Yamato and the others arrived in Inn Town, the next morning. Even on this day, Yamato and the others decided to take the carriage and make the trip. The destination is a little big city a few hours away by carriage.

"Well, shall we talk about it today?"

"Yes, Master Furia"

To Furia's words, cherry blossoms snort. Essentially, all the demon crusades, even the miscellaneous fish, were carried out by the Kingsguard. The cherry blossoms are not allowed to carry weapons, so I can't help it.

Exactly. The cherry blossoms can't fight on hand, either, and they can't let it smell blood and put it out in front of Furia. So the army told me to pull in. That way, for a while, the carriage goes on without a thing.

"With that said... I've asked you before. I've heard that Japan has special tea practices."

"You mean the tea ceremony?

"Oh, you know what?"

Furia shows interest in cherry blossom language. What I wanted to ask Yayoi - mainly related to the moon - had already been dug into the root digging leaves within yesterday, so now it was again a topic of interest to her.

"Can you do that?"

"No... that, because I don't have the tools..."


Furia slapped her hand with a meaningful face after the cherry blossom replied a little sorry. Then one of the maids who had refrained came pushing the trolley.

"Take this one."

"How about this?

Furia asks the three of them with an elegant but slightly mischievous grin. What was in the trolley was a set of supplies for use in the tea ceremony. Much of the water was built to throw away hot water in a proper hurry. Unexpectedly, cherry blossoms and maples face to face.

"Um, um... what's this?

"Ugh. I wonder if you'd be surprised. As a matter of fact, about 500 years ago, there was a flow of Japanese into our country. Even so, at that time, Japan was a country that nobody knew anything about. Well, he left information, and with the help of a guy named Crain, he tried to restore the tea appliance, but... what do you think?

Furia explains the situation to a bewildering maple inquiry. This was discovered even after Kate left. Until then, as Furia said, there was not much interchange between different continents, and furthermore, the word Japan itself was a situation almost unknown to anyone. No wonder they weren't known.

Of course, I don't even know Kite. Everyone wonders whether he was the only one who transferred when the information that Kate was Japanese came and transferred. From there, the first national survey, the result of which was that this earliest name was also a lost tea man.

"But unfortunately, there was still information that we had a tea party, that we were using these tools, but unfortunately, materials such as how we had the tea party were completely lost... so I called you three."

"Um... could it be that I called Yayoi..."

"Oh, that's a good guess."

To further inquire of the maple, Furia smiles and rings her hand again. Then another maid pushed the trolley again this time. Of course, there was a kimono in the trolley. and on such a trolley kimono was accompanied by a single letter.

"What's this?

"Read it?


In the meantime, cherry blossoms open the seal of the letter that was attached to the kimono. The letter was not a western paper but a Japanese paper. And the letters that were so written also looked familiar, although the cherry blossoms were slight.

"... from Master Light Fire?

"Yeah. Only Nakatsu Kokuni and Raingard handle kimonos in this Enefia. It seems that Phyllio met at the end of the meeting, and she sent it to me. Because my birthday is coming up, I think it's a kind of birthday present. Because none of us can wear it, it's for viewing, but... because of that, why don't you try it on?

With a smile and a laugh, Furia explains the situation. The origin of the kites is known to Emperor Philio and the upper levels of the Valtardo Empire. If Furia tries to find out, she'll know. This is because if you are in the upper echelons of each country, you can ask the Empire. Neither was the Empire going to hide the extent of its origins on the boulder.

Knowing that Yayoi was the daughter of an established clothing store in that stream, I thought I would try it on once. The idea was to have an experience because there are two people who seem to know about tea ceremonies. It was surprisingly lukewarm. As far as the size is concerned in the letter, it says that it fits well. There won't be any problems.


Furia laughs even more and slaps her hand again. Then the door opened and I could see the deepest room.


"Heh heh... I said a little Wagamama and I had my bedroom renovated. Tatami is imported from Nakatsu, but it was well managed, wasn't it?

What was spreading there was the Japanese-style room. Exactly. There is no hanging axis with Zen written on it, and there is no fusima, but even if I say fresh flowers - which is a little weird from the Japanese aesthetic sense - there were, and they were covered with green walls to replace dirt walls.

"Let's see one of the rooms in the McDawell family courtyard. I tried to make it reproduce with an imitation, but... how about that?

