Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 818: Meeting of gossip merchants and brave men

The time is 300 years ago. It's about when the kites still set up the proselytizing army. I still need money to do anything. Especially if it becomes an army operation. Without huge amounts of money, I won't turn around.

"Yes, sir."

"" "I don't have any money!

At the stronghold of the Prostitute Army 300 years ago, the kites simultaneously share their problems. There were still no airships at this time, nor were they famous. The situation was no different from that of the brave army around there, which totalled about 200 men as well as the size of the brave army.

"Hey, Willou. I don't have any money, but what should I do?"

"I'm thinking right now... shh. That was a miscalculation. I wasn't planning on getting a cutthroat budget so far..."

"What's the cause?

"... that's it"

In response to Kite's inquiry, Will points to the cause. Three people stood there: Lux, Ballantine and Lucia.

"Right... hey, fucking Baba!

"What's up, boys?"

"Say it!

Flying stone debris hits Kite's brain directly and he faints. Tina was overwhelmingly stronger than Kate at the time. but kite's poor mouth was also age-appropriate.


"Ha... your bad mouth won't heal... hey, demon emperor. I would like to reduce the cost squander a little. Do you have any hands?


Tina looked at the direction Kate and the others had seen earlier and sighed. That said, there's no way I can do anything about it. Whatever was there were hungry folk herbs. And there are many children. No matter how distressed this one was, it was not a situation to be abandoned. And that was Tina and I found out.

"Forsake, don't you want to do something?

"There's no way I can do that."

"I want two short months to plant seeds, grow seedlings, even if I can get my lean land back. I don't mean wheat. Potatoes, etc., are enough. And luckily, it's not winter."

Following Kite rubbing her head, Will tells the truth. For land that has been desolate and lean in the war, the power of kite is combined with the power of gnome to revitalize it. The power of the Great Spirit is not Dada. That much magic is possible. Slowness would make it possible to obtain steady food.

But I still need time. No one can grow crops faster, no matter how much kite. We cannot supply food without exhaustion.


"When it comes to carrying food together in this situation... the merchants of the Merchant Guild, it's the only thing left... Kid Part 2. Don't you have any handouts?


With Tina's words, Will haunts my head. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the Demons are badly received. Tina can't ask for serious intentions. Besides, most of the handouts she has are destroyed by Tistenia. There were few handouts left.

"Or find a floating continent,"

"Right. There's still plenty of room for food."

"That said, I don't know where the problem is, or... there's no means of transportation... but what about the Devil's Emperor?

"Not yet, then... either way, I'm gonna need that part of the money..."

Neither can that, neither can this, and Will and Tina give an opinion, and the two of us cut it off. It should be noted that food supplies from floating continents were still rejected. The airship had not yet been developed at this time. It is currently being designed at the initiative of Tina under Kate's suggestion. Even the prototype will be developed was a story the next five months ahead. There was no means of transport.

"I can handle dignity without human food. I can handle rice without dignity. But when you lose your rice and your dignity, you fall for the beast."

"No, Lord Jia Kang blurred. Lord Nobunaga saw a great deal of pain in his eyes at Hondo Temple, did you take it?"

"I don't know."

"Lord, you're Maori. Besides, she's a Maori princess."

Next to that, Musashi and Princess Asahi were blurring together. The two are born of a warring kingdom turmoil. I understood so much about the importance of supply lines - especially food - in warfare that I didn't like it. And that's why they were sent to participate in the military conference.

"Lord Musashi. Let me know what you think, if you can."

"Hmm. Well, then, we'll have to recruit the Shinji family. I have no choice but to go where I take my money."

"I wouldn't struggle if I could do that. The merchants who can be serious are connected to the enemy."

"Hmm... troublesome, or a good guy... crush this supply line..."

There are no merchants who go out of their way to die, even though their safety is guaranteed. I could understand that from Musashi.

"You still don't want to use Kite's handover, though, which could be a supply line, at the top of every country... hmm?

"Well... the majesty of the Great Spirit is only a majesty because we rarely give it away. Abuse is forbidden."

"Hmm... Kite, Lord, do you have any opinions?

"Um... what about the Viktor Chamber of Commerce?

Upon Musashi's inquiry, Kite answers. This is the only name I got when I thought about where I had the most money in this area.


"Um, no."

"Out of my way?

"Aren't you going to tell me?

"Oh, if you say so... I'm sorry. Well, chewing it up plainly, the chairman over there... Talia Viktor is making a deal with Tistenia, the Demon King. No, intimate, to be exact. I will not lay my hands on the land of my own reign. She certainly won't give me a hand. He's the only money-keeper interested in making money. Unless it's harmful to you, there's nothing serious about it."

"Hmm... so-so"

After Will explains it, Kite is slightly surprised. but that face was put through by Will and the others returning to the military council.

"I don't think so..."

"Want to go?

"Well, maybe I'll go and see it again."

It seems that Kate and Yuri were two and couldn't really wipe the discomfort. So I thought I'd meet him and talk to him. and that's how he stood up to Kate and Yuri, Will tilting his neck.


"I'm going to the Victor Chamber of Commerce for a moment. HQ from here, you're close, right?

"It's no use... well, okay. If it's your arm, there's no problem alone. but don't use the Great Spirit."

