Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 819: gossip - serious offer -

A few days after the kites left the village. The kites had reached the city where the victor chamber of commerce was headquartered at the time. but so naturally there was a natural problem. That means they have no papers, no appointments.

"... what's your appointment?


Unexpectedly Will gets barometric and says to much pressure. He couldn't beat the receptionist who had also cut and dumped a number of apopless disrespectless people on the boulder. That's how the receptionist, who barometrically pressured the prince of a country, opened his notebook with a manual he was used to.

"From now on, it will be around next spring"

"... no, I can't wait that long..."

"I won't. Besides, the chairman is currently traveling, so we can't meet either way."

I managed to get my mind back on it and Will told me, but apparently the chairman is currently traveling in the ongoing system. In the end, it doesn't make any difference that the president of a large company is busy during the Great War. I guess it made sense.


"No, you're here. Your doll."

"What is it about"

Kate pinches her mouth from the side against Will, who tries to cut it up whether this is the only way back out. And to the words that were put out of it, Will did not miss that the receptionist glanced at her only for a moment.

"I saw Talia Viktor once before when I came to this city... but that's a remotely operated doll, isn't it? I don't know what the principle is, but the Viktor Chamber of Commerce has the technology to move your doll from a distance. If we go through with it, we can talk about it, right?

"... one moment, please"

"Good job, kite. Is that why you were so confident?"

I didn't know why he bothered to pinch his mouth, Will, but I listen to what Kate has to say and I decide I can do it. The receptionist would have been able to pass the unknown as it were if he was also a kite opponent, but it's a flash of facial distortion in front of Will, who already made a name for himself as a strategist.

Above and beyond what was seen, if left alone, Will would use various manoeuvres to push the story through. If you didn't want me to expose this information poorly, it was the usual path to turn to my boss for judgment.

"Maybe you have a gift as a general."

"Please don't. It's a decoration. I don't have that talent."

"Well... Lord, you may unexpectedly have the gift of being king."

Tina in the hood - because it's troublesome when she finds out with the Devil Clan - makes it clear to Kate that she can't. A few months after the launch of the brave army already. By this time Kate's genius had occasionally given her a peek in the face.

From time to time, he tries strategies and tricks in unexpected ways. And that's mostly if it goes against your own morality. Wherever he is needed as king, he is tightened. Excellent talent as a king, I had to say. And that, too, Will understood.

"I don't want that to happen."

"'Cause it's okay. I don't want to be king."

To Will's blur, Kate laughs. Metaphor Whether I had the gift of being king, I didn't mean to be king. Kate likes this nervous friend. And he liked Kite, too. As such, Kate leaves the scene and sits back in the chair for now. Besides, Will groaned sadly.

"... I wonder how long this friendship will last, I will"

"That one, you're going to die. On its own. As long as it defiles the hands of its friends, it will kill itself. He said he was self-satisfied, but that's what he said."

"I know... so I'll save you. I decided to spend the rest of my life for him. It's the last gift Grandpa left for me. Do you mourn?"

Listening to Tina's assertions, Will seeps through her determination. The only friend gained in the swirling palace with numerous foxes and sawdust. That was the kites for him. It was where he was based as a person. If you lose this, you will no longer be a person. My instincts understood that. That's all I could mourn if I understood that.

"Hmm... do as you please. I'm not interested in the friendship of the lads. The rest is just magically attached to it now. There is also the redemption of my stupid brother. When it's all over, I'll let you like it."

"Hmm... let me do that"

The two of them understood. There will be a breakup at some point, that is. Kate's talent is too good. It's a different aspect from Will's, but it does, so it can disintegrate the tissue. At some point, kite is ostracized. You must be ostracized. Whether you're a person or not, there are times when you have to be ostracized.

"... it's going to be a long journey"

Will snapped small as he looked at Tina's back as she left for disinterest. If you know that Kite is leaving at some point, what you need to do is make a place where he can return at some point.

From this time on, he had begun to work out measures for the tuning of kites. It is yourself as a king who makes you lose. Then let the redemption be done by itself. Yes, I thought so. That said, for that matter.

"Well... let me try to wrap up the negotiations first"

Will squeals at the receptionist who's back. To do so, we must end the war first. As such, Will was on his way to a meeting with Talia with the risen kites.

Then, an hour later. As initially explored, the kites had obtained a meeting with Talia, who is considered president of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.

"So? They said you guys wanted to see me. You don't think I'm disrespectful without an appointment?

"I know that. I'm sorry I came without an appointment. I am."

"Wisterias Julius Entesia, First Prince of the Empire of Entesia. His pseudonym is Will. William Ernst. That's the right name for the city. An actor in the coalition launch, which is now in its 100th year and is finally being worked out jointly by the nations. What does a hero look like when he brings a rumored brave army these days?

