The cherry blossoms escaped the crisis with the liberation of Yayoi's < >. They asked for more information about < >.

"< > is a power that everyone can use. The power of that person alone... cherry blossoms and maples can be used equally."

"So, Yayoi said that his previous life was Saito Dozo's daughter and homecoming butterfly?

"Right. You will."

Yayoi makes it clear that his previous life is a homecoming butterfly manipulated by turmoil. I guess this is correct given that her < > is the reenactment of the weirdness of the main temple and the fulfilment of the wishes of the ministers of her husband Nobunaga Oda. Other than that, it's hard to think.

"And Kate was the sixth heavenly demon king, Nobunaga Oda, the man, and..."

Wow, and the maple makes my cheeks cramp. I thought it was a flying guy, but I never thought it was a flying guy since my last life. That said, as a matter of fact, I had been flying further before that instead of in my previous life.

"... oh, yeah. Can I tell you something good?


Against the cherry blossoms, Yayoi asks with a little laugh. I didn't know what it meant to be good here.

"Once upon a time, Kate told me. The souls are attracted to each other. He said he might inevitably make a roundabout with someone he was close to in his previous life."


Cherry blossom returns a raw reply. So what is it, I just thought. but Yayoi laughed and told the dull cherry blossoms somewhere like that.

"Oh... is that surprisingly dull?


"No, I was wondering if you could hold even one of your jealousies, but..."

"... eh."

I understand what it means to be told, and cherry blossoms get jealous. Yayoi and Kate were a couple in their previous lives. If I could show such a deep connection, I'd be jealous as she is now.

That said, putting it on the table on a boulder is outrageous. So I decided to hide it now. but naturally this was a clear story for Yayoi. That's why it was a word.

It would be remiss of her to say that she beat the boulders with this. And the information to share should be shared. This was information of that kind.

"Actually, kite. It's like you're in love with a girl under certain laws."

"The girls that Kate fell in love with by last life, they are. Cherry Blossoms, Meizi,"

"... Huh?

The cherry blossoms unwittingly open their eyes to the words spoken. For some reason, it stuck in my chest. It was as if the soul had admitted that it would be natural.

"Is that...?

"Oh, I knew it"

Why. Why not. Cherry blossoms confuse me as to whether I've been admitted to such an easy absurd story. And Yayoi, on the other hand, seems to have figured out how cherry blossoms look.

"Kite's < >... oh, in the original sense, isn't it? I wonder if he's fallen in love with a lot of women by the time he gets there. I don't know the details, do I? But I've had a really long journey, I've been telling you. So at one time he was a brave man, too. Well, I guess not."

"Is that what Kate said?

"Oh, yeah. Not at all. You don't know that one."

Yayoi laughs and affirms in response to the cherry blossom inquiry. This is just what Yayoi thinks on his own. Anyway, she's the only one who's heard stories from Kate about her previous life. I can't talk about the other world. And you can't talk about the kinds of things you hold. Therefore, the story of the cause and effect told. That's why it's just a story she thinks it is.

"But look. All the kids that Kate falls in love with are good kids all the way, right?

"... you know, I don't know what to answer..."

"Oh... so is that."

Cherry blossoms, who are said to be one of them, could not answer this to boulders. Yayoi immediately grasped it and didn't laugh.

"Um, look, kite. You're actually surprisingly jealous, aren't you?

"Oh, that's certainly..."

"So, you look and you think. At the root, he wants you to look at yourself. I don't think I care who I liked before, who I was dating, or anything. You love widows, too, Kite."

Oh, my God, it's Wagamama. I love many women, and I only want them to see me. Unexpectedly, cherry blossoms and yayoi are so selfish that they can only smile bitterly.

but I couldn't hate the two of you for how selfish you say that. And I also thought it was loving. Anyway, that's because we love ourselves if we turn it upside down. Happily decided.

Someone said. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate, he said. Those who are indifferent do not feed the fish caught. So a man who doesn't feed the fish he catches gets his love done by a woman at some point and breaks up.

In contrast, Kate continues to feed the fish she catches by name of affection. Yeah, I can see it. I've never forgotten some kind of anniversary, and every time I do, I take him out on a date for some reason. Don't forget to follow up on your long term assignment so that you don't skip the demon and feel lonely.

This time, in fact, he has secretly left behind demons for Shea, Mel, and the charms left in Maxwell. At the cost of a ridiculously difficult effort.

There was no way a man with such a stupid craftsmanship would have been indifferent to the women. That no one would express dissatisfaction except that Kite would increase the number of women. Anyway, I'm doing my best to make sure everyone gets scared.

"So, I think. In my last life, I wondered if it would change."


