The second day of the dinner party of the Emperor Filio family. Also on this day, the dinner party was held. So also on this day, the Moon of Reconciliation with Kite was in the room next to the Emperor Filio family for dinner, assisted by Emperor Filio under surveillance.

"Hey, I don't know, this..."

Seeing a pan filled with brown liquid where Furia is close to black, it draws cheeks. I was told by Emperor Philio within yesterday that it was pot food for both days, but I just thought so when I got to the table that I didn't smell it today.

but if you try to open the lid of the pan that way, what you see is a pan filled with black liquid - soy sauce. There is no reason for those who have no knowledge to be wary.

"Sukiyaki, they say, is the dish. It's one of the typical Japanese pot dishes."

"Ko, this is...?

For once, I don't judge Furia by her appearance alone. but the pan filled with brown liquid was still ahead of vigilance. That said, they couldn't resist the smell. It looks delicious, they thought. He seemed wary in the direction of whether he could really eat, not deny it all.

"You eat unusual dishes... so maybe you won't cook in front of me today"

"Yes, I will eat this today"

If Emperor Phyllio answers Furia's query, she stretches her chopsticks to the pan while being a little naughty. but before that, I waited from Titos but hung up.

"Oh, wait a minute. Titos. Take the eggs there."


Emperor Philio tells me that Titos takes the eggs that were on the edge of the table. I guess I'll let him in later, he thought.

Incidentally, there are actually few countries on the planet that can eat eggs raw, because fortunately, it is possible to wash them by magic, etc., or in fact, many countries in Enefia can eat raw eggs more. I checked the safety for once, but it didn't seem to be a problem.

The two lean their necks against the actions of Emperor Phyllio, who stirs with the kachakacha with a broken egg in a slightly deeper hand salt dish in front of them. and such egg stirring was soon over, and Emperor Philio offered it to his mother.

"Put this on and eat"

"? You're putting it on an egg?

"Yes, that's what they say."

"Heh... eggs, heh..."

Of course, the Valtard Empire has a culture of eating eggs, but there was no culture of treating raw eggs as if they were worn. This would be a unique part of Japanese cuisine for boulders.

So he couldn't beat the curiosity of the boulder. Furia reaches for Spring Chrysanthemum, which was nearby for now, and dips it in melted raw eggs and mouths it.

"Oh... I wondered if it was bitter, but... you're a little fragrant and sweet. And the eggs are in good shape, and you're going to be mild."

Furia opens her eyes to the fact that, contrary to her appearance, she had a soft taste without bitterness. Apparently, she liked it and is going to stretch the chopsticks into yet another ingredient. In that way, Titos reached out when he saw something a little scary.

"... oh"

He also apparently imagined a bitter taste in the brown look - besides the fact that tofu can be partly burnt or attached to it. I was surprised by the sweetness that I felt the other way without bitterness.

"Sweet... did you put something in it?

"A little sugar."



Following questions from my mother and brother, Emperor Philio provides a description of the sukiyaki. And there they both figured out that it was soy sauce that was filling this pan. They only knew fish soy, but because of that, they couldn't imagine it because of the smell, etc. That way, the dinner party goes on in such a soothing mood.

"I wonder if there's anything else today."

Furia asks where she flattened most of the ingredients originally in the pan. After all, on the second day, I could guess from the fact that they were both pot dishes. That said, what I brought today was noodles that resembled udon - not rice.

"Oh... a little thick pasta?

"Yeah. They use something called udon, but they didn't get it, so... substitute it with something similar."

Emperor Filio answers Furia's query while still making pot shime today. Kite and Mutsuki watched such a sight in the side room.

"Phew... good. After all, I was worried about what it would look like to have a pan full of soy sauce."

"Haha. Looks a little bit like a ghetto."

Kite also smiles at the relieved look of the Good Moon. There is no sentiment because of the Japanese, and if it is Earth, sukiyaki is a globally known dish, so nothing will seem to me, but this is still a different world. The pan filled with brown liquid had no choice but to be alert.

As a matter of fact, once I showed this to the poisoner, it was a joke told later in Imperial Castle that was rejected without even eating it. The chef took it up and ate it, but the reaction was totally surprising. The flavour was delicious, unlike what I had imagined, so I was in a big mess.

"Good. Now, I guess we're done with the request. Mutsuki, you're in good hands."


A good moon smiles at Kate's praise. Whoever thinks this MVP will be a good moon. I should have been admired. Thus, the overall satisfactory outcome was that the request in the Valtard Empire was completely completed.

