Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 829: Overnight in a Forbidden Land

A short while after the kites entered the 'Forbidden Place'. In the meantime, I decided to use magic to adjust my body for each jet lag and so on, and I was spending my time.

And, on the other hand, when Kate takes a bath after adjusting the demon conductor furnace and checking for any abnormalities, she turns to walk to the dining room where she and I were gathered because dinner was getting closer. There was an indication that some preparations were under way.


"Oh, I'm here. I'm here. Kite, this, get out there. Are you okay?

Sho, who spotted Kite, asks Kite. He was on his way to the back of the dining room with a silver tray in his hands with an instant.

Sakura and Maple seemed to be assisting Mutsuki and preparing for some sort of underneath, and Yayoi and Mutsuki looked like they were working on something else. There was a good smell. but to make it dinner, it's a little early.

"Are you going to make it dinner already? I know you're ready, but... isn't it too soon?

Before answering Sho's query, Kate leans her neck towards the fact that everyone is preparing a meal. It's obvious, but it's a star with Enefia. The jet lag exists. So not surprisingly, I thought it might be a little early to think about it later.

Incidentally, since the date change line at what we call the Earth is drawn around a restricted area, it feels like it's just above the date change line right now.

"Hey, Sho. I'll carry it first."

"Oh, yes!... No, not like that. Prepare it now and eat it in about an hour."

"Hmm... well, you can go outside. The only creatures here are birds, except sea turtles and other sea creatures."

Basically, there are few creatures on this island. That's why the Divine Bird chose this place as a berth. Because even if the kites remove their wings slightly, they will have less impact on their surroundings. So it would be okay to go outside.

"So, what are you going to do outside?

"Barbecue. It's so beautiful out here in the corner."

"Oh, I see..."

Sure, it's beautiful out there. And fortunately, the weather is clear. No wonder I want to eat outside instead of having dinner in a closed cage in a airship at a time like this. So Kite thinks a little.

"Hmm... well, isn't that good? Someone might come, but I bought plenty of ingredients. If you make a little more meat or something, you don't have a problem... if it's this guy, he's not going to eat meat... or eat rice..."

"You said. Permission granted!

Sho tells Kite to join us. It's easy for Kate to consider. If we're going to hunt here, Kite may have shown some difficulty, but we're just going to have dinner. Then there seemed to be no problem. Even if there was, there would be a guy who would come and say a novel.

By the way, it's not bad to hunt. You just can't take your life unnecessarily. In case of distress and drifting here, etc., even hunting allowed the gods and beasts.

Therefore, Kite's permission was granted, and we will take the barbecue set from the camp set we bought and install it on the sandy beach outside.

"Is it good around here... hmm?

When Kate appropriately placed the barbecue set on the beach, she realized that everyone was silent.


"Oh, isn't that awesome? Here, because people can't get it, the original landscape remains... well, it's one of the landscapes you'll never see on Earth."

Kate stood beside him laughing and telling him about the cherry blossoms she was admiring. To a supermassive giant tree, a setting sunset. In the first place, you will never see the World Tree itself on Earth. It was a landscape that I didn't even know existed.

"... Sa, rice is rice. Because delicious monsters sometimes taste good... hey! Return to your positions! We'll finish everything before the leaves get here!

Kate slaps her hand and urges her to return together. I didn't go outside to frighten you. I went out for dinner. Besides, actually. What's really amazing is what's going to happen. but I dared Kate and Yuri to keep their mouths shut.

"Ah, yes. Um, I'm going to cook meat and stuff, so please wait a minute."

In the words of Kate, everyone begins to sneak back to work. So Mutsuki put a fire in the charcoal and started baking meat and vegetables.

Starting a meal on the side of the World Tree for about 30 minutes. When the sun was almost setting and darkness was beginning to drip around. Suddenly, the sea in front of the kites cracked.


The moment turns around and hands the weapon with a cliché. That was how it appeared to be a giant sea dragon that would be 200 meters long. but he thought the moment was a kind of demon because he looked somewhere like a sea snake.

"Sea Serpent!? Demons!"

"Stop! Stop!

Kite makes an immediate stop against the moment he boosts his will. It was not an enemy.

"Ooh. Long time no see."

"You lucky bastard. I thought I'd make it a meal a little later. '

A sea dragon laughs at Kate's words. That was like laughing at an instant. And, apparently, the moment I realized I was a divine beast, not an enemy, I turned off my weapon and bowed my head.

