Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 832: Inside the circle of reincarnation

Tina, who had altered the memories of the charms, had come to the roof so that no one would find out. It is the far east sky that stares.

"... not on this continent."

Tina grasps the direction of her gaze. The current girlfriend is in a semi-awakened state. Not all forces can be used. but still had enough power to accomplish the return of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School if I tried to. I can't do that, though. 'Now' because it's something she shouldn't do.

I clean it up in one word because the influence is too high. And you shouldn't do things that we don't even remember. Only, now she's a past girlfriend. Think of it as the dead. It was thought that a little bit had passed before the dead could be formed.


Crimson eyes glow red. It started resonating with Kite, who was a little far away. As such, something strange happened to Kite.


I thought it was time to go back to what it was like to be a boy at all times because it was time to reach Maxwell, Kite, but that's what he holds his right eye abruptly.

"What's going on?

"This is..."

The discomfort is only for a moment. But in that moment it was enough to understand the status quo.

"... Huh?

Yuri, who turned sideways, is amazed. Kite's right eye was stained with crimson. Besides, Yuri is a little, but understandable.

"... awakened, advanced?

"Uh... well, you're not mistaken"

What Yuri asked was a story on the physical side. but this is the awakening of the soul, not the flesh. Past life has affected me, and my eyes have stained. Nevertheless, it is not a mistake by implication. That's why Kate decided to leave it as it was and tell them what was going on.

"One of the messages I got from Shall just came out on the table"

"Shall's message?

"Oh... a little. Ha... this is getting nasty..."

Kite sighs. There's actually nothing strange about his eyes dyeing bright red. As Tina had sealed herself, so did Kite < >.

The reason is simple, it's too powerful, so we decided to seal it until Tina and the others unseal it, just in case. Well, unlike Tina and the others, this one's selfish. I guess that means it affected me and solved it.

"Shull's message, does that mean it looks pretty bad?

"I guess that clown's move"


Yuri understands Dachan and smiles. She thought something would come, too. If so, it wasn't surprising that Shall was telling us something. During this time it came through except for her waking up less of a joy, but there was no wonder there were other messages.

"I don't know where, I don't know... but you know what. Can you handle one of them?"

Kite laughs. It's "The Brave Man" that affected me the most. Fallen has not lost its performance. I know the clowns thought they could even see it there, but there's no way. No, I don't think you can do it. I don't even know where Kite is.

"Good... Yuri. I'll leave it to you after I get down. This one's gonna go get some info."

"Yeah, come on in"

Kate looks at Maxwell's city and decides to leave it to Yuri. Thus, he descended the airship once to Maxwell and asked Yuri to follow him to the rooftop of the Adventure Club where Tina waited.

on the roof of the Adventure Department Guild Home. It was the first time in a long time that Kate and Tina had reunited in an ethereal and red odd-eyed state.

"... it's been a long time, I guess, in this case"

"It's not a mistake sensibly. And as a matter of reality, it's not a mistake."

Tina chuckles at Kate's words. Sure, it's our first reunion in nearly three weeks in the first place. That allegation is not correct.

"What's the status?

"I did something, to the extent that"

Tina laughs at Kate's inquiry. Why did you laugh? That was because from them it was a common sense story.

"You understand, my lord."

"It's ridiculous to be a wingman."


"Shut up. It's not all good. We're totally on the lookout over here."

It was a kite of some sort, but it didn't seem easy there. Even if it is frightening. I also think you're an asshole. but I have no choice. That's what they gave up.

"I don't know, he's a gathi stalker..."

"The truth about the demon king and the brave man."

Kite turns back to Tina, the stalker. This is the karma between the two of them. Always, Jeanne is born the day after Kate is born. It should be.

The result, which was once distorted by the French magicians who tried to save the country, was the truth of the events entangling 'Jeanne d 'Arc', the previous life of a girl named Himea, and 'Nobunaga Oda', the previous life of Kate.

By the way, I'll tell you just in case. Apparently it was supposed to be Kate they tried to call. but the truth was that Jeanne was born after failing to do what was impossible in the first place. As a result, the causal rhythm was distorted and Kate was born as a normal person, Nobunaga Oda. It's also the reason why we can't find his body.

"Well, a little free time after that doesn't matter anymore. Just... just tell me."

"Uhm. The past life as it is interpreted is the past. I can't afford to cut it off and live 'now'. So, well, let's not even think about it."

"If you want to escape me and your detection, you have to use his help, or..."

If you look at one thing in the meantime, you'll see that it doesn't extend to Kite. Then, if you're going to do something, you have to hide from him. That said, there is no first being who can do it. Except that one word comes forward.

"As it stands, it's faster for me to count from the top."

"Well, if you've seen everything in the past, let's see."

