Shortly after I had a drink with Karin and the others. Kate had been contacted by Emperor Philio.

"Do you want me to stay a little longer?

'Oh. I'd like a little more accurate information if I could. Could you please hang it up with your handpiece?

Emperor Philio offers to extend his stay to Kite. I was supposed to return tomorrow, but they asked me to postpone it for two or three days and negotiate with the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.

"Well, it's possible, but..."

"Let's pay extra. I also hit my hand here about adding a hotel '

Apparently, he's already hit his hand about staying at the hotel. Besides, Kite takes a little thought into account. I don't mind listening. It's just a run for use. but I didn't have anything to worry about.

"Have I already been watched?

"Oh. I know... but think of one thing. The Lord of the Victor Chamber of Commerce couldn't have guessed this, 'I thought.

"I see... sure, that's right"

Emperor Phyllio tells me, and Kite agrees. This is what's happening at the casino. I don't think the Viktor Chamber of Commerce side is grasping it.

It should be good to see that you know more than you already know that you've been grabbed for false information. I don't think I've dealt with anything. Then if we went to the negotiations here, we would have had our hands.

'Then ask for an extra three days. Oh, please tell Mutsuki that you managed to set a culinary gaze here. And with that, we're also preparing the airship.'

Copy that.

Kite responds to the words of Emperor Philio. They pay me extra, and it's not a bad story where I stopped here more than vacation combined. Anyway, the request doesn't end for Furia's birthday party to get a airship in the first place. Considering there, there was nothing wrong with staying here.

"Well... when you do, do you want to go tell"

After some discussion, Kate decides to return to Sakura's waiting room. Thus, the kites stayed in the airship fleet for a few more days.

Just before that. Of course, the fact that they grabbed false information was also conveyed to the upper echelons of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.

"Well... what is it?"

One woman thinks about what to do now. For once, morally speaking, it would be muscle to go apologize to Emperor Philio for letting him grab false information.

but unfortunately there is something called political mechanics in this world or in any country in any world. Naturally, it's noble enough to make Emperor Philio grab false information. It was an easy story to imagine that it was quite a big place. Of course, it was connected to them as well.

"I'll overlook it, because it's my hand..."

"Chairman, it's tea."


Receiving tea from a maid, a woman enters the sea of thought again. Chairman. That's what they say, so I guess she's the chairman of the original Viktor Chamber of Commerce, which isn't a doll.

"... what is going on with the darling?

"Is it Master Darling? Earlier, you were in contact with Emperor Philio."

At the inquiry of the chairman, the maid projects on the monitor the situation of the earlier photographed kite using the magic prop for surveillance.

"Hmm... that means that Darling gives to Emperor Philio, and... then we're a faction there, too, right? If you win, the official army. If you lose, the thief army. If you ride a winning horse, it's just a big loss. Let me ride the winning horse."

When the chairman says so, he orders that the assassin be released against the informant who had just received false information from Kate. You'll have to show me one of your apologies to Emperor Philio.

By the way, the assassin releases but does not assassinate. After capturing him and getting the truth, he was going to erase some parts of his memory and hand him over to Emperor Philio. There is also a means of extracting information from a corpse once and for all, but that makes it extremely difficult. If it's okay not to do it, it was better that way.

"Chairman, it's time to finish."

"... oh? Oh..."

In the words of the maid, the chairman checks the clock. The time was not so late, but she had decided that her work would last until some time due to her creed. And so she was, and this day was over.

That, a few days later. Kate and the others decided to stay, and from now on, they were called in separately to access the information clerk - a different one from the other. From who, from the Viktor Chamber of Commerce, the casino's entertainer.

"Dear Darling,"

"Master Darling?

"Stop calling me that. I know they're not the ones who listen to me, but..."

Cherry blossoms are greatly surprised by the words of the officials of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce, who abruptly appeared. It was a pretty weird call.

"Huh... the way you call it, that means... the call of Baba at last? I've never seen it before, but are you new?

"Yes. Okarina, my name is. He was mainly picked up as an orphan and hired as a side-by-side maid."

Okarina, the maid-clothed woman says so and bows her head to Kite. Besides, kite laughed bitterly.

"I don't know, you're still the same in those places, and that guy... so?

"My Lord calls you"

"Am I alone?

"All together," he said. I don't care about clothes, so stay put and you'll be fine. "

Viktor Chamber of Commerce officials take the word of Kite and make it clear that the clothes are good as they are. The kites were dress codes at the casino, but they were just dressed for everyday wear in the room.

That said, he's the president of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. Normally, dress cord is worn. but it was not necessary because of the relationship between Kate and the Victor Chamber of Commerce.

"Aisa. Debt is hard... sorry, but follow me. One leaf. Sorry, luggage number, please."

"Yes, sir."

The Cherry Blossoms have also heard about the relationship between Kate and the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, the cherry blossoms were surprised and decided to follow suit. It wasn't another ship that moved that way, but the top floor in this ship. It was the most spectacular hierarchy. If you ask me, they're in the private room of the chairman of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. They say it's a separate residence on the surface.

