Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 821: The Beginning of the Gossip Brave

middle seated discussion, but of course that didn't completely stop the flow. We wanted to talk to each other only inside each other, but that's why we sat down. So of course, the kites were also discussing it with the kites.

"Well... I hit the hand I could"

"Will you come aboard"


In response to Lux's inquiry, Will affirms. She understood that the black stars that had adversely affected them had never been seen before. I also have a blueprint for Tina's airship. Only resources of all kinds, including gold and food, are missing later. And even more.

"You're confident, aren't you?

"Oh. It's the official cheat the world recognizes. I opened it. If this doesn't break, you're laughing the other way."

In response to Will's inquiry, Kate affirms. I have revealed the secrets of this world that I have not revealed to anyone as a consideration for my support. The upset at that time would be natural as far as Kate remembers.

"... Mmm."

Tina was somewhat dissatisfied with Kite for giving such a peek of confidence. The two of these days, of course, are not fiancées or anything. It's a little too far to say disciple and master. So thinking about revealing Kate's secret, Tina peered into the cover-up, but she couldn't seem to see the boulder, either, in complete isolation of the space itself.

The power of the Great Spirit in charge of space is higher to create space, so there is no choice. By the way, if she had woken up to the power of her father, it would have been possible to peek. but it was impossible because it was not. And with Tina like that on her ass, Will affirmed once again.

"Then I'll ride. She knows that this one is just building up her strength, and she knows that this one's in trouble and trying to save her surroundings, but it's a late act. If you abandon him, you can win. I understand. Then you can't possibly not ride."

Will reads their thoughts. Merchants are the only ones who accept losses. That is in a situation where it can be described as a forward investment.

If the merchants understand that losing 10 pieces of gold now brings them back to 100 pieces later, the merchants do not believe that the loss is a loss as a purchase value. On the contrary, even that loss will please you. The merchants will accept it if promised in return. And Tina also acknowledged the words.

"Well, I guess I'll ride. No, we have to get on. They said they would tighten up, but there are not many who follow where they tighten up. Given the possibility of others offering support elsewhere, it would be most fortunate for them to be here at the beginning. I don't know if it's a whim or an outrage that saved this, but I benefit from that edge. There's no way I'm going to get on it, and when I see a later outlook, I'm going to have to."

"I guess so"

"Phew... does this mean that you can manage..."

Lux listened to the two of them and zeroed a little sigh of relief. As long as we get support, we don't have to see the kids crying hungry. As a knight, it seemed most distressing. As such, Kate and the others saw that they had finalised their profits and decided to appease them.

Meanwhile, around that time. Urgent meetings were held at the Viktor Chamber of Commerce and among those who were able to reach out to executives everywhere, especially among those who had credibility. but that argument was very pressing and, let alone, no one could make a decision.

"What will you do, Chairman"


Salia worries about one person. She is the only one informed of Kate's trump card. Naturally, the executives wanted to know, but they gave the prestige of the Great Spirit and made it clear that it could not be done. No matter how much Salia says, as long as she lives in this world, she can't ignore the intentions of the Great Spirit. And so the judgment had been deposited with her alone.

(War status of Demon King Tistenia... in addition to 4 sides, 8 Grand Generals, 12 Legion Leaders...)

The first thing to think about is each other's power of war. So Salia thinks of the power of war on the Tistenian side. All of them are names that are spoken with fear. I can't ignore it.

(In contrast, Mr. Kite has two Rank S adventurers on his side. The first prince of the Empire of Entesia, who is said to be a hero, the Holy Knight Lux, who is even said to be the rebirth of Rufaus, the first leader of the Knights by making it the most powerful of the prestigious Knights in his name... and besides, they all have the power of the Great Spirit... in addition to this, the teachings of the Demonic Emperor Justina... whether he can move the Adventurer Union or not will lead to their victory)

Warriorly, it would be five and five. If the Adventurer Union moves, the Kites can win for sure. This is because the Sword Princess Quon exists in the current Adventurer Union as a power that can fight each other alone with the Death Warlord.

In addition, there are few people who can suppress "Death Generals" if they cannot do it alone or multiply it. but still the absolute total is not enough.

At best, only the Death Warlords can be suppressed by the total power of the Union. That's why I came from all over the world, scratching my strength, with a fuzzy attitude. In addition to the remaining 20 executives, even Tistenia, the demon king with mighty power, remained. There was still an overwhelming difference in power that could not be done. Thus, after taking them into account, Salia began a simple deduction.

(Demon King Tistenia and Mr. Kite eventually as mutuals... against "Death General (Let's)," Saint Knight Lux and Mammoth Ballantine. It can be offset by a combination of Sword Princess Quon, Aisha, Eisen and Balflair. To the general, Karin, Frodo and the other Union adventurers... no. Speaking of which, the Admiral has some suspicious moves on your side... how many he will take on, and the battlefield at once...)