"Haha... ok. Let me check the tools once."

Oh, please.

Furia smiles at the words of cherry blossoms. She was, however, a lady with a girly impression somewhere. For a while then. The cherry blossoms decided to prepare whether there were any errors in the tea ceremony tools or whether to change into kimonos themselves.

In conclusion, the tea ceremony tools were solid objects - although they were just substituted with some magic props. I don't know how many are just by the tools, but drifters are likely to be at least when the tea ceremony takes its current form - at least after a thousand holidays. And I guess he's even more of an armed tea man, too.

Therefore, in addition to the three of us, Furia was supposed to change into kimonos and open the window and curtains slightly so that she could see the outside in order to create a uniform atmosphere in the tea room that had been prepared at the back of the carriage, and have a tea party.

"Oh... I like the taste of these."

After enjoying tea the whole way, Furia tells him with a smile. Apparently, there were people from different worlds who could understand loneliness.



Answer the question as the cherry blossoms that were lighting the tea cleaned up later. This time, cherry blossoms lit the tea, and maples explained and demonstrated how to do it one by one. Yayoi reworked the area where Furia's clothing and the discomfort in the room could not be wiped, so he didn't get his hands on it as a division of roles.

"Shall I give you a spinning drink? No one's going to be poisoned or anything like that."


Maybe it's something I can't help but wonder if it's still here. The tea bowl is with me, and the tea I drank is after the person ahead drank it. By the looks of it, he also looks like a poison watcher. So all I could do was give cherry blossoms, maples and Yayoi a bitter laugh against Furia with a smile on her face.

By the way, the first person who drinks in front of me says "regular customer" and is the main guest and the most important person at the tea party, so of course it's not toxic. It was a word because she didn't really understand how to do it.

Note that this authentic customer was served by Maple this time. Because there was nothing I could do about not showing it once, and when I explained the situation to the maids, I was impressed the other way around. He thinks he showed himself that it wasn't poisoned. They didn't seem to understand either.

"Phew... now I wish I had a better view outside... I'm sorry. I should have told you yesterday."

Furia apologizes to Cherry Blossom, who seems satisfied after experiencing the whole thing. Because, in fact, it was unfortunately a mountainous area that was visible outside.

Moreover, the landscape was not very good in a place that hit the valley. In contrast, yesterday was a relatively scenic spot in the meadows and woods, and it was impossible to spare this yesterday.

That being said, the maids closed the windows and lowered the curtains at the end of even making it an outside landscape. This time it was a special case, so he forgave me.

"That's right. That being said, it's Philio's birthday in a few months. Then I'll ask for this."

"Haha. I'll see you then, if you ask."

Even in Furia, I seem to understand that Japanese tea ceremonies are meant to entertain guests. So it seemed to me that including a return of this birthday present, It was a close family.

"Ugh. If it's true, what about your daughter-in-law, Philio just got married last year, and now that you're here, you sound like a great guy. And... you're in love."



Furia smiles at the cherry blossoms taken aback. It was from the face of Cherry Blossom and Yayong when we were talking about the brave Kate that we understood the relationship between the two of us and Kate.

"Sa, then Yayoi. I'm sorry, can I ask you to change? I can take off what I can do alone, but... oh?

Furia tried to ask Yayoi for assistance in changing clothes, but the carriage abruptly stops there. And, at the same time, the extensions attached to the room made a loud noise. Apparently something happened. So the maid on the side takes the receiver and starts listening.

"... okay. Ma'am, this is a call from a member of the military. 'Cocatrice' is out, so we're going on a crusade for a while," he said.

Apparently there's a demon out there. This is a mountain road. And it was more normal than traveling in a carriage. That's why the army is in escort. And even more so, I command Furia not to be in any hurry, as is often the case.

"Oh... be careful with the Devil's Eye."

"Yes, I did. Let me tell you. Ma'am, please stay in this room."

That's what one of the maids says, leaving a few other maids behind the room. Apparently, this Japanese-style room has the strongest protection. They were originally in the bedroom, so I guess they're getting stronger for that.

"Nah... you don't have to come at a time like this... hey"


The maple that was told the story is also not a social dictionary, etc., but responds to Furia's words from the bottom of his mind. This is the last time I've touched Japanese culture in a long time. Even though I know I can only do this in time because I'm on the move, I can't help but have a little resentment. And that's how the maid came back where she said a little stupidity. Plus, there was just a little rush.

