Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 807: Into the City of Entertainment

Kite secretly received the request, the next afternoon. The kites were moving, rocked by the airship in the morning.

"So have you almost finished the recipe yet?"

"Yes, I've changed the recipe a little bit, and I've also made coarsely ground things so that I can make them into Japanese"

"Oh well. Enough."

If I worked this much, I would have worked properly for the request. Even for the kites, they do bandit crusades and do unplanned work. You can say you've worked hard enough. So, once we're done confirming each other for the time being, the next step is confirming the play.

"Well... so, how much can you spend?

"Two Mithrill silver coins for all... roughly 200,000 yen"

"You got it pretty good."

"Well, it's a casino. There's money to play with... and if you think about the number of people."

This time, I was going to pay evenly for the number of people. So there are just over 10 people and 20,000 each. That said, I'll just pay for it myself more than that. So it's practically nothing like a penny. I care about this, and I'm getting paid for transportation. I had nothing to complain about.

"Even so, the casino... don't let your arms squeal"


"... something scares me"

The cherry blossoms appear subtly with a black smile, and the moon is frightened. It should be noted that I am purely looking forward to the moment. I guess he basically likes to compete. He's going to win.

"No problem. So, I'm supposed to be in town in a little while... oh, you see."

Kate glanced out the observation deck window and nodded at the fact that the city was starting to see. It's called an entertainment city, so I guess it's a beautiful city. That's what I think, and I see the city following it all. but what was reflected there was a normal city.

"... that's not what I imagined. I imagined it would feel more like Vegas, but..."

"That... that's what I thought too..."

Apparently, it was Kate who felt uncomfortable with it. I was tilting my neck. And, to that appearance, Yuri totally forgot, slapped her hand.

"Oh, well. Didn't you say so?"


"Isn't it a ship and a port town now? Now he runs a casino on a airship."


To Yuri's words, the kites look around and look for the airship. It should also be noted that when Kite came forward, it seemed like a theme park with a whole casino of luxury passenger ships. At that time, ships were often safer than land, and that was why it was the decision.

"There's nowhere to be found?

"Come on... I've never actually been here either, have I? They just told me to come to us before and build a airship... and you couldn't screw it with sponsorship privileges. I poured money into it about 20 years ago at dawn to make it. Collect the squad's technical squad in our technical squad... and I haven't seen much either, have I? Because His Majesty the Emperor now rubbed a lot at the time and was busy adjusting there. I was letting him build a few ships, I heard..."

"Big fleet of airships at dawn... damn... you made a lot of money, that fucking baba..."

You can't beat the crying child and the ground. That's what I say, but they can't beat the sponsors, either, that's right. This world will not move without the gold. What is more, they also devote a great deal of effort to reconstruction. All in all, the Duke McDawell family has no head in the Victor Chamber of Commerce.

Nevertheless, there was nothing good about having a bitter look on his face at all times, so Kate immediately decided to switch her mind.

"Well, okay. So you're switching flights from here to here?"

"I guess not. Obviously there are a lot of people out there looking for a casino, and why don't we just keep up with that?

To Kite's guess, Yuri returns the guess. There were obviously tourist-like people in this airship for the casino, such as adventurers who wanted to dream overnight from the Taoist aristocrats.

Well, the majority of people who go to the entertainment city in the first place are merchants of Viktor Chamber of Commerce officials, or thematic park target customers. And many as ratios would be the latter, no matter what you think. If you walk by this, it was an arithmetic for you to automatically arrive at your destination. And, talking about that, I went into the attitude of the airship landing in the city.

"Ah... you're close to arriving"

"Do you want to keep your seat belt on for once?"

Even though the airship is far safer than the plane, the most dangerous is still the moment of take-off and landing when the output fluctuates greatly. They told me not to walk as much as the plane, but not as much as possible. As such, the kites decided to sit in a nearby chair once and wait for the landing.

and another 30 minutes from such conversation. Kite and the others switched to smaller spacecraft that could be boarded and disembarked by giant spacecraft, even if they were not carrier type, and headed to the airspace where the fleet of spacecraft was waiting. That was good. but all the kites were supposed to blink at the fleet of visible airships.

"... that?