Not unlike 300 years later, Talia informs him of Will's recent arrival by blocking his introduction. He also figured out about the kites. Probably heard from the caravan that saved him among the villagers or somewhere.

"Let me just go straight to the point. I'd like to ask you to be serious."

"Very frank."

Apparently, getting in frankly was a good impression on Talia. There were no appointments in the first place. Will would be right to read that it is not a good idea to prolong it beyond what is forcefully on schedule. but apart from that and this, the story is different.

"but... what good are we? You guys know that, too. We're the Demon King... oh, we're not the Demon King beside you, we're dealing with the incumbent Demon King to make sure he's safe. I can't imagine the need to bleed on purpose. Get back out there."


Again, huh? Will and Tina both understood that. No one wants to put themselves at a disadvantage. But even in their case, they are making sure that their interests are confirmed. Moreover, Tistenia, the Demon King himself, has immediately given his permission. This doesn't taste good to them. Naturally.

"Right. I let him take the time. I won't say anything else about the doll."

"Um... what's up?

"Can I have a minute?


The two of us thought we'd get up and go home, but kite pinches his mouth there. We can't both get our hands on it. but if kite, i could get my hands on it. He was the one who suggested I offer her in the first place. Something had to be done.

"We were talking about profit, weren't we?

"Well... if you're going to do more than just demon king Tistenia, then you can do it seriously."

"You took my word for it, huh?

"Oh. We're merchants. You're on the side of the profits whenever you want. This world is gold. I have money, so I won't give it to us with Tistenia the Demon King. It must be horrible to think that we're serious about giving money, turning the economy around, hiring skilled adventurers."

To Kite's inquiry, Talia makes a clear statement. Adventurers can be considered mercenaries. There were many adventurers with super arms without having to be involved in the war.

And I knew exactly how Tistenia would be mighty. That's why the Demon King Army is not standing up for the Adventurer Union and the merchants who can move it. There was no multifaceted operation.

"Then we can make a profit."

"I don't know, you?

"Oh... let's discuss the assumptions first. We are not thankful to each other that the war will last. Do you agree with this?

"Oh, let's agree. There is nothing less thankful than war. If people die, the guy who pays disappears. It's very damaging to us."

Talia rarely agrees to Kite's inquiry. Business is formed by the other side. There are industries where business does not form when there are fewer opponents. Only the munitions industry can make money from the war. And even the munitions industry makes money to Constantly because there are demons compared to the planet. It was her honesty to put an end to the war quickly and to have other industries.

"Then make it clear. The war ends. I'll finish it. This is our victory."

"Damn... hahahahahaha! Speak big language!

At the time, Kite was merely the head of the brave prostitute army. I'm not a brave man. It is only after this that I will be hustled and told as a brave man. That's why Talia just laughs like that where Kate is about to complain with serious eyes.

Only Justina the Demon King lines up in Tistenia. And Tina hasn't publicly communicated the resurrection. Because they resent me. There were many who considered the victory to be his side, and even though they knew the resurrection of the metaphor Tina, there were many who considered the victory of Tistenia as an organization as an army.

And there's even Death Warlord, which these kites couldn't win at the time. It must have been a natural flow.

"No? You can win... come on"

Kate, in front of Talia, manifests eight great spirits. Power is what keeps them under control, but still there was only one way I could understand that they were the Great Spirit.

"Ho... the rumors were true, you mean? But unfortunately, we merchants take gold to the top. With the Great Spirit here, I can't do what I can't."

"I guess. This is a show bill over here. I'm just showing my strengths as far as I can show here... well, let's talk about profits on that."

"It would be good. I'll listen to you."

Apparently, it was good for Talia to take into account that she could summon the Great Spirit. The same goes for the executives. She's interested in getting on.

"Well, let's talk about assumptions first. You are resented."

"Ha. That's a story you're not interested in. Whether you resent me or not, there's nothing you can do about not buying food from us. Whether you resent me or not, you have to pay us to live. We can provide the cheapest food."

"Right. during the war."

"Even after the war. If Tistenia the Demon King unifies the world, we will eventually be the official army. The defied merchants have no standing. Maybe you can live."

"So what if Demon King Tistenia loses?

"Ha. That's impossible, I'm telling you. I've heard the history of your engagement with the Death Warlord. Don't you just lose?"

At this point, the kites are weaker than the Death Warlord. If so, no wonder they were losing. And knowing it, Talia had slashed and discarded her vegan. but there was still information she didn't know either. And Will pinched his mouth.

"No, not necessarily"


"Let's have a look at this"

Talia looks at the ring Will showed her and tilts her neck. At that time, it was not well known that there was a contractor. That said, that was not like the fact that the Great Spirit's contractor was unknown.

"The Great Spirit's Contractor's Ring."