"... I did something I'm sorry for. I pulled my weapon out of habit. I'm sorry."

'Good. But remember. There will be no demons here. "

After an instant apology, the sea dragon nodded obliviously. He was also one of God's beasts. but this one should still be called a difference in nature, or a little arrogant unlike the Divine Bird. It was a gaze from above.

"So? What's up? Oh, you want some dinner? Can you get us some rice or some bread?

"I don't need it. I'm not hungry. At last, magic makes me feel better. '

I look at the plate put up by Kate and the sea dragon shakes his head like a pain in the ass. It was somewhat emotional that the moments in his response were still different from people because of their structure from the divine beast. I thought it would be convenient to live by magic alone. And such a sea dragon asked Kite with a laugh.

"You would have had enough magic in the first place."

"I feel like I can't just do magic."

'Mm... oh well. You were. "

Apparently, Sea Dragon mistook Kate for something out of the public. I was laughing. In response to him like that, Kate asked.

"So, what did you end up with?

'Oh, because it's time to be close. The sea is a little noisy today because you're here. I just put my face out there. "

"Oh, it's that time already"


Cherry blossoms lean their necks against Kite, convinced at will. By the way, I actually know Yayoi, not just Yuri, but they were all silent. As always, this childhood tame together had a good personality.

"It's a pleasure to see... a little more, wait"

Kite laughs a little mischievously like a child. Then, wait another 30 minutes. The sun completely fell and I saw the starry sky.


Someone shrugged again. Maybe everyone but the kites who knows the details. That's a starry sky full of stars. The lack of human hands means that there is only the light of the moon and the stars around us.

That said, if this is all you still normally see if you camp in the middle of a journey. but at the same time it was clearly visible to stars far from people but thus clear of the air and normally invisible.

"Dude... to my surprise, it's still early"

but for all that together, kite tells him with a laugh. This is still an imaginable realm, a fantastic but fantastic 'targeted' level. From here, it was the only place I could see the spectacular scenery.

"... Huh?

Apparently the most noticed is the cherry blossom. I get stunned by the sight I see. It's right in front of them. It was happening to The World Tree.

"Glow... ru?

Tell them the maple stays visible. Yes, the World Tree was glowing light green. That said, it was not enough to disturb the lights of the stars, it was only a pale light as if it were to blend into the world.

"Over here, over here"

In response to such a coincidence, Yuri, who was secretly looking for the best point, invites. So we all follow her on foot and see the real spectacular scenery.


People can be moved and weep. We both understood that. A pale green light rainbows, followed by twin moons and countless stars floating in the pitch-black sky. Furthermore, there was a divine bird flying that led them here, and when he saw it, he probably thought of the divine beasts and saw the shadows. It's not a fantasy 'targeted' naked metaphor, it's a true fantasy. In it, they were.

And this isn't over yet. So the only thing Yuri knew about it on this occasion was to whisper to Kite.



Kate sometimes wears a slightly improved outfit. And they floated and headed towards the world tree.

"Well... I'm home"

Kate nestles in the green light emitted by the world tree, letting her adapt to her own magical powers. Then a small sphere appeared as if the green light was brilliant in rainbow and called to it.

"Little Spirit...?

Of course it was the little spirits who came down. This is a safer place than anywhere else. No wonder they got together. It would be natural if Kate's magic filled this far. And on the other hand. Soon Yuri, who was granted all protection in a pseudo manner, danced on the water.


No one knew in what terms to describe the sight. One fairy was dancing the water with the spirits. Full starry sky in the sky. Brilliant world tree on the side. The water was shining rainbow-colored, illuminating its light.

Brilliant stuff.


The cherry blossoms can only agree with the words of the sea dragon. That's all I have. Brilliant, or beautiful. That one word is enough, and perhaps any more gorgeous words are not enough for this. It was also uncommon for short words to be so powerful than rhetoric poorly.

By the way. In fact, there were other godbeasts gathered on their side, but no one noticed it. Consciousness was no longer entirely taken here.

"Um... what is this?

"Uhm? Oh, that light."

After a few moments of maple inquiry that brought me back, Sea Dragon sees the world tree again. There was a green light before Kate went. You'll wonder what it is.

"Hmm... eww, little girl. Don't you wonder, Lord? I wonder why the world tree has a lifespan. '

Sea Dragon asks. It was nothing more suspicious than being a creature, but given its role as a world tree, it was a suspicious story.

