Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 776: The Brave Man on Earth Return

Kite with Will's voice on his back, but he was fighting four generals, not two of the 'Death Generals (let's)'. but so, I could afford it. Just one of the four great generals who destroyed so many countries. He was overwhelmed by even his opponent, who was no less than Claudia as a combat force, who could only defeat the two of them with all his dying power over an ambush.

"Whoa... that was about it... let me out, seriously..."


"I don't know which one of these is a monster..."

There's plenty of room. It takes four men, and it doesn't stop them. The four resurrected generals look at each other unexpectedly. I don't know which one is a monster. Exactly, it was. And let's see, Kite. That was natural.

"It's obvious, right? I've been training ever since you guys died. Ma, there were a lot of powers that I couldn't use in this situation... but on the contrary, if you just attack like this, you can use them."


In an instant, Kite fleshed out to one of the Grand Generals, punching him in the palm of the earth as he was, making a big wind hole. but unfortunately the blow that was supposed to be fatal ended pointlessly because they were the dead.

"Ahhh... this is the same theory as this one"

"Kuku... no matter how high the output, no matter how much you are a monster, if you don't die, we'll be together."

The wind hole, which should have been big empty, had disappeared the next moment. The dead can't be killed. Because he's already dead. So where I was injured, the wound would be easily blocked as long as it was supplied with magic.

When they used the hand this one used over there, it was so much trouble. And one more thing. An unfavourable situation existed for Kate.

"Besides, we would be wasting a tremendous amount of magic on you and your space and the maintenance of the summons of the dead, wouldn't we? That's why, in order not to give it all... Oh, no. You couldn't have done everything you could in the first place."

"Ho... where did you hear that? Oh, no... it's Himea, Sophia, Lewis. No wonder. Looks like you've been supplied with knowledge."

I shake my head that Kite seems a little impressed and doesn't have to. I can do it. There was no reason why the enemy could not. By the way, it may not be necessary to dare, but all the magic necessary for the maintenance of this isolated space and the summons of the dead has been brought about by him alone.

That won't do the best you can. I'm playing witch mountains at a time when I'm able to maintain this in the first place. After being supplied with magic by the < > and all the land and dragon veins and sea veins, besides accumulating magic for several years, it causes this in a very short time.

In other words, once it is used, it cannot be used for several years. Exactly, trump card. This is the only trump card you can use when you're here. It was amazing enough at a time when I was on my own and even more accurately and for a long time.

"How far can you fight with that?

"In the first place, we are the dead. Dead already."

"It doesn't work for those who are dead, whether it's the power to give death"

"So that we cannot defeat the Lord, we cannot defeat the Lord"

Four grand generals speak volumes. And that's how I reconsidered and realized one thing. I couldn't help but notice that Kite was saying too much that I didn't need to. It was where he maintained this space and the flesh of the dead with his own magic.



"Tiner. Mr. Beppin over there. Why don't you move. Okay."


Once again, they point it out to me, and Kite realizes. The dead can sustain their flesh with a magic supply from others. So who are they moving with their magic supplies from? It's not kite. Okay, someone. Think about it powerfully, the Death Warlords are the only ones who can.

That said, the two swordsmen and fistfighters already each play a continuation of the earlier battle. I don't think we can afford that far here. There is no "sword demon general" in particular. Kuon and his skill are almost mutually reinforcing. There won't be room. If so, only one answer existed.

"These guys are summoning, maybe the lady over there."

"! I see. A source of magic, is that it? I thought the chatty bastard wouldn't say a word, but do you want to keep the magic wasted? '

Listen to Kate, Tina makes sense. You can tell from what I've said to tear up Kite, but it's quite a chat with the original "Death of the Whip."

As was the case earlier, he may also be cracking and chatting during his apparent engagement with his favorite kite. She says very little to Kite. It didn't take much time to realize it was suspicious.

"I see. Destroy the treasure balls and get your hands on the queen."


At some point the four grand generals unwittingly blink at Kite, who understood it all. And I think he's still a man who can't be caught off guard. Unsurprisingly, it's Kite. He appeared to be deceitful and fierce, and he also had a good sense of command.

"Well... do you really want to do this for a little while?"

