Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 797: Understanding the Status quo

Having obtained the clay, the kites returned to the city through the pit without any problems.

"Uh... snuggle into your shoes..."

"but the tail says..."

"Ha... I don't think we should dry it first."

"Oh, my God."

Yuri laughs at Yuri, who was spared from submerging on kite, against the one who says stupidity. She was alone in the safe zone. and those kites, but naturally this isn't the end of the job. We have to take the clay to Craim's workshop first. Clay contains water and air. Dryness is an enemy.

"... seniors. If you drain water from your shoes, let's go. If we don't get there soon, it's dry, so I'm gonna start over with that shit..."

"Oh... ha... am I the only one with wet clothes..."

Moments follow Kate's words even as she finds them irrational somewhere. He's the only one in this face wearing normal material clothes. Others are uncomfortable because their skin is wet for once, but the clothes are a material that plays water, so it was somewhat better than the moment.

And with such discomfort, I decided to head to Crame's workshop for now. It was Elio who greeted me there. When he saw the kites, he looked up.


"Bad, call me Grandpa. If I wet the workshop instead of telling you to hurry up, it will be May..."

"Oh, oh... Lord Crame!

"What... oh, I'm home. What about clay?"

"Over here. Take it."

Kate hands over a small metal box she deposited from him against Craim, who came out of the working space behind the workshop. There was clay in it. That's how Kreim received the box from Kite. For now, he decided to check the clay. How good is this? The kites are going to try again.

"... um. Not bad."

"Huh... so now you can make it?

"Oh. I'm letting you practice in the back right now. Tomorrow, you can make it with my assistant."

Apparently, Kreim was teaching Titos the basics of ceramics tightly. I guess that's why I can't see Titos.

"So we can make it and cook it tomorrow, and we can do it the day after tomorrow, right? Sure enough, it's been cooked for 12 hours and it's been cold for another half day."

"Oh... I changed it a little, but that's about the approximate time. We'll be able to do it the day after tomorrow at the latest, including coloring, etc."

Ceramics do not change Earth or Enefia. So the way to make a clay pot is the same for Earth and Enefia. No matter how dry some of the magic can be used to shorten it, it still takes some time.

Since the quality of clay and various other circumstances change with regard to time, it cannot be said uniformly. Whether there was witchcraft or not, it was with the earth there, too. In the case of the Kreim workshop, about 12 hours coincidentally was the best option. It was a combination of the need for Kite and the Moon to stay for a few nights.

"Bye, Grandpa. Can I take care of that?

"Oh, thank you for your hard work. Come to the inn."

"Ooh. Elio. Say hello to Lord Titos"

"Oops, tired. This is my job over here. Don't let it affect your next job."

Laughing a little at the wet kites, he makes it clear that Elio will be entrusted with the occasion. To get dressed first, take a bath, and not warm up, you may catch a cold. Physical fitness management is also an important task for adventurers.

So Kite and the others move to the hotel that Titos and the others have prepared for us. That's one of the best hotels in the city, and apparently they didn't complain about going in wet knowing what was going on.

"Good luck. We have hot water in the bathtub of your room while you cross the border."

"Excuse me... do you have a room?

"All around the top floor," he said.


When Kate receives the key at the front desk, she returns to the top floor room with it in one hand. The room, I said, is a one-floor rental, to be exact. Everything on the one floor is the room. It was a suite.

Titos is the royal brother in the bend. I guess the Imperial side didn't have the face either if we didn't prepare that much. Still, the fact that I'm in the same room as the kites is still a story of concealment.


Kite is one of the bathrooms set aside in one of the top floors and warms up slowly. No matter how much kite you soak in cold water, your temperature will drop. Apart from catching cold, all this is more natural than he is also a person.

"... Well, now I've got eyes on getting a airship"

One person, Kate, begins to recheck the status quo. What you have to think about is how to make this your way back to Earth.