"The world tree is a tree for dialogue with the world... so isn't it awkward to perish? Everyone has their doubts. But with doom comes the next world tree, so I guess that's what it is, and everyone goes through. but the question remains unresolved '

The sea dragon tells. No one has figured out why the world tree will perish.

'But no one knows the other role of the world tree. I know that magic gathers in the world tree, and I will not discuss it there. I wonder why magic gathers in the world tree.'

The sea dragon laughs. Too obvious for anyone to grasp. It's called '1 +1 = 2'. Everyone is processing this formula for granted, but it becomes a very difficult theory when we think about proving it academically.

"The world tree gathers magic from all over the world... and the currents thereof, the Son of Man called the earth vein and the sea vein... so why do magic gather in the world tree?"


"Uhm. I wonder why we'll get together"

Sea Dragon asks overlapping. It was even somewhere fun. But naturally, Maple didn't know that. Because now everyone would understand, even if it weren't for her.

"Easy. The world tree filters its magic."

There, kite comes down. Apparently, the act is over.

"Filter the magic?

"Oh. Well, here's the problem. What do you think will happen to a dead soul?

"Return to the circle of reincarnation... right?


Kite draws a circle with her index finger. It became a magical circle and stayed in front of the two of them. It absorbed beads of various colors of light from its surroundings as if the soul was returning, and emitted colorless, transparent beads outside.

"Dead souls circle the stars through the pulse that the Son of Man says, and come to the world tree... but here comes one problem"

"The precipitated desire of a dead soul... not just the pure and natural desire to live, but still want to play. I still want it. Not if I eat it yet. I resent... those emotions. I keep holding them even when my soul leaves my flesh. Magic is the power of will. Those emotions of the soul also come back here as colored intentions. '

Following the sea dragon, the Divine Bird tells Maple. That's how Kite took over.

"I can't go the next lifetime without filtering that out somewhere. If you bring those desires and the emotions you should say to your next life, you can have a soul that's black and distorted by desire at some point... and it's the world tree that filters them out."

'Therefore no man's son touches the world tree. As an instinct, I understand that we must not touch this.'

'I suppose you should call it defensive instinct. If we break this, we will suffer our own harm.'

I could understand what the three of them were going to say. If this breaks, people can't go to the next lifetime. No, maybe I can go, but it's unclear if that's a legitimate soul. At least, it didn't seem like a good soul to Maple.

"There's a limit to filtering such emotions, no matter how much you say it. If this continues to accumulate, it is possible that the World Tree will become demonized. It's a reverse pattern of demonic principles."

"You're not letting me out?

"I'll get it out. So here they are."

"We are not supposed to protect the world tree from foreign enemies, but we exist to crusade the world tree in the unlikely event that it demonizes what should be termed negative magic."

Taking over Kate's words, the Divine Bird answered. but even if you were releasing it, the limit still comes someday. not 100% can get everything out there. At some point, the accumulation welcomed the limit value, and the time became the lifespan of the world tree. They are world-trees and creatures. There were limits, and there was no choice.

'Oh, by the way. The light the little girls were looking at was a visualization of the magic when the purified magic was released outside. Don't worry, it's safe.'

"I don't want to touch how much I am, and there's no way a magic mixed with all kinds of emotions could produce such beautiful colors."

Kite laughs. Depending on the soul of a person, the color of magic held by that person varies. I mean, I guess that also has color in the soul. There are countless colors like that. Mix all of that together and you'll be black. It's hard to say it's pretty, too, black. You'll never get that clean green.

"So... well, that's why this whole area is' grounded '"


Maple nods. Apparently, he's been convinced. By the way, this conversation was already over with Kate, and I had heard other faces. but it was the maple that dominated it, so she was just up to it all.

"In fact, it's released on a daily basis, but I don't know how it resonates with the starlight at night. I can only see it at night."

"Well... we don't know why we visualize it."

The sea dragon responds to Kate's words. After all, they don't know why they visualize it. That said, there's more to it. In fact, it turns out that Tina put an observation device in space even later in life, but the stars are resonating with each other through the World Tree.

They say the luminescence phenomenon is caused by its resonance phenomenon. Kate's exact words captured one side of the truth. It is still unclear at that time why it is night. If we were to try to figure it out, we would have to look all over the world in a real sense, not in the sense of Enefia, around the sea of stars.

In that way, they explained the sights they saw in such a way, and they all decided to stay awake on this day in their fantasy land, remembering their emotions.