"Right. That's my whole season. You're too strong."

"It's more like a full season... that, well..."

Tina cramps her cheeks. Kite is the strongest if only 'now'. If you're not bound by the separation of 'now', then that's quite a lot of guys who can fight 'now' kite if you look far past as well. On the contrary, there was more than that in Zara.

Naturally. How many months have passed since the concept of the world began? Nobody knows, but at least I'm just certain it's not a known number of years. It wasn't a suspicious story where one or two of the people who surpassed Kate, who was still in training, were there. And that one of them was Jeanne, no, the existence of 'Himea' in which she was integrated - that past life, to be exact.

"Even now, being itself cheats, cheats. Unable to attack with special abilities' Life 'in a habit comparable to the rest of the foundation ste. Even the rest cannot be terminated by the contract. You're no match for humanity."

"Besides, you even have the power to alter fate when you're about to be humiliated, sir"

"Ha... and a bunch of other cheats. Later... blah, Lord. I've won well..."

"If I'm not the last Tyman, I'll lose. As the currents of the world, justice prevails."

"Well... ha..."

Tina drops her shoulder on Kate's words that seem to tear up somewhere. True. By the way, her special abilities don't alter her fate, but they can send a rescue signal back in time to someone who can absolutely save herself from that situation. Worst of all, it was exactly cheesy that the hostiles at that time would rescue us. Either way, it was unscrupulous.

"Well, that's good. So I know exactly what I want to do. I am not called < > by Dada."


In response to Tina straining her chest, Kate admires it. Her namesake, Leviathan, of course, was aware that her soul was such a special soul. Therefore, in addition to the original name her soul possessed, she gave him a name mixed with the name of his wife. Therefore, her childhood name is Sophitia.

"There is only one thing I can do if I try to do it with the help of those who can develop so many boundaries when I smash it."


"It's easy. I guess I'm trying to apply homunculus technology to bring the dead back to this world. The white treasure balls they used earlier. That can be analyzed in the aftermath of this world, but it can be understood in the aftermath of the integrated" now ". You must have woken your soul by using it there."

"Ah? He died 300 years ago, didn't he?

Kate looks down. I can't. That's his conclusion on using the same force. It is unlikely that some of the reincarnation of a person will change depending on various circumstances, but at least that all of them did not reincarnate for as long as 300 years. A person's reincarnation can last anywhere from 500 to 1000 years. It is also the longest, and there is zero chance that everyone will fit into this in the story of.

And if you're reincarnated, it's impossible to bring back the dead. You cannot remove a soul already in another vessel of meat like a circle of reincarnation. Because it will take the form of a Spirit divided like Jeanne this time, and it will be a different way from resurrection of the dead.

So Kate seems to be resuscitating all the dead, and the already reincarnated soul is only accessing that soul through shards that dwell in the weapon to create a copy of the body.

Even he is. Then it would be impossible to recall a soul that has already been reincarnated. And that's what I taught myself, so Tina also understood Kate's idea.

"I'll take it, that face. Well, I know you're trying to say more and more impossible stories... so I told you. I woke him up."


"Right. If the flow up to this point is something that's been prescribed for 300 years, let's change the story."


Kate opened her eyes. I'm guessing the circumstances behind the Lord of the 'Death Generals (Let's)' about Kite's summons that he already wanted the Kites to defeat Tistenia.

Including that, the muscles came through. If it's decided to lose, the next thing you need to think about is how much less damage. The 23 top executives, then, would be bills they don't want to lose if they don't have to lose them from their true Lord.

"It makes sense that the dead are returned to the circle of reincarnation. But it's possible to fight it. If you could have recovered your soul as soon as you died 300 years ago, you could have used that white treasure balls to see that they came out. The souls of those executives were stored in it. I didn't wake you up there."

"I see..."

Kate also agrees with Tina's guess. I guess you're right, I thought. And when they heard it, one thing came to mind.

"So is it really a muscle to think that the metastasis of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is an accident?

"Bye. The next time it happens, it's time to get real."

This time, you'll want to move in earnest. You shouldn't be stupid enough to bother calling in the kites for that. Anyway, Kite left a < > here. That's enough.

"So the raid in the meantime was to activate < >, so it had a purpose... you're good at it."

"I don't know... if there's any room left, and if the Death Warlords show up, I'll unleash them. If you don't, the damage will be foolish."

Tina praises the clown's operation. Everything was on their palms. Anyway, this is the best we can do.

"Perhaps the reason I let it go... is to create that space and awaken my soul in a semidormant state, or something like a final confirmation. Possible transfer of knowledge."


Kate sighs. All I get is the earliest sigh than that. All countries were completely trapped. Kuon was right to assume that there was no need to show his face.