"The map of the ruins was obtained in Raingard... this is being taken back and analyzed by Tina and the others... the object that serves as a signpost is a coincidence, but it was obtained... you were fortunate to have this..."

Coincidentally, it was possible to obtain < >, a Japanese object. This is more fortunate than anything. The power of < > is inherently present in directions.

Then the righteous - for example, Kate and Yayoi - will show us the way to Japan in terms of strength and circumstances. This can determine the direction that was most difficult. Even the Bajiu Wu, who lives in < >, wants to return. Cooperation had been made clear.

"Well... next time you're going to need it, it's the most power... that's right, I can't go to the ruins alone... but suppose the whole season Char was helping, the ruins system is pretty robust... Rank S is where you want one or so... < > Now, how many will come out..."

Road to Rank S. It's a dream that everyone would have if they were adventurers. But I want whoever gets there. Rather than that, as Kate said a long time ago, it's a must.


Kite makes it look good to be alone in the bathroom for the rest of her life before one of her own. Kite's past. It was one who lived the warring world.

"... Phew... it's good to bathe in the water at any hour of the world. Especially now. It's good not to worry about assassinations or anything. Where's the booze..."

The tone of Kate's search for the wasabo and the liquor bottle had changed. Calling in the past is under the influence for a time. If you called < > deeply, you had no choice.

So far, < > is said to have been completely extreme. Whether or not it goes from there to the previous raw depends on the way the person thinks. but usually no one does it. Mostly because one thing is enough.

"Hmm... you can't. This thought makes me ruthless in vain."

Kite connected to his own previous life, but unconnected due to his harshness. Occasionally, Kate draws on this power, but that was only in this past life if we brought together more harshness than Kate. but so now it was for nothing. What we need now is not harshness or ruthlessness. How to lead them, was.

"In the meantime, it's Yayoi who's leading the way, and... he's definitely leading the way. I'm hiding it."

Kate was actually secretly aware that Yayoi was hiding something. It would be natural. If Yayoi is naturally aware of it, the opposite is true. Though she intentionally drops her strength to the Al's level, she will be comparable to that fruit, Rank S. That's about it, even Kite knew it. I just don't say either.

"Well... I'm a little interested in what kind of previous life it was, but... well, what time do you use it? If you're Japanese, there's a chance that you know what's going on, and even the great men of the world don't know what to expect... there's more to it..."

Later, it's me.

"No, what time did you come in?"

Kite sighs at Yuri's words, which sounded abruptly. By the way, naturally, she can use < > too. That said, it doesn't make sense and I don't want to see it, so I stopped it one time ago. but that was a good reason, there it was.

"... Ulysia... a ruthless ice witch"

"Did you see that?

"Well. I mean, when I caught a glimpse of the past life and realized that maybe it wasn't Kite, I didn't really care."

Kite responds to Yuri's name. That's her past life. To call it a strange edge, I guess it does. Yuri stood close to Kate's stomach even in her previous life. No, let me tell you something from Kate, before and even before that.

"Three generals of the Demon King... the three of us will die by your side everywhere. I guess you got your wish, we did."

"They're stupid, you guys. I can't believe I'm following a man like this."

Kate hugs Yuri thanks to her love. It's Kite that's making this happen even more than it was in previous life. In his previous life, Kite was a special case, one who could not even use magic.

Even before that, that's what Kate talked about before she met Tina and the others. That he couldn't wait for Yuri to be loving right now. This is not this world. It's not even Earth. No, that's a story before the world where those two exist. Ever since then, they've been following Kite.

Yuri and Kate's buddies on Earth. That was the rebirth of Kate's bellies in the far past. Normally, I don't want to see anything from my previous life. That's because from time to time, this happens.

That said, this was a good example in that case. Those who had a good relationship meet each other in the world and beyond time. That was only a pleasure for both of us.

"If I saw me now back then, what would they say... stuffy, huh? I've been secretly stunned a few times."