"Wow... glad you didn't come at night -"

This would happen if you float a luxury passenger ship in the sky. In front of the same eyes, the situation had widened to say so: five 500-metre-class giant airships were decorated with magic props resembling a beautiful neon sign, revealing that it was a theme park.

By the way, there's just one casino. It's useless where there were a few casinos. Other facilities besides the casino included an amusement park where you can play with Kate's brought in playgrounds, and also an amusement park where you can enjoy Kate's idea or Earth's original leisure, as well as hotels and shopping malls. I was pushing kite all over.

It should be noted that one of these ships was for combat and purely for combat in case of need. Exactly. No escort is psychologically detrimental. And Kite, who was looking at that combat airship, turned his eyes round. It was fitted with a magic cannon like the one I've seen.

"... dude. No way. Is that... is that a stupid power cannon?

"Uh... that dead copy. I couldn't help but tell you to let me ride, could I? I gathered the technical squad of" Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) "for the purpose of..."

"Shit... that's why I'm insulting Baba..."

A 70cm demonic guided single-armed gun mounted on this Enefia's most powerful ship, which the Empire boasts. If you find out it's here too, most of the guests will be relieved. Even the demons of the sea do not attack, and the demons of the land are situated at high altitudes that do not come close. On top of this, this magic cannon - the truth is a dead copy - will shut up any loud type of nobility.

That demon cannon is almost pointless for small demons because of its speed, etc., but it can still destroy demons one step ahead of the catastrophic species as long as it strikes directly. It's a little impossible to be told that we can create more safety. You'll need the help of Kite or Tina. I laid the perfect defense for as long as I could think of, everyone would assure me.

and a ship with such a huge turret points a cannon at this one. I'm guessing they're conducting a review. A short while later, the guns turned that way again.

"Well... well, shall we wait for the landing"

Seeing the airship in landing position again, the kites will be ready. And 10 minutes. A small airship landed on a airship carrying four theme parks.

"Was it a hotel first?

"Oh... you want to put your stuff away, don't you?


"From what I've heard, the room works the same way as this one, so room splitting is good with the front."

Upon Xiang's inquiry, Kite answers the hotel intervals. The hotel is natural, but the Valtard Empire side had it for us. Therefore, he seems to have left it in the same room so that he doesn't have to worry about it.

Okay, let's go.

For now, with our luggage, we follow a line of other travellers down the airship. That's how I got down on top of the casino, and the bunny-suit beauties greeted me with light music.

"" "Welcome -!

"" Ugh!

Moments and Sho blush at the sudden hospitality of the beauties in bunny suits. I didn't expect to see a beautiful woman in a book for boys like this.


"You really have a bunny suit..."

Moments and Sho admire the fantastic presence in a different sense from the other world that we see for the first time if not cosplay. These two still don't make a big difference from their common children, no matter what they say. I never went to the casino like Sakura and the others.

That said, the truth is, I've never been to a casino with a woman wearing a bunny suit, even if it's cherry blossoms. but to the extent that these people are also there because they are not boys.

"Yes, yes... let's just go to the hotel"

"Are you going to be flat after all..."

'Cause I brought it in, Kite.

Listening to Sho's words, Yuri speaks clearly. Besides, simultaneously, Kate gathered her gaze.

"Hey, what can I do for you?

"No, you're Kite. When the casino came on violently, it was a bunny, so I pushed it. In fact, it's super good for men's casino guests."

Yuri blurts further at Kite, who obviously turns away. It is a fact.

"As it were, well, let's put that away. I mean, Sho. It's your fault too."

"Senior Kishizawa from middle school"

... Ah. Wait! No more than that!

Sho reminds me of all the connections to Kate's words. Kishizawa, was a senior in Sho's middle school shore department. So he remembered it all. Before the metastasis, Kite was usually a boy like anywhere else. So if that's the case, he's usually an adolescent boy. I also have a book for the boys, naturally.

So, then I'm in middle school. I don't have the money, and I have limited means to buy it. Then, there is no turning and reading to make the best use of the resources available and to preach one's own secret hobbies. Neither is Kite now, but it was then. So, the lender was Kite and the source was Xiang. It was an act that showed Sho's sexuality at the time.

"Good! Senior! Let's go! Drop your stuff at the hotel and play around!

"Oh, wow."