Yayoi told me to think about the previous life again, and for some reason, I was convinced enough by the cherry blossoms. That selfishness can only be considered a thing of birth. It feels like it's already staining my soul. I could easily imagine running similarly in my previous life.

And that's the truth. His soul's journey so far has been all days running for women. The earliest soul itself was made up of a service to the women in love. Of course, we won't admit it, and I don't think we're going to do it at all.

"So, you think so, huh? I don't know... Kite would never let go of the girl she made her own woman. Just because we're dead doesn't mean we disappeared in our previous lives. If the soul remembers anything, isn't it strange or nothing that we should behave like that?

"Oh, haha..."

Hard to say for cherry blossoms. To say I'm happy, I'm happy. That said, it is also true that I think it is a stalker.

Well, that won't happen. Kite acknowledges proper free will. He hates caged birds. If that is the conclusion of the women, it will be quite scratchy, but I admit to leaving from under me.

That said, we are confident that we will not leave. So it's a pointless premise, and I thought cherry blossoms at the same time. but once again, if only the facts were said, they would have thought so.

"I don't suppose you care that much about the girl you have with your duty or anything... hey?


I can only give Cherry Blossom a voice of satisfaction and consent anymore. I know. I know. This is correct, he said. It was actually the first time I had told this to someone even as Yayoi, but seeing the cherry blossom face convinced her as well.

Absolutely, the girl who's involved with Kite is the girl that Kite fell in love with at some point or another. Of course, he wouldn't even remember that himself, and he wouldn't care. To the extent that it reminds me of you. and maple was sighing at the two thriving in love bananas in such a way.

"I don't know how we can make that story so exciting..."

Maple has never fallen in love. No, I'm not making fun of love. Honestly as a childhood tame, I am worried about the fate of childhood tame love, and I am interested. but I'm not sure about that person.

"I wonder why you're in love with such a man..."

The maple was small and I sighed. Since I understood that cherry blossoms had fallen in love with kite, Maple secretly observed kite as well. It would be natural. I fell in love with a man who couldn't help but suddenly know how to tame his boxed daughter. I was wary, I could say.

Ever since we started dating, I've been observing some sort of scholar-skinned girlfriend being moved by its nature. It was this one that pierced the observer's standing but the late one that didn't get heavily involved in the foolish noise centered on kite. but still to this day, it remained unclear.

"Well, it doesn't matter."

Either way, if cherry blossoms are happy, that's fine. So Maple decides to take a short break to heal his wounds. And so, beside the two love-banas, Maple decided to serve to restore the lost magic.

and from the end of such a battle, about 10 minutes. One man came at a fierce speed.

"Ha... ha... Yayoi! Cherry blossom! Maple! Are you all right!"

"Enemy where!?

Needless to say, it's about Kate and Yuri who can come at such a rate. Yuri searches for her enemies, and Kate looks rather anxious to make sure her women are safe.

"Oh, there you are."

"Yayoi? Are you hurt? Cherry blossoms and maples?

"Are you all right? We're both just laying back a little bit to restore our magic."

"Does that mean... it's over now?


Yayoi tells Kate, laughing, asking in a hurry. He was in such a hurry.

"Ha... good"


Hearing Yayoi's words, apparently the cherry blossoms have been looking up.

"Safe... right. Look, recovery pills."

"Oh, thank you. Sit down. Maple, this."


Cherry blossoms receive even more premium healing pills than those given to them by the Empire handed to them by Kate, and hand one of them to Maple. Don't tell me the cherry blossoms were laughing in such a hurry. and, where such conversations were taking place, the moment and the elite of the Kingsguard regiment led by Titos appeared.

"Hey, kite! You're too fast!

"Is your mother safe?!

"Hey. No, I heard it was over when I arrived... and you're right, we're all safe. What about the curse on the guy who was petrified?

"We're in a big hurry right now and the magicians are on the move in the airship. Originally equipped for Cocatrice, it won't be too late."

With Kate's words, Titos answers the place for now. That's how he hurries down to his mother, too.


"Oh, Titos... Oh, there, it's strictly ground-foot, isn't it?

"... here. You're safe."

Titos leaked a sigh of relief at the appearance of his mother, who, as usual, was a little relaxed but graceful. I guess this way you'll be safe.

"Ah, Titos. How do you like it?

"That... why your kimono, etc?


Furia was a little dissapointed with Titos, who returned a rare answer instead of a good fit. Besides, Titos flattered in a hurry.

"Oh, no. It looks great."

"Already... Ah, Yayoi. It's nice to help you change, isn't it? And Titos. I'll leave this to you for a while."


In the meantime, Titos will resume command of the army once again because he has been able to confirm the safety of his mother. As it was, they were scheduled to travel to their destination while escorting on behalf of injured Kingsguards. So, a little while later, when the defense was ready, the Titos questioned.