Salia relies on neutral but hence incoming information to match the thoughts and movements of each individual. Additionally, we will add mobility due to the small number of kites, the blueprint of the airship shown by Tina, and the establishment of a high-mobility unit.

It's her view that the kites will probably be an overwhelming advantage at the beginning. At the beginning, the kites will destroy each other against the Tistenian executives, cutting their power at once.

It would have been understandable if the bellies of the kites had been revealed so far. That's why it's an airship. Destroy each unit before it can be handled by highly manoeuvred unit operations beyond anyone's imagination. That's what the kites are for. For this reason, they continue to circle the world and gather those who possess power.

(How many executives can be defeated by the time Tistenia can handle it, is the key to winning and losing. Justina's skill, who is also raised with Tistenia the Demon King, is frightening. You should even be on guard. but it doesn't matter if you know and can deal with it. It will take a little time to deal with it. As each destroy in the meantime, then 'Death Generals (let's do it)' will be the best bottleneck... but you don't know what they're thinking... and they'll scatter weird moves...)

Salia speculates on several developments. The less enemies the Kites have, the closer they get to victory. At the end of the day it would be a total battle, but that was all that mattered.

So, for roughly 20 minutes, Salia continued to worry about one person. Assuming a number of situations, predict afterwards depending on how the pattern itself moves.

"... Chairman"

"... I got it out."

Following an inquiry from an executive, Salia shakes off her last concern. It would be quite a bet. but if she wins the bet, the profit she gets will be enormous. Profits as a company are not bad either.

"I will give them. The odds of winning are only slightly higher for them. From now on, we will end our collaboration with Tistenia, the Demon King, and we will sponsor Kite the Brave."

Salia tells. The most decisive was the presence of a grand general named Maginau, who later knelt before Tina and put in an apology. At a time when he seemed slightly more likely to be betraying, no, betraying, she saw Kate's victory.

"" The Brave "?

Nevertheless, executives who do not know such things tilt their necks at her pronounced unfamiliar words. For the first time at this time, Kite was called a brave man. She was the biological parent of "Kite the Brave".

"You're selling in. I'm going to use him as a brave man."

Salia smiles. That's how she was going to tell us about the future of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce.

Then, a little. The debate was over, so the kites were being called to Saria again.

"In conclusion, let's say. Take the offer. If you need anything, you tell me. Use our handouts to help you to the fullest extent possible."

"Well... thank you"

Will strokes his chest down with relief to talk about serious intentions that he manages to wrap up. I couldn't see what would happen at first, but with some luck, I could get a loan from the world's largest company. Now we can move in earnest instead of for the time being.

"That said, of course, we won't be satisfied if we don't make a profit here either. I have a request from you too."

"I know. As far as I can, I'm going to take it."

"It would be good. First, as our company. Mr. Kite, if the time comes for you to act as' brave 'Kite, please. That's the first condition."


Kate looks down. So far, Kate's recognition is just a boy. His confidence did not see the specificity of his confidence as too important or distinct. but Will, who understood the intent, did not get lost and nodded at it.

"It would be good. Let's accept. Applications to the Union are made by the Empire of Entesia... no, by joint submission between the Allies and you."

"Hey, wait! I don't need such a big name!?

"Brave, brave."

Obviously, your name is so great that Yuri is about to become a tear. Or it's already a tear to the present. So Kite, in a lot of haste, hangs the wait. That said, since Kate was this much of a head at the time, Will decided to explain it to him again.

"You don't understand your specificity. The stepson of the wise Hermes, in the presence of different worlds, as is the case with Mr. Ixphos. In addition to this, the Great Spirits join forces with all the great spirits... from wherever they may be, they can only be considered brave."

"The Lord understands that the Lord is not normal."


Kate gets pissed off by both Tina and Will, pointing her mouth in dissatisfaction. This is how it came to be said as a brave man after him. That said, the circumstances here are the circumstances here. It has nothing to do with Salia and the others. You don't have to worry about that, so I'll let you keep talking.

"Excuse me. I broke my hip"

"Is that good? Okay, next. When airship technology becomes popular at some point, it is our top priority to provide it."

"Temple of the Devil."

"That's good. I offered it as military supplies in the first place, but I didn't intend to use it for transportation. Technology is the first thing that makes sense when it's popular. It'll be good... but it'll be 100 years or so."

"I understand. Still, I thought the profits were enormous."

"Then let's do it."

Tina nods at Salia's response. Now I could also drink my next request. It's not like they're going to be forced to plug the boulders with difficulties, so there's a couple of them at their request. So it will be the last time, Will predicts.

"And one last thing. This is my offer as a company... after the war. Please give me Mr. Kite's child. This is a trail. Let's say it's the price of what happened when the war ended."

""... yes?

Kate and Yuri tilt their necks. He doesn't understand what it means. In the first place, Kite was between 15 and 16 years old at the time. Besides, common sense is that of the 21st century. It's not that from the Warring States era. I'm old enough not to feel like being told about my children. On the contrary, I don't even think about marriage at all.

