Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 812: Vacation at the Casino

The cherry blossoms, but after that, even as they layered their defeats several times, they were doing well to increase their handheld medals. It's basically a cherry blossom specialty when it comes to games like poker and "Dearty of Fortune," which compete while watching the other person's complexion. So when it came to proper, I was making a good wager.

"Phew... in the meantime, even if this didn't work out for the others, would it..."

In the meantime, take note of the meeting time and confirm that the cherry blossoms are inside the medal holder. Among them were several medals besides the cheapest.

"Uh... the red medal... yeah. You have 10 decent... 4 white medals... lots of yellow medals, and..."

Cherry blossoms confirm the results of today's battle yesterday. The red medal was worth comparable to each piece of gold coin, the white medal was comparable to the silver coin and the yellow medal to the five pieces of copper coin. There are several more down there, but most of them are for children. So I don't have cherry blossoms with me. I don't even need to use it.

That's why cherry blossoms decide to take coin bags and leave the casino area behind for now. The receptionist is on his way. Once we didn't deposit the coins at the reception, it was a mechanism we couldn't get out of here. Naturally, coin counterfeiting is out. Naturally it is a crime. When entering and exiting, they are properly checked with magic props.

"Welcome. Deposit?

"Ah, yes. Please."

"Yes, I did. I'd like to see your membership card."


The cherry blossoms are taken out of the card holder and are dedicated to the casino. This membership card is exclusive to the Viktor Chamber of Commerce and can be used anywhere in a casino run by the Viktor Chamber of Commerce instead. The strength of the casino run by the Viktor Chamber of Commerce was that the medals earned can be used anywhere.

"... Yes, we have confirmed. Oh..."

The receptionist who had the members cards read to a dedicated device looked a little surprised there.

"What's up?

"Congratulations. The total number of medals earned today has reached 50 red medals. In addition, the retention medal reaches 20 red coins. Please wait while we rank up your membership card"

"Oh, haha... please"

That's a little too much, Sakura says to herself. Sakura was fortunate enough to ask about the appropriateness for the casino and even the complexion of others.

That's why he made so much money in just a few days. For a little while, cherry blossoms will have their membership cards switched. Wait like that for about five minutes. The receptionist came back again.

"Here you go. This will be your new membership card. In addition, access to the red area in the back will also be possible in the future. There are some games that can only be played there, so please enjoy."

"Yes, if you get a chance"

Ask the receptionist to return the member's card and cherry blossoms observe it once. What she had so far was a very ordinary metal plate for beginners, but apparently she was switched to general membership stuff in the future. The material had been changed to a magic silver (misrill) plate used by Adventurer Union. Furthermore, the same demonic stone is attached as the registration certificate.

From what I heard later, the stakes can jump when you become a general member, so the amount you get will also jump accordingly. Then, naturally, there is no burglary aimed at cards.

Therefore, it used the same principle object as the registration certificate used by the Union. The principle is that they sold it to the Union. And that's how I looked at the new cards, and the officials went on and on.

"There are also free dedicated card cases, what will you do?

"Oh, please"

"Yes, sir."

Because of the cherry blossoms, I will also get a special card case. That's how the receptionist took it out of the drawer with a little good wood card holder.

Not that it was painted with lacquer and applied gold leaf, but it was a good product with a good finish. I guess it's handmade one by one, and it's going to be great. So she came to a little surprise.

"Is this... good?

"Yes, in the future, please."


The cherry blossoms are a little surprised to see if it's free. And, after a short walk, we reach the rendezvous point. Well, we were close to the rendezvous point when we were at the reception, so we were almost there together.

"Did you also get cherry blossoms?

"Oh, that means Maple, too?


Apparently, the cherry blossoms made sense of what happened to the maple. Maple, who had already observed you arrive, shows it to cherry blossoms.

"Good job inside."

"Yeah... is this good for free..."