"With that said, how did you escape the tiger mouth? I thought you were waiting for rescue..."

"No, you're right..." I think it's probably Yayoi. He's got a lot going for him. "

To Titos's doubts, Kite tells the speculation. Yayoi can do it. I believed that, and I guess so, I just thought. For that reason, Yamato, who had finished dressing for Furia - of course, the cherry blossoms had finished dressing - was summoned to Titos.

"First of all, thank you. Thanks to you, we were able to mitigate the damage."

"No, this is like work... and I thought the greatest merit, not ours, was Yayoi."

"Uh... well, yeah..."

In the words of cherry blossoms, Yayoi looks a little awkward, with a glowing face. Whatever you think, you have to mention her < >.

That said, apparently she got some mindfulness time. That's where the order came in and discovered the survival. That's why I can't make Yayoi and the others anxious, they were put back in the carriage and instead one young man dragged out in front of the kite- or Titos- people.

"Oh, you guys! You know who you got your hands on!? I've got a division around here. I'm under Doge's custody! Don't think this is all of it! That chicken isn't even here yet!

Apparently, the bandit's surviving man is in a vanity. Even though he didn't ask me, he answered a number of things such as who my relatives were and where they belonged.

"Oh, you know..."

"Shit... those fuckers again..."

"You know what?

Kite asks Titos and Elio, who seemed to know. Note that it would be a little inconvenient to not hear the bandits now, so I was dealing with what it meant by using Yuri as a relay, so it sounded solid to Kate as well.

Conversely, the decision was to say that without Yuri, there would be no problem as before, but most of the two of us are together. It was also to obtain information while balancing the lack of forgiveness.

"Oh. Looks like they're coming from somewhere. I've been working on Negijo lately."

"You don't crusade?

"I was in the middle of organizing a crusade. It was not possible to confirm that the scope was extended in one of the cases. Shit... you want me to send it to you and crusade it?

"We'll think about it later. Before I do, I need to ask you something."

In an instant inquiry, Elio tells with a very frustrating face. Apparently, the crusaders were in the midst of organizing, but they must have gotten around to the back because of the 'Death Generals' case.

As a matter of priority, whoever thinks, 'Death Warlord (let's do it) is at the top, so I guess there was no choice. So, after Titos nodded, Kite moved on to action.

"Can you please?

"Oh... there was a guy in there who looked great, I hear? Unlike that guy?

"Oh, it's the young heads you guys killed! My dad's still here! Surprise me with Shomben at best! My father won't forgive the man who put his hands inside me! They're gonna burn every village down!

"Ho... that means some garbage still survives..."

The bandit man who answered it after Elio's enquiry, but the flame of anger slightly brings the sickle when Kite hears the answer. Kate's aversion to banditry has not disappeared. Until now, Yayoi had just quenched the fire because he had defeated it.

"Hey, I'm gonna ask you... Ajito, where are you? If you want to live a little longer, just throw up."


Kate kicks him down hard and steps on top of it, and the bandit man screams. I think I broke about one of my ribs, but Kite has no mercy for the bandits. I completely ignored it, and instantly, of course, even for the nearby guards around me. No one had mercy for the bandits.

"Hey, just answer or I'll kill you. Oh, nothing. You don't have to throw up. I can kill you."

"Hih! Koh, answer! So help me!

"Please let him go"

"... chip."

Kite tongues at the bandit man who lightly decides to sell his people's information. Looks like he was going to kill him anyway. If it wasn't for Titos' orders, I'd just let him throw up information.

Living a little longer, while talking, meant. I'm not lying. I just put Titos' face up. Either way, he's a bandit, so he'll be sentenced to death according to Imperial Law. Either way, there was no way to help him. It was only the difference between being kept dignified and dying, or being mercilessly killed by Kite here.

"Here, here... the cave here is now Negijo..."

"... take him. A few of the best people in the field are under surveillance."


"We'll send our mothers to the city and move on to the crusade. Hurry up and get ready to leave."

Titos gives his life to the readily available Kingsguards. There's nothing we can do unless we get Furia and the others to a safe place, both on the ramp and in the corner. Heading to the city was a prerequisite first.

The airship is unfortunately not parked nearby in the mountains. If we keep going through the mountains, it would be our destination, so it was a decision that we would go there faster.

"I'll give you a hand. Isn't annihilation a good idea?

"May I ask you a favor?

"Oh, of course... I was trying to get people's women to take my hands off me."


A bandit man incontinently gets stuck staring at me from a neck ringing kite. By then, Kite was horrible now. As such, Kite and the others decided not to send the Furies to the city.