It's a man in a moment. Sho's words are well understood. So I laughed half the time, but decided to hear Sho's plea. That's how Kite laughed at those two and Cherry Blossom asked.

"... do you like it?

"... not bad"

Kite just says so by dyeing her short and rarely bright red face. There was also some exposure of past sexuality to boulders in black history.

"... Really?"

"... ready, you can do it?

Yuri tells Cherry Blossom that she thought something. Besides, what cherry blossoms gave back and that night is their only secret.

Well, aside from that. In the meantime, even as it caused such disturbances, we all took a trip to the hotel that the Valtard Empire had prepared for us once.

One hour from the arrival of Kate and the others in the entertainment city. Kite and the others decided to leave their bags for now and point their feet at the casino ship. but before that I decided to head to the observation deck set up at the hotel to take a look at the overall view of the fleet.


The moon is so full of sights. The spacing between the ships is approximately 500 meters. The placement is centred on a giant combat airship with leisure ships positioned on all sides of it. In the meantime, there were countless small contact ships coming and going. Exactly, it was a flying theme park.

"If that bothers you, a leisure facility on a airship that you can take anywhere... this is a mobile entertainment city"

"Honestly... it's stupid, isn't it, this? We did it. Well, it's taken me about 15 years to complete, so I guess it's done because I have the guts and prospects to just wait in the meantime..."

"You're still a monster when it comes to making money, that woman..."

Kate and Yuri shrug back. It was understood that there were Taoist aristocrats from various continents on the observation deck, and that there were others coming from other continents for the purpose of this leisure facility.

"Uh... that's an all-weather indoor pool over there. That's an all-weather ski resort as well..."

"That's a casino, this is a hotel, a shopping mall..."

Squeeze an overview of the leisure facilities as cherry blossoms and maples look around from the observation deck. Somewhere my cheeks were pulling, it wouldn't be my fault. All I thought about was letting people spend their money on leisure and the money they made at the casino in luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, and then letting them spend their money.

And the moment was a little clapping at the sight I saw that way. He thought there might be jet coasters, Ferris wheels, etc. because of the leisure facilities.

"You don't have more leisure facilities than I thought."

"Haha. There's just no fifth ship or anything like that... right?

Yuri, who received Kate's gaze, turned away, and by chance, an official of the facility stood ahead. That's why I decided to give it a try for a moment.

"Is this all the ship has to offer?

"Sorry, the 5th and 6th ships are currently on the move..."

"Is there?"

"You gold deceased..."

Moments come to a surprise, and kite pounds her tongue. They're pretty stacked up. It should be noted that there are frequent visitors here without confirming their plans for the facility. So even if the kites were, they weren't questioned. So Kate decided to ask once and for all.

"When are you coming back?

"Next week."

"What kind of equipment is it?

"It's an amusement park and a hot spring inn. One of the intercontinental meetings in the meantime... did you know?

"Yeah. I was there..."

I knew it, but I was at the scene. That's why I hear about the situation.

"The Union Master asked me to lend you an amusement park for your treatment and vacation... and I'm on my way there."

"Oh really? Thank you."

"No, well, enjoy yourselves"

Listen to Kite's reply and the staff will follow the scene. Apparently Balflair added to the fierce fighting during this time and hung up on the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. The man is surprisingly competent, and he's supposed to be good at these things.

"All seven fleets... wow..."

"Total budget, let me ask you something? Maybe if I asked you, you'd answer me.

"Stop it. I don't want to hear it"

Pretend Kate blocks her ears on Yuri's words. I don't want to hear it. Probably because they could say a few hundred billion yen or something. That said, the Viktor Chamber of Commerce was truly out of touch. This is a huge facility. There is no problem with the loan of one ship. On the contrary, I get a good reputation for showing metrics at times like this.

It's just a less entertaining energy-excluding tourism. If we take advantage of the flying entertainment city and go around the continent, the guests will come in large numbers.

And it's about the Viktor Chamber of Commerce, Kite's sponsor, that's all we can do so far. Anyway, technical and creative skills are in different digits. So in this industry, the money was almost their monopoly. Considerable profits would have been made.

"Huh... for now, do you want to go to the casino"


Kite looks tired for some reason, and we laugh together. That's how I decided to get excited about going to the casino with Kite like that.