"Well, a lot of money moves in this casino... uh, look, over there"

As always, for the questionable cherry blossoms, the kite is a little farther away, pointing further back than the general area. There was a chic, unified area there. but it wasn't there that Kate pointed out, further back. At first glance, it's just a wall. I was pointing out the door on the corner there.

"There's a corner further back in the VIP room where dealers and nobles fight. Well, the area of patience where you make super expensive bets for the Taoist aristocrats, is that it? It's a special area for people who don't want to be seen going in or out, who don't want to be seen coming in or out, who want to use it in secret meetings. It's a ridiculous neighborhood where you can get in and out directly from a dedicated airship. Well, then the blinding amount of money moves... and the profits are stupid. Somewhere I did it, I guess."

Kate will still be secretly having some sort of meeting or coming to visit with patience. Send her gaze across the wall. As a matter of fact, Kite can also be used, but it seems to have been left on the sidelines. 300 years ago, Kite was allowed to use it because playing in the general area could be mayhem.

"Heh... that's where I handed it out, so..."

"It's only the first time, and after the second time, it's taken gold. Don't lose it."



In Kite's words, cherry blossoms and maples become important to the nostalgia with the cards. I guess it's natural, but it's only the first time they give me free. From the second time, they took the money properly.

By the way, the same is true if you lose your membership card. Since it holds data on the operational side, it was also possible to reissue it. That's the advantage of buying out the Union system.

And, discussing things that way, the leaves came, and the moment and Sho - he thought he'd see the Colosseum too - came back from the Colosseum, and all that remained was Yuri.

"... is it just our princess after all"

Ha, and Kate sighed. Usually it's time to come home, but apparently it's a little prolonged today. Basically, she's also a strong winner, so I guess she's going somewhere a little better today. In this case, when you're on a wave, you're lucky to move on. At the same time, it is crucial to move forward, although it is also crucial to move forward.

Therefore, Kite decides to look around the venue from near the entrance. All casinos associated with the Viktor Chamber of Commerce are structured so that the entire building can be seen from the entrance as a structure. It was a consideration so that even if a child got lost, he could look for it.

"Er... oh, there"

I found Yuri and Kate sighed. There was a small crowd there. Apparently she was using her own membership card to compete in the general area. So did Kate, so I guess she stayed put. And the moment you were looking for me as well was laughing.

"... you're winning."

"I guess. Ha... I'm just gonna go. That area is for members of the public."

With that said, Kite goes through several gates to the general membership area. That's how Yuri got there, and the coins were really piled up in some kind of shitty color. So, just after a game, Kate speaks up.

"Oh... you're making money."

"Oh, kite. Is that it? Is it time?

"Yes, it's time, princess"

Apparently Yuri was too enthusiastic to notice. The fact that Kate was here was a little too much.

"It's over. Let's go. We're all waiting."

"Oh, I'm sorry. We're just finishing up the fight, and I think we're done here."

"Oh, man. We're not done fighting yet!

When Kate urges Yuri to end the battle, one of them, who apparently was competing with her, raises a protest. Apparently, it's getting hot. Looks like he's in the mud. I'm guessing Yuri made me duck there even more. I guess the end of the road I couldn't identify when I left.

As such, Kate decided to appropriately treat the man so that he would not be interrupted while Yuri was putting the medal in the medal holder.

"Ha... it doesn't matter if the battle is over or not, it's time over here in the first place. Or how many games, you were fighting under a rule that separated you? Hey, Mr. Dealer. Is that the rule?

"No, the rules at this table are normal"

"Right? So, can I take this guy?

"It's okay, sir."

To Kate's words, the dealer nods. In this case, it's useless where I told the guy who's getting hot. So it's easiest to tell a third party, and it's quick. Casino staff rush in in case.

It should also be noted that, although I said officials, in this case, they are tough men. It can also be said that people in black clothes with wasted sunglasses are about to complain of violence. He was an employee in case of trouble. It's a bet. I've assumed trouble, and sometimes the adventurers do it on the side, so I can trust my arm.