"That's what I wanted to see super"

Yuri in her previous life was a very calm and ruthless woman. A woman without play. A woman like a sample clerk. I just had to laugh that it was doing that. Maybe it's that recoil that's a little sweet right now.

That said, this is the story of her previous life as it stands. Doesn't matter. Ulysia the Fairy Clan is the one for Kate now, and this kite is the one for Yulye now. The thoughts now are the thoughts they have now. It has nothing to do with previous life.

"Well... well, let's leave it there. In the meantime, let's get to the bottom of the situation."

"Yes... and speaking of the status quo, < > or..."

"Can't the fireflies just do it?"

"Wouldn't it... because it would be a peculiar example of a new soul, more of a soul than a new soul. Well, in that sense, I'm curious about the leaves... but I don't know what the world intends to do with the devil's eggs."

Kite and Yuri, who ended Noi Yi in the meantime, make another check of the status quo.

"There's nothing I can do about all this, or..."

"Actually, they say it's a rank S condition, but it doesn't matter if you don't have < >."

"In the first place, I wonder who started saying that Rank S would have to have a Special Attack."

"Come on..."

To what Kate pointed out, Yuri also tilts her neck. Yes, as Kate and I have said many times, mastering < > is not a condition of Rank S.

It's even said to be a condition, not a condition. Promotional exams are only good for crusading demons as usual. I can use it or not, but I don't have a problem with it. Soon < > will only be spoken of as if it were a condition.

I'm breaking through without Kite or Yuri right now. On the contrary, it also reached Rank EX. I don't know how Ballantine was. By the time the kites met, he was already rank S and could also use < >.

"That said, well, it's convenient to have < >, isn't it?

"Well... at least you two want it. auxiliary and offensive systems if possible. Some self-enhancement would be nice."

"There's nothing I can do."

"Oh, yeah."

There's nothing you can do from them in this world about what kind of life they followed in their previous lives. I can't choose a previous life so I can't choose my parents. I mean, I can't choose more than my parents. All I can say is that if you resent yourself in your previous life, you resent yourself.

"What about Yayoi..."

You cannot know the past from what it looks like in this world. This world and previous lives continue, but sometimes character is brewed to the point of being completely different in a relationship that is starting over from scratch.

Kite and I are. It is even less sweet than it is now. Besides, I'm strong, too. There is also a temperament, but for that matter the harshness is even more intense, and our ratings will be divided more than Kite is today. Someone else, that's all I'm saying.

Yuri, I don't know. That would be the best example. "The Ruthless Woman (Previous Life)" and "The Deceitful Girl (Present Life)." It was unusual to contrast this far. Different species, of course. I am not a fairy in my previous life. The only thing that's the same is that you're on kite's side.

"Come on... I'm... I guess I'm self-reinforcing in one way or another"

"It's not compatible with you now."

"I'm a support system, so..."

Yuri sighed. She is a supporter, as she publicly proclaims Kate's partner. It doesn't mean a lot where I can strengthen myself. Still, it will be effective because it will be able to attack in conjunction with Kite, but Kite's ability to fight is often enough in the first place. It would be subtle to be asked if it makes sense. And that's how we talked about each other, and Kite shook her head when she realized that it was no use now.

"Do we wait for temperament? We can't all make it."

"Well... then... where should I go from next?"

"You're waiting for Tina's analysis. For now, it should be easy and close. Best if you don't have any hands on it."

Yuri's proposed agenda was something that Kate had already concluded. Then you don't have to worry about it.

"It's a hard story."

"It's going to be quite difficult at the time of the untouched ruins..."

Kate shakes her head. The fact is, nobody's in here, and there's no need to flip it, there's no information at all. It would be a gutsy task.

But it is the mission of the Adventure Department that must be done. I just have to do it. That's how they relaxed and soaked themselves in the bath and warmed themselves up while discussing the future for a little while.