Rather than that, the person in question is still a child. Give me the child, where I was told that, with the exception of Aura and Meece, the only wives in Kite at the time, you weren't even there. Meece, who is over 100 years old and in the second sexual phase, is still at the corner, and even the second sexual phase is still ahead of Aura, who is not so different from Kite.

At that time, I already knew Meese, but I never thought about marriage. That's why Kite points out there.

"No... before that, I don't even have a partner."

"Yeah, I know. For once, as a bride of forgiveness, Hermes has two grandchildren, Aura and Meece... but we know very little about Meece. Meece is a horn, and Aura won't be able to."

Salia laughs, acknowledging Kate's words. She hasn't even gotten any information on the floating continent on the boulder. He didn't seem to know how old and what kind of person Meath was.

And Aura is not a body that can have children in boulders at her age. No matter how hard you try, you can't make money without children. but I wasn't saying anything about children with them.

"That said, I'm not saying anything about your two children... I didn't offer to adopt them in the first place."

"It would be good. I rode."

"No, don't take it personally."

I heard what Salia said, and she understood everything. Will gives a go sign, but Kite still doesn't understand it. And that's why Will teaches against the ill-conceived kite with a laugh somewhere fun.

"An idiot. It's a simple story. I'm just saying," You and her, have a baby. "

"... yes?

"Are there any other conditions?

"Yep. Just one more thing"

"No, wait! Don't take it personally! I don't know anything!

"I can make kids even if I don't understand. It must be your specialty. Serve like a monkey. So shut up now. Out of the way of business."

Make sure Will enjoys himself against Kite, who stands up and hangs up.

"Can you shut up! A monkey, a monkey!

"Temple of the Devil."

"Yes, yes... come here. I'll explain it in detail."

Apparently, he reminded me that he had to negotiate with the Viktor Chamber of Commerce in the first place. Will asks Tina to collect the kite. Thus, while packing all sorts of stories, Tina explained Salia's intentions to Kite.

"Ha... okay, kid. Let the Son of the Lord be influenced by the Lord."

"Well, uh... genetically? Kids inherit a third of a man's DNA, right? Naturally."

"I don't know what genetics is going to say, and I won't remember it later... but that's not what I'm going to say." The Son of the Lord means that you see all around you as the son of the brave Kate. "

"Well, I guess so. Uncle Mitsubishi, my father's son..."

Kate thinks of herself and chews through Tina's words to understand. It should be noted that Sanchai is the person who was the direct boss of Kate's father/Cai Dou - now that he has gone to a higher position, he is not a direct report. He was also the person who gave the speech of Mr. and Mrs. Tianyin as the company representative. They have a family groom relationship, so they know Kite, too.

"Then we'll see. Your Lord is going to be a hero to end the Great War. At the point of that hero's child, he brings immense benefits together. I do not know what the Great Spirit will do, but it is with all those around him. Just because you're the son of Kate the Brave doesn't mean the name of the Great Spirit is ringing in the back."

"No, that's not what they say they are..."

"Oh, my God, you're so sloppy... well, there's no other way..."

Kate was preoccupied with the tide of Enefia, which made the Great Spirits even more special. but this is kate suspicious and tina is normal. And that's why we're talking about this.

"Ma, even if we have no choice, that's enough for the surroundings to take special notice. If the head of the Viktor Chamber of Commerce wants to succeed him, the Lord will be no more."

"I'm a stallion..."

"Unchanged. A hero is a seed horse. You have to leave a lot of good blood behind."

"Why me? I kind of... Baran's old man... excludes Mr. Nest because he kills me... Lux... let's not because Lucia is here. NTR is not a hobby... Will is fine."

To Tina's words, Kate looks very disgusted. I'm not riding. That seemed plausible. but this has to be kite.

"Stupid mon. This courageous army is not your Lord's courageous army."

They're treating Will as a private soldier.

"Mm-hmm. Reason doesn't matter. It's a question of how we see our surroundings. Become a sidekick with that kid more than the Lord stands as a brave man. Your lord is in your best interest... or does your lord want to bankrupt this story?


To Tina's point, Kate points her mouth. Weak when they say this. It is true that we want support, with the exception of this, which is negotiable on favourable terms. When it comes to Kate's selfishness, it's selfish.

"I think kids should be made with people I love. Nah..."

"I'll admit the rest... Mm-hmm."

Apparently Tina unexpectedly agreed. I said it, and I coughed up, but naturally, they'd already asked me. That's why Yuri laughed at me Nimanima, who was listening with me over Kate's shoulder.

"I always think so. Someone's a romantic."

"You're fantasizing about being high ideal... so get into the habit of getting older, Grrr!

"What did you say, kid?"

Tina asks as she punishes Kite, who treadfully stepped on a mine. Of course, there is no answer. Something romantic had become a public secret among the kites. As such, Kite temporarily raises the puffy smoke and falls into it.