Dawn, the next morning. Saying the boulder was done with the request didn't mean I could leave the next day, but there was a little time before the airship was ready. Above all, there are paperwork procedures. These kinds of documents come after you complete your request.

Once requested by Emperor Philio, it is turned as soon as possible, but the boulder was unable to do so yesterday today. And so, together, they had been summoned by Emperor Philio. This time it's not just Kite and the Moon, it's all of us.

"First, gentlemen. Thank you. My mother was able to surprise me this year and it was a good birthday party. I would like to invite you guys to a public birthday party... It's been a long year. I'm sorry. Instead, I was allowed to do whatever convenience I could by obtaining information, etc. So forgive me."

Emperor Phyllio smiles and takes on the labor of the kites. This kind of thing is important in form. So again, that's why. Besides, Kite bowed her head as a party leader. Please note that this time everyone is in plain clothes - although Kite is exempt in the first place - because the place is the office.

"Thank you, Your Majesty"

"Now the request is completely closed. I'll have the airship ready, but wait a while longer."

"Thank you"

Kate's tone is polite this time because she is public for once. That's how some exchanges took place and he signed a request indicating the termination of the request to get into the story of the airship, which is the real deal.

"Well... so that's your reward, but as I was offered, I was allowed to prepare a transport boat. It fell, but it was retrieved by the Empire. Let's guarantee the adjustment. About the specs, but think there. Once armed, think of it as just enough to get rid of the weak demons."

The surveillance mounted in Emperor Philio's office shows the airship that Kate and the others will own. Spec sheets will be available later, but they look the same as the common airships used by the merchants that are popular in the Valtard Empire - a little bit of a corner is characteristic of the Valtard Empire. It was a little rectangular because it was a transport boat.

I wanted the shaped product, so I guess so. If you ask me, it's from a generation ago, and it seems to be a model that came out about five years ago. Nevertheless, the performance of the transport boat does not vary as much as trying to mould down. Apparently, the output drops by about 10% over the model released this year, but to that extent, I am not coming to use it at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. Enough for performance. Little consideration is given to the Duke's ability to fight as well as to the patrolling Duke's army.

Furthermore, long-distance transport is not contemplated at present. The distance between Maxwell and Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is about 10 km in a straight line distance. Moreover, in the meantime, it is considered a relatively safe route for transport boats to travel alone at times. That was enough.

"Size is 30m. The load is up to about 3 tons... but be careful, they're also burdened accordingly. I'll let the clerk take the spec sheet with him later, along with the paperwork he needs."

Together we had heard the words of such an emperor, Philio, with emotion somewhere. It's still an airship. Even if it was because of the various fringes, it was emotional that we were able to hold it ourselves.

Thus, after some further exchanges, the request was completely terminated after receiving a document from Emperor Philio formally indicating the termination of the request.

Then, a few more days. Kite and the others decided to spend the last few days with the sightseeing and acquaintances we got here and wait for the ship to be ready, but that also came to an end on this day.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the airship is ready."

A consul with Imperial Castle tells the kites. Apparently, the paperwork review has come to an end.

"Can I see your airship once?

"... please"

Once Kate meets everyone in the face, she decides to stand up and take the offer after everyone has nodded. I need another procedure to get going, and I need to buy food, secure supplies, etc., so I'll be leaving as soon as 3 days later, but they wanted to see it for once.

Furthermore, either way, I don't know what I need without checking the interior, etc. They have all the things they need for a long berth, but it will not be until they actually see how far they have it either. Therefore, the kites, guided by the consul, travel to the airport where the privately owned airship docks.

"This will be your ship."


Together, they look up at the big airship. It was not mounted so that the magic cannon could be seen because it was not military on the boulder, but the size of the transport boat was likely to load considerably larger than a small military boat.

"Can I come in now?

"Ownership has already been transferred to you, so feel free"

"Well, why don't you use your keys to come in"

Kate listened to the consul and opened the hatch using the launch key of the airship she had received from him. The hatch seems to be the type next to the airship, and the hatch opened with a switch for remote operation pushed by Kite, and the talap came down to welcome them in. In the meantime, we decided to look around where each of us was concerned, so Kite decided to look around by herself.

"Heh... that's boneless making..."

Kate shares her thoughts for now as she looks around inside. It's basically a Valtard Empire airship. When I say a transport boat, the structure inside doesn't change that much.

And there would be more free space somewhere than being a transport boat. There's no way there's room for loads even though it's a transport boat. So Kate goes outside once and walks to the back.

"Oh, I see. You have another hatch later... and four flying planes on the side, and... the movement... looks like you can do it. Hoverable?"