"Now sit back here and wait"


Apparently, the Lord of the Victor Chamber of Commerce hasn't come yet. The opponent is the head of a large global company. If you look at my cherry blossom father, you'll see, he's been flying around the world all year. So no wonder they waited a little longer.

"With that said... is the Lord of the Victor Chamber of Commerce an old lady named Talia?

Sho, who sat on the couch just like Kite, asks Kite there. On an undue date they are encountering Talia, who names the chairman. And I met him a few days ago. That's what I remember.

"Hmm? Really? No, I didn't."

To Sho's words, Kate remembered to forget to tell him that if he said so.

"That's a doll. I'm a younger woman by nature. Baba, think it's my bad mouth."


"It's a doll that moves remotely. Sounds like the legacy of some ancient civilization. I don't know. You know what?

"Kite, I spotted you on the fast track."


Kate laughs at Yuri's words chairing her own knee. And, against such a kite, Maple inquired.

"Dolls... oh, are those things common?

"No, that's another legacy of ancient civilization from Loomia. I don't even make mass production. Baba's the only one with that one. It's the biggest company in the world, the Viktor Chamber of Commerce, and that's why they got it."


"Awesome, or... well... I admired it around Tina."


The Maples are generally impressed by the comments they hear from Kate again. I guess I thought boulders were big global companies.

"But what can I do for you?"

"Daimyo, I think we're talking about this request."

"It's not normally possible."


An instant asks Yuri's statement that it's impossible. It was not made clear what was not possible.

"Late delivery. You know, it usually sucks that I'm late for work back here."

"I mean, hey... she's here, but she's late, or something, and she won't do it first."

"I thought you were okay because you weren't here. He was normal."

"Are you that bad of a person...?


In an instant inquiry, Kite laughs. Or a great person, that's a word.

"Even if you think about it normally, look. I can fix it, can't I? Kite the Brave... you're a legend."

"" "Uh..." "

I was told, everyone remembered. It's Kite. He is a legendary brave man. If you try to do it, you can also step down on debt. It would be amazing enough to be able to take that flat against them. And make sure you don't play kite and win. That's the other guy. First of all, definitely, horrible.

"Late delivery is strictly prohibited. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

"... hi"

Sho makes her cheeks cramp. He's a tremendous guy, he found out.

"Ha... finally, I'll stick to the gold. Something awesome, money-keeper."

"Postprayer goldism. Viktor Chamber of Commerce company training. You know something?

Yuri laughs and asks to join her. Besides, Sho froze his spine further.

"... super black?

"Oh, no, no. I'm not. White here for once. Yeah, I can see that. Benefits are pretty generous, and I get a lot of rest."

They've asked me so far, and I've apparently mistaken it weirdly. Kite corrects with a laugh. I knew exactly what human wealth meant.

"Well, because we know the importance of rest. I go to bed at 12 pm. I get up at 7: 00 a.m. Don't schedule anything else, but it's an order. So the company training is to work buried and rest buried. Overtime is strictly forbidden."

"Well done, you know..."

Cherry blossoms murmur as I remember my own father. I thought it was normal to work from morning to evening. but she doesn't seem to be.

"Besides, don't let work go in after 9: 00 p.m. You should be in the dining room by 8: 00 at night... and you should understand efficiency and efficiency."

"Actually, it's amazing... it's amazing how good you sleep"

"Nah... it's really neat at 12: 00..."

Kate and Yuri twinkle back together. He seems to be an amazing person, even as a human being.

"Duh, what kind of person...?

"Yeah? Well, I called everyone here, and that means they're coming with Talia dolls...?

"Master Darling is already here, and no rumors. So the chairman himself will come."

The maid laughs and makes it clear that the person, not the doll, is coming. Then tell me and I'll be fine, and Kite will decide too. And there was something that bothered me before.


"Yes, no cherry blossom rumors."

"Me, is it...?

I don't understand why I am, and the cherry blossoms tilt my neck.


"At the time of Darling's appointment"


Cherry blossoms tighten their minds to Kate's point of a little laughter. I mean, that's the thing. I heard rumors about being a woman, I guess.

"Oh, yeah. Tell him one thing. He said it was time to write off my debt."

"Oh... that won't happen."

"Mr. Salia?

What showed up was Salia, the dealer that Maple and Sho dealt with on a late date. She opened the door and came in.

"Long time no see, darling"

"So stop saying that because I'm so embarrassed..."

To Salia's slightly naughty words, Kate flaunts her shoulders as she lights up. He seems ashamed to be called Darling no matter how much. And the maple was greatly surprised at how it looked.

"Uh... wait a minute. Why would Mr. Salia do that?

"She's the head of this Viktor Chamber of Commerce. Salia Viktor... I think what happened before was that she used two dolls."

"You're right... well, nice to meet you, guys. My name is Salia Viktor. I'm one of the sponsors and wife of the brave Kate."

When Kate introduces Sarya again, Sarya also introduces herself accordingly. Thus, in surprise, we were to meet with the Lord of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.