"Yes, kite. Ready. I've recovered all the medals."

"Whoa. Bye."

"Oh, hey, wait!


When Kate sighs at a man trying to tangle with herself, she sends her gaze to the dealer. And, apparently, the dealer had already dealt with it at the stage where Kate and the man had been put together. Immediately, black clothes hung with sunglasses entered between them.

"Customers. It will annoy other customers, so..."

"If you can get any more rampant, there can be no entry or exit sanctions..."

"Oh man... you can't beat Yuri right now. I don't see any flow. Second class. That's why I can't lose."

Kite whispers at a man held back by black clothes. He looked hot and invisible, but where he fought as he was, he certainly couldn't beat Yuri. The flow was ready.

Where I did it like that, no one can stop Yuri from doing well. If it was Yuri then, it would be hard to win with Kite. I can tell you that it changed when Kate spoke up, and when she saw it as a retreat, she knew when she was retreating.

That said, in him, who was capable of a losing stream, fighting as he was would still not beat Yuri. I should have identified a little more flow there, but I can't do that, so I guess it's second-rate to stay in this area.

Okay, let's go home.

"Ooh! I won. I won. ♪ Boro, I won - ♪

Apparently, Yuri is in a very good mood. He even sang a nose song about winning.

"Oh man..."

To Yuri like that, Kate smiles a little fun, while also leaving a shudder. That's how Kite, with Yuri on board, heads to the reception. And there, apparently, the cherry blossoms were waiting for me.

"This, please."

"... wow..."

Xiang pulls her cheeks into a medal insert placed with the sound of shaking. It looked pretty heavy.

"Yes, I did. I'd like to show you my membership card."


"Thank you for your continued use"

Yuri's membership cards were even higher than Cherry Blossoms' general membership items and higher than the VIP cards.

It is unclear what kind of metal it is, but it was an expensive card, no matter how anyone saw it, with a gold print engraved on a card made of black metal. It was an exclusive card with unlimited access to all facilities, not just casinos. By the way, kite is supposed to be this as well. And after a while, he apparently finished counting the medals.

"... Yes, I was able to check the number of medals. This time Yulicia has 5 blue medals, 12 black medals and 25 red medals. Please join us in the future."

"Yes, thank you"

Far more polite a bow than anything against the cherry blossoms, the receptionist who returned the members card sends Yuri out. That politeness was enough to make a smile look different. And that's how the moment I was listening to the number of medals was calculating that money.

"Er... a blue medal is for sure... because it's with one big Miss Lil silver coin... in Japanese yen... become..."

The moment is noticed, and I'm out of line. One big Miss Lil silver coin, about 1 million yen. That is 5 pieces, which is comparable to 5 million yen. Because the black medal below is comparable to the Mithril silver coin, it is made into Japanese yen for 12 pieces, which is about 1.2 million yen. The red medal is about 250,000 yen because one is a piece of gold. It totalled about 6.5 million yen. She earned it in just one day. Well, this is earned for going further back, so it's not just earned in the general area.

"Hmm? What's going on, Senior?"

"No, good. Never mind... it's going to be silly with everything..."

Apparently, you better not think about it, I thought. The moment tells Sho so that he realizes his discomfort and shakes his head. but Yuri was in such a good mood that she didn't notice those moments.

"Hey, did you make some money?"

"It's too much, idiot. You're welcome for dinner tonight."

"Uh, I usually say, today is a bit of a lucky recap for all of us. So let's go to the best restaurant today. All right, everybody!

If you're in a good mood, Yuri responds to Kite's words and urges Kite to leave. It should be noted that the redemption of the medals earned at the casino can only be done at the casino, but the medals can be used in the facility with the same treatment as cash.

It also allows members cards to be used as cash card changes. It wasn't implemented in technical terms in Kite's proposal, but apparently in a fold that made it into a fleet of airships. So there was no need for redemption. And it came to pass this day, that Yuri's treat made him eat of delicious things, and he slept with him.