In front of Kite, who turned to the rear, there was a large door of the type that would open both up and down. It's the type that opens securely from top to bottom.

The total height of the airship is about 10 meters, so you can afford a front carriage, or, to some extent, carry huge luggage. Considering that it was also necessary to carry large items from time to time in wood, processing machinery, etc., it was sufficient to use them.

"A hangar about 20 meters in size... or is the hangar about 5 meters tall? Is it possible to store medium-sized magic conductor armor? With the height of the hangar at this size... there's a sailor's room on top of this... well, you've got it for long-distance transport."

Kite enters the space for storing the load from the rear hatch for now. Of course, there were doors so I could get in before. but I dared to go outside because I wanted to see how it would open from the outside.

"Is there a side hatch...? It's not military, it's got four flying planes on it... well, it's not that important. Is there a problem without it?"

Kite puts her hand on the side wall, while checking to see if it can be opened or closed. Sometimes military transport boats have hatches that can be opened and closed like blowouts on the sides - objects to unload soldiers simultaneously - but there was still nothing to say that this was for the general public.

Kite, who first checked how much he was likely to load, decided to go through the door in front of the hangar and return to the ship to confirm the cockpit. There was already a moment and a sho there. The moment was checking the position of the meter taught by Kite, and Sho was observing as he wanted.

"Oh, kite. Did you come this way, too?

"Oh... do you care about anything?

"No... to the extent that Sho thought that the cockpit wasn't like an airplane based on the planet Earth,"

"Oh, or"

In response to an instant inquiry, Kite observes the cockpit once. When it comes to airplane cockpits on Earth, there are two cockpits and various meters are present, which is a common shape, but in some small boats and mid-sized and post-sized airships it was somewhat of a structure close to the ship's bridge.

"For once, the ship is a ship. It's not strictly like an airplane."

"Oh, I see..."

The moment seemed to look around and wonder if it was indeed better to consider this structure as a ship's bridge than an airplane. I was convinced of one. That's how he asks.

"But the way it's handled itself hasn't changed much, has it?

"Oh. After all, it's a airship. There's still a lot of inertia and stuff when you're big, but the maneuvering methods are basically the same. Cars can be tricky, too, with smaller cars and bigger cars and changing the way they drive, right? with it."

"That too..."

The moment listens to Kate and collects information for her to drive. With that in mind, Kate decided to leave Cockpit behind, wondering if it would be bad to interrupt.

That's how we're headed for the next important crew space. I needed to make sure what happened and what didn't. It seems that there is a staircase between the bridge and the hangar upstairs as seen by Kate, and it was in the form of a climb from there. This one was confirmed by Yuri with three sisters plus cherry blossoms and maples and Kagurasaka.

"Was there something missing?

"I wonder if we have all the streets. It's a medium-sized boat, so it sounds like they're thinking of staying up for a little while."

Yuri, who was just floating in the hallway, answers Kite's query. Number of rooms is 6. Inside, the cherry blossoms confirmed each room. It seems that Yuri is the general commander. Looks like Kate just arrived where she was moving between the room and the room.

"For once, there are two beds per room. Small fridge and bath provided in each room, toilet is complete. No kitchen, of course."

"There's going to be a cafeteria somewhere."

"It was in the back room over there. I mean, it was tight. Maybe think of it as a living room for sailors or something."

"What about the fridge?

"Two things are so big for business. I think I'll get this one ready. There is also a dishwasher. There are three stoves. He's got a lot of firepower for business."

"If it's about two weeks, does it feel like I can sleep?


Yuri nods at Kite's inquiry. Then you should use it for a short time before you leave to buy ingredients. Naturally, ingredients and kitchenware are not included in the reward. It seemed necessary to add to the buyout list.

"One leaf. Keep your kitchenware on the buyout list. Oh, what about bed sheets and stuff?

"Oh, if you say so, I forgot... you too, please."


Through the headset microphone, Kate and Yuri ask for a list of the items they need to go to the leaf where they are being contacted in their entirety. They were asked to check the engine department.

The boulders have a limited range that even Kite can do, and in this kind of field, it's their area where Tina gave me immediate knowledge and gave me a clue. So they were checking the engine.

"Looks like I need to go buy the whole thing for now,"

"Tomorrow morning we'll all buy it out."

Yuri, who sat on his shoulder to Kate's words, also responds. We're just a few minutes away from leaving. Starting tomorrow, I was going to be in a hurry again. As a result, the kites checked inside the airship and went out the next day to buy what they needed.