What to accomplish. Kite, who sees it, decides to take it seriously. Until now, I didn't know what to do, I was just trying to figure out the situation. Once you figure that out, you can do everything you can later. That said, there were things that bothered me.

"Tina. That treasure ball... it's distorting the world, you said?

"Uhm. That's not how you're creating demons."

"Is there any chance that that treasure ball itself will produce a mighty distortion at the moment of collapse?

Calm down, and advice from Tina. From there, Kite anticipates the worst of the possibilities. Normally, you should hide things like that. It also looks like their trump card. Exposing it was a possibility in itself.

'Mm... well, I see... that might be possible... good. Prepare for impact here as much as you can. Of course, let the Lord do it. Because the Lord can beat back the distortion. So destroy the Lord.'

'Is it good to destroy it?

'If we destroy it, we can't stop reinforcements in the first place. It would be less harmful to stop reinforcements and destroy one. Either way, this operation will remain the same. "


Kite answers Tina's instructions by ringing her neck. If so, nothing changes what you do. Just do what you have to do. Thus, Kite took a single plate out of her own different space. That's a normal metal plate. Plus, four generals stand up. but kite opened her mouth, not the attack.

"Well... I was actually interacting with the heroes on Earth."

So what's up? The Grand Generals lean their necks to the story that began abruptly. but I didn't open my mouth just to say that with Kite.

"So, yes. Well, there were a few of them that I could call my best friends... and they gave me a lot of gifts."

On Kate's face, there's a grin. That is a very pleasant laugh. He was twirling the plate like that.

"This was given to me by the king of perhaps the most famous knights known on Earth as King Arthur. He's kind of my best friend. I've been asked to take a position similar to that of an out-of-gate advisor. So, inside this plate, the shards of the holy sword they're using are being planted..."

Kate's face seems pleasantly distorted. Normally, it's where the shards were planted. Shards are shards. I have no power. It will only be about amulet. But here's his specialty. When a special force sufficient with the fingers of both hands intervenes in history, the story changes gallantly.

His specialty is knitting weapons with magic. Everyone knows this. If it were a shard, it would let you knit something from it that was infinitely close to the original. And what I mean by that, is...

"Come on, let's go! < >! I'm more watchful than I am outside the round table, my king's friend! In the name of the < > Knight of Extras! The knights of the round table! Help me!

Kite throws a plate and lists a selected sword < > stabbed in a rock, the most famous anecdote in King Arthur. Then the plate emitted intense light. And that next moment. From inside the plate, several swords were summoned.

All of them, like holy swords and famous swords. King Arthur and his subordinates. These were the weapons used by the famous Knights of the Round Table. Of course, this is a forgery. But if it still existed in so many quantities, it would be a firepower that wouldn't be stupid.

"Well, from here on out, we can summon the beasts and attack them with armor calls that have finished copying our movements in reliance on the memory of weapons... leave that alone this time. Come on, total attack of the Holy Sword, why don't you eat it?

Four generals blur unexpectedly at the countless pieces of martial arts arranged like a round table. This is the kind of holy sword that has no inferior colour to Enefia's weapons. If you eat such a decent blow, you won't be able to regenerate it for a while.

but that's not what I care about, kite. So he smiled without mercy, and put his magic through all the weapons arranged like a round table.

"< >!"

From a round table made of swords, the rainbow light is emitted. It had the power to swallow the four generals and make them temporarily irreversible.

"The knights of the earth, they do it inside, don't they? Well, the king is headed by some daughter-in-law who lays it on his ass."

With Kate laughing, she boasts of the power her own best friends have given her. Incidentally, it is uncertain whether some of them, including King Arthur, sneezed on Earth.

If you blow your enemies like that, the next thing you need to do is create a path to your goal. Sometimes the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) make the way for Kite, but unfortunately this time it's impossible. I had to make it myself. If you don't, you'll be tangled up on the road.

"Divine Yin Flow... < >"

The next show will be the martial arts of the Uesumi Nobuna, which I also called my mentor on Earth. Quite the opposite of < >, which kills enemies by hitting them with counter-phase attacks. This is an attack that increases power by hitting an attack of the same phase.

So what we intercept is a pretty huge dragon attack. It was < >, the biggest blow of the dragon species. That's how enormous destruction winds up. It swallowed even the shooting dragon, creating a huge blank zone.