Because all you had to do was get a little more demons to raid you. That way, < > will be unleashed given the magnitude of the damage. Maybe they just came to say hello to the nostalgic face of Kate and Tina, and the possibility was well thought out.

"That means..."

"Mm-hmm. The ultimate purpose, it's a few months before this, presumably, is to move rather than. Think about at least three daughters, and it'll be autumn."

"So, all the executives are back, and..."

Kate drops her shoulder disappointingly. You won't even have to think about it anymore. Now we have an approximate line.

"Perhaps resurrection will require enormous magic, even for each and every metaphor. It is impossible to make it unnoticed... unless it is also Himea's bond."

Tells Tina like she's stunned. And Jeanne was right. Tina just woke up and foresaw everything. That said, there were limits nonetheless. No, to be precise, there was something Jeanne couldn't do because she was overwhelmed.

"Shit... if you tap the resuscitation spot,"

"I can't do that. Let's use the junction that isolates them... even one of our hands is missing."

Guess what Jeanne would have done, and they tongue. If it's about defense, Jeanne is far superior to them. This does not change if you are genuinely awake and the seal is unsealed.

Beyond that, Kite and I understand what's going on, and we can only overlook it. Besides, I also understand what the other person is like. It would be unreasonable for a boulder to act for a person who hates them for that reason. I couldn't even hit my anger.

"Is there only one thing we can do here?"

"Um... countries can't believe it anyway. Then just make sure the rest of us are in full swing."

Tina points to the policy. The dead come back to life. Take the flesh, too. I don't believe in any country where they say so. Unless it's physical evidence, but this is something that Kate and the others grasped in a way they only know. No evidence exists either.

The Empire to know about Kate's return yet. No one else will believe it. And I still lay a strict enough alert. Either way, it was pointless where I told you.

"Ha... uh... it's hard. There's an enemy out there. I don't know how long it's been since he's been so hard... nah, as soon as he's released from his cleaning job, now you're doing brave... ha..."

"Give it up... then we'll pull the rest in"


Tina seems to have deliberately decided to activate the seal because it's troublesome the next time she wakes up and the seal works. It's troublesome when Tina wakes up now, even if she's awake for too long. I have no choice. but just before that. She took out the wand, holding Kate's hand with her powers.

"So... let me tell you one thing. It's not just that! If I let that go, I can't continue to use your Lord's magic to perpetuate the world! There, don't forget!

"... sorry. Can I just give you a hug?


Tina tilts her neck when she sees that she took action at the same time as Kate's inquiry. I really liked the 'kites' of the past life, Kate said no to the childish stubbornness this way. but she couldn't understand Tina because she was unconscious.


"Mmm... glad... but uhh..."

Tina can be hugged by a stuffy kite for a little while. It's where I want to pull into the good news, but she wanted to leave when she was hugged, too.

"But don't do it anymore. Deception is less effective in time than this on boulders"

"Um... or you can use magic while you're hugged."

"Mm... if you say so. I don't even need to leave... well, next time on Earth, let's go."

"Aye, my beloved < >... now I want to see you in your bridesmaid costume."

Seemed a little bit of a shame, but Tina closes her eyes on Kate's words to BGM. Tina pulled herself inside the seal. When she opened her eyes with one glow, Tina, the blonde with blue eyes, was there at all times.

"... hmm?


"Oh, kite. Welcome back... so, why are you doing this?

If you look from her, you suddenly lose your mind, and if you wake up, it's in your lover's arms. I didn't feel bad, but I can't help but be confused.

"Um... well, I'm just a little flirty"

"I can see that. So, why are the rest here now?

"Come on? You must be tired, right?

"Why not?"

Naturally, but such a simple excuse couldn't have worked for Tina either. but the only way to make fun of it is at present. That said, I can't do that, so Kate decided to deceive me with another action. Specifically, I put my hand in the hem of my skirt next to a strong hug and start to thrill my thighs.

"Ah... hey, my surroundings are still bright... yes, no, I'm not refusing..."

"Why don't we use magic to cross-space? Ma, I don't know if I can do it because this one interrupts. Keep your voice down, okay?

"Hin! Oh, remember!

"Sometimes it's good to do this."

While Kate manages to escape holding herself hard, Tina hurries to take out her wand and expand her sorcery to travel to different spaces.

If it's to be pursued, it's just flirting and deception. Fortunately, even as Tina, the demon had been separated from Kite for weeks, with ravens and horns. I want to flirt, the depression accumulates.

If asked in such circumstances, it is she who will gladly answer the question for the time being by throwing it aside. A relationship with a lover is a convenient one.

Thus, Kate managed to succeed in deceiving what had been done, and no one else knew the details except him. By the way, no one but Kite knew the truth about this behavior.