally the only purpose of this one was to talk to you and show your faces! I didn't mean to fight! Well, good day!

"... what?

"... ah?

"Oh, my God! That's where we should fight, right?

The mockery of "The Daoist Death General (Let's do something about it)" echoes a seeping voice, and Kate's fury echoes. Three people I expected to fight completely, but apparently that moment was the one I was after.

He was blinded by the flash and escaped with some kind of mobility technique (skill), not metastasis. If it weren't for the metastasis, I wouldn't be able to grasp the signs of movement, and if their technology controlled this tip in the first place, I wouldn't have been able to chase any of the kites. It is also possible that he was fled into the city. You won't be able to look for it now.

"... remained, wasn't it reasonably good...? Fighting them like this has definitely resulted in many sacrifices... I'm worried about a lot of things, but in the future, countries will go after them. Then the day will come when the rest of us will follow it. I didn't mean to show my face in front of the others. Sure, there will be intent."


A dissatisfied kite still responds to Tina's words, which are also slightly dissatisfied. In the end, this time, I just got swept away by the dogma. Several mysteries were solved, but at the same time several mysteries were born. So good, maybe it should be.

"Mmm... shan't. For now, there's still demons out there, which means they're lurking somewhere. Do you want to go"


"It's your fault, kite."

"I would have caught your guard, too! I didn't ask you a question, so you stay strong!

Totally detoxified, Kite returns to the battlefield to tear up with Nasim. As such, the battle was to continue even further.