"Direct from my sister! They haven't even told me about it... < >! Mode Tornado!

The next show was the martial arts of the female warrior Skasaha, who likewise called himself a mentor on Earth. It summons countless spears in her possession to spin at super high speeds around herself. It was an aggressive junction that kept the enemy away.

Thus, Kite, who became a crimson sphere, enters its blank zone at once. And he wasn't the only one who broke in. The demons were immediately returning to the empty space.


Kate storms as she cleaves through numerous demons. Unfortunately, I can't use < > in relation to the junction, but it was still medium speed.

"Blow it up!"

In one place, Kite blows the spear. Naturally, it was in front of the two remaining Death Warlords.

"Hey, why are you here?"

"Oh no..."

Even against Kite, who stands in front of her and gives her an extra giggle, there is plenty of room for "The Daoist Death General (let's do something about it)". It was as if you hadn't thought about losing this one. And then all of a sudden, he went into action.

"Now let me give you a gift"


"The Daoist Death General (let's do something about it)" said, suddenly throwing a crimson treasure ball over here. It feels light, too.


Too much, Kite slashes aggressively. I thought it was some kind of attack from being poked into the void. I threw away what I had been protecting so easily. I thought he was incomprehensible, but I didn't think he was incomprehensible so far. Nevertheless, I cleaved and Kate also understood what she had cleaved.

"What are you going to do!

"No, I thought it was time to spare you. She's close, too."

"... you think I'm gonna let you get away with this?

"Yeah, sure."

In response to Kite's inquiry, "Daoist Death Commander (let's do something about it)" answers. And at the same time an intense distortion of the world arose, and at the same time, instructions flew from Tina.

"Kite! Use < > with all your might! Hit the reverse phase attack and correct the distortion of the world! The Lord can do it! The rest will hold back the aftermath of this distortion! Not on this scale! If you do poorly without dealing with it, you will have a disastrous species-class demon! Exactly on the city. That's awkward! Deal with it at all costs!

"Eh! Chi!

I understand the intent of "Death of the Dodo (let's do something)". Apparently, it was something that could create distortions that could not be dealt with in most cases. He was going to make a gap in retreat in anticipation of what Kate would destroy because of his aggressiveness.

That said, there would have been a technique that Kate could have destroyed or remotely destroyed herself if she hadn't. What made Kate do it would be like just a hobby.

"... Huh!

From the sword of Kite, the distortion of the world and the power of the reverse phase are unleashed. It forcefully corrected the distortion of the world and reduced the distortion. That's how I was born: the last wave of demonic armies. It was only to a slightly greater extent than before.

"Oh... this was the last thing I saw that was good. Okay, excuse me."

"See you, brave man. Now I'm gonna say hello."

"Oh... no."

Kite smiles at the two "Death Warlords" who disappear when she turns around. A thoughtful retreat. We ran into this many times, and the kites were letting them get away. As such, Kate contacts her friends.

"Excuse me. This one got away. Apparently, you know how to escape this space."

"Shit... as usual, it's a good escape leg. Do you have items that can escape 100%?"

'Huh... another search journey begins. Kite, come on. "

"I thought you were someone else... and I'm gonna call you all in moderation."

To Will's words, Kate shakes her head in a sigh mix. Only the Death Warlords can be fat unless they are in the kite class. Als, on the contrary, even Sharik, is another dream of dreams. It stands so high that it is equal to Quong.

Besides, the difference in strength is not something we can handle in the next year. At least, the next five years. Ten years if you say greed. That's all I want. I'm sorry to hear about Al and the others, but this is the earliest I can do.

The strength of the Al's now. The strength of the former Lux and the others. their strength in the end. The strength of dramatically elevated 'Death Generals', Grand Generals, and Legion Leaders. The Ales haven't even reached the past Legion Leader class as it stands. You can't pretend that you can't beat someone, because they're dead, because they're from the past. You can't lose.

"Even if I say so... this is the last time we'll have reinforcements. Make up your mind."

'Uhm! Now I can put Keri on it all at once! Let's go to battle!

"Now! All units, start firing simultaneously! You don't have to spare me! The rays are off! That's what it means to surround Raingard like a circle!

Tina and Will's command echoes into the armies of all nations. That's how the last battle began.