"I know... then I'm coming"

By this time, Kate had reached a level where she could go most places alone. So, even if Will says that Kate is alone - but Yuri is here - I will allow her to go.

"Where are you going?

"Hey, Viktor, head office of the Chamber of Commerce"


Piko, and Aura snap on Kate's back. Fortunately, the treatment of the injured person appeared to be over.

"Um... ma, let's go. What about Kuzha?"

"Sleeping with the orphans"

"So you're okay... nest! I'm gonna go out for a minute, but kuzha, please!

"Ooh! Just go! Be careful!

"Aye, aye!

In the meantime, nesting Kuzha, who seems to be in the middle of a nap, Kate leaves the camp behind and heads to the city where the then headquarters of the Victor Chamber of Commerce is located 300 km away.

There, he was vibrant in saying he was in the middle of a war. By the covenant of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce and Tistenia the Demon King, this city will not be attacked. And that's how the kites got there, but kites decided to go somewhere else without going into the city. I came here because this is just a landmark.

"Not here?

"Yeah... uh, it was definitely south of here, wasn't it...?

"Sure... well, for once... Silfi"


"Is there a village south of here?

"Mm-hmm... oh, there it is. I'll show you."

"I asked."

When Kate calls Silfi just in case, she starts running for the apparently southern village with her guidance. Then there was the long idle village. Peace was kept so unrelated to the war.

Speaking of features, there would be a large house and a Viktor Chamber of Commerce sign standing in front of the village. The sign indicated that this was under the jurisdiction of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.

"What is this place?

"Village with a villa in Talia, chairman of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce... apparently"


"Oh. I got here before when I was wandering over here. So, that's when I heard."

When Kate was still wandering as a vengeful, Kate was getting here. It's a coincidence, but it's that coincidence that meant a lot here. And as I stood in front of the sign that way, I met farmers and soldiers of village police officers who seemed to have returned from farm work by accident.

"Oh... it was a long time ago, Mr. Traveler, wasn't it? I didn't know it was turning into pale hair."

"Long time no see, village chief"

"You've got a very calm face."

Apparently the village chief was with them mixed up with the farmers. Seeing that he was the boy who took care of him in the late days, he relieved me of my guard.

"Haha... I wasn't sorry back then. I can't even talk busy..."

"No... are you still in the midst of an adventure?

"Yeah, well... excuse me. I really wish I could have brought one of my thanks... but I just stopped by by by chance and remembered, oh, so to speak,"

"Really? So, what about the girl after that?

"Oh, it's my family. Actually, I'm an adopted child... and I'm the sister of the house there. And now the person who picked that up..."


The village chief and kite have a conversation for a short time. That said, I didn't come here to discuss it with Kite. So I got down to business about the social dictionary as well.

"Has any woman ever helped me before?

"Oh, is that Salia? Yeah, I'm just home."

"I wanted to thank her too."

"I see. Then go. She's busy too."


Kate is escorted by the village chiefs to the biggest house in the village. That was the Viktor Chamber of Commerce president's villa.

"Mr. Salia. Long time no see."


"Haha. Don't you remember? You saved me a year ago..."

"Oh, you're an adventurer then. Glad you're feeling better."

Hearing Kate's words, a woman named Saria smiles and nods. He was classy and had a soft smile. She seems to be the servant of the house here.

"I stopped by by by chance to thank you."

"Well. You don't have to think about that."

Salia responds to Kate's words with elegance. Thus, for a while, Kate exchanges conversations with Salia. but by the time the night was near, kite decided to cut off the conversation.

"Oh, then you're already going. Thank you, tea. There's nothing I can drink these days, so..."

"Oh... you can stay as you used to. The chairman rarely comes back here. I come back a few times a year. Don't worry, you'll be fine."

"Haha. Actually, a little far away and my people are waiting for me. Nearby, I just came a little on the run when I realized. So, he's here this time."

"Oh... well, come back"

"Yes. When the war is over, be sure"

That's what Kate says, after the separate mansion. So they decided to go back to the camp once. It looked like the military debate was going on there, with no conclusions in the end. He also looked like he hadn't decided where to go yet.


"Oh, welcome back"

"Ooh, I'm home, old man"

"What were you doing?

The military conference apparently involved Lux and Ballantine, who had finished distributing food. So Kate is greeted by them and sits in her seat. Then, at the same time, Will asked.

"You couldn't have, could you?

"No... you can go, right?


"Tomorrow, let's just go"

"So tomorrow is that way?

"Oh, so"

"No, don't decide on your own"

If Kite, who was questioned by Rasheed - who was in because he is the deputy chief of the unit - makes an immediate stop, Will hangs the wait. When it came to everything, it was everything.


"So what's the basis for that?

"Mm-hmm. You don't think he's such a bad guy, do you, president of the Chamber of Commerce? In fact, I got help."

"" Huh... "

Is that the only reason? Will and Tina shrug back. Everyone sometimes helps people. The two of us thought it was Kate's bad habit at the time to believe people just because they were helped.

"Let's go."

"Ha... okay. You're the captain. I'll head over there tomorrow. Either way, there 'll be plenty of requests over there. Can I make a dime?"

"Bye. Is that a bad decision?"

Either way, we weren't thinking about where we were going. I have a problem staying here. We also need to evacuate those who burned the village somewhere. As such, Kite and the others decided to head to the city where the Viktor Chamber of Commerce is headquartered the next day.