"Ma'am, ladies and gentlemen... things are a little off."


"It looks like we're being attacked by bandits. The thieves seem to have gotten used to Cocatrice and are cleverly shooting horses and escorts with demonic eyes. The mountain road was a disaster, and the escort was stretched out, and there was some protection."


There is just a slight rush on Furia's face in this report. That said, I still don't expect to lose to this extent. This is the Kingsguard, and if they're the only ones at worst, we can handle it if we cage them in this place. but those who can fight nevertheless should. That's why Cherry Blossom offered.

"I'll help you"

"... I'm sorry"

"Oh, keep the cherry blossoms over here"

Yayoi hangs a stop against the nodding and rising cherry blossoms and maples. That said, this does not mean foot clumps, etc. It was a matter of proper reason.

"As it stands, we can't both fight satisfactorily with those clothes, can we? Fighting 'Cocatrice' in that outfit is suicidal. Get cover from inside the carriage. I'm going outside... yah!

"Uhm. Looks like your Lord's discernment has worked."

In response to Yayoi's request, Bajiwu storms through the wall and descends. He secretly had them waiting outside with < > to ask for help when he got pinched somewhere.

If you're out from the beginning, the Imperial Castle people won't notice, and you can't blame them. Bajiwu is right, it seems that the measures in case have worked. And there's nothing more to be said than that. This is part of the job.

'That said, what are you going to do? As long as the Lord doesn't use it, he's not a winning match.'

"That's right... well, I have an idea. One way or the other, you don't have to cut it."

Yayoi gives a slightly bitter face to the inquiry of the Eight Neighbors. I just didn't expect to be attacked by a bunch of bandits manipulating Rank S demons. but there are no countermeasures. One is to release the power of the blood-sucking princess. On top of that, you can escape this predicament with < >.

The other was to liberate < >, another force she had been hiding for so long, as Kate had anticipated. Moreover, Yayoi's < > was useful when dealing with numbers.

"But I don't want Kite to find out, that way. So we're gonna have to cut this one off."

Yayoi sighed. It was < > who decided to cut it. Absolutely not right now about bloodsucking princess. I want mindset even for her.

"... I'll take care of it. Are you okay?

"Yes. < >, I'll use it."

"I'll cover you."

"Cherry blossoms, please restrain the approaching enemy. I'll wipe out the magic."


"Please. I also use the < > sword of the soul of the cloth du, so I won't be able to cover the carriage much, so I'm going to do my best."

With cherry blossoms and maples on their backs, Yayoi goes outside with a few maids, who decide to peek outside through a window from inside the carriage for traction and response. And there was already a battle going on there, and the bandits boiled down to the newly emerged beauties.

"Hih! Young Head! Well, naturally, you can take it home!

"Of course you are, you bastards! Your head's asking for souvenirs, too!

"Shh! Don't make me hurt you!

"" "Whoa, whoa!

Well, needless to say, a maid of beauty appeared before the outlaws, just like Yayoi. Naturally, the men's gaze was nasty and disgusting just because they could be directed at them.

Besides, Yayoi looked up. These nasty gazes that I would bathe in for a long time, though, didn't make me feel good. That said, is it troublesome to be petrified apparently for that purpose, the arrows didn't fly and the demon eye could never be turned on? They don't have enough power to prevent the petrification of 'Cocatrice'.


Yayoi sighs. I thought I was used to the nasty gaze that could be directed at me, but it's been a long time since I've had anything so distasteful. And I thought at the same time. I don't want to think of them as the same 'men' as Kate, but as the same 'people' as themselves, he said.

Yayoi thus activates the blood of the blood-sucking princess slightly to the extent that there is no physical change to obtain ruthlessness. I didn't mean to be forgiving, and I can't afford it.

"Yayoi. Can you do it? I'll take care of the approaching bastards."


"Gu! What!?

"Ahh no!?

"Now it's time to assemble... < >!"

Yayoi shoots a hand-held gun in his hand at the same time as Yayoi creates a scorching aurora from a mirror that mimics < >.

It was Hellfire who tried to burn everything down. It was then that the manifestation of Yayoi's past life began.