"This is the last two that exist."

"Three contractors!?

Executives on Talia's side scream unexpectedly at the historically unprecedented events put out by Will. Contractors have never appeared at the same time in history, but they have never gathered in one place. Because it's too much power. I can probably even make a country by myself. That's three of them. I could even destroy the world.

"One is Rank S Adventurer Ballantine Bernstadt. The other is Luxerion, the first child of the Weisslitter family. Lux Weisslitter. They're both known warriors in the Enesian continent."

"I know. Two idiots who broke their own rules and got kicked out while they were building a path to coalition formation with you."

"That's a quick story. Then you know your strength. Now, can we just say that we don't have enough power to fight the Death Warlord?

"... what will you do, Chairman"

The executive is puzzled by Kite's inquiry. I can't judge that either. The engagement between the contractor and the Death Warlord has not yet been confirmed. but the decision on this is too great. That's why the judgment was left to Talia here.

"There are three contractors... Ha. That's not enough. I don't think that's gonna win."

"No. Four. This guy's a contractor too... no, he's more than that."


Follow Will's instructions and Kate takes off her gloves. There were two rings fitted in there.

"This guy has a pact with all the great spirits."

"... what's next to it?

"A sign of blessing. The Great Spirits gave it to me."

"What about that power?

"Agency Agreement. Limited, but can give protection to others"

Will cuts in at once. I already saw what Kate said profit. Rather than that, I laughed so hard inside that I wondered why I didn't notice. I can offer you the possibility of becoming an army.

"Well... now, can we say it's not possible yet?

Will tells me, Talia pushes silence. It's unlikely. That's why we have to keep quiet. And Will understood that it was time to push.

"Well... let's hear it on top of that. What are we gonna do? After the war, if we win, your company will suffer the sleigh of a traitor. If you want to avoid it, you better get on our side."

"... one thing, let me hear it"


"Why do you think we can trust you?


Now it was Will's turn to push silence. This case is a zero-sum game with Demon King Tistenia. If I tell you this, I know exactly what the plight of the kites is. Crushed at once. No matter how many contractors you are, you can't fight without supplies. I mean, we can't win as things stand.

That's why the kites should have had to carefully select merchants to ask for serious intentions. Yet I came to their place where they said it was the most unlikely. It didn't surprise anyone to think about it.

"If I tell Tistenia the Demon King about this situation, I will come in once and for all knowing that you have no supplies. Otherwise, I'm done talking about you guys. You have no chance of winning. The premise of your story in the first place is that we're going to supply you. This story is no more true than the premise is inconclusive."


Will can't return anything. I can also tell Talia that the blue pictures they draw can be a chance. but the assumptions that preceded it have not been made. Yes, that's why you're bankrupt. I thought so. So again, kite cut in.

"No? You're gonna help me."


"In the first place, you don't think anything about being resented? That's where the mistake starts... isn't it? Mr. Salia."


The Viktor Chamber of Commerce side froze. Not Talia, Salia. That's what Kate told me.

"I want to do something about it. I can't help thinking that. That should be you. So I'm just doing the best I can. Wouldn't you?"

"You don't know what you're talking about. Why are we here talking about the servants of our apartment?"

"Ha. Nothing puppets, it's easy to find the Lord... and we lived together for a little while bending over. I don't know. I don't know... and have you forgotten who this one brought in? If you knew it was a doll, you wouldn't need that kind of time to get certainty, would you?

Talia, no, blocking Salia's words via Talia, Kate laughs and affirms. Kate knew. That's why I was feeling uncomfortable. I was wondering if Salia was such a bad person. So the applause rang from Talia's mouth, and from the squeamish old woman, Salia's voice rang.

'... you're brilliant. Mr. Kite. I am the true Lord of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce. Salia Viktor. But why do you understand? Certainly no wonder the Demon King is looking at this one now. But this story won't make sense unless you know it from before.'

"No, actually, I knew it from the beginning"

"" "... Huh?

Everyone turns a blind eye to the words of Kite, who scratches his head somewhere in the light.

"No, look. Behind that village forest, there's your grandmother. The one who put me and you together. She told me, didn't she?"

"Eh... she..."

Salia's face in the distance is distorted. Naturally, I thought so. She knows Saria's past, too. It was she who saved her, who was a refugee. And as a matter of fact, Kate also met with the real Talia after she met with Salia. So Kate heard that the Lord of the Victor Chamber of Commerce was Salia.

"Well... then let's start again. Now look at each other properly."

'Ha... you have no choice. I'll get it ready, so wait a minute... no, come here. You're in the carriage, too. It'll be quicker there.'

"Yes, sir."

I'll take care of the escort.


Kate agrees with Salia. Thus, the stage moved from here to Salia's house in